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How To Setup Your Shopify Shipping Policy In Only 5 Minutes! | Dropshipping 2022what's up guys it's

Alexander Shenton

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How To Setup Your Shopify Shipping Policy In Only 5 Minutes! | Dropshipping 2022

what's up guys it's alex so in today's,video i'm going to show you how to set,up the shipping policy for your guys's,stores,and provide you with a template of your,own so you guys can tweak this around,change it to meet the needs of your own,brand or just leave it the same it,doesn't really matter,but i literally just pulled this off of,one of my own websites so,let's get started okay so i'll give you,guys my shipping policy template in just,a moment but,i just want to show you guys how to,actually get it set up on your store so,on your shopify dashboard you'll just,click settings in the lower left hand,corner and then go straight to legal so,this is where you'll see all your,policies,i actually have an entire video walking,you through these policies like the,refund the privacy and the terms of,service,but a lot of people actually were,disappointed because i didn't cover the,shipping policy in too much depth so i'm,making an entire video around it now so,the shipping policies right down here,this is where you would literally just,type it or copy and paste from a,template and just throw it in there and,save,but to actually add it to your store,you'll want to go to online store,navigation and then these are your menu,items so you,you would click add menu add menu item,and then you'll just name that whatever,it is so in this case we'll just write,shipping policy and then uh,the link at the bottom this is where you,would post the actual policy so under,links you'll go,you'll click policies and there's no,actual policies to add right now because,we haven't created it yet but,once you do it would say shipping policy,and then you just click add,and you're good to go so let's move over,to the actual shipping policy right now,and i'll walk you guys through it,okay so like i mentioned before i,literally just pulled the shipping,policy off of one of my,own stores and it's not exactly as,customized and personalized,to my brand as some of my shipping,policies are so it should,fit right into your own store but you,might want to change a couple things,around depending on your own policies,and the way you guys can conduct,business yourselves so,shipping policy is very important i,don't know the actual stats behind it,but there's a certain percentage of,people that read them,before actually making a purchase and a,lot of your abandoned carts,can occur because you either have a bad,shipping policy or no shipping policy in,place so you might want to look into,some of those stats because they're very,important,and you can look for ways to drive sales,additionally but,let's move into the actual shipping,policy so i'll leave this in the,description below you guys should be,able to go through and just copy and,paste this to your own stores,but i'll walk you through it really,quick so the first item we have on here,are what locations do you ship to so,that's very important to tell your,customers whether you ship,us only worldwide or if you leave some,countries out or whatever but,what locations you ship to so i wrote,all this up myself it says lucky,lucky for you we are currently offering,free worldwide shipping on every order,be sure to take advantage of this,promotion before it's over,we normally offer free shipping on all,orders above 85,we package and ship orders to nearly,every country across the globe but,transit time will vary from location to,location so,i added the kind of scarcity in there,because i'm telling them,once this uh promotion is over you're,gonna have to spend 85 dollars to get,free shipping and you guys can change,this price point around depending on the,average order value or whatever prices,you guys charge on your own stores,and then another important question that,customers want to know,is how long does it take to arrive once,shipped so all orders are processed and,shipped as soon as,possible through many of our domestic,and international warehouses depending,on the fastest shipping,method available to your location we,typically take one to three business,days for handling and processing your,order,the typical delivery time frame is,anywhere from 10 to 20 business days,depending on your location you might,receive items much earlier,please allow extra time during our busy,season as postal delays are out of our,control,additional factors such as distance,customs natural disasters may cause,further postal delays natural disasters,in there because,uh look where we're at right now this,pandemic is making shipping times,terrible um tracking information,including carriers are provided,with every order every order is insured,if your package does not arrive you are,eligible for a refund or replacement,please reach out to support and then,throw in your store there for additional,assistance in this matter,so that just answers uh basically how,long does it take and what is the,process of shipping and everything,and then will i receive a tracking,number for my package you guys should be,able to provide,tracking numbers for all of your,customers especially if you have long,shipping time so,tracking numbers will be sent as soon as,we are able to ship your order sometimes,additional delays may arise that are,beyond your control such as postal,delays or customs inspections thank you,for your patience and understanding so,if you guys don't send out tracking,numbers you can tweak this and say it a,certain way,but i usually have the email go out and,send them their tracking number as soon,as it updates,what do i do if my order is lost in the,mail so that's another important thing,because when you're first getting,started out,when you're drop shipping from china a,lot of orders will be lost in the mail,and this is why you want to find an,agent a private supplier or just ship,out orders yourself because you don't,want to run into this issue all the time,because you're going to deal with a lot,of refunds a lot of chargebacks and all,of that so,each order will be sent with insured,shipping and handling to prevent lost,packages if your order happens to get,held at customs lost in transit or,return to us for any reason we have your,back,the postal service is out of our control,once your package leaves our warehouse,however,in cases like this because the packages,are insured we will send you a new,package with priority shipping and full,tracking if possible,please see our refund and return policy,for when these might be,applicable to shipping situations,so it just answers another important,question and then,a lot of times certain countries will,charge your customers like import fees,or taxes or anything like that,and you don't want to be responsible for,that so just go ahead and put it in your,shipping policy otherwise it might fall,back on you so,just tell them all prices on our web,page are displayed in usd with all taxes,completely covered on our end,if they're in another currency make sure,to put that on there,however depending on your location and,laws in your area you may be liable to,pay for duties and taxes once you once,you receive your order,import taxes duties and related custom,fees may be charged once your order,arrives to its destination which are,determined by your local customs office,please seek additional guidance based on,your location and the associated,import laws and then just talks more,about that so,uh the last thing i have on here are,extended delays,that are out of your control you want to,put that on there just in case you know,your customer's order is taking a little,too long or sitting in a sorting center,for longer than you want it to be so,in some instances the delivery time may,take longer than our policy states,if this is the case please contact us as,soon as possible and we will do,everything we can to help you resolve,any situation that we have control over,so,this just answers some of your customers,most important questions as far as,shipping goes,and just lays it all out in your website,you want to be transparent you want to,be honest and you want to let them know,how the process works,so this template should answer any,questions that your guys customers may,have,so this video helps you out in any way,go ahead and drop a like to help me out,subscribe as there's plenty more to,follow,i have two ecom resources linked in the,description below you're welcome to,check out either one of those,and as always thank you guys so much for,watching and i'll see you guys next time

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How to create store policies || Shopify Help Center

How to create store policies || Shopify Help Center

Creating policies for your Shopify store is a great way to answer potential questions,,while also building trust with your customers.,Here’s your quick and easy guide on how to create store policies, what to include,in them, and how to link them to your online store.,For everything I show you today, you can find all of the help articles linked below.,Now let’s get started!,Hey everyone!,Aly here.,When you’re creating policies for your store, you can either use one of the default templates,Shopify provides and make any necessary changes, or write the entire policy yourself.,For now, Shopify provides the templates in English.,So if you need another language, use the default template and translate it to suit your businesses,needs.,From your Shopify admin, click “Settings”.,Then click “Legal”.,Here, you have text boxes for different types of policies.,Let’s start with the refund policy and work our way down.,A good refund and return policy can help protect your company and win your customers’ trust.,It’s extremely important to use both clear and concise language.,A refund policy should answer the following questions:,How long does the customer have to return the item?,In what condition can items be returned?,Will a refund be issued, and if so, how much?,And will the refund be issued to a store credit or back to the customer using the same payment,method they used to make the original purchase?,How do exchanges work?,Do you offer returns or refunds on sale items?,And who will pay for return shipping should an item need to be returned?,If you already know what information you want to include, then enter it in the text box.,Otherwise, click “Create from template” to use Shopify’s free refund policy generator.,The template is a great start, but I recommend going through and making adjustments to better,suit your business.,For example, at AlyAthletics, our return policy is 20 days from when their package arrived,,or 20 days from the date of purchase in store.,So I’ll make that change.,Next, let’s look at the Privacy Policy.,This is a legal document that describes all the ways your business uses your customers,data.,It lets your customers know exactly which personal information is being gathered, how,it’s being used, and how it’s being protected.,Under Privacy Policy, click “Create from template”.,Privacy policies can be intimidating because they're so detailed, but take the time to,review the information and edit it to match your businesses policies.,For example, if you’re sharing this data with other vendors, then include that information,here.,Next up, Terms of Service.,This is a legal document developed to protect your company.,It tells your customers what is legally required of them if they use your services, like your,website or mobile app.,Under Terms of Service, click “Create from template”.,Review the information and make then any changes.,The template provided is very thorough, so you might not need to make very many changes,at all.,But if you’re ever unsure, you can always consult with a legal advisor in your area.,Finally, the shipping policy.,You might notice that there is no default template provided here.,Because shipping is so custom for each business, you need to create a policy that reflects,your shipping guidelines.,And, because Covid19 has brought shipping delays and increased carrier costs, it's more,important than ever to keep your shipping policy up to date.,Try to include the following information: Order processing times.,After an order is placed, how many days will it take to get the order ready to ship?,This is particularly important information around holidays.,Domestic and international shipping options.,What countries do you ship to?,And what are the expected delivery times for each country?,Shipping costs.,Surprise shipping costs at checkout are one of the top reasons people abandon their carts.,Be very clear about how much shipping costs and if you offer free shipping.,Local options.,If you offer local delivery or pickup, you can explain the steps customers need to follow,after they place an order.,Returns, changes and cancellations.,Even though you have a separate returns policy, you can summarize that information here or,link out to it so customers can read it before they decide to make a purchase.,Include how your business evaluates refunds, order edits, exchanges, and what your process,is in the event of a lost or damaged order.,It’s common to need to update your shipping policy every few months, especially if you,add new shipping options and carriers, expand your fulfillment network, or anticipate delays.,And if you use a dropshipping service, like Oberlo, then your shipping policy needs to,reflect Oberlo’s guidelines.,Check out the video linked above about Oberlo shipping settings and how to create shipping,policies for a dropshipping business.,My personal preference is to write my shipping policy in another text editor like Google,Docs so I can take my time with it.,But also so I can save it as a backup since I’m not working from a default template,like the other policies.,When you have your Shipping policy created, paste it into the text box.,Then click “Save” to finish.,Now that your policies are created, you need to make sure that your customers can easily,find them.,Store policies are usually linked in the footer menu at the bottom of the online store, like,in this example.,Let’s jump back into the Shopify admin.,Click “Online store”, then “Navigation”.,From here, click “Footer Menu”.,Click “Add menu item”, and then give the menu item a name like “Refund Policy”.,This is the name that customers will see on your store.,In the search field under “Link”, find and select “Policies” and then click “Refund,Policy”.,Click “Add” to finish.,To include all of the policies you just created, repeat these steps for each one.,Be sure to click “Save” when you’re done making changes.,Your policies are now live!,You can preview them by clicking the eye icon next to “Online store”.,Then scroll to the bottom of your site to see and test your new links.,Now you have everything you need to create well thought out store policies, so customers,know exactly what to expect when shopping on your online store.,And for more information on everything I covered today, visit

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