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How To Connect Mailchimp To Your Shopify Store | Easy In (2022)how to connect mailchimp to your shop

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

How To Connect Mailchimp To Your Shopify Store | Easy In (2022)

how to connect mailchimp to your shopify,store hey guys welcome back to the,youtube channel in this video i'm going,to be showing you how you can connect,your mailchimp account to your shopify,ecommerce store so let's get into it now,the first thing you're going to have to,do is you're going to have to first off,create your own mailchimp account and,create your own shopify account and for,this video to connect your mailchimp and,shopify accounts you're going to have to,have the administrative role or a owner,role on both of these platforms so you,can't connect them with only limited,roles you need to make sure that you are,either a owner or the administrator on,mailchimp so to get started with linking,our mailchimp account to our shopify,ecommerce store the first thing that,we're going to do is we are going to go,on to our mailchimp account so this is,going to be your mailchimp dashboard and,on your dashboard you're going to go on,to your left over here and you're going,to find integration so you're going to,find this integrations tab you're just,going to click on it and then you're,going to click on add new over here then,you can find different apps and,integrations on there marketplace and,you can see all the basic integrations,are present over here so if you scroll,down you're going to find ecommerce,integrations and within those ecommerce,integrations you're going to find,shopify if you can't find it like that,you can just type in the search bar you,can type in shopify and you can press,enter and then you're going to have,shopify over here so once you have,shopify over here you're just going to,click on shopify like that and after,that you're just going to click on,connect new site and then this is going,to open up your mailchimp shopify,account and you're going to click on add,app just like that and now you're going,to have to choose the shopify account so,i already have my account over here and,i'm going to just link that account or,you can log into a different account if,you want to connect your mailchimp to a,different shopify account but just like,that i'm going to click on over here and,now you can see over here that is going,to tell me that i'm able to install,mailchimp into my jane dose store and,then you can click on these various,categories to install the application so,you can see over here the first thing,mailchimp will be able to do is view my,shopify data edit customers so you can,see that this is one of the most,important elements is that mailchimp,will be able to determine what kind of,customers are what and then you have,your view products you have your view,order so they're going to be able to,view who is buying what and what kind of,orders are being fulfilled and then,you're just going to click on install,application over here just like that and,this is just going to,sync up your mailchimp email marketing,and your shopify store so after that,they give you a pre-installed checklist,and then you're just going to read that,out and you can continue and now you're,just going to click on connect over here,and then you're just going to have to,relog into your mailchimp account so i,will do that and i will get back to you,guys in a second so once you have done,that they are going to ask you if you,authorize mailchimp for shopify you're,just going to click on allow over here,and now mailchimp and shopify are going,to be integrated and now you can see,over here that your shopify store is,going to ask you what audience do you,want to sync up with your mailchimp,account so we want the jdo ink one and,then you're gonna see these tags over,here so you're going to add your,customer tags and i would recommend that,you make sure to add these so although,this is an optional category i like to,add like a specific kind of tag so i,like to add the vip tag,over here and you can also have a double,opt-in so you can turn off or on the,settings for jane doe inc changing this,will usually give you a,better opt-in setting on mailchimp but i,don't like to change this and then you,have your merge tags as well so any kind,of tags you want to merge or you can do,that as well but i'm going to skip that,but make sure you do enter your shopify,customer tags because this will really,help you segment your customer marketing,according to the customers that you have,now after that you're just going to,click on sync audience and then this is,going to be the third step so you have,your initial sync time and then you have,your automations and then you're just,going to continue to overview and in the,meanwhile your audiences are being seen,so you can see over here that your store,is in queue to start syncing at any,moment so it will just refresh and,automatically show me when it has been,completely synced in so this is how,simple and easy it is to integrate your,mailchimp email marketing into your,shopify ecommerce store so you can see,over here that our mailchimp and our,shopify store have been synced up so,over here we have our synced audience,the products the consumers order,subscribe transactional and unsubscribe,then you also have any kind of running,promo codes you can monitor from here,you can have your shopify customer tag,mapper and categorize different shopify,customers and then you also have your,double opt-ins over here so you can,change these as you go and customize,these according to your business and,according to the number of products your,customers that you currently have so i,only have added myself into my emailing,list that's why it's only one subscriber,but obviously you're going to have more,subscribers according to the people that,you've added into your mailchimp,audience so the more people you have in,your mailchimp audience the more people,are going to be able to send like,discount codes with uh for your,ecommerce store so you can send them,discount codes you can send them,newsletters whatever you might want and,you can also leave like a sign up form,on your shopify store so from your,shopify store you can go into home and,then you can leave a sign up form and,then using the sign up form you can,collect people's emails and then start,sending them emails via mailchimp and,now both of these are integrated you,really can automate this entire process,as well so these are some of the great,things about these online platforms is,that they're available online so you can,access them from anywhere you don't have,to download anything so the great part,about these platforms is that these are,available online so you don't have to,download mailchimp or you don't have to,download shopify to actually access your,entire ecommerce store or your entire,email marketing system and since these,are available online you can use them on,your desktop you can use these,applications on your phone as well so,you can really manage your entire,ecommerce store directly from your phone,you don't even need to have a laptop to,manage everything but all of this does,come with a price so shopify is not,available for free but mailchimp is so,you can create your ecommerce store with,another kind of ecommerce provider like,ecwid for free if you want to run like a,completely free setup for like both,mailchimp and your store but if you're,using shopify you're probably having to,pay for a premium so that is why i love,to use shopify and ecwid because they're,both available online although shopify,is a paid only kind of application,shopify is one of the greatest ecommerce,providers out there so that is why i do,think that using mailchimp for free and,using shopify's paid version is probably,the best combination that you're gonna,get in terms of marketing for email,marketing and in terms of e-commerce,stores so you can easily create your,store there are so many templates,available on shopify and it is easily,easily easily integrated with,applications like mailchimp and other,integrations that you want to add,they're all available on shopify or,mailchimp and you can easily sync up,everything and everything is so simply,and,easily compatible so to take a look at,the prices of both shopify and mailchimp,shopify starts at 29 per month and it,goes up to their advanced version,starting at 299,so there are different features and you,can go into detail over here and you can,see the different features like the,amount of stores you can create how many,products you can add how many staff,accounts you can create what are your,inventory locations all that good stuff,you can find the details over here and,for mailchimp they have a free version,that you can send over 2000 emails with,but if you exceed 2 000 emails you're,gonna have to upgrade to the essentials,version starting at 11 per month or the,standard version starting at 17 or the,premium starting at 299 so i do think,using a standard version in combination,with the shopify's basic version is,probably one of the best ways to run,your marketing your email marketing and,your ecommerce store they're easy to,integrate and they're pretty simple and,seamless when you're using them so i,hope you guys found this video helpful,and you are now able to integrate your,email marketing into your shopify store,or integrate your shopify store into,your mailchimp account make sure to,leave a like and subscribe to the,youtube channel for more content like,this and share this video with anyone,you think might need it anyone that,might want some help out with their,mailchimp or with their shopify account,and if you have any questions make sure,to leave them in the comment box down,below and i will make sure to answer,them as soon as possible and i will,catch you guys in the next video

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Learn Mailchimp FAST in 15 Minutes (FOR BEGINNERS)

Learn Mailchimp FAST in 15 Minutes (FOR BEGINNERS)

in this video you're going to learn,everything you need to know to get,started with the email marketing,software mailchimp i'm going to show you,how to set up your mailchimp account the,right way how to connect your website to,mailchimp so you can start growing your,email list and how to create and send,out beautiful email campaigns using,mailchimp and you're also going to learn,how to use email automations which you,can set up once and then they will run,fully automated so grab yourself a cup,of coffee and then let's get started,awesome so we're gonna start here on, where we can go ahead and,sign up for a new mailchimp account so,go to the top right and click on sign up,free,then here simply type in your email,address decide on a username and on a,password and then click on sign up,now we need to go and confirm the email,address that we have just used to sign,up for mailchimp so we're gonna go to,our inbox and then look for this email,right here and click on activate account,then click on i'm not a robot and then,we get to the account setup where the,first thing is to choose a plan with,mailchimp now i usually recommend to,simply go for the free plan to start out,and whenever you need to have more,contacts or you need features that are,only available with the pay plan you can,always upgrade to one of these plans,right here so i'm going to choose the,free plan and then i'm going to click on,next here simply type in your name,business name and then click on continue,and then they ask you for a physical,address because every email that you,send out using mailchimp needs to have a,physical address at the bottom of every,email because of international auntie,spam laws so i would recommend to simply,use a business address or to use a po,box that you put in here then simply go,through these steps as well here you can,also skip some of it it doesn't really,matter here i wouldn't tick anything,because otherwise you will get,promotional emails from mailchimp then,click on continue and that will take us,inside of our new mailchimp dashboard so,the first thing that we want to do is,set up the email address that we want to,use to send emails with so we're going,to go to website here on the left side,and then click on domains,and then we're going to scroll down to,email domains and click on add and,verify,here i'm going to choose the email,address that i want to use to send out,emails from so in my case this would be,simon at,then i'm going to click on send,verification email,and then we have to go into the email,inbox of the mail we have just typed in,and we're going to get a verification,code that we have to copy and paste into,this field right here then click on,verify,and now the domain is successfully,verified now we want to go to our,audience settings so we're going to go,to audience,preference center,settings and audience name and defaults,here we want to scroll down and go to,campaign defaults and here we can decide,on our from name that people will see,when they receive emails from us so i'm,gonna simply put in simon,medics media so they know exactly what,my name is and what company i'm from and,then also here we can change the from,email address which i want to show up as,simon as medics,so that's fine then we can scroll down,and click on save audience and campaign,defaults,so now let's look at how we can connect,your website with mailchimp so what we,want to do is we want to create a,registration form that we can put on,your website so people can sign up to,your email list so we're going to go to,create on the top left,and then we're going to go to sign up,form and what we're going to do in this,video is we're going to create a pop-up,form that will appear after a couple of,seconds on your website so people can,sign up to your newsletter so we're,going to click on pop-up form,and then we're going to choose the,audience and click on begin and now we,are in the editor where we can design,our popup form so first we're going to,choose a layout here on the right side,i'm going to simply stick with the one,that is here by default and then we can,start to populate this signup form by,maybe selecting an image we can upload,it here and then we can also change the,text right here,and decide on what we want to ask for so,you can also ask for the first name for,example and the email obviously is,mandatory and then the subscribe button,we can change maybe the color to a green,and the hover color to a lighter green,and also center this here in the middle,and,we don't need a disclaimer note right,here,then you can also change the success,message so once people have actually,signed up so thanks for subscribing is,fine for now,and then we also want to go to style and,here we can change all the the fonts and,stuff,and then we want to go to settings and,here we can change the opacity of the,background of your website which will be,grayed out once the pop-up will appear,and then when should the pop-up show up,so i usually do it after like 20 seconds,or when people scroll um past a certain,part of the website for the sake of this,video i'm going to simply do after five,seconds to kind of demonstrate how this,works,and then you can either make this a,slide form that will slide out from the,bottom right or we can make it modal,which will just appear in the middle of,your website so i'm going to choose this,for now,and then,this is basically finished so now we,need to go ahead and connect the website,so we're going to go to connect website,right here,and then we need to type in the url of,your website i'm going to simply use a,website that i'm working on right now,and then click on get started,and what we need to do now is we need to,copy and paste this html code in the,header of our website so if you have a,wix website or a website with,squarespace for example simply go to the,part where you can edit your header or,contact support if you don't know where,that is and then paste that code in the,header of your website i'm going to show,you how to do it with wordpress so i'm,going to go to my wordpress dashboard,and i'm going to use a plugin to paste,this code in my header so i'm going to,go to plugins right here add new,then i'm going to look for something,called insert,headers,and footers,and it's this first one that comes up,right here i'm gonna click on install,now,then activate,and now we can go to settings here on,the right side go to insert headers and,footers and here where it says scripts,in header here we want to,paste this html code so we're going to,click on copy to clipboard,then,paste this right here scroll down click,on save,and then we go back to mailchimp and,we're going to click on check connection,right here and there we go our site is,now connected now we can actually turn,it on right here click on close and then,we also need to click on save and,publish to make this available on our,website,so now we can test it out by going to,our website and see if this actually,shows up after five seconds,and there we go here is our pop-up form,where we can now type in an example,address so let's say simon,at matics,click on subscribe,thanks for subscribing our success,message and now we can go back to,mailchimp,close out of this here,and here we can go to audience all,contacts,and now we can see we have a new contact,which is the one we have just signed up,with on our website,and now if you want to send out a,welcome email to your email subscribers,and give them the lead magnet the gif,that you have promised them for signing,up to your email newsletter there is,basically two possibilities the first,one is to use an automation right here,however you're gonna have to use a pay,you're gonna have to go for a paid plan,in order to have access to this feature,now one workaround that you can do is,you can go to audience preference center,and then you can go to settings audience,name and defaults,and here you want to scroll down and,check this box where it says send final,welcome email so what this will do every,time when somebody signs up to your,email list it will send them a specific,email and you can actually change this,email to um to say something that you,want so we can go down click on save,audience and campaign defaults,and now to change this specific welcome,email we can go to um,to sign up forms right here,and then we go to form builder and here,we change from signup form to final,welcome email,and then this is where you can actually,adjust that welcome email this is how it,looks like right now,and if you want to you can also change,this text right here so here you can,type in whatever you want to welcoming,them to your email,list and also giving them a link to,whatever you want to send so you can,basically make text a link and then send,it to a google drive or to a dropbox,folder or whatever you want to this is,kind of a workaround you used to be able,to use a normal welcome message with,mailchimp even on the free plan however,right now it doesn't work anymore so,this would be a workaround that you can,use otherwise you can also use,automations that we will go into in a,moment so before we go into automations,i want to quickly show you how to send,out a simple email campaign a newsletter,to your audience so we can go to create,right here and then we go to email and,we're going to click on regular right,here then we're going to give our,campaign a name so let's say,five,tips for email marketing,click on begin,and then here you can decide on who will,receive that specific email add,recipients right here then you can,change the from information if you have,it set up by default as we've just done,you don't need to do anything here so we,can click on save,then the subject line is very important,that you actually type in something that,makes people want to click on that,specific email so once you have typed,your subject line and also your preview,text which is what people will see,before they click on the email you can,click on save and then we're going to go,ahead and start designing our email now,you have two possibilities the classic,builder and the new builder i really,like the new builder so this is what,we're gonna use in this video so i'm,gonna click on select here and now we,are inside of the email builder this is,really intuitive and really easy to,learn so here you can simply go to,templates choose a template that you,want to use to create your email and,then you simply want to hover over these,parts in your email right here and you,can delete them if you want to you can,also,drag them around you can also just type,something else here,to write out your email you can,duplicate different sections,and,you can simply create your email like,that you can also use buttons and send,them to some website or download,anything so whatever you basically want,to so it's really easy not a lot lot to,explain here simply click on the element,then on the left side you'll you'll have,all the options to change all the the,colors and stuff like that so uh just,take some time create your perfect email,that looks great and then we can move on,so when your email is finished we click,on continue right here and then again,you see an overview of your entire,campaign and then what we can do is to,either schedule the email if we have a,plan that allows us to schedule emails,or we can send it right now so if you,want to send it right now we can click,on send and then click on send now and,now the email campaign has gone out to,all of our email subscribers and now we,can go to campaign,reports and we can see exactly how many,people has have opened this specific,email how many people have clicked on,links how many people have unsubscribed,after receiving this email and a lot,more data from your specific email,campaign so now let's also look at email,automations which is one of the most,powerful things you can do with email,marketing so let's go to automations,right here and,mailchimp calls this customer journeys,and again this is a paid feature so,you're going to need to upgrade to a,paid plan to use the customer journeys,feature,so let's go to start from scratch right,here and give our journey a name let's,name it,initial,onboarding,sequence because this is the initial,sequence that i'm sending to everybody,who's just joining my email list,then click on start building great so,now we need to choose a starting point,so what will trigger this automation i'm,going to simply choose signs up to,the specific email list,and now we are inside of the automation,builder where we can visually build our,email sequences so this is where people,are actually signing up to my email list,now what i like to do is to first give,them a tag so i'm gonna drag in the tag,right here and i'm gonna tag them um,let's say people who join my list are,coming from my youtube channel so i'm,gonna name it youtube channel so i know,where those people are coming from i can,also add tags based on interest so if i,know if people come from,on this list then they are interested in,maybe marketing tips i can change the,tag to marketing tips so let's click on,save right here,and then the first thing i want to do is,send an email so i'm going to drag send,email in right here and what i'm going,to do is i'm going to create a very nice,welcome email welcome welcoming them to,my email newsletter giving them the lead,magnet that i have um used to get them,on my email list and also letting them,know what they can expect from my emails,so once that's done i'm going to drag in,a time delay so i'm going to drag this,in right here,then we can change the time delay to,let's say,three days,and then after three days i can send,them another email like this,and then maybe another time delay of,maybe now two days so as you can see,it's really easy to build out your email,journey you can prepare hundreds of,emails right here and then basically,market to them on autopilot once they,have joined your email list you can also,use if else conditions right here so,let's say,we add a condition that um everybody who,hasn't,um who hasn't opened any of my last five,campaigns i want to unsubscribe them,from my list so i'm gonna choose um,hasn't opened any of my last campaigns,if the answer is yes i'm going to go to,unsubscribe to choose this here and then,i'm going to make them unsubscribe from,my email list because i don't want to,have any people on my email list that,aren't interested in my content then,here i can just send them an other email,and so on so this is how you can build,out very simple email automations that,will save you a lot of time and will,basically automate your marketing for,you once you have set it up and that's,it for this video if it was helpful give,it a thumbs up and i look forward to,seeing you in the next video

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