i keep getting pop up ads when i click on a story facebook

Stop Pop Up Ads on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchhi guys and welcome to one to three MIT,in this video


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Stop Pop Up Ads on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

hi guys and welcome to one to three MIT,in this video we will show you how to,stop popup ads on your iPhone your iPad,or iPod touch,ok guys so you've been browsing the web,on your Apple device and suddenly for no,reason you are getting pop-up ads I,started getting the congratulations ads,popping up on my iPhone so I thought I,would make a quick video on how to get,rid of it this ad I was getting was,offering a smart phone in return for,your details don't fall for it,this one has my ISPs logo on it but your,pop-up might have an Amazon logo or it,might have an Apple logo or something,like that doing a quick web search will,also show you that it's a scam when we,search for the web address it takes us,to a spyware removal website alright,let's get rid of it to close out of the,pop-up tap the rightmost icon in the,bottom of the Safari browser then swipe,the page left to close it or tap on the,X alternatively you can swipe from the,bottom to close the Safari browser,itself then just swipe upwards to close,it ok let's check your phone settings to,disable or sounds badges and pop-up,alerts you can do this under settings,notifications show previews and then,finally you can select never remember,you can turn these settings back on at,any time if you want if that ends up,being too strict for you you can turn it,back on and only turn on the alerts for,the apps that you want so if I want to,get alerts for the app store I go into,the app and then tap allow notifications,ok let's check your Safari settings so,go back into settings Safari and check,that the block pop-ups button is toggled,on and that it is green,next up you can clear your safari,history so scroll down to where it says,clear history and website data but,before you hit clear hit cancel and,scroll down to advanced and then tap,website data,this option will delete browsing history,website data and cookies from individual,websites only it might also show you the,dodgy website that's been causing the,pop-ups let's say I don't like the look,of this double-click net website I can,tap Edit and then tap the red minus sign,to clear it if you want to clear all the,website data you can just go back out,and use the clear history and website,data button I showed you earlier and if,you go back into the Advanced Settings,you'll see all the website data is gone,now next up we can reset the advertiser,identifier to do this go into settings,and then privacy and then scroll down to,advertising make sure limit ad tracking,is green and then tap the reset,advertising identifier this will opt you,out of targeted ads once this is done do,a restart of your device just for good,measure if you use Google Chrome instead,of Safari open Chrome and tap the three,dots and go into settings scroll down to,content settings and make sure your,pop-up blocker is turned on,the next step is if you have added any,new apps remove it and see if the popups,stop after you remove that app to remove,the app just tap and hold and tap delete,app pretty straightforward again you,could also restart your Apple device,another good tip is to store an app,called malwarebytes so go to the,malwarebytes comm website you can use,the malwarebytes app to scan your phone,and to scan it for any malware,unfortunately it's not available in,Australia at the moment but it is meant,to be available in the US and Canada if,you can't install malwarebytes you can,look on the App Store for other similar,apps that can scan and remove malware in,the App Store do a search for malware,and try and stalling one of the other,apps there if you're still getting,pop-ups after all these steps what you,can do is do a backup to iCloud and,reset your device back to factory,defaults to do the backup go into,settings and then iCloud and just turn,on whatever settings you want to backup,and to do the reset go back to settings,and then general and then scroll down to,reset next up tap on it raise all,content and settings again make sure you,do an iCloud backup before you press the,erase Now button as this next step will,wipe all the data on your phone,including the malware that's causing the,pop-ups also guys don't forget to check,out my other videos such as transfer,data from Android to pixel 4 and do me a,favor hit the subscribe button and smash,the bell icon

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i keep getting pop up ads when i click on a story facebook catalogs

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

in this video i am going to show you,how to turn off ads on facebook in 2022,nowadays,we all are disturbed with,annoying ads,which we don't want to see on our,facebook,profile,or news feed,we all are disturbed with this kind of,sponsored ad,which,shown on our news feed,i'll show you one more here is another,one,if you want to stop this kind of ads,or,while watching a video,sometimes you will find,ads,today i am going to show you how to turn,off this kind of ads on facebook,watch the full video to learn,open your facebook app and tap on the,three vertical lines for menu,scroll down,and,find settings and privacy,under settings and privacy,tap on privacy shortcuts,scroll down and find add preference,here we'll find ad preference,learn how,ads,work on facebook and how we used data,to make the ads that you see more,relevant,from here,facebook will decide which ad you should,watch or not,tap on this,and then,tap on add settings,scroll down,you will find,manage data,used to show you ads,here you will find four option,data about your activity from partners,category used to reach you,audience based advertising,ads shown of facebook,we'll go through,all of these one by one,tap on the first one,and you will find,choose whether you can use data from our,partners to show,your personalized ad,turn this off,was this section useful,yes,go back,tap on the second option,here you will find,profile information,turn off all of this,and then,tap on the fourth option,turn off,you can review this what you should know,after turning off all of these,tap on advisors,which,companies ad you are,showing now,you can hide all of these,if you hide all of these they will not,be able to show their ads to you,here you will find some more ads,you can hide all of this one by one,it may take some time but you will find,result,was this section useful,yes,go back,at topic,by this way you can turn off ads on,facebook in 2022,now,close,facebook,and,open again,you will find less ad,thanks for watching this video if you,like this video share with your friends,give a like,thanks for watching till the end

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