how to use instagram ads

How to Run Ads on Instagram - Complete Instagram Ads Tutorial everyone in today's video i want to sh


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to Run Ads on Instagram - Complete Instagram Ads Tutorial

The above is a brief introduction to how to use instagram ads

Let's move on to the first section of how to use instagram ads

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How to Run Ads on Instagram - Complete Instagram Ads Tutorial

everyone in today's video i want to show,you how to,run a successful instagram ad in the,previous video i showed you how to,create the actual ad itself,it was a video ad that we created from,scratch if you haven't watched that,you could watch that after this video it,walks you exactly on what platform i use,and how i create my videos right on the,computer here without really any,technical knowledge,but this video is focused on creating,the ad itself,targeting people running the actual,creative on the ad,titles descriptions everything you need,to know is covered in this video,for instagram ads now i mentioned this,before,in the other video but do not use,instagram,app to run ads if you have a business,account you'll see this promote,icon right here and you could do that,but it's very limited,i only do that when i only have my,mobile phone and i want to run a quick,ad and not spend a lot of money,a lot of the information on targeting a,lot of the ways you really optimize,an ad is not built into this it's built,into the facebook ad,platform that i'll show you in this,video on how to use facebook and,instagram are the same ad platform,facebook owns instagram they bought it,way back in 2012,so it's all the same the only thing that,changes between facebook ads and,instagram ads is the creative of the ad,how you lay out that how you make that,and then where the ad gets placed at the,end of the ad creation process,i'll show you all this step by step so,it's a lot more clear,rather than me talking let's jump in the,computer here and set up our instagram,ad,to get started with instagram ads go to,,this is the place where we're gonna set,up our ad accounts,it does say facebook but as i mentioned,facebook and instagram are the same ad,platform,and the reason why i want you to set,this up the business manager,is this is going to allow you to run,more than one ad account,personally you get one ad account and,even if you only plan to running one ad,for one business,this is still the best workflow you,could later request,access to other pages for from different,ad accounts,and you could assign permission to other,people to help you with your ads too,and this is just the typical workflow of,running ads on facebook and,on instagram go ahead and create an,account here,i covered this in a different video i'll,put that video link in the description,and i'm going to log into my account,here so i could show you the next step,and this is typically the next page,after you set up your ad account your,business manager account,and what we want to do is we want to,create on more tools over here and go to,our ad manager this is where everything,is going to take place,inside of ad manager now if you don't go,this route through the business manager,and you just do this from your personal,facebook account here i'm on a personal,facebook account,you could press the plus sign here and,then you could press ads,but this actually shows you a different,setup process that i'm going to show you,everything's applicable but this is just,more limited than,the workflow that i'm showing you so if,you can follow along so you come to this,page,and i'm gonna walk you through this page,here all right let's go through creating,our instagram ad and remember this is,also gonna show you how to make facebook,ads too so it's all,in one and it's basically laid out,in three sections and i'm going to walk,you through each one,at the top level you have your campaign,and then inside of that you have ad sets,and inside of ad sets will,have our actual ad so let's see what,each one is going to get us so,let's start with campaign and to create,one we just press,create right here and this is the,campaign,objective that you need to choose here,now i'm going to walk you through a few,of these,but almost every time that i use this,i'm going to choose,traffic as my campaign objective,this basically means if you go over the,eye it's going to show you,i'm going to send people to my website,that's,what my goal is for running this,instagram campaign,now if i'm selling a digital course,which i am in this case or if i'm,selling a,product or even getting information to,people this is a good one to choose but,i'll walk you through each one there's,three columns awareness,is just what it sounds like brand,awareness so coca-cola or big brands may,just do brand awareness you just want to,get your brand,in front of people same with reach you,just want to reach the maximum amount of,people,now brand awareness is a little bit,better because it actually shows you to,people that are likely to remember it,and instagram and facebook know a lot,about people on those platforms so this,is how it's able to know that,and reach is just if you wanted to be,shown to the most number of people,that you could reach now this is for you,if you don't have a goal and you're just,trying to get your brand's name,or logo out there or maybe you created a,video and you wanted to get it out there,but there's better options under,consideration so i typically pay,attention over here,traffic is you intend for the person,seeing your advertisement to go to your,website,this is very very useful and the other,one i really like is video views,if you run a video you could get a lot,of views on it using this way,and i do app install sometimes that's,obviously if you have ads,now lead generation is very useful if,your business,is a service business you want to,generate a lead so you could follow up,with that person,and let's go to the conversion column,now this gets a little more complicated,because you have to install what's,called a facebook,pixel on your website but for example,once you do that,and you choose the conversions tracking,here this option,what it's gonna do is it's gonna know,when someone's gonna go on your website,and go to your checkout page and,actually pay,this is gonna know that happened and,counted as a conversion so your,conversion,is helping someone walk them through a,sale,now the only reason you have to install,the facebook pixel because,facebook through this ad platform,and with instagram they need to know,what someone did on your website without,the facebook pixel they have no idea,then all they could tell from this page,is if they clicked on the link,from the ad to go to your website but,they're not gonna know what's happening,on your website so that's why the,conversion tracking requires facebook,pixel i'm not gonna cover conversion,tracking here,we'll do a consideration campaign but,just about every one of them except,the conversion ones are gonna have the,same process this one is just going to,require the installation of facebook,pixel,you could go ahead and google that and,look it up on youtube a lot of videos,covering that,let's choose traffic and as you can see,send people to a destination like a,website,or app in this case i want to send,people to a website,and i'm going to skip this optional,section because we're going to walk,through that,through the next step let's press,continue now once we,create our campaign which is the highest,level here,it's going to bring us to our ad set so,this is where,everything is going to happen as far as,targeting the right people that we want,to target,as you can see on the right side this is,going to show audience definition,this is going to show how many people,your ad could potentially,reach right now it's based in the us so,it's 230 million people,which is how many people are on facebook,in the us and the world is closer to 3,billion people,so this is fairly broad i'm going to,talk more about this but let's go back,to our campaign level,so i could show you some things that we,skipped on the campaign creation because,it just brought me here but you may,still be on the new campaign section,you could name your campaign so type out,the name of your campaign whatever it,may be,and then the buying type of your,campaign right now is set to auction,this may change depending on what type,of campaign but for the most part,it's going to be on auction now this is,basically you betting against other,people,for this type of ad and this type of a,target,audience so whoever bets highest is,gonna win,and their ad is gonna get shown this has,been the same case for google for,example for a very long time,underneath that again i had traffic,picked which what,is what i did on the first page and then,underneath that i have,a b testing this basically means you're,going to change something in your ad,and that's going to be your ad a and,then you're going to change something,else in the other ad and that's going to,be add b,they're just going to have a slight,variation between two different ads so,you could test them against each other,so maybe you want to target people in,different ages you could,change the a b testing maybe you want to,run a photo ad versus a video,ad you're going to run a b testing now,this gets more complicated so i'll skip,for now,and then campaign budget optimization go,ahead and turn that on here,and you want to basically set a daily,budget for yourself now let's say i only,want to spend 20,a day i would set that here you could,also set a lifetime budget,of let's say i only want to spend 100,total on this campaign,daily is typically what i go with here,and i'll change this to,10 and that's all i'm gonna set right,here,let me go ahead and press next so we're,gonna come back to the new ad set,again you could change where you are in,this step process,over here too with these folders now,inside of the ad,let me just show you what you're looking,at here typically i'll come back and,name my ad set,after i choose some of these options so,i could actually,give it a more descriptive name here i,don't know what those are yet,but choose where you want to drive,traffic i want it to go to a website,now these are your other options but in,almost all cases i either choose,websites sometimes driving people to an,app install,then dynamic creative now i i typically,don't use this but this is facebook just,helping you basically to optimize for,your audience,and i typically don't use it because i,create a very specific ad,that i covered in the previous video and,if you haven't watched that that's,in the description below on how to,create an effective video ad,offer you could run coupons and things,like that here uh so,like if you wanted to say 20 off or 50,off,this is where that offer page would go,or that offer i'm sorry you could create,an offer here,i'm gonna skip that so i have these two,off but you could learn more about them,if you want to see,what those are they're more advanced,than typically what you would do for an,instagram ad,budget and schedule i already showed you,how to make a budget but you could also,set that over here,and schedule is very important because i,want to start date and i want to end,date,so we want to make sure start and end,time are actually set up over here,or it's just going to run till you hit,your lifetime budget if you set that,but i almost always want to pick an end,date because i don't want this to,be out of my control but right here,the audience section is the most,important part of running instagram,and facebook ads so what are we looking,at here custom audiences again is a more,advanced topic but you could basically,set custom audiences,based on people that have gone to your,website before with the facebook pixel,tracking,or look-alike audiences get more,advanced training on this,later but right now the first thing we,want to do is we want to pick a location,if you're a local business is you want,to pick local if you're a nationwide,business you want to pick nationwide let,me press edit,you could also pick global so press x on,the us here,and now you get the whole world but,that's not going to really be a good,option here so,we actually want to pick a specific,location so let me just pick,back on the us,but you could pick your country here,typically you want to run different,campaigns for different countries so you,could really tailor it if you're running,a worldwide campaign,next to that you have age this is very,critical depending on,what you're doing here with your intent,if you want people to buy maybe you want,to be a little bit older than 18,unless that's your target audience,typically,in my case 25 to about 50 is the right,group for me,in this case i'm selling instagram,training on,creating and growing an instagram page,from scratch and also using instagram,for a business,so typically from my research this is,what i came up with,again you could test this out to make,sure if you really haven't done any,research you could test this out,gender i just typically put all gender,unless your,item or your product or service is,specific to male or female,let me go ahead and change edit on this,now detailed targeting,this is based on interest and behaviors,this is very very useful here this is,really the power,of facebook so i know i want people to,be interested in social media marketing,there we go,so people that have the job title social,media marketing that could be good,and it's going to show you the size 5600,in this case,you could see people that are employed,under that,employer social media marketing let's,see what else we have behavior,demographics so you get the idea here a,lot of different things to choose from,over here,so let's go ahead and actually type out,social media marketing,and let's pick people to have that as,their job title social media marketing,manager,that would be a really good fit for a,very,in-depth course on instagram what about,small business owners let's look at,small business there we go small,business owners,so that looks like 50 million people,it's a lot but let me go ahead and,choose that,and let's look at our audience size 3.1,million people now,based on these two selections it says,include people who match with this and,with this,i got to 3.1 million it's not that bad,but it's,still fairly broad always look at this,right here it's gonna actually tell you,so let's go ahead and either exclude,more people,or narrow our audience i typically will,narrow my audience here,it says now people must be one of these,two things,it could be this or that and they must,also,match something else so what do we want,them to be here,maybe we want people that are married we,could search for that there you go,relationship status married so now let's,look at our number look at that cut it,down to 1.2 million,because now they either have to be a,small business owner or social media,marketing manager and they have to be,married,now how do i know that they should be,married or not married again i'm,testing i'm researching i'm finding out,who my right target audience is,and in most cases the research is going,to tell me these but,i also could click on suggestions and,get more options over here too based on,my search,so do we want to keep going and exclude,it further yes we want to narrow this,further,so let's select it 1.2 million is still,fairly broad,maybe people that like instagram so we,want,people that at least have instagram,employer no that's not what we want,interest there we go,that's a billion people but since we're,excluding those or we're narrowing it,down look at it cut it event down to,500 000 people now it's still telling me,that's too broad,based on again how much money i'm,spending based on my,targeting and some of these other,options that i've picked so you would,spend your time to get this number to be,right,is if my budget was higher this may be,actually right in spot,with what i'm looking for we could also,exclude people here,so what do we want to exclude here,exclude people who match,maybe people that work at instagram that,maybe doesn't make sense so ins,instagram employers people who listed,their employer as,instagram so maybe we'll exclude those,people that didn't do much it didn't,exclude much people at all,but i think you get the idea here of,basically starting with,a broad interest or behavior here and,then go ahead,and either narrow it down or exclude,people to really get this number to be,exactly how many people you want to,target,now you don't want this to get too small,it's going to say too specific,if that happens if you're only targeting,a thousand people it doesn't matter how,much you're spending it might not be,enough,but really really spend some time in,this in this category to,narrow things down let's keep going here,under placement you have a lot of,options let me show you the,show more options here but you have,automatic placement or manual placement,automatic is going to put this in a,number of places for the best,performance,and facebook and instagram are going to,decide this manual,is going to actually let you place it,exactly where you want,this is what we want here because we,don't want the store on facebook and we,don't want this on the audience network,or messenger,we're running an instagram ad here so,i'm going to choose that now,it narrowed my potential reach even,further because instagram is smaller,than facebook now you could see here,instagram feed,instagram explorer page what else,instagram stories i don't want that,because i don't i didn't create a,vertical ad i created an ad that's going,to look good,in instagram explorer page and instagram,feed the square type,format or 4x5 size so that's all,good again you could see more options,over here that's why the automatic,version reaches more people because it's,going to show it in a number of places,but i'm on full control,i want this just to run on instagram i,made the ad just for that,i'll make another one for facebook and,run a whole different campaign for that,so let's keep going and right here down,here,optimization for ad delivery link click,landing page view daily unique reach,impression,now this is going to explain what each,are but landing page view is one of my,favorites because,this is going to show your ad to people,who are mostly most likely are going to,click your ad,and then let the website load and then,land on your website,link click unlike this one is people,that click your link but if your website,takes three seconds to load and they,leave,it still counts as a link click not a,landing page view,so i typically pick landing page view,and then the other option,will deliver your ad to people who only,see it once a day this is interesting,and impressions i typically never pick,this is going to show this as to even,the same group of people as many times,as possible,daily is showing it to the unique number,of individuals so,one person will see it one time that,will count it as a daily unique reach,impression could be the same person sees,it five times,and that's that option so cost control,because i set my budget i don't have to,do this this looks like it's grayed out,and i could go ahead and press next here,or go ahead and review everything i put,but i'll go ahead and press next,and we're going to get our last option,here the actual,ad placement so campaign,add set where we target the right people,here for our ad,now we are finally in the creative,section where we're going to upload our,actual video,and remember do now go back to the ad,set,and name your ad set on top so you,remember so you will put the age and the,targeting that you put there,in the previous page same thing here,when i'm done with my ad i could name it,here or,since i know what it is instagram video,and,that's the video i had i created in the,previous video so,identity a lot of times you're going to,need to put your facebook page here just,about every time because you need a,facebook business page,in order to run a video on instagram or,or any type of ad on instagram so make,sure you select that,you could choose your instagram account,here or connect your account which also,you should do,so you would do that here like this,i've already connected mine so it showed,up then add,setup so create an ad use an existing,post,or use the creative hub which is a,relatively new thing when i'm recording,this,or we could just choose right here,create an ad,single image or video or carousel this,is where you have multiple images,and it's going to show you some examples,of what that looks like carousel,is these sliding ads where you can have,multiple images in one ad,i want single image or video and i'm,going to do,video so that's what i'm going to choose,here like i,said images don't convert as well for,video,based on all my experience of running,ads on instagram so that's why i choose,video,the audio for the video doesn't matter,all that much i realized,a lot of times of a b tested that it,didn't make a big difference if you had,voice over or not or music or not,but that really depends on your,targeting and who you're going,after i'm gonna refresh that add,creative now this is the actual video,file and that's where we're gonna upload,it so,i'm gonna press add media and i'm gonna,add my video the video i created in the,previous video i'm going to add it,i'm going to upload it right here,and my primary text is the next thing i,want to put,so you can see a live preview right here,for it,so my primary text primary text,let's see where that goes right there so,it's going to show my instagram profile,here,primary text goes here so you would type,this in,really a good call to action should go,here and you do have,limitations on characters of what you,could use put that here,destination it's always been a website,i'm going to send people to,,this does not have a pixel it's going to,tell me that now for,landing page view i need a pixel because,this platform the facebook and instagram,platform needs to know that someone,actually,let the website load and they could,count it as a landing page view,so this is not going to let me do that,unless i add a facebook pixel,so that should be my next step now link,url,display url you could actually change,this so it doesn't look like whatever,this is if you want to change that you,could go ahead and change that here,call to action it says learn more on,mine,right here it says learn more you could,change that it could be,get offer you see that it changed it,over here so this is kind of useful i've,tested a lot of these against each other,so,if i'm trying to get people to watch,videos i use watch more,but learn more is what most people are,used to is the default option so that's,fine,okay let's see language i could add it,to be english here but by default based,on my targeting it should be fine so i,typically,don't add language but you can here now,tracking again this is based on the,facebook pixel so you could go ahead and,set that up over here,and when you get to the bottom here just,look over here to see if you have one of,these error messages here it's going to,tell you,if something is missing so it looks like,a valid payment method is missing,so this is going to actually charge you,typically based on,a number that you hit so sometimes,depending on what you set up,when you set up your business account,it's going to charge you at 100,or 500 or whatever you set for your,billing information here,but make sure you do set all this up and,then press publish,now i'm not going to actually run this,ad right now because i do need to work,more on my text here and even fix the,video a little bit more,but if i go back here let me press x on,top,it's going to bring me back to the,homepage where we started with our,campaign by pressing create,all your ads are going to show up over,here this is basically your dashboard,for analyzing how things are going,and it's going to show you at set name,that's why it was important to name all,these i,kind of skipped the naming process here,but when you have a lot of them it's,really useful to have a good campaign,name to have a good ad set name with,your targeting so you get a big picture,overview here,and you also see your bidding strategy,lowest cost landing page view that's,what i,put for mine i still need to add a,facebook pixel to my website,your budget your lifetime budget here,this is,choosing the campaign budget we set but,more importantly,your result is what you care about and,how much that result,costs you now this is so different for,different industries,i've spent one dollar per result and,i've spent,30 dollars per result for selling a,video production,package to businesses even more than,that sometimes if i'm selling a high-end,video production package,it could go up to hundreds of dollars on,the result page,the reach you want to definitely keep,that down too again that could cost as,little as,a dollar or 50 cents again all the way,up to 10,or more but these numbers are going to,populate over time here as you,run your ad anytime you want to pause an,entire campaign before,it ends you can go ahead and just click,on the slider,and it will just go ahead and put this,in draft mode and i should,mention almost every single ad that you,run on instagram,or on facebook is gonna go through a,manual review,or some kind of a process here and,that's gonna show pending right here,no ad is gonna get approved immediately,so as soon as you press publish,it's going to go to pending now they,have a lot of strict rules,and i've had issues with running ads on,instagram and facebook,if they had issues for example i ran a,film festival where,some of the trailers for the videos were,horror films,and that broke one of the policies of,having violent images in an ad so,just make sure you understand and read,about the rules that they have on,instagram and facebook for running ad,campaigns,so you don't come across any problems if,you get stuck,at any point and you don't know where,your audience should be there's an,option right here press business tools,and go all the way down here,to audience insights click this and this,is probably the most useful tool that,facebook is going to give you here,so i'm going to choose everyone on,facebook here and,i'm going to get an idea here instead of,testing it with real money with a real,ad,i could explore this section so if you,watch this video and you want to go back,that's okay,because your campaign is not published,yet or,is pending go ahead and change some,things here if you didn't do this,section before,but what you want to do here is just,test out some of those things that you,put in the beginning so i put,age 25 to 50 for example here so i could,go ahead and do that here,and get a good idea of the number of,people based on gender and things,and where they land based on these,numbers so you could also pick,interest here so some of the things i,picked before or i could choose based on,different industries i'll pick,advertising,and it's going to actually narrow things,down for you to show you where those,people are,in different age groups and relationship,status so you could see,i chose married for my ad because i know,typically people in advertising and,social media marketing,more than half are married so it really,focuses,what i'm doing with my ads here knowing,these numbers,so education level maybe i should have,picked people that have a college degree,here because i could see 64 percent of,people in advertising,are in that i could also see the,different job titles that the people may,have here,i could see the pages they like and even,target people based on,page likes i could see their location so,maybe i didn't want to target the whole,us i could narrow it down,and target people based on their,location this way this is pretty evenly,divided,but you get the idea even their activity,on facebook i could see,their lifetime how many pages they've,liked how many times they've commented,on things,what devices they're on and i could use,all this information,when i create my ad campaign i hope you,found this video useful,if you haven't watched the instagram ad,creation process,watch the other video that i linked in,the description the resources that we,talked about including a,full course on instagram is below as,well and on this channel i have,hundreds of free videos on instagram and,other social media platforms so make,sure you subscribe and check those out,as well,thanks again for all your time and i,hope to see you again

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