how to use facebook vrbo ads to promote your house

Airbnb Ads - How to Promote you Airbnb Listings? Airbnb Advertising Strategy 2021you can,just share

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Airbnb Ads - How to Promote you Airbnb Listings? Airbnb Advertising Strategy 2021

you can,just share your rb listing,url where you can share your profile,make sure when you're sharing your are,being be listing,in our bnb match that message thread you,are using a short link,because the rb is blocking the long link,so make sure you're using a short,version how to get a short version of,the link,basically you need to send it from the,app you just preview when you listen,and then you have a short rb link,i strongly recommend to send your own,profile,in social networks share your own,profile so,your own profile has a list of all your,listings,and everything what's available on your,profile let's,check what you really can do how you can,share and where you can share,your airbnb link you can,create google website especially if you,have a google business you can just,easily attach google website,to uh your google property and of course,you need to add the description and,share you are being building,this is how your airbnb link uh is going,to have more weight,and it's going to be easier to find your,rb link,when the customer searches via google or,any other,search engines second create a short,youtube video,put your bmb link put this description,over there,it works make sure you are,adding enough description and add some,keywords over there,the same story with we mail or any other,video service,just add the link and add the,description,and add your bmb link over there or your,profile,point number four if you have your,website connect your website with your,bmb link,point number five you can send an email,to your listing to all your previous,guests,if you have a previous agreement with,the guest make sure you are not breaking,the rules you are following the,standards and make sure you respect,other people privacy,ask popular bloggers to implement your,unique property,in their block of video of course they,are going to ask you,for money or some exchange yes,but consider these options can really,help you to,grow your business point number seven,share your property on facebook pages or,facebook groups,and your facebook profiles share your,property in the facebook,group about trend str vacation rentals,real estate and something similar,just remember when you advertising with,google,youtube facebook or instagram the,platforms,like carbine b they are not loyal to you,so you advertise in our bnb,and our b is showing other hosts with,similar listings just remember that you,send in your link,you advertise your link rb link in the,end of the search,in the when the end of the description,the rb is showing similar listings just,remember that,because they need to sell that's how,they work,that's how our bmb operates the just,normal just be aware,look for the most cost efficient channel,the most important thing,make sure you understand what converts,better,let's say for us surprisingly a facebook,wasn't,uh the best channel uh and in terms of,efficiency even though it was the less,expensive channel to advertise,but in terms of conversion rate we had,uh,best results from google and they the,leads were,much better than we had from facebook,google ads,were more expensive but we had,those kind of clients that are right for,google ads,they were way down to the in a funnel,then from facebook so they already,decided to go,they already were like looking for a,specific area they were looking for a,vacation,so they were ready to book and from,facebook we had some,people who just like searching for some,images and,they were thinking about you know like,just to check,some areas around so,they weren't ready to book you need to,test the channel and find the most,efficient one for your,specific listing test everything you can,microsoft ads google ads,youtube facebook instagram,maybe pinterest you never know maybe uh,some small advertising platform will be,the best,alternative for you to find the the,customers,and send them to your rb listing you can,make an ad,you can advertise your listing you can,be really successful with google ads,sometimes cost per click and customer,acquisition cost,really high you can create,a small video about your property your,villa or hotel and advertise with,youtube,facebook and instagram you can advertise,on facebook and instagram,just create some visuals put description,and put your rb link and advertise with,facebook and instagram,we can go further with this list but,this is what you really need to remember,you need to find the niche the most,efficient platform,for your specific listing to advertise,and look for,not only the cost per click look for the,most cost efficient platform,in terms of client acquisition test,niche platforms,like microsoft ads linkedin,uh maybe twitter maybe some uh,pinterest advertising something else,just make sure,you find the most efficient platform for,your specific listing,yeah we are live in online world still,you have a lot of opportunities to,promote your listing offline,check the airport maybe you have an,airport nearby so you can,think about how to promote your listing,with the airport,maybe brochures maybe some paid,advertising maybe,you can show your listing somewhere on,the screens with your phone number,or maybe you can make an agreement with,some vendors at,in the airport and it's going to help,you to promote your listing directly,or with airbnb local clinics,you're going to be surprised but yes you,can bring a lot of reservations from,local clinics make sure you are,cooperating with,everybody you can make sure that they,have your card,they are willing to cooperate with you,maybe you need to pay some commission,maybe you need to um just be nice with,people,but find the way to promote with,information center touristic centers,in anywhere you can in some cases you,can work with taxi drivers maybe,bus drivers do your best to cooperate,with everybody,promote at the airport promote within,local clinics,information centers touristic centers,taxi drivers,whoever you can cooperate you know your,area better,just do not stop be creative and promote,and push it forward push it to the limit,make sure you do,everything possible to promote your,airbnb,listen watch this video several times,one time probably the first day,and second time in two days,watch the videos in parts just like,watch one part make a pause the next,part maybe the next day,make notes create huge action plan,massive action plan so and be really,specific down to details,if you are going to implement next week,you can postpone you just can outline,the plan,kind of agile approach but go,specific with details with specific part,of your plan that you are going to,implement,soon take action ideas are nothing,execution is everything make sure that,if you're making a plan you go and,execute,one two three if you created plan,just go to execution step by step,in final recommendation subscribe to our,youtube channel,complete hospitality management you will,find a lot of great ideas and practical,information,how to be successful on our bmb how to,be a great host,and how to implement the best practices

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How to Post rental Ad on FB Market Place?

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