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Can You Re-Run Old Facebook Ads?hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Can You Re-Run Old Facebook Ads?

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to answer the question of can,you re-run,old facebook ads can you have facebook,ads that you've run previously,and turn them back on or do you need to,duplicate them do you need to,make some adjustments to them first,that's what i'm discussing in this video,before i get into that i want to very,quickly ask you to smash that like,button,and subscribe to my channel if you are,new and haven't done so already,so i'm in an example facebook ad account,here and i've got example campaign,created i've got two ads this is just,i create all my example stuff in in here,right so there's some,old stuff that's not really relevant but,that's not the point of of this video,so let's say we've got example out we've,got example add two now i'm gonna assume,that you've got a scenario where example,ad we ran that for a while,it performed reasonably well um,and at some point the results started to,drop,off you know and it can happen quite,quickly,usually happens more slowly but it gets,to the point where you go,you know what that's just not performing,very well anymore it's not performing as,well as other ads we've got live let's,go ahead and pause that and focus on the,other ads and that,in this scenario will be example add two,that's been run,now what most facebook advertisers will,do after that point is they will just,basically forget all about example ad,they will carry on going forward and,forget about it and,you know they might use it to go okay,that was an image so we could create,other similar type ads going forward so,they might take their learnings but they,won't actually ever use that ad again,and the truth is you can rerun a,previously used ad you can use it and,there are actually some advantages to,doing so,the first thing is that ads probably got,a lot of social proof on if you run it,for a while and it was successful,it's probably got a good amount of,social proof on which we know social,proof,helps improve your results and if it,didn't work very well,previously you didn't run it for very,long then you wouldn't be wanting to run,it in the first place so,you know that's sort of a non-question,i'm focusing on on ads in this video,that have been run previously and did,quite well it's probably why you'd be,thinking about re-running them,in the in the first place so it's got a,lot of social proof on it,it's also tried and tested so just along,the lines of what i was saying there,we know that this has performed well,previously why wouldn't we want,to benefit from that again now i think,what people assume is that,once something drops off or or or wants,performance has been shown to have,become bad it can never come back again,and i think when people make that,assumption they're not thinking about,the dynamics of how,facebook advertising works so firstly we,know that facebook ad fatigue is a,significant thing,okay we definitely know particularly if,you're operating with higher budgets,and or slightly smaller audiences if you,put the same ad in front of the same,people again and again and again,they're going to get bored of it and the,effectiveness of that ad campaign is,going to decrease,significantly as a result it's that's,been known about with advertising for,centuries probably millennia even i'm,sure there was someone in ancient rome,that was,running ads in for something and um and,they did it too much and people got,bored of it right,so this is a well-known phenomenon so a,lot of the time when you do see an,ad drop off it's because of ad fatigue,now,giving it a month or six weeks and,turning it back on again,you may well see a nice uptick in,performance from doing so when the ad,comes back on uh comes back live,it does really well and this because we,know that this ad cam performer,performed well previously,it just needed a rest it just needed an,amount of time,for people to forget about it um for it,to become fresh again,you have to think that's not only,because you've got the same people,you're advertising to that just haven't,seen it in a while so,they're not sort of fatigued by it but,also most targeting options are somewhat,dynamic,so if you're targeting like an interest,for example all different people become,interested,and not interested in certain things at,different stages of their lives so,i don't know the exact statistics on,this facebook wouldn't share it but i,know that,you know over a 12-month period for,example the 500 000 people that might be,categorized within one interest a good,percentage maybe a hundred thousand of,those are going to change,maybe more you know different industries,will differ massively right some things,like if it's an interest people,interested in tick tock i imagine you,know that's going to change,much more rapidly than people interested,in gardening for example something's,going to be more static so it's going to,vary between,interest and between industries but what,i'm getting at here is that targeting,options changes in,the 500 000 people that are in there are,going to change over time because people,will move into that interest as they,become interested in it because remember,when you advertise on facebook there's,real people on the end of those ads,um and they're also going to become not,interested in it as they move on to,other interests i've certainly done that,in my life i've done,you know different sports and hobbies,and things i've been interested for a,while and enjoyed them and then i've,moved on to other things,sure you probably have as well so,returning on an ad that has worked,really well previously not only is it,fresher to the people that may have seen,it,in the past but there's also probably a,whole bunch of more people,in that targeting option that have never,seen it that facebook are going to be,able to target,so i think turning on old,ads that have you know performed well,but they did drop off so you pause them,is a fantastic tactic to have in your,arsenal obviously a very easy one just,take a second,and when i would recommend deploying,that is when you're starting to get to,that point,which happens a lot of facebook ad,campaigns where you're just seeing,you're just struggling to get,results like your results have just been,dropping off dropping off dropping off,you keep introducing new ads you keep,testing new stuff and it's it's not,disastrous but it's not where it was say,six months ago,when we see something like that happen,we would often go,okay let's go back through all the old,ads that did really well that we were,able to run for three months,or you know longer sometimes sometimes,shorter that we know did well,let's go ahead and turn a load of those,back on and that can often help pick,performance back up again you're gonna,have to turn those off again at some,point,because that's just the nature of,facebook advertising but,you will get um hopefully some good,results out of those,for you know uh for a chunk of time,will vary depending on your industry but,for a chunk of time and,um and yeah i think that's that's quite,a big deal so definitely something i,would i would recommend doing,this re-running old ads applies to other,elements,of facebook ad campaigns as well by the,way so,sometimes you just get to the point,where with a certain targeting option,you just can't get great results with,them,because you've burnt out that audience,you have,advertised them loads and you just need,to give it a rest so,you might not advertise to an audience,for six months it having performed,really well previously,turn it back on after six months boom,there you go,um you get good results again because it,had some time to sort of,regenerate and and for your stuff to,become fresh same can apply to campaigns,even,okay not just to ads it applies to,various elements,of a facebook ad campaign what i would,encourage you not to do is not to,duplicate your campaigns,and then run the new versions,i think you're better off if elements,performed or you know campaigns or ad,sets or ads,if an element performed well previously,you are better off just,running that ad okay,um or sorry i should clarify just,running that version so that add that,campaign that ad set,again as opposed to duplicating and,writing a new version i sort of i didn't,explain that very well but hopefully,that now that now makes sense right,don't duplicate and run the new version,run the previous version you get all the,social proof,facebook's gone through and done a whole,bunch of learning that's uh the better,way to go,so just a quick sharp video for you guys,today hopefully that was useful,and clarified some questions because i,have quite a few people ask can i ruin,an old campaign,um and absolutely yes you can i mean it,happens all the time when we have,sort of uh anniversaries of things come,up so like black friday we might run the,same black friday campaign as we did,last year,often we'll make some changes but,broadly speaking the same campaigns we,did last year,again this year and there's no problem,with that if it performed really well,you know you might change the years and,the creative and stuff like that but,that's absolutely fine,right that's absolutely fine to do that,so definitely can do it,um i said hopefully that's been useful,before you go a couple of three things i,want to mention the first,is a free webinar i've created called,three killer facebook ad strategies to,double or more,your revenue and in this webinar really,go through,um some of the the well the cornerstone,of facebook advertising and that's the,sales funnel that you use you have to,use,the right sales funnel for your products,and services and you have to know how to,implement it correctly otherwise,whatever else you do,it's just not going to work so in this,webinar we break down three different,sales funnels that we use all the time,with our clients,different ones for different businesses,and i'll explain you know if you've got,this type of business you want this,sales funnel if you've got this side,business you want this sales funnel i,explain all that sort of stuff so that's,uh,that's fine but we break that down um,and go through in a lot of detail and i,think,if you're looking to get better results,with facebook ads it is well worth your,time to go through this it's,60 70 minutes long link is in the,description completely free,i'd recommend you check it out other,free thing i want to mention is my,facebook ads mastermind group so free,facebook group i've created,um it's got over 70 000 members now,about 72 000 i think at the time,recording this video,amazing community full of facebook,advertisers just like you,questions get asked they get answered,all the time i do free live trainings in,the group if that sounds like something,you want to be part of,go ahead and click again there'll be a,link in the description go ahead and,click on that go over to the group join,we'd love to have you there and um and,we'd love to uh,see you get involved and you know better,results from your facebook and instagram,campaigns which is what,my stuff is all about if you found this,useful please comment below please,subscribe to my channel,hit that thumbs up button and i'll talk,to you soon thanks guys bye

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How to recover deleted Facebook Ads. Don't stress out.

How to recover deleted Facebook Ads. Don't stress out.

hey what's up guys i'm beef brody,welcome back to another video,in today's video i'm gonna show you how,to recover,the accidentally deleted facebook,campaign,i did it to myself this morning and as i,was going through the steps i thought,this might be,helpful information for you guys to know,this is one of those mistakes that,you're bound to make,uh and i've done it two maybe three,times now,uh and partially because of the facebook,interface like you,you have a campaign selected or an ad,set,selected and then you select another one,not realizing the first one is selected,and maybe you delete one because you,know uh it was a mistake,or whatever the case is you hit delete,and then it deletes the other one that,was selected,that you didn't know was selected but,don't stress out uh,we can kind of sort of recover it i'll,take you through the steps to do so,so let's jump onto the computer so let's,uh let's assume this interview i did was,had garyvee on our podcast let's,delete no let's not delete that one yeah,we can delete that one screw it why not,we'll recover it,so we're going to delete that one,let's say it was an accident we thought,we were deleting the one we wanted,boom that one's gone this is where you,freaked out right you're like,oh dang i just deleted this ad i didn't,want to delete that i needed that it was,live it was,whatever the case is here's what you're,gonna do you are gonna go into the,search,up here in the top left and by the way,this,back end of ads manager is changing all,the time this is as of november,2020 so it should still be similar,there might be a few variations,depending on when you watch this video,anyways if you filter this through you,go to delivery here,you're going to go to campaign,delivery and you're going to filter,deleted and hit apply,and then you're gonna what i would,suggest you do is that you go to,um you can really type into deleted and,you can say,you don't want the name to say deleted,you want to filter by,delivery is deleted so ad set deleted,and then you can do,add delivery,is deleted as well so then when you come,through here,and this is the one that we deleted and,you click it,it's going to show you the ad sets that,were deleted,as well as the ad that was deleted,so what you're going to want to do is go,through here and start,duplicating some of these so this,particular one,is checked we're going to hit duplicate,you want to duplicate the original what,that's going to do is,only duplicate the campaign,itself it's not going to duplicate the,ad sets or the ads,within it so you're going to rename this,whatever we'll just leave it on the,default copy,i'll hit publish so once the campaign is,published you'll go back in here you'll,click on the deleted campaign so that,you can get into the ad sets,you'll click on the ad set that you want,to duplicate in this case we'll click on,this one,we'll hit duplicate here we're going to,go to,existing campaign you want to duplicate,this,into the one that you into the campaign,that you just generated,the one that's named whatever it was,copy,you'll hit duplicate it's gonna put that,ad set,back into that campaign you can hit,publish and then,you'll click into that it'll get to the,ad level you'll have to go through this,now,check that box hit duplicate,existing campaign but then come down to,the existing ad set,this is where it's going to be again the,copy of,the the one that you made hit duplicate,verify whatever information you need to,verify in here,hit publish,and then once you go back in you clear,these filters out you'll be able to see,under your campaigns,this is the one that we duplicated right,here you'll want to make sure you turn,on all of this stuff so you go to the,campaign level,turn the campaign on you'll go to ad,sets,make sure you turn that on at the ad set,level,and then go to the ads level and turn on,the ads if you have multiple,ad sets and multiple ads inside this,you'll have to go through the same,process you can bulk select it so if you,have,you know multiple ad sets within one,campaign just highlight,all of them and hit duplicate and then,go into each one of your ad sets,highlight all of the ads hit duplicate,and then duplicating it into those,duplicate campaigns and ad sets,that you've created up there guys i hope,that makes sense to you it's a quick,simple hack it's not as scary as you,might think,if you check the box it should duplicate,all of your engagement and all that type,of stuff,you will likely lose a lot of your,learning data and things like that but,at least the ad,a lot of the work isn't lost right and,you won't have to go through and,set up everything from scratch again you,can just kind of duplicate that stuff,this is the best way that i am aware of,uh currently,around this problem to fix this oops you,know if you will so if you have a better,solution to it please let us know in the,comments,below if this is your first time seeing,one of my videos i would love for you to,subscribe,stick around for other e-commerce and,brand building content marketing etc,like this video if you liked it,subscribe to the channel if you aren't,already and i'll see you guys in the,next video,peace

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