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How to ONLY See Ads On Facebookhey what's up guys Jeremy Hansen here,once again I wanted to briefly

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to ONLY See Ads On Facebook

hey what's up guys Jeremy Hansen here,once again I wanted to briefly cover it,and show with you guys a really cool,tool that I found I've honestly been,searching for this tool for quite a,while,and it really hasn't been a solution and,then one day I just kind of stumble,diploma I don't really remember how it's,completely free and I am probably the,biggest fan of it that there is so if,you guys are not already using Chrome,you definitely need to use Chrome like,take whatever time you need to and,export out bookmarks and stuff that you,have if you're using something else if,you're using Safari or heaven forbid if,you're using Internet Explorer or edge,or Firefox you you need to be using,Chrome regardless if you're on a Mac or,on a PC chrome is definitely the fastest,most up-to-date browser out there it's,very very good if you're using Facebook,power editor I think it's it's only,operating on Chrome I believe but any,rate chromis is where you need to be and,Chrome has extensions that are super,super powerful we're going to go ahead,and show you guys one of those,extensions here today so you can kind of,get to this from two different places,you can come on this right-hand side,clicking the three dots you can scroll,down to more tools and go to extensions,you go that way or if you just you know,open up google pull up your search bar,here and search for Chrome extensions,you just go right this top row right,here the Chrome Web Store and we're,going to be looking for a Chrome,extension called turbo add finder so you,just go ahead and type that in here at,the top left turbo and finder and we are,a weird breed of people if you're,interested in this you know because,we're marketers we're interested in,seeing ads and understanding that,process as we go and follow hi people,and one of the big problems I found when,I'm looking to funnel hike somebody is I,often can't see the starting point right,like the Facebook ad itself I often,already know the name of the company,that I want to funnel hacking so I just,you know type it in and they go right to,their site and I start photo hacking but,like I often don't get that front end,piece I don't I don't get that piece to,understand like where they're starting,that conversation how theirs,what it looks like is that a image with,text-based ad is it a video ad all that,kind of stuff and so turbo ad Finder,allows me to see that what this,extension does you can see I already,have it installed here but if you,haven't go ahead and install it what,this does is this goes into Facebook and,it turns off all the organic posts in,facebook so I don't see anything in a,Facebook that's organic and I'll see,people's posts about the weather about,their food about cats all that stupid,crap I turn it on and I only see ads on,Facebook again like I said we're weird,breed but if you're like me you want to,see ads so you can be able to start,funnel Hawking you can start seeing the,ads that are running really well and and,being able to see where those ads lead,and the cool part is you know if you've,been to somebody's site a competitor's,site or somebody that you want to funnel,hack there's a very good chance if,they're you know good at what they're,doing and performing well they probably,will be retargeting you and when you go,to Facebook and turn on the turbo ad,finder you will now start seeing only,ads so if you scroll for a little bit,there's a very good chance that the,sites that you've been to that you will,see the ads that you're looking for to,be able to funnel hack from the very,beginning all the way through the end so,we're gonna go ahead and do that so I'll,go ahead and close this out because I've,already installed turbo ad finder onto,my instance of chrome here I come to,Facebook and I'm going to write the top,here these are all my extensions I again,super passion about extensions this one,right here looks like Facebook great out,with a little circle is the turbo ad,finder go ahead and click it and I'm,going to turn it on and sometimes it,takes a little bit of a minute to,propagate and find these ads while we're,moving organic stuff but as we kind of,start along here you can see this very,first one isn't ads you can see sponsors,so this is an ad as I scroll down like I,said sometimes it takes a minute here I,can see another ad for Billie Jean right,you'll get a pretty good cross-section,as to who I am based on all these ads,that I see I can see the apps in will ad,scroll down,I can see a Kelly Roach 20/20 and so,this is basically how it functions,you'll see for a second they're an,organic thing pop up and then it'll get,removed and then you'll see only ads and,if you give it a second like it'll kind,of catch up to itself but really it's,it's super super powerful because again,I can see that front-end piece I can see,the size that I've been to and and what,those starting conversations look like,and you know if you're familiar with,Facebook and Facebook ads you definitely,know that the ads that are running and,have been running for a long time and,you can see that based on numbers you,can see that based on how many people,have liked or commented or shared an ad,or even viewed it then you know it's,working so as an example right here it's,kind of a weird image right here but,this one Cody Spencer at Tesla Motors,this isn't ad right here even though,this looked weird I'm sure it's working,because you have 11,000 social,engagements you have like 1.6 or 1600,comments just over 2,000 shares you have,2.6 million views and obviously there's,some good technical stuff that you can,go about doing in facebook to aggregate,all your social engagement together and,we might cover that in another video but,you don't see these this kind of,activity around an ad unless the ad is,working so this is a great example of a,good starting point for me if I wanted,to go and final hack what they're doing,whoops looks like I clicked into Dave's,Facebook group there but this is a great,starting point if you guys want to first,capture that front end of the phone at,the very very beginning part and,understand let's get it loaded up again,here and understand what's happening at,the start in the ads so I've just queued,up Facebook again here and you see I had,something organic and then it started to,pull down and again brought up only my,ads so I can I can again be able to see,ads yeah I've been on traffic and,conversion I used some of the digital,marketer membership products there but,anyway this is a really really awesome,tool because,this is kind of in the elephant room,problem that I think a lot of us have,had like we've understood the process of,going through somebody's funnel seeing,the landing page screenshotting it going,to thank you page screenshotting and so,on and so forth and we've even used you,know the little spy tools out there like,spyfu and you can remember the rest of,them Oh a similar web and there's a few,different you know tools out there that,you can see but some of those don't,cover the Facebook Ads themselves and so,again if you're running Facebook ads,into your funnels go ahead and get the,turbo ad finder it's completely free I'm,sure there's probably somewhere where,they have a freemium option where you,can pay something to get more but I have,not found any issues you know with the,free version it gives me you know more,than what I've wanted it's really really,good and hope this you know fine finds,you you guys well and and you can use,this in your own phone hacking there you,go thanks guys

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KW Command Facebook Ads | How to Find Your Ads on Facebook

KW Command Facebook Ads | How to Find Your Ads on Facebook

it's lori balan in las vegas welcome to,365 days of KW command tutorial videos,today I want to show you how to find,your ads that are running in your,Facebook page,not just in command there's actually,several ways to do this and several ways,to get here so I'm going to just show,you a couple so that you can quickly see,what your ads actually look like on your,facebook business page so what I what,you want to do is you want to go to your,business page that your ads are running,on whatever business page that is for,Facebook that you set up with kW command,when you're placing your ad so it's,probably your real estate business page,so just go to that page like you would,now automatically you're going to be,logged into the administrative elements,we want to look at this as a visitor so,I'm going to click on these three dots,right here I'm on desktop and I'm going,to go to view as page visitor from here,I'm going to go to the right-hand side,and I'm going to scroll down to the,About section and right underneath that,is page transparency we're gonna click,see more next we're going to go to add,library now the easiest way to get here,is to actually look at the URL up here, slash adds slash library so,if you just bookmark that,slash adds library you actually don't,even need anything that comes after that,just slash add slash,library then here search by advertiser,name you can pull in your own business,page and you'll be able to access them,from here as well all right so this is,page transparency and we're in the add,library now so what we can see here is,now I can see my facebook ads are,running from command so here's my,Summerlin one here's my new listing and,if you click on see add details it will,and then additional assets from this ad,you can now see the links so there it's,the first one will open in a new tab and,that's just my my Facebook profile and,then this one is the actual link that's,in the ad itself so if you click there,you can verify and make sure that that,link is taking them to the correct page,that you want to send them to and then,you have just a basic info for the,contact form if there's a contact form,on this page so quite simply this the,page transparency is a quick easy way to,access the LA ads library where you can,actually see your ads that are running,they don't show up in the traditional,ads manager place that you would,automatically think they are so,hopefully this helps some of you that,are looking for them you're still going,to do all maintenance on those ads,inside kW command not inside your,Facebook Ads manager

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