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How To Make Better Product Photos For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store so when it comes to product ph


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Make Better Product Photos For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

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How To Make Better Product Photos For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

so when it comes to product photography,or even just photography on your site in,general,it's always something we highly,recommend merchants do and invest in,just because that's what's really going,to make you unique and it's going to,make your brand insight look,overall like more cohesive so that's why,i thought it was a really great,topic to chat about today,hi everyone welcome back to real talk,and thank you so much for joining us,and thank you if you join us in our past,weeks and are coming back we're super,excited to have you here,and we have matt with us again today so,thank you matt for,joining us for today's talk about,product photography which i'm super,excited about,so matt why don't you hop us right into,the topic for today which is product,photography and give us a quick little,intro,absolutely um whether you're someone,who's creative or has an interest in,photography,or somebody who isn't creative but just,wants to find a way to implement product,photography,we'll cover tips that should help anyone,at any skill level,hopefully there will be a little,something for everyone but if you're a,photography wizard please drop your tips,in the chat it's very much appreciated,as we go,so let's just hop into it so the first,thing as,matt had mentioned is the importance of,product photography so i wanted to kind,of start with that initially,just so that way we could kind of get,you all in the right mindset before,actually hopping in and taking those,photos,so um you know maybe my perspective is a,little bit biased when it comes to this,but,i strongly believe that having a really,good design site and branding can,definitely play a crucial role,in creating a trustworthy store for your,customers and making something unique,that your customers feel,comfortable purchasing from especially,with drop shipping where,all of your you know all other competing,merchants are using the same photos you,really,want to try and stand out and,photography is a really really great way,to do that,online um so it's a way like i said to,portray kind of the lifestyle or the,community that you want to create around,your brand,something that gives your customers,something that they can like connect,with that feeling of who your brand is,it can invoke emotions and it really,gives your customers a sense of how they,would feel,having your product so there's some huge,benefits to taking your own,photos or having someone else take your,own photos but making them unique to you,so i mean along with kind of the setting,yourself apart and making yourself,look unique there are some other things,that you'll want to consider as well,that,is important in taking your own,photography so for example like i said,all other drop shippers selling that,same product will be using that same,photo so like a customer goes from one,side to the next to the next,it's all gonna be the same photo and,again it's not gonna make you look,unique and it's gonna make you look like,a drop shipping site because maybe,they've seen that photo before,the next thing is this can happen from,time to time,is suppliers on aliexpress may,for example like i've seen this with,clothing a lot they'll take a photo of a,model wearing this clothing piece and,then the supplier actually just makes,that clothing piece,like a replica and but those photos they,actually don't own those photos,sometimes so,i just would hate for any of you guys to,get stuck with using those photos on,your site and then having any issues,again it doesn't come up often but,i see it specifically with clothing is,sometimes suppliers will just take,photos from other big brands and just,use them and then create a product,that's like a replica product so,again it helps you just alleviate that,possibility of having copyright photos,just in case,but again you can always chat with the,supplier a bit more about that,and lastly is i don't know if some of,you use the,reverse image search tool on google but,in google,you can just plug in an image and see,what other sites or,you know links come up with that exact,same image so it's a way that you know,maybe sneaky customers can see like,oh there's 10 other sites selling this,exact same product which one's selling,it cheaper,maybe i'll go there so just to avoid all,of that um,having your own images because it's,unique to you no one else is going to,have those same things unless somebody,copies you which,maybe is a good thing maybe that means,you're doing really well,um so all in all there are a lot of,benefits to taking your own,product photography um so yeah i mean if,you are interested in learning more,let's go over how to actually get,started on taking those photos,as well as some tools and resources you,can use so matt why don't you give us,the first uh getting started,tip absolutely if you plan on taking,your own photos the,obviously the first thing you're gonna,need to do is order those products um,so that's why it's really good to to,kind of narrow down your niche and not,have a whole bunch of different products,in your store because,if you have to order a product or sorry,if you have to order one of each of,those products,it's going to be a lot of money right so,the other thing that you can do though,is once you have,that item in your hand after you've,taken photos of it,you can do different things so you don't,necessarily have to just,throw it away or anything like that like,you can ship out the product as an order,right,it's still the same product that you're,selling um the other thing that you can,do,is you can reach out to different,influencers and you can give them the,product and have them market your,product and and it's a way of almost,you know in a sense free advertising uh,you have to pay for the product,obviously but you're buying it to take,the photos so,um it's it's kind of like a nice little,work around for that,so there's a couple of different options,that you can do with these products once,you've ordered them,um but the most essential thing is that,you order some of them yourself and take,the pictures yourself,yeah totally so that's just something,always that's great keeping back mine is,don't stress about ordering all these,products um,you know there's some other things you,can still do with them um so it is an,investment that you can kind of shift,around in other ways,and then my next one was it's also a,really great opportunity to get familiar,with,the process of how their shipping works,and how the item will actually look when,it arrives the packaging the quality,so think of it as a really great way to,yes you'll have the item to take photos,of but you can also make sure that the,item is a quality item that you feel,comfortable selling to your customers,so i just wanted to put that out there,as well too,so all right you're uh your next mat,what's the next tip absolutely like like,i said um sending them to influencers is,a great idea like um,if you order the product yourself you,can just send it out to them reach out,to them on instagram or ticktalk or,whatever,have them do a video or like a you know,some sort of a post or,their their account will make it go,viral um that's,it's a really good way to uh to get your,reach out there,so that's that's definitely something,that you can do um the the one thing,about product photography is you do need,a camera,and that's usually the first thing that,people think of i gotta buy this,expensive dslr or something like that,but,you really don't you can just take,photos with your smartphone,um a lot of people do it the phones are,the the cameras on smartphones now are,really good,so i think chris has some tips that that,we can go into for for the next part as,well,um okay so the next tip is um before,beginning,to take your own photos one thing i want,you to all think about,is the branding of your site so it's,easy to get the products and be like,cool i'm just going to take all these,photos let's go but,take a moment just to take a step back,and really think about the brand you,want to create,for your website just before you hop in,and start,taking photos so for example maybe,you're selling clothing products it's,just an easy example to,to bring up maybe you're selling street,wear,type clothing those photos are going to,be completely different than photos you,might use for,someone selling like boho summer flowy,dress type clothing one of them might be,very like light and airy and summery,the other one might be more like moody,and dark and,you know it's just it's going to vary,quite a bit and maybe do you want to,take lifestyle photos or do you just,want to take,photos of the product itself um it's,just something to keep in mind before,you kind of hop into it because you do,kind of want all of your,images to be cohesive so before you get,started,just take a little bit of time to think,about the brand and kind of the feel you,want to create on your site,so even if we're thinking about for,example if you're selling practical,items so maybe you don't want to take,lifestyle type photos but,you're selling a kitchen utensil and,you're showing how it's used then those,photos might be very more,very much more focused on showing how,the product works itself,something in really good lighting so,yeah just something to keep in mind,definitely think about your items your,brand,and kind of the mood you want to create,before you get started so other than,having the,um items ordered having some kind of a,camera,and then having a game plan of the,creative content you want to create,um that's kind of all the basics of what,you need just to,get started so i think it's a good time,now to hop into some tools and resources,which should help you,now get started that you have a good,idea of what you want to create,so once your order arrives you'll,definitely like i said,want to get started taking some photos,if you have no clue,what makes a good product photo or how,to get started,these are the basic tips here which,again should give you a good,foundation to go with and so matt what's,our first,tip for under the tools and resources,section yeah so,the first thing you want to make sure,you have is a cohesive background for,all your product photos so,what that does is it kind of helps make,all your products look uniform,and it kind of helps add to your,branding so the overall branding of your,website,um and it just kind of helps make the,the products look uniform and the same,also make sure your images are very,clear,um and in good lighting too so,um you know don't use for example,fluorescent lighting like natural,lighting is such a great,tip that all of us should have access to,if you have a window,wherever you live um wait until some,nice,lights coming through and that can be a,really good tip for taking some really,nice clear,product photography so you don't get the,weird yellow backgrounds or weird hues,um and yeah i think just in general,think about your lighting,for sure before uh before you start,taking photos and make sure you can see,your product very clearly too you don't,want to take a,picture of your product and then be like,i can't really tell,how these different sections of the,product work or where their buttons are,or what it would actually look like so,just make sure yeah your your product,pictures are very clear,yeah and then the next thing that you,want to do is you want to shoot your,product from different angles so,it's not good to just have one specific,like just one photo for your product you,want to take it from multiple different,angles,you want to show it in use so you want,to show the the person you know,using the product itself uh take a photo,of it being in use and it just kind of,gives the customers a good idea of how,it looks and how it's being used,my next tip would be using a tool like a,photo light box,so what this does is essentially create,like a seamless background,behind your product when you're taking,an image um,and the great thing is you can actually,get one of these on amazon or even,aliexpress sells them for like 15 to 30,bucks they're not that expensive just,like a little,box probably yay big um but yeah it's a,great way if you're selling smaller,products just to,put them in there that way your,background is going to be cohesive for,all of them you're not going to see any,weird seams or creases and whatever,background you're using,and it's going to give you really good,light and like i said it's only 15 or,30 dollars usually for just a cheap one,to help get you started,um and we can also link you some of,those i just found some random ones on,amazon or aliexpress so for sure check,that out if you want to just kind of,step it up a little bit,and if you have smaller products that,would fit within a light box,yeah and if you don't want to use a,light box um and you want to get those,white backgrounds,uh you can actually use the site this is,what we were talking about earlier,it's remove dot bg so you can just go to,that website,throw your photo in there and it'll help,you remove the background from your,images,so next tip is an app that i wanted to,suggest so,um if you wanted to i mean using your,phone to take photos you can definitely,use the basic camera,that your phone comes with and you're,still going to be able to take some,really great photos,but if you wanted to step up that game,just a little bit and have a bit more,control,over your camera settings on your phone,there actually are a lot of apps you can,download,directly to your phone which do allow,you to get more access to some of these,features,um so for example uh an app that i,love using and i've been using at the,moment is uh and out from a shop called,moment,it's like a tongue twister there um so,we'll link the,uh we'll link the app i think it's only,available on apple though i do believe,they used to have an android one,but trust me there's plenty of apps you,can use essentially it allows you to,adjust things like your frame rate when,you're recording especially if you're,doing video,you can take photos in uh raw which,essentially is like a,larger more flat profile i guess and you,can kind of edit later,so you can take photos for example in,raw you can have ex,like control over your exposure iso,shutter speed white balance focus like,there's so many things you can learn and,dive into that,again you don't need to do all these,things but if you wanted to dive in a,little bit deeper and have more control,while still just using your phone you,can use an app um,that one i think i got is like six or,nine bucks or something like that so,um yeah so it gives you a lot of the,tools that a regular,dslr camera would come with um so,yeah we'll link that and they also have,a youtube channel that i think explains,how to use that app specifically which,is why,i love that out um again i'm not,sponsored or anything by that app i just,really like it,but yeah lots of other apps you can use,oh yeah matt what's the uh what's the,next tool and resource,of course um so along with the the apps,and the tools and the tips that we,suggested uh we also have an incredible,or,alberto course from ben uh who is a,commercial photographer videographer and,content creator,you should all have access to this as,well so it goes a lot more depth into,photography,using your phone and we actually have a,link that we can share in chat as well,for that if you want to take a look,so yeah and along with taking product,photography for your product listings,you may also want to use the photos to,create advertisements,so a free tool that you can use to,create posters ads banners,etc is canva and if you haven't heard of,it it's,and we'll include a link for that as,well if it's something you are really,interested in and you want to,dive more deeper into product,photography because it's just something,that you,like i said do have an actual interest,in learning and it's exciting to you,um you can take a lot of different,courses,on how to use the different softwares,and programs that will allow you to 10x,your game in terms of,building your own content so for example,if you wanted to dive into learning,platforms like photoshop lightroom,premiere pro for video content i know,that those platforms can seem really,scary at first there's so many like,buttons to click,and so many tools you can use and all of,them so,um if you did want to get started trust,me it's a lot of fun once,you do hop in and there's a,a tutorial like a guy who does all of,these tutorials for adobe which i find,his tutorials are super clear super,concise and,really really really easy to follow,along with especially if you've,literally never opened up the software,platform before,um so his name is dan from adobe i think,but we'll link i'll link his site of um,where you can find all of his courses,absolutely so it's really important to,know where your images are going so,for instance if you upload them to your,website versus social media,you're going to probably want to use,different dimensions different file,sizes stuff like that,adding large files large high quality,images to your website it's probably,gonna slow it down a little bit whereas,on instagram it doesn't really matter,because they kind of handle that and,they optimize it and compress it and,stuff like that so,um just make sure that you know where,you're putting your files and make sure,you're saving them in the right,dimensions and file size,okay cool well i guess that kind of,wraps up the tools and resource,section now i wanted to include this,other section on outsourcing because,like i said,product photography and photography in,general is not going to be for everyone,and that's totally okay because you know,what your strengths,are and you know what your weaknesses,are and if it's not something you're,interested in then,don't even worry about it we've got some,tools for,what you can do to outsource as well but,still get that great result of having,a really nice product photos so,um what i was going to mention let me,see yeah for anyone who fall into that,category,um let's go over some options so sorry,matt you go ahead and give us our first,outsourcing tip absolutely so you want,to use a website called burst it's,actually owned by shopify,um it has royalty free images that you,can use on your website,and it you can access it right from the,theme as well so,you can go to the website or you can,find some of the images in your theme as,well,it's really good for crisp and clear,photos so they have really really high,quality photos that you can use,on your website and like i said they're,realty free so you don't have to worry,about,any sort of dmca or people getting upset,that you're using other people's,images so we'll include a link for that,as well in the chat,my next outsourcing tip is um,think about social media platforms in,terms of like instagram and stuff and,they're full,of creatives who are constantly,showcasing their work their photography,um and there may be instagramers who are,actually interested in taking,product photos for you so a lot of the,times especially if you find like kind,of a smaller account,um but they have really beautiful photos,it might be kind of a cool thing to,reach out to them,say hey i'll send you uh you know my,product,would you mind taking some photos you,can keep the product as like a thank you,and then they'll take some really,awesome photos for you in that style,that they,create that aesthetic that they create,so definitely see if you can find some,accounts that,do have that aesthetic and that feel,that you really like it's something that,they obviously love doing if they're,posting all these,photos on social media with the style,that you like,um and yeah i mean some of them like i,said they might take a free product,most of them might actually probably,will charge you like a certain amount to,do it but again if you don't want to,take the time to take those photos and,you know somebody who,takes like really really nice photos,definitely reach out to them,it doesn't have to be someone who's like,um that's the great thing about,that's separate from reaching out to,instagrammers and influencers who have a,big following is it doesn't matter if,these accounts have a big following or,not because it's not like,you're using them to advertise your,product you're literally,asking them to help you with taking,product photography content that you can,use,um so yeah it doesn't matter if they,have a big account to see if they take,some really beautiful photos that you,want your,business to align with um yeah so that's,my,my tip is you can use that and what's uh,what's the last one there matt,yeah so this is kind of like uh it's,sort of like a uh seek i don't,call it a secret but it's one thing that,a lot of new merchants especially don't,realize that they can do is they can,hire an expert through the shopify,experts marketplace so there's plenty of,brand photographers on there that you,can hire,um and all the experts on there are,really good so,i i definitely recommend reaching out to,the experts and it doesn't even have to,be just for product photography we're,speaking about product photography today,so,uh it's relevant but yeah it's they're,they're great for everything like you,can find a lot of stuff on there,totally i mean i think that kind of,wraps up all of our tips for,product photography but overall i know,it can take a bit of work,just to kind of come up with a game plan,have your setup,know how to take those photos but once,you learn and once you start taking,those photos it just becomes,a bit more like second nature because,you know exactly how to do it so as your,store grows,you'll have a whole plan and set up for,how you take your photos and,it'll be much easier especially if,you're just getting started but,i do think it can make a really big,difference on your website and it is an,investment that i think,is worthwhile especially if you've,really narrowed down on which products,you want to sell,um and you know which ones are doing,well then you know create that brand,and build it from there so yeah that's,that's kind of all of our tips for,product photography and like i said,let us know in the chat too if you have,any more tips and suggestions,and those are just some kind of some,basic ones to help get you started,or to help outsource if you don't want,to get started but also would like to,optimize your website,but yeah that's it so we will see you,next monday and thank you everyone,again for joining us bye

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