how to write a product description that sells dropshipping

How to Write HIGH CONVERTING Product Descriptions (Dropshipping Examples!) when you import aliexpres

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Write HIGH CONVERTING Product Descriptions (Dropshipping Examples!)

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how to write a product description that sells dropshipping catalogs

How to Write HIGH CONVERTING Product Descriptions (Dropshipping Examples!)

when you import aliexpress products you,get long descriptions with a lot of,unnecessary text and photos,leaving it like this is going to scare,away potential customers and kill your,conversions,in this series we are going to transform,your spammy aliexpress product imports,into high converting product pages in,today's video we are focusing on,descriptions i'm going to give you a,really simple outline that you can apply,to all of your products that is going to,help you write high converting product,descriptions without taking a lot of,time before we get into the video if you,like videos about winning products drop,shipping shopify themes apps and,tutorials do us a favor and hit that,subscribe button and turn notifications,on now let's get into the video so,here's our description and as you can,see by default aliexpress has put a ton,of unnecessary text and photos in here,so we're going to erase all of this and,write our own,when you're writing your descriptions,you want to get into the mind of your,customer and answer these three,questions number one what do they want,number two what don't they want and,number three what are their three,biggest hesitations or reasons not to,purchase write down those questions in a,google doc or notepad for this product,here's what i've come up with,number one what do they want a belly,button ring or rings and they want,variety so different designs to choose,from,what don't they want a hole in their,belly the pain of a piercing the expense,or the aftercare,and number three their biggest,hesitations or reasons not to purchase,maybe they're worried it will look fake,that it will fall off easily or maybe,they are worried it's cheap metal that,will irritate their sensitive skin,so write down those same questions in a,google doc or notepad and then as you,write your answers you can always refer,to the aliexpress listing to help you,answer certain information such as what,it's made of what features it has and,etc when you're finished answering those,three questions you can then use that to,write a few sentences for your,description starting with what they want,followed by what they don't want,how your product solves that,and then also break down their three,reasons not to buy,so for this product here's what i've,come up with these beautiful clip-on,belly rings give you the appearance of a,pierced belly button without the pain,expense and upkeep of a real piercing,they are made from hypoallergenic,stainless steel nickel and lead free,which makes them safe for sensitive skin,these clip-on belly button rings have,comfortable silicone grips that won't,slip or fall off throughout the day,30 plus designs to choose from now,depending on the product they may want,other information such as how it works,what's included in the box or device,compatibility if it's something like a,phone case or a charging cord,you could add that information to your,description or you can use tabs which i,demonstrate in this video let's do,another example here's a product that i,featured in our latest winning products,video it's an upgraded version of a past,popular dropship product this version,has a place for a ball,water snacks bags and it includes a,pooper scooper,following the same format here are the,answers to my questions number one what,do they want a water bottle to take on,the go,a place to hold their necessities which,include bags snacks and a ball,and they want an all-in-one solution,what don't they want to carry each of,these items while walking,to have to pack each of these items,individually every time they go out for,a walk or to be stuck without bags snack,or water while on walks or hikes,and finally number three what are their,three biggest hesitations or reasons not,to purchase maybe they think it's not,big enough for their dog,unsafe plastic the concern that it's,cheap or will leak and here's what i've,come up with,this three-in-one water bottle holds,snacks bags a ball and comes with a,removable pooper scooper no more,struggling to carry four different items,on your walks or getting stuck mid hike,and realizing you forgot to pack,something,to give your pet water on the go press,the button to dispense the water into,the built-in bowl when your pet is,satisfied hold the button down to drain,it back into the bottle,each bottle is made from durable abs,plastic and is silicone sealed to,prevent leaking the bottle has a,generous 300 milliliter water capacity,and a separate compartment to hold,snacks the bottle is also equipped with,a removable pooper scooper and a bag,dispenser for cleaning up messes on the,go,this bottle is the perfect all-in-one,solution for pet owners this looks a,million times better than it did and as,you can see i've got some other things,here such as these image swatches and a,volume discount to encourage the,customer to purchase more products these,are both things we will be covering in,this series so comment down below and,let me know which video you want me to,release first the image swatch tutorial,or the volume discount if you like this,video do me a favor and give it a thumbs,up or leave me a comment down below and,if you haven't already make sure to,subscribe we post a lot of time,sensitive content such as winning,products on this channel so make sure,you have notifications turn on so that,you can be one of the first to market,when we post those videos

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