how to view comments on facebook ads

How to check comments on my Facebook and Instagram Adshey guys how are you anna katz here from,annik

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to check comments on my Facebook and Instagram Ads

hey guys how are you anna katz here from,annika's digital,so today i am gonna teach you how to,check the comments on your ads,so you don't miss uh what people are,saying about your ads,what questions your audience are asking,or what mean comments you were getting,on your ass and,listen to me main comments are,very normal facebook ads i don't want,you to get discouraged when you,people are start being,you know mean that's a nice way to say,it,on your ads sometimes people don't have,anything to do and,when they get targeted with your ads,they make mean comments on it,many of times what i do is i just go and,delete them,that's it it has nothing to do about me,has nothing to do about you,it's when people make comments mean,comments about you or your brand or your,business,it's got something to do about them so,just ignore them and delete them if you,want to,so on this video i am going to show you,how to check the comments on your ads,so i'm going to go ahead and share my,screen,okay so this is,a facebook ads account right,and you can obviously set here your,lifetime but like you want to check your,comments in the last seven days in the,last 14 days in the last month,uh usually i will recommend you to check,on your comments every seven days,so if somebody has a question about your,product,or your website or anything,you have like you can reply to them,uh within at least seven days so right,now i'm just gonna show you,lifetime,so when you're going to facebook you're,gonna have the default,report you are gonna go into engagement,and right here you can see by campaign,what comments you have you can click,into each campaign and check the,comments,but right now i'm gonna go from campaign,level,to ads level because i want to see other,comments in all of my campaigns,so right now you can sort it here,by comments you can see what comments,you have,and then you can select,the comments that you um that people are,leaving you so you can see,this add got five comments,so you just click check mark click on,preview,and then you're gonna click in here and,then you're gonna go,and click on facebook post with comments,if you have an ad running on both,instagram and facebook you're gonna have,to click on each,so one for facebook,right and then see,instagram post with comments,so right here this is the ad,and then you're gonna go right here and,see the comments,right it's just gonna show you a couple,of the comments so in order for you to,see,all of the comments you're gonna click,in here,and send the option that they give you,first is most,relevant but what you're gonna want,where you are gonna want to click,is all comments so you click on all,comments and then you can see all the,comments right here,right same same for instagram i don't,think i got any comments in here no,so you know i didn't get any comments on,let me just move this zoom thing so,you can see that add the comments that i,got there,um and then,you can go back to your ads manager,account go,to your next ad so they have two,comments,you click on preview,again facebook post with comments,scroll down to see the comments most,relevant,all comments looks like i have one,somebody wants me to make a video in,spanish,so what you can do is just click on,replay and reply back to them,right the other thing if somebody made a,mean comment,on your ad you don't want to leave it,there you want to delete it which is,what i usually do,unless you have like thousands and,thousands of comments,just leave them don't waste time all,those people just who cares,um but if you have like five comments,and two of them are mean people telling,you to,to go somewhere else you just click on,delete,and that's it so,let me know if you have any questions,about this it is,super easy to do and,it's very good to do at least um,once a week or once every two weeks,that way you can answer questions that,people have about the offers that you,have the products your websites,anything so i hope this is helpful again,let me know if you have any questions,this is anna kaz from anna cathedral,talk to you later

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How To See Your Facebook Ads Comments

How To See Your Facebook Ads Comments

so running facebook ads is one thing but,for everyone who's done it in the past,or is still currently running ads you,know how messy the comments section can,get at times from getting spam comments,on your cold ads or simply having,genuine inquiries and questions on your,retargeting ads you want to make sure,that you can monitor these comments not,only does it help to create a great,brand image when you respond in a fast,manner to these ad comments but it'll,also help and benefit anyone in the,future who'll be seeing your ads to see,your comment responses in this week's,video i'll be going over where to find,your facebook and instagram ad comments,how to respond to them or delete them my,name is justin and i'm the founder of,voiceover media an e-commerce marketing,agency specializing in elevating,thriving brands by simplifying,e-commerce growth,before we get started make sure to leave,a like subscribe as well as turn on post,notifications to be one of the first to,know about these cutting edge ecommerce,marketing tips posted on the channel,every week alright so as you can see i'm,on the computer right now i'm going to,show you today three different ways in,which you can monitor your facebook ad,comments so i'm going to start by the,sort of longest way which i do not,really recommend that you go with and,then i'll move through two other ways,which are a little easier for you to,monitor these ad comments so the first,one would simply be to head over to your,ads manager as you're seeing right now,on screen so i'm gonna share which ways,are best for computer versus mobile,because you can also do the same on,mobile so the first thing that i'm about,to show you right here is not really a,good solution if you're on a mobile,device so this one is more solely for,computer devices so you're gonna wanna,head over to,forward slash ads manager you go on your,ads account and then you'll end up being,on a screen,like this so you should see your,campaigns ad sets and ads i'm sure,you're familiar with this screen right,there so the quickest way for you to,monitor these ad comments which quickest,is is a big word in this case because,it's not the best again but i still want,to show you here so as an example this,campaign here is currently running so,i'm just going to select it right there,go to the ads level and then i'm gonna,be able to see all of the ads right here,so i would simply click on this ad and,then either go preview like this i could,click on share at the top and then click,from there see post and then either see,facebook posts with comments or,instagram posts with comments so let's,say i click on facebook post,with comments then it would open up the,post for me and then if there were any,comments or reactions then i would see,it right over here but i would have to,do the same,with the instagram post as you know it,may be a different ad for either or,depending on the place one of the,cropping that you did so you would have,to go back here and then go instagram,posts with comments open that up here on,instagram and then as you can see the,like that i have on instagram here for,that ad doesn't appear on facebook so i,mean it's a bit of a different placement,on both so reactions and comments are,not shared so that is the first way to,do that um you can also access the same,view from the editing view so you click,on edits and then as you can see to the,right you'll also see your ad preview,same thing you go share and then you're,able to see post you know with facebook,posts with comments or instagram posts,with comments so that's the first way to,do it but i think you can get the gist,of it you know if you're spending a lot,of money on facebook or you've been,testing a lot of different creatives it,can get really time consuming especially,because you may have a different ad post,or post id for different placement,meaning the same ad could have you know,four or five different posts that you,would have to check so doing that,manually every time uh means that you,would literally have to monitor manually,all of your ads which again is really,time consuming so let me show you two,other ways which are gonna be much,quicker for you to do that so the second,way that i wanna share with you is,actually in my opinion one of the best,ones to do that so that one works on,desktop as well as on mobile so if,you're on pc you know mac or on your,mobile phone it works the same so on a,pc you'll want to head over to, and then you log,in you'll be on facebook's business,suite so on mobile you would have to,download either the page app or the,business suites um app that they have so,depending on at the time you're watching,this video sometimes you know facebook,changes it it's they merge them together,or whatnot so it's most likely going to,be their business app and you would see,the same thing so once you're on there,on pc you want to have it over to the,left bar go to inbox make sure you've,selected the right page from which,you're advertising from and then from,inbox you would go to facebook comments,or instagram comments and there you,could see any comments so this is not,making any separation between your ads,or your regular feedbacks so your,organic post or your ad posts or your,paid ads would appear right here so as,you can see right there uh you know i,see here there's a comment about a uh,rafael right there so i just click on,the ad and as i can see this i know this,is one of my ads and then i scroll down,i can see comments so you see there's,two comments on this ad allowing me to,have a reaction respond to one of them,so that's pretty much it here you can,see there's um essentially it says right,here in little i'm not sure if you can,read that but it says there are no user,comments on this,why because there was a comment and i,had deleted that because sometimes on,cold ads you get spammy comments or you,get unwanted comments which you can just,simply delete or respond back to them if,it makes sense so in this case it,doesn't show up anymore because it's,been deleted so this is a great way to,monitor because again it's available on,mobile and on desktop and if you're one,of the admins from your facebook page,and you have enabled the notifications,on your mobile phone then within the,regular facebook app on your mobile,phone you are going to see the comments,popping up in your notifications and,you'll be able to respond to them but if,you're running a page with enough,engagement it gets a little crazy at,times to you know monitor is this an ad,comment is this a regular comment and,then you know it just gets a little bit,out of hand so manually go into the,facebook comments here and then looking,at all of them is another way for you to,monitor these ad comments and the last,one that i want to share with you which,i think is one of the best ways to do,the comment monitoring so this one is,only available on pc from my knowledge,it could still be available on mobile,through their ads manager app but in my,experience the ad manager app really,isn't worth it on mobile you want to,make sure that you're on a desktop has a,lot more uh information on it and it's a,lot easier to navigate so you'll want to,head over to,once again and then once you're on your,business manager you want to head over,to the section called page post so,in the all tools section it's usually at,the bottom you'll see engage customers,and page posts you'll see that section,right there and as you can see they make,a clear different sections for each of,your different posts you know published,votes which would be your organic post,you can see the engagement the comments,and whatnot right here schedule post,which same thing you know will show you,any posts that have been scheduled for,your organic posts and add posts which,are any ads that you have currently,running for specific ad accounts so you,can make sure that you choose the right,ad account right here to the rights and,here you're gonna see each ads that are,currently running so you can see right,there there's a different ad post for,different you know different placements,so that's what i meant earlier i think,it's the best way to see it right here,um there's about you know probably over,50 posts right here just out of you know,three different ad variations because,again of the placement so if i wanted to,check the comments here it's a great way,again to have a clear distinction,between the three sections so it's a bit,like earlier i could click on that have,the post preview and then just from,there,i could directly see the comments right,here i can see the likes the views and,the comments and i could just respond,but it would ask you to go manually post,by post so all three ways have the pros,and cons i would say the best and,easiest way is probably the second that,i showed you because it's versatile you,know it's easy for you to do that on,mobile devices as well as on pc so the,business suite method is probably the,best at this point but just showing you,two extra methods that could allow you,to also monitor these comments all in,all that's pretty much it uh those are,the three ways with which you would want,to monitor your facebook ads commenting,the facebook business suiteway is,probably the best because you can see a,mix of your regular organic posts your,facebook ad posts and the ui is just,much better i believe for you to answer,these comments whereas the ads manager,method or the page post method are a,little more complicated and usually,require you to go on a desktop if you're,an e-commerce brand or business owner,making at least 20 to 30 000 a month,with your brand i invite you to click on,the first link in the description down,below and book in a really short,15-minute demo call with our team on,that call we'll take a deeper look at,your business see if we think we're good,fish for each other if we are then we'll,end up partnering up together and help,you scale with paid ads if you don't,think we're the best fit for you then,worst comes to worst you'll leave this,call with a free action plan to,implement on your own so on that note,make sure you guys check out other,videos on the channel for some more,useful e-commerce marketing tips and,i'll see you guys in the next video,peace

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