how to view leads from facebook ads

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaignin this video we are going to see,how to c

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaign

in this video we are going to see,how to collect facebook leads,from a campaign which is running on,facebook,what i am going to do is i am taking you,to a,facebook ad which is already running,and it has collected few leads now we,will see,how do we go and download those,leads first you need to go to, slash ad manager,now um select the campaign and,account so here it is important to,select which ad account you want to,go click on that,select the appropriate ad account,now what it does is it will show,all the ads which is connected to that,particular ad account,one thing you need to check here is this,is that active,gate campaign which is running,here um if you just scroll down,we can see that five,leads are generated already but there is,no,option to download it so this is where,people get confused,what you need to do is you have to,go to ad set,then add,or even you can directly go to the ad,then you will see the option to,download this leads so then only,hyperlink will be available so basically,by default you will be landing into the,campaign tab,you have to go to that corresponding ad,then you can download it,another option is just keep clicking on,this hyperlink,it will take you to its corresponding ad,set,see this tab is selected so the problem,with facebook is this ad is not,very much evident and will not we there,are chances to,miss out this particular part then again,click on that particular ad set,it will take you to that corresponding,ad here you can,click the result,and then it will open up uh the download,option so if you want to,download by range or download in their,leads you can just click and then,it obviously downloads that's how you,download,results from facebook lead ads,thank you for watching

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How To Generate Medicare Facebook Leads - Step By Step Mini Course

How To Generate Medicare Facebook Leads - Step By Step Mini Course

went on everybody it is Tim from,Advanced agent marketing and in today's,video I'm going to be showing you step,by step how to set up a Medicare ad to,start generating your own Medicare leads,instead of having to buy from a vendor,or getting leads from your IMO and so I,want to kind of preface this video and,start this off with a little bit of a,warning and also you know kind of like,it's a word of caution but it's also a,green flag so Medicare leads are,extremely easy to generate right all,these people that are on Medicare it's a,free service it's a free it's free,insurance that they have and they are,more than willing to talk to somebody,about it right it's not a hard lead to,generate where it gets tricky and where,it uh you kind of get into some Rough,Waters is the compliance that is the,most difficult part about generating,Medicare leads because you want to make,sure that everything that you're putting,out there is in compliance because,things last forever on the internet and,if all of a sudden CMS decided to go on,Facebook and take everybody down in a,Witch Hunt you don't want to be one of,those people that loses their license,and ultimate really all of their,renewals that they work so hard for so,in today's video I'm going to be kind of,giving you a brief overview of how to be,compliant when you're making your,Medicare ads and then also just how to,set up the entire campaign and I also,want to preface this with we do have a,paid program that shows you more in,depth as far as how to generate Medicare,leads final expense leads we're putting,out specific training for mortgage,protection as well and within that,course we're going to go more in depth,into the compliance so that you can make,sure that everything you're doing is you,know legal and you're not going to get,in trouble we also go more in depth into,the actual process of building the ad,creating everything testing scaling and,continuing to run your campaigns so,that's something that you're interested,in there's going to be a link down below,this video and I will talk a little bit,more about that later but here are the,steps to setting up your first Medicare,lead campaign and the first thing that,you're going to do,is you need to have a business manager,you need to have an ad account and you,need to have a Facebook page so in this,video I'm not going to be covering those,steps because I'm going to assume that,you already have a business manager you,already have an ad account set up and,you already have a Facebook page you,know if you don't that's completely fine,I'm also going to include a link below,this video to a final expense Facebook,campaign setup tutorial and in that,video I cover the specifics as far as,setting up the basic things that you,need in order to run ads on Facebook but,in this video I'm kind of just going to,go ahead and jump into the Chase and,assume that you already have that set up,again if you haven't feel free to click,the link down below this video and go,ahead and do that and then come back,over here as we get into the more,advanced stuff,so the first thing we're going to do is,we're actually going to go over to the,ads manager now I'm going to click,create right here and we're going to,select a lead generation campaign,so I'm going to name this campaign,Medicare,Legion,and then I'm going to click continue,so now we're going to skip all this,we're not going to turn on Advanced,campaign budget we're just going to hit,next,and then for the ad set name we're going,to call this,Medicare Savings Program,and we're going to run an instant form,lead generation campaign what this means,is that it's a form that will pop up on,Facebook that auto fills their,information you can ask them questions,before they autofill the information but,with an instant form you're more likely,to get accurate information and more,leads for a lower price as opposed to,some sending somebody to an external web,page where it's harder to track,everything that they do and ultimately,you're going to get less accurate,information from those people so we're,going to select an instant form we've,picked our Facebook page here and then,we're going to optimize for conversion,leads,we're going to start our daily budget at,20 a day this is typically a good,starting point for your ad sets and for,the start date we're going to set that,as tomorrow,at 12 am,and the reason we do that,um the reason we don't just have it,start as soon as it's approved today is,because by setting the start date for,tomorrow it's going to allow our ad to,optimize easier whereas you know let's,say let's see it's it's about 151 right,now so Facebook took two or three hours,to Optima or to approve my ad let's say,it's like three or four o'clock at that,point Facebook is going to try to spend,my entire 20 budget within the latter,half of the day right and I want them to,be able to spend it over the entire day,to have a good uh you know kind of sense,to start optimizing so that's why we,have it start the next day so they don't,spend our entire budget in a few hours,and then for the audience what we're,going to do is just for the sake of,example I'm going to Target the entire,us but I'm going to show you how you can,segment into different states so you're,going to go to locations and this part,up here that says people living in or,recently in this location you're going,to want to select people living in this,location because let's say we're,licensed in North Carolina Alabama and,Texas if somebody is driving through,Texas but they actually live in,California I can't sell them Medicare so,I only want people that live in the,locations that I'm targeting now for the,age we're just going to Target 65 to 65,plus and uh for some reason Facebook I,guess probably the reason is they don't,have enough people on Facebook that are,this age but what we're going to do they,don't let you segment past 65 so it's,just 65 to 65 plus you can't do 65 to 70,you can't do 65 to 80. it's 65 to 65,plus so so we're going to leave it on,all genders we're not going to do any of,the detailed targeting we're also going,to leave it on all languages,and then for placements we're just going,to leave it as is,and then we're going to hit next,and this next part here is the fun part,this is where we get to create our ad,and so I'm going to walk you guys,through the steps to do that we're going,to use a software called it's,a free software that you can get there,is a paid version I think it's like 13,bucks a month but you can also get the,free version to do everything that we're,going to do and so what we're going to,do,is uh to create our ad we're just going,to turn this Square we're going to make,it blue right and then what we're going,to do is we're going to look for a photo,of a senior citizen okay so I'm going to,go with this guy right here this should,be fine,so we're going to expand this make it,about that size and so,um as you can see this is already,starting to come together and look like,an actual advertisement but before I,start making this ad I kind of want to,tell you what we're going to be going,for when we make it so with Medicare ads,you'll see a lot of these commercials on,TV you'll even see other people running,these ads on Facebook,and they'll talk about uh the specifics,of the plan and again this is more of,the compliance side that we get more so,into in the course but I do want to kind,of give you a brief overview so you know,what you're doing when you're setting,this up with Medicare ads there's two,different like,segments of communications that Medicare,third parties and Medicare carriers like,United Healthcare Humana there's two,different segments of communication that,they have with their prospective,enrollees and current enrollees it kind,of sounds convoluted when I explain it,that way but there's two different types,of messages you have communications and,you have marketing and with marketing,messages that's when you're talking,about specifics of the plan,you're encouraging them to switch you're,encouraging them to do this you're,encouraging them to do that you have to,get all of those messages approved by,CMS so if you go on Facebook and you see,somebody that's running an ad that says,get a free food benefit card click the,link down below to learn more that is,technically marketing and therefore they,have to get that ad approved by CMS and,if they haven't gotten it approved by,CMS they can't run it and if they are,running it and they get caught they're,done so what we do is we have a loophole,for this and it's called the Medicare,Savings Program and what that means it's,like basically a uh an application that,they can fill out to get extra help from,the state where the state will pay their,Part B premium so we're not even,advertising Medicare Advantage we're,advertising the Medicare Savings Program,um and if you want we can put out maybe,a video that talks more so about how you,could conduct that appointment how you,would run through the survey and fill,out an extra help app if you're,interested in hearing about that just,leave a comment down below but uh,basically instead of advertising,Medicare Advantage plans or something,like that we're going to skip all of the,regulation and all the compliance stuff,that we'd have to worry about we're just,going to advertise the Medicare Savings,Program and so I kind of explained it,now I'm going to get into actually,making the app so we're going to look,for a font called Montserrat and we're,just going to add in a little bit of,text right here,and we're going to make this,Mont syrup,right here we're gonna go with some,extra bold I want it to stick out we're,going to make this text white right here,and then we're just going to say,um,you may qualify,to get,170 per month,added,added to your check,and so what we're talking about here,again is the Medicare Savings Program so,basically anyone that's on Medicare,there's a it's like basically it's like,partial Medicaid where the state will,help pay some of their Part B premium,we'll just say,per month,I'm gonna make these capitals but,basically the state will pay for their,Part B premium,you're probably familiar with this but,if you're not you just fill out like an,application the state will come back to,them and let them know sometimes it'll,be the full uh 170 and then sometimes,it'll be part of it,but that 170 the number I'm getting,there that is the Part B premium so,we're going to add what I did is I,clicked effects on the text I'm going to,add a little bit of lift to it so that,it pops more,and I'm going to decrease the line,spacing right there so that uh it looks,a little bit cleaner we're going to make,this bigger,and then I'm going to turn this part,here that says 170. I'm going to make,that yellow so that it pops a little bit,more,and if while I'm doing this you're just,completely confused and I'm moving too,fast that's completely fine sometimes,canva can be a little bit complicated to,use but just pause the video and kind of,go back and watch what I'm doing but all,I'm doing right now is just kind of,messing around with it to make the text,Pop a little bit more so it'll catch,their attention more so on Facebook so,this top part looks pretty good here you,may qualify to get 170 10 per month,added back to your I'm just going to add,SS check so they know what I'm talking,about you may qualify to get 170 10 per,month added to your social security,check so there we go we're going to,leave that there,and then what I'm going to do,is I'm going to add a little button down,below for them to click,so I'm going to make this the same,yellow,down here,and then we're gonna make it a little,bit centered and then make it a little,bit bigger and then down here I'm just,going to have a button that says tap to,see if you qualify,tap oops tap here to see if you qualify,there we go,we'll shrink that down a little bit and,then I'm going to make that text black,so that it stands out more against the,yellow,and then I'm just going to remove this,lift,so there we go it's not super attractive,but I mean we made this ad in about five,minutes and we will definitely get some,leads from this,there we go tap here to see if you,qualify we got the old guy right there,um you may qualify to get 170 10 per,month added back to your social security,check and we'll just call this Medicare,Savings Program add one,and I'm actually going to include this,ad in a link down below that you can,access so you can test and run this,yourself I've personally never run this,ad but this is kind of the same style,that we use in all of our other,creatives so um this should definitely,work for you so I'm going to download,that,we're going to go into Facebook,and we're going to call this MSP add one,and then I added this little um vertical,slash I'm going to show you why in just,a minute,and we're going to click add media add,image,done,and there we go so that looks good right,there and then for the primary text this,is basically your ad copy I've also,included three different Medicare ad,copies all of these are talking about,the Medicare Savings Program and then,this one right here is talking about,Medicare supplement there's not nearly,as much regulation behind that as there,is with um,uh Medicare Advantage so you can also,run Medicare supplement ads the same way,so I'm going to copy this ad copy add,copy number one,and I'm going to paste it into this,primary text right here,and so then after this vertical slash,I have MSP add one and then add copy,number one,and so that way what I would actually do,if I was setting this up is create,different variations of this to start,testing for the sake of this example I'm,just going to do this one but the reason,that I'm including which ad copy and,then I'm also going to include which,headline I use is so I can start split,testing and see what works the best,so we got our ad copy next step is to,grab a headline if you just scroll down,on this page that will be down below you,can grab one of these headlines here so,I'm just going to say see if you qualify,for the Medicare Savings Program as my,headline,and then we'll put that right here,I'm not going to worry about creating a,description,this right here is all that I need and,then for the call to action you're going,to want to do learn more,so there we go that looks good and then,the next step is we're going to create,our instant form so this is the form,that they're actually going to fill out,whenever they go ahead and click to,become a lead so we'll just call this,MSP,um test form,and we'll just call it that,so MSP test form for the intro I'm just,going to put a little headline that says,see if you qualify to have,17010,per month added to your social,we'll just say SS check,here we go see if you qualify to have,170 10 a month added to your social,security check and then for the,questions uh this is where you could ask,like specific things so a really good,one to ask with Medicare would be do you,have both parts A and B,and then we'll just put yes for the,first question or for the first answer,and then no for the second one so that,way if anyone's filling out this form,we're going to know before we call them,if they are qualified to,um for us to talk to them,um with the Medicare Savings Program,specifically it's based off of their,income and their zip code as well as,some of their assets we can't ask any of,those questions here we're going to get,their address and their zip code when we,ask the questions down,um in the pre-filled questions but for,the custom questions you can't ask about,income or anything like that so we're,just going to leave it like this and,we'll do that manually when we talk to,the lead themselves and so now for the,pre-fill questions right here you need,to let them know how the information,they give you will be used or shared so,we're going to say we will use your,information,to contact you,regarding your results,and we'll say that,and then we're going to delete full name,because what I like to do is first name,and then last name,so I'll go first name,I'm going to ask for their last name so,I got first last email then we're going,to do phone number,we're also going to do street address,City,state,and let's see zip code,we're also going to get their date of,birth because it's very important,so we got first name last name email,phone number street address city state,ZIP date of birth I think that's,everything and the cool thing about,these instant forms is just because you,ask more questions doesn't mean that,your submission rate is really going to,go down I know it says this right here,but I haven't really noticed much of a,difference,um,if I take somebody off of Facebook and,they have to manually enter their first,name their last name all this they're,going to get a little bit sketched out,and a lot of people are going to drop,off but with this particular method here,um because it autofills it they don't,really feel like they're having to type,in and give up a bunch so that looks,good there I think that's everything yep,and then the next part here is the,privacy policy so what we're going to do,this is very important to have if you,don't have a privacy policy you could,get in a lot of trouble so we're going,to go to privacy policygenerator dot,info,and so here you would just type in your,company name so for example I'll just do,senior retirement guide you're going to,put in a website as well if you don't,have one go make one you definitely are,going to need that I'm not going to go,ahead and do this because I've already,created a privacy policy in the past but,you just put in your website the URL and,then they're going to ask you a few,questions just answer everything as if,you're going to ask for more information,than you are because if it's in your,privacy policy it's better to have more,things in there that are protecting you,protecting your liability than not so,just ask or answer as if you're going to,collect all their information and answer,all those questions accordingly and then,they're going to ask for your email and,then you'll get a link to your privacy,policy and so then what you'll do,is you'll just say,privacy policy,and then you'll just put your link in,there for this example I'm just going to,put don't put put,your actual privacy policy when you do,this but I'm just going to do that for,the sake of the example all right and,then the next thing we need to do is add,a custom disclaimer and a lot of people,when they show you how to set this up,they will tell you that you don't need,this uh that is not true so you,definitely need a custom disclaimer what,this does is it actually shows the,people what they're agreeing to because,ultimately when they submit this form,they're not just submitting a form right,they are submitting a form and,requesting you to contact them and we,want to make sure that it is very clear,that we're going to contact them by,phone we could contact them by text and,if you're a face-to-face agent you could,also show up in person so what you'd,want to do is,um look up a tcpa opt-in I just looked,that up on Google in our course we give,people a specific uh like Plug and Play,one that they can just add in here but,for the sake of this video I'm not going,to add a disclaimer make sure that you,do when you set it up and to find out,what to put just Google like tcpa opt-in,that way whenever somebody fills in this,form they are agreeing that you're going,to contact them by phone and by text and,you're not liable for anything there but,again for the sake of this video I'm not,going to add it but make sure that you,are actually adding it,all right and then upon completion,uh here you can just say like there's,one more step,there's one more step dot dot dot and,then there's two different ways that you,can go about this one you can have,somebody click uh the view website,button and go to schedule a link on your,calendar or you can just have them call,your business now a lot of people with,Medicare specifically they prefer they,prefer to just get like live transfers,so they want to lead to call them if you,would do that you would just say,um call to see if you qualify or,something along those lines you qualify,and then just put in your phone number,and then whenever someone fills in this,form they will have the option to go,ahead and call you and get help so then,in the description you could just say,like there's one more step,um,call a licensed representative,representative to check your eligibility,for the Medicare Savings Program,there we go and so now um they would,just go ahead and call your phone number,if you decided to do that so there we go,I'm just going to hit publish I'll just,put a random number here,I think that should be good,and then they just want me to put in an,actual uh privacy policy here,but other than that we should be all,good,privacy policy,and then okay it looks like they also,want me to add in like specific details,take this short quiz,to see if you qualify for the Medicare,Medicare Savings Program,all right that should be all of the,requirements we're just going to hit,publish,okay last thing they want me to add in a,background image and so we could just,find,um something here I'm just gonna pick a,random image we'll just do this picture,of my dog obviously don't do a picture,of your dog do like an American flag or,um maybe like your Facebook Banner or,something like that and then that would,be good,so there we go we got our form all good,to go,you can hit publish,and then now when everybody when in any,time anybody clicks on our ad they're,going to go up with this form they'll,fill out all these questions,and then they will become a lead,so there we go and they can also call us,so we'll be getting live transfers so,that is how you set everything up on,Facebook now in order to get all of,these ads added into a spreadsheet that,is this next step that we're going to,create right here so the way we do that,is through software called zapier,so I'm going to show you how to set that,up real quick I'm going to go to, I'll just log into my account,once this loads,there we go,there we go and so the way that zapier,works is it's kind of like a it's an,automation software so it'll do,different like tasks in the background,for you so the first thing we're going,to do is Click create zap,so we're going to wait for this to load,and then the first thing we need to do,is select a trigger obviously we're,running Facebook lead ads so that's,going to be our trigger for the event,we're going to hit new lead,hit continue and then you're going to,want to integrate your Facebook uh your,Facebook account within zapier I've,already done it you can see I've done it,like eight times so I'm just going to,select this one right here click,continue pick whichever page you're,using,I'm doing this one,and then you're gonna select which form,you want it to do so we named ours MSP,test form so that's the one we're going,to select and hit continue,and then test the trigger,so obviously no leads have come in so,it's just going to create like a sample,lead for us,it has like test lead dummy data for,first name and you know so on and so,forth so we'll click continue,and then what we're going to want to do,is hit Google Sheets,so then by the event we're going to do,create spreadsheet rows,hit continue and then you're just going,to select your Google Sheets account,again this is the same way with Facebook,if you haven't integrated it you're,going to want to go ahead and do that,but I already have so I'm just going to,click continue,select my Google Drive and then the,spreadsheet is called Medicare leads and,I'm also going to attach this down below,so that you can use the same spreadsheet,that we have here and uh you know on,this right side you could add any,questions that you ask so,um parts,A and B was the question we asked and so,then I can just have a Facebook add in,all of the answers to this particular,question in this column,and we'll do worksheet one,all right so now as you can see it's,like added in all of the specific,questions that we ask so Time created,first last email phone address city,state ZIP dob and parts A and B question,mark so now we're just going to select,the specific data points we would want,to be added into the spreadsheet so for,Time created we'll just hit created time,for first name it's just going to be,first name last name is obviously last,name,email is email,phone number is going to be phone number,once I can find it,phone number,and then address,street address,and then City,it's right here state,zip code,and then date of birth,right here,and then for the last one Parts A and B,see if I can find that,says do you have both parts A and B and,then that would be it,select continue and then what we're,going to see once we hit test and,continue it should upload all of that,data right into these uh little things,right here,so we're going to click test and review,so we can see if it did it correctly if,we go over here that's perfect so it's,added in all of that obviously this is,not the actual data that we would want,when a lead came in but it would like if,a lead had actually come in it would put,their correct first name last name and,so on and so forth so this is perfect,that's exactly what we needed and again,this exact sheet is going to be down,below for you to copy and use on your,own campaigns so then that's great now,we have the,the leads whenever they come in will get,their information but what I like to do,is I like to send myself a text or an,email whenever a lead comes in so what I,would do to do that is hit plus and,we're going to add one more action onto,the zap so what you would do if you want,to text you're going to go with twilio,and if you want to email you would just,do Gmail I'm going to show you how to do,it with twilio because I like getting a,text I've checked my text more than my,emails,so we'll do choose an event send SMS,you're going to want to set up a twilio,account integrate that with zapier as,well that's pretty easy to do and then,you're going to get a phone number,that's going to text you from zapier,and so I have a couple different phone,numbers I have access to we'll just use,this one and,um for your two number you would just,put whatever number you want to get the,message to I'm just going to put eight,eight eight eight eight eight eight,eight eight eight eight eight,as an example,um,as the country code,and then for the message we would just,say new lead,or new Medicare lead,you Medicare lead,and then first,and then you can just add in whatever,information you want to get so first,last,last name and then I could do phone,number,phone number and then I would probably,want to know what state they're in as,well,State you could add date of birth but,for this example I'm just going to do a,and b because I want to know if they,have both parts A and B,so there we go So then whenever a lead,came in,uh it would shoot me a text to say new,Medicare lead first name for example Tim,last name shulker phone number State,North Carolina and then Parts A and B I,actually do not have both parts A and B,because I'm 21 years old and not on,Medicare but you know for the sake of,example right any of these leads that,came in hopefully they would have both,but yeah that is how you uh set,everything up with zapier so that you're,going to get those leads automatically,into a spreadsheet and then also how to,set it up where you can get a text so,you can go ahead and call those leads as,soon as they come in so that's,everything we're going to cover in this,video again all of this stuff that I've,mentioned is going to be included down,below we'll have links we'll have a link,to zapier have a link to where you can,get this Medicare lead sheet to copy for,yourself the specific ad we use the,specific ad copy and then all the,headlines that we used as well and again,I want to take the last few minutes just,to kind of recap and touch a little bit,on what we're offering in the course,it's called the secrets to 77 Cent,Facebook leads we originally started the,course more so focused on Final expense,but all of the methods that we use work,for any insurance type we're updating,and adding more content to the course,all the time we actually just uploaded a,entire Medicare module where we go more,in depth onto the compliance side of,everything so you can do everything the,right way and we also give you more ad,examples ad copies and headlines that,you can use in your own ads so that's,going to wrap up this video If you,enjoyed it be sure to like comment and,hit the Subscribe button really,appreciate you guys taking the time to,watch this video and I'll see you in the,next one

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