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Block ALL Twitch Ads in 1 Minute (2023) this is going to be a super quick video,on how to block twit


Updated on Jan 06,2023

Block ALL Twitch Ads in 1 Minute (2023)

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Block ALL Twitch Ads in 1 Minute (2023)

this is going to be a super quick video,on how to block twitch ads,and this works so good,and it's so easy to do,so I had one way that I did using,um Powershell and like your command,prompt but this extension has recently,been updated and this extension is,working,so I'd like to make a quick video on it,so,let me show you,so let's say we go to,xqc stream we're going to get an ad see,let's see how many we,so we have one 12 second ad well it's,probably 15 seconds,I'm gonna assume all night then okay,let's go to pain with only another ad,you can be and this is two okay so this,one would be 30 seconds okay so let me,show you something,let's go to the twitch extensions,and this one are not twitch extensions,my apologies this is my um Opera,extensions this works on Opera and,Google Chrome whatever you want and it's,called Purple ads blocker,so it's added to Opera,ADD extension,so when you add this extension,in your settings you don't have to,change anything so with the recent,update there was a few more settings,that you'd have to play with but right,now you don't have to touch anything,so right here it's on it's ready to go,you can come in your extensions and just,make sure it's enabled,so enabled allow an incognito you know,just in case you know you like your,Incognito browsers,and let's go back to Twitch so we'll,refresh T-Pain's page,so remember how we had two 30 seconds,ads you're gonna get hey look,we're here no ads,so,another thing is sometimes you'll have,that little black circle for just a,little longer and all that's doing is,blocking more ads so say they had four,ads on their Channel playing it's gonna,that little black circle May spin for,like five seconds because it's going,through one ad two ad three it's just,slowly blocking each ad as it goes so,let's try shroud again,no ads,right here let's try xqc,no ads,Summit,to be honest,no ads some of the boys,so I can return them it's called Purple,ads blocker it works beautifully,and get rid of those annoying twitch ads,I hope you found this video useful and,enjoy your day,I'll see you in the next one

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