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How To Create And Send Return Shipping Labels || Shopify Help CenterSometimes items need to be retur

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Create And Send Return Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center

Sometimes items need to be returned and refunded to your customers.,With Shopify, the return process is streamlined.,Learn how to create and send return labels to your customers in this video.,If you haven’t yet, consider adding information about returns to your refund policy in your,Shopify store.,Check out the link below for more details on where to make these changes.,Return labels can be created for orders shipping within the United States using USPS.,Return labels are not available for international orders.,The cost of a shipping label depends on how far the package is going, how much the package,weighs, and how quickly it needs to get to its destination.,To create a return label, start on your Shopify admin.,Click “Orders”.,Select which order you’d like to create a return label for.,On the order details page, click “More actions”.,From the drop-down menu, select “Create return label”.,Here, you see the details for the return label.,By default, the “Return to” address is your shipping origin.,Your “Shipping origin” can be found by clicking “Settings” and opening “Shipping”.,You see the address at the top of the page.,Back on the label details page, click “Edit address” and make any changes if needed.,Under “Expected package”, select a package size from the drop-down menu.,To create a new package size, check out the link below for details on where to make these,changes in your shipping settings.,In the “Expected weight” field, enter the expected weight of the product and package,combined.,For example, this order contains two t-shirts and one yoga ball, but the customer is only,returning one t-shirt.,By default, the system includes the weight of all items in the order and the selected,package.,You have to make a manual adjustment if only part of the order is being returned.,In this example, only one t-shirt is being returned.,The expected package weighs 0.1lbs and the t-shirt weighs 0.1lbs for a total of 0.2lbs.,When the customer ships the item, the shipping carrier weighs and measures the package to,determine the final cost.,Return labels use a technology called “Pay on scan”.,This means that the shipping carrier weighs and measures the package when they receive,it, and then calculates the cost.,The cost of a return label is only added to your Shopify account after the carrier scans,the package.,Your account is charged when you reach a billing threshold that's determined by your current,Shopify plan.,Next, select a shipping method.,Under “Label summary” you see where the package will be returned from, along with,the expected cost of the label.,When you’re ready, select “Create return label”.,Now that the return label’s been created, you can send it to the customer in two ways.,To send an email with a link to the label, confirm the customer’s email address, then,select “Email customer”.,You can preview the appearance of the email by selecting “Preview email”.,You can also click “Copy link” and send the label to a customer in a direct message,or any other form of communication you choose.,When you’re finished, select “Done”.,If you ever need to resend a return label, open the order and click “View details”,under “Return label”.,From here, you can resend the email or copy the link as outlined before.,It’s important to note that return labels don’t expire, and cannot be voided, however,you aren’t charged for any unused return labels.,For more videos on how to grow your business, subscribe now!,If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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Shopify Tutorial - How To Manage, Fulfill & Cancel Orders

Shopify Tutorial - How To Manage, Fulfill & Cancel Orders

hi everyone,today we're going to go over how orders,work in shopify,and how to manage fulfill cancel and,create,orders on shopify so starting off in the,shopify admin we can see here that we,have,one order to fulfill you may have been,notified by email,if an order comes in and you can see,when orders arrive by either viewing,here,or on the left hand side next to the,orders tab,you can see that we have the number one,here which means that we have one,order to fulfill so you can click on,either link to get to the orders section,and here is where you'll see all the,orders placed on your website,the history of the orders whether,they've been shipped out or not whether,they've been paid or not,who placed the order the dates and the,order numbers,so this is an overall view of where you,can see the orders,you can filter down the orders either by,fulfillment status,you can see which orders haven't been,shipped out yet which orders are unpaid,open orders in general and old closed,orders,you can also filter down in more detail,by choosing status,payment status you can choose by sales,channel,you can filter down in a bunch of,different ways but this is where you'd,be looking at your orders as a whole,so if you want to look into the details,of an order,you can click on the order number over,here,and here you can see the details of the,order,so you can see here that there's one,item,that was placed for this order it's test,item,here you would see an image swatch if,there's an image assigned to the item,you can see how many they purchased how,much they paid for it and the total they,paid,down here is a breakdown of how much,they paid how much shipping they paid,for,any sales tax that was applied this year,and then the total they paid over here,you can also see comments about the,order you can leave your own custom,comments,sometimes if you have apps that help,manage orders you might see,some comments left by the app itself but,over all down here is a timeline of,what's gone on with the order since it,was placed,you can also see on the right hand side,if the customer,added any notes when they checked out,and this depends on your store,whether you have notes enabled or not if,you do,and a note was placed by the customer it,would show up over here in the notes,section,you can also see which customer placed,the order with their name and their,order history over here,if you wanted to look into the customer,in more detail,you can click on their name but we'll go,over customer accounts and customer,profiles in a later video,you can also see the customer's contact,information here they have a phone,number,an email address if they did have a,phone number would appear here,but right now they have no phone number,and you can add,a phone number or an email to an order,by clicking edit,and then putting in their information,over here,and then you can also see their shipping,address you can also edit their shipping,address,if you need to copy it for whatever,reason you could just click this icon,and if they had a separate billing,address it would appear here,but it shows that they have the same,shipping address,the conversion summary sometimes they'll,leave details here,typically you can ignore this and fraud,analysis,is pretty important shopify has some,great fraud analysis tools,that will kind of give you a heads up as,to whether or not they,think that a transaction is fraud,typically i like to suggest if something,is of medium fraud risk,that you reach out to the customer and,verify that their order was legit,typically by asking them for their,shipping,information to verify the last four,digits of the credit card and the items,they ordered,that's typically what i believe is,enough information,to verify a customer but,this is not legal advice this is not um,100 proven and you may take your own,steps to verify a customer,typically my suggestion is if you see,that there's high front analysis here,that you cancel an order because more,often than not it will be fraud,usually when there is a chance of fraud,and when the site is actually live,you'll see a visual bar here that shows,green when the order,is not expected to be fraud yellow when,they believe it's medium fraud and red,when it's almost uh guaranteed fraud,finally you can also tag your orders,so if some sites may use,uh tags for different purposes for,searching up particular types of orders,maybe,in use with some apps but if you wanted,to add a tag you can add it here,and whenever you make a change to an,order just make sure you click,save down here so,right now we have an item for an order,that's been placed,and right now we see that the order's,been paid,but it's unfulfilled and unfulfilled,just means,that the order has not shipped out yet,so,if you wanted to create a shipping label,directly from shopify,and fulfill the items you would click,create shipping label,in our case because this is a test store,we can't purchase shipping labels,but typically when you're buying a,shipping label,you'll see the items over here that,somebody placed,and you can choose how many items you,want to go,in each box so for example right now we,have one item,so we want one item to go into this box,so we would choose one of one,and then we would choose our package if,you have,your own custom boxes or specific boxes,that you use,you can add a package and,add in the box details over here so that,you can reuse,the package in the future or you could,just go to carrier packaging,and choose a prepaid shipping box from,one of the main carriers,and reuse those in the future so you,would choose the pro,you would choose the box that you'd be,shipping in if you have,weights tied to the items if there is,weight,assigned in the item listing it'll,typically appear here automatically,but if you don't have weights assigned,you can add the box weight,over here and,you can also add insurance over here,and once you add in the box details and,which items are going in the box,you would choose the ship date you can,choose whether you want to email the,customer about the shipment,and typically here the it would tell you,the total price of the label,and you can buy and print the shipping,label from here,you also have the option to print the,packing slip by choosing this option up,here,so if we were to fulfill,this order i'll show you what it looks,like because,in our case we're not creating a,shipping label if you're shipping,outside of shopify and you want to,fulfill the order,you can just click mark as fulfilled so,this means you don't want to print the,shipping label directly on shopify,in this case it's the test item,it's one item that we're shipping out,and you have the option to put in the,tracking number here,and we'll put in just a random number,you can choose the carrier it'll usually,detect,which carrier you're using based off the,number but if it gets it wrong you can,manually assign the carrier here,you can choose whether to ship the,details to the customer,and once all this looks good the,shipping address,the summary and everything looks good,you can click,fulfill items,and then you'll see here the status,change to fulfilled,and the fedex tracking number,is here if for some reason an item was,fulfilled and you need to change it to,unfulfilled you can choose more,and you can choose cancel fulfillment,and now you'll see that the item has,gone back to unfulfilled,and also as we've been updating the,order,the notes have been adding automatically,over here,and keep in mind that the notes are for,internal use the customer will not see,those notes,so let's change it back to fulfilled,we'll put in a random number,fulfilling one item sending the customer,the details,so now that an order is fulfilled you do,have a couple,options over here you can edit the,tracking number,you can track the shipment internally,you can print the packing slip,and there typically would be an option,here to cancel the shipping label,if the item wasn't fulfilled and you,printed out a label,you can cancel it there and up here you,also have some options you can print the,order,if you want to see um just a printed,version of the page,uh you can cancel the order,so if you cancel the order you have the,option to either refund everything,um as a whole you can,um you can partially refund the order,let's see if we can get that going so,once an order is canceled by the way you,do have the option to delete the order,you can just click down here but,typically you won't have this option,if an order has not been cancelled,let's see so you do also have the option,to create a return,label if you want to ship the item with,a return label,if you do do that and a user,decides to use it it's a prepaid label,and you know it's just a nice addition,to add with the store,so in this case this order is canceled,and we have it set where if an order is,cancelled it's automatically archived,so you see the order details over here,and with this line through it means that,the order has been archived,so with shopify you also have the option,to,create invoices for orders that you can,send to customers,so these are usually good in cases where,you might be creating a custom order for,a cusp,for a customer if there is an,arrangement off site where,they need to pay for something separate,you can create,an invoice to send to a customer by,going to draft orders,and if you choose create an order so,you can either choose an item from the,store,so in this case we have one test item we,can add that here,and i'm also going to add a custom item,so,if you wanted to add an item to this,uh invoice per se that wasn't on your,store,and it's not something that's typically,available on the store,so you can click add custom item give it,a name,you can give it a price you can choose,how many you're adding to the order,you can choose whether it's taxable and,whether it requires shipping,and now here's the custom item if you,wanted to remove it you can just click,remove,you can add your own notes you can add,discounts by clicking a discount,and choosing whether it's percentage or,dollar based,give a reason and then,once the um once the order,is finished you can email the invoice to,a customer,in this case you can add a customer,who's already has an account on the,store,so like let's say this was for test,order,you can add the customer here and,if you choose email invoice,it'll fill out the details automatically,with the invoice number,who it's going to the main email and,you can also review the email before it,goes out to see what it looks like,and once everything's good you can send,the notification,and they'll get an email saying that,they need to pay for the invoice,in this case we don't want to you know,send it out,if you can also just mark it as paid,from here so if we mark as paid,and you can also say how you receive,payment for this in this case,we only offer cash on delivery so,we choose that as the option and now,this is marked as paid,so now i can show you what it looks like,when you're trying to fulfill,multiple items so if we wanted to,mark all these as fulfilled let's say,so your mark is fulfilled,in this case maybe it'll be better,because this is a custom item,so these both say unfulfilled in two,separate sections,because there are two types of items one,requires shipping and one doesn't,so they're under two separate blocks,over here,so let's say so we have two custom items,here,and let's say we were sending them,separately they're not going in the same,box,they're both going in their own,individual boxes so,instead of shipping two of them we would,ship one of them,in the tracking information we'll put a,tracking number,it's not expecting shipping so it looks,a little bit different here,and you can choose whether or not to,send the shipping details to the,customers,and now you'll see here that for the,custom items we have one that's,fulfilled,with this tracking number and one that's,unfulfilled,now if we choose to fulfill this one,random tracking number we're adding one,item,we're not notifying the customer,now you'll see that there are two,separate fulfillments each fulfillment,gets their own fulfillment number,and each one has its own tracking number,so now the customer can,track both shipments separately,now if we wanted to refund this order,without,canceling the order so in this case,let's say we needed to give a customer a,partial refund,let's say they tried putting in a,discount code or they forgot to put in a,discount code,or it's a rebate or whatever the case,may be,where you only want to refund part of,the order and not the entire order,you can click refund up here,you can choose specifically if you're,refunding an entire item,and if for some reason you wanted to,change the amounts,that was refunded you can change that,over here so let's say for example each,one of these custom items cost a hundred,dollars,but there's a restocking fee so we only,want to refund,seventy five dollars out of the hundred,so we're choosing that they're returning,one of these two items and,we're only refunding 75,so you can set up a custom number here,if for example uh let's say we were,refunding the item,we were refunding for one of these,custom items but the customer doesn't,need to,return those items in that case you can,just,put in a number to refund here up to the,amount that's available which in this,case is 213 dollars,and 25 cents typically if you,choose that you're refunding an item,then it will offer to restock the item,in your inventory so if we're refunding,this item let's say,you have the option to restock it into,inventory so that's good for inventory,management,so in this case we have two fulfilled,items one unfulfilled item,and now if this order is,completely fulfilled,we'll fulfill all of it,and now if we go to our orders we'll see,that,this order is grayed out because it's,been fulfilled,and now it's been archived and we see,that the payment status is set to paid,the fulfillment status is fulfilled and,now this order is completed,now the last section of the order,details,is the abandoned checkout section and,when your store is active,this section will show you the different,users that come to your site,and leave without buying anything,now shopify has built in email tools,that will allow you to take advantage of,abandoned checkouts,and upsell to users that abandon,checkout,and you can take advantage of this in,the,shopify email settings which will go,over in a later video,now going back to orders if you need to,export a list of your orders,for internal purposes you have that,option up here where you can,export it and overall that's how you,manage,and control your orders in the shopify,backend

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