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Updated on Jan 22,2023


hey guys kenny here with trunor social,today i want to talk about facebook ads,for facebook page likes or facebook page,followers it's called two different,things in two different places but,basically it's followers for your,facebook page i did a couple other,videos on facebook ads for instagram,followers which you can check out in,another uh video i'll leave a link in,the description below got some decent,feedback quite a few views so i'm pretty,happy about that so thanks to everyone,who has watched but for this one i get,quite a few clients who also want to get,their facebook page looking a little bit,better if someone googles their business,facebook will usually show up pretty,high in search results so they just want,to make sure that if someone clicks that,they have their bases covered and it has,a decent amount of followers this is got,a couple different variations obviously,we could do something super targeted,where you know we're only targeting like,specific cities maybe a little bit,broader where we're targeting the united,states as a whole which is kind of my,favorite just because i want usa,followers which most of our clients are,in the usa although we do have clients,in australia europe a few other places,and then there's another variation which,maybe i'll sometimes run hand in hand,which is a very wide audience,just to get the numbers up i mean yes we,could go out and buy fake followers but,i don't think it's good for the account,or the page and it's really not,something that i think people should be,doing anymore these days back in the day,everyone did it it was no big deal these,days i mean you could spend a pretty,small ad spend and get a decent amount,of uh facebook page fans so,fans followers likes uh we'll we'll get,to it in a second and i'll show you how,they name it different things but yeah,let's hop over uh to facebook's business,manager and check it out all right guys,so here we are we're in facebook,business manager for a client of mine,nothing crazy on spends here but they,wanted to additionally do an ad that,will grow their facebook followers so,the way i do that i go up to create,and in here,we are going to do engagement,page likes,and name the campaign,facebook page,followers,just call it 2.0 for now,so i've set up a previous one that was a,test,continue,nothing to do in here nothing to do in,here most of this should be good to go,usually campaign budget optimization,will be set to default if not i like to,shut that off,come over,we're clicking right here to go into uh,the ad set in the ad set make sure you,have the proper facebook page selected,and then the budget i'm just going to,drop this down to 10.,keep it keep it small for now,we're not going to have an end date,currently but you definitely can if you,want to and then i'm going to use a,saved audience here and then we can go,over the audience we're going to go for,the broad version basically the cheapest,version for facebook followers for this,and then obviously if you want to hone,it in you can hone it in more and the,more the more you hold it in the more,expensive it will be so i'm coming here,and i'm just going to go igf 4.0 this is,an audience i created on instagram for,followers it's got a good range in here,real quick in terms of location i have a,lot of south america because the reach,per dollar spend in south america is,very low so we could reach many more,people they're all going to be real,accounts it's just a matter of it costs,the dollar goes further in different,countries so i have argentina australia,bolivia brazil canada,chile colombia costa rica ecuador spain,france uk guyana peru paraguay united,states uruguay venezuela so we still,have united states and canada in here,wherever canada is uh right here canada,so at least like my client will know i'm,still targeting their main two countries,the other places we're getting in here,for numbers sake age we keep wide open,at 18 to 65 and then for people who,match this client makes lighting,equipment,for pretty much professional,videographers so i have some things in,here like adobe premiere,cinematographers,final cut pro,camera lens but the main thing to keep,in mind here,is,these are specific to the product to the,client but i want to get these i want to,get,this number right here up high if i,could get this up into 300 that would be,like perfect but going at 227 right here,is totally fine as well i don't turn,targeting expansion on for this because,i just want to keep it this this is an,option if you're trying to open it up a,little bit more this will definitely,increase this number but i think this is,a healthy number for this come down here,to placements,manual placements,i'm going to turn off marketplace and,video feeds and just leave,facebook news feed,okay,we're going to come down optimization,for ad delivery is page likes,that's because we set that up right in,the beginning,all right let's hop over to the next one,this is our ad creative,i kind of leave the ad names and stuff,alone because in here we're not going to,be creating multiple creatives and,multiple ad sets so,it as the default is,totally fine i had a video sent over by,the client,so i'm going to come into here and click,add video,and we will upload from the,let's see the desktop we got this video,right here open,we'll let that upload while it's,uploading let's take a look at what was,created,we used today in the prism scene we,actually selected that color from the,actresses jacket so you simply open the,app sample the color and it comes on the,light the gaffer having not used the,lamps before,immediately just knew how to put them,together it's quite straightforward,i've had a lot of experience using,other lights that use an amp based and,actually this one seemed pretty,straightforward,almost done uploading,kind of comfortable with this primary,text,i would maybe like to add an emoji,whoops okay,lighting research into his opinion,i just kind of want like a little extra,in there,i like to make sure there's a space on,both sides of this emoji,let's just preview this real quick,yeah i don't mind not being right there,at first i was kind of like that's weird,it's just separating the sentence but,prolight is founded by a group of,leading researchers and engineers who,aim to introduce industry level lighting,love it looks good to go this is what,they'll see they'll see follow,it for sure works i think i'm using this,audience even with less countries we,spent 150 and grew by about 700,followers for another client of mine so,i'm not totally comfortable with those,numbers i like it if we want actually,you know what i'm wrong 150 spent,for another client we spent 150 with,only the united states targeted,and got 700 followers so this should do,significantly better the wider the more,countries and interests the higher that,number is that 227 i was talking about,earlier slash 300 the higher that that,is the more followers we're gonna get,it's just gonna reach so many more,people for the dollar spent so,everything in here looks fine i'm,comfortable with this,good to go we're gonna click publish,let that go through,fantastic,close up,make sure everything's going to go here,like a refresh just kind of confirm,great,probably get reviewed and approved,within 30 minutes or so and then we,should be rocking and rolling so yeah,guys that's kind of uh how i set up an,ad for facebook followers maybe we'll,get into some more versions of this but,i think a video a video like that that's,super eye-catching and well-shot and,really well produced is going to make,this work so much better than if we just,did a still shot now that being said a,minute ago i mentioned we had another,client who was spending 150 got 700,followers united states only and with,that was a still image collage so i just,had an image,moving across you know four or five,still images moving across and it worked,just fine so if you guys have any,questions leave them in the comments,below this is nothing crazy it's just,some spruce up the page a bit and uh,yeah guys i'll come at you soon with,another video please like and subscribe,everything helps us out so much hope you,guys have a great day see ya

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how to create a facebook likes ads,campaign in today's video i'll be,showing you a complete tutorial on how,you can run a page likes ad so you can,get more likes and followers to your,facebook page now i understand that not,everyone have the budget to run facebook,ads so you have a tight budget i would,recommend growing your page organically,i have many other tutorials on my,channel showing you exactly how to do,this so just go back onto my channel,click on playlist and then click on,facebook organic traffic training to,watch all of my previous videos however,there are many pros to writing facebook,ads as opposed to the organic method,number one you'll get likes much quicker,number two facebook can use their,algorithm to target a very specific,group of audience in your niche so you,know you're getting quality followers,and if you don't already have a facebook,business account just go back and watch,this video over here i show you exactly,how to get started and set everything up,and if you're new to my channel hey,what's up my name is cynthia and i teach,everything related to social media,marketing so if you're interested in,learning more don't forget to smash the,like button subscribe to the channel and,tap that bell notification so you'll be,notified every time i drop a video just,like this,so right now let's dive into how you can,start running profitable facebook likes,ads campaigns for your facebook pages,now this is under the impression that,you already have a facebook business,account if you don't already have one i,actually have a full tutorial showing,you exactly how to set this up you can,go back to find it in my other videos or,if i remember i will link it down below,in the description box but let's get,started so the first thing i want to,talk about before i dive into the,tutorial is images matter when it comes,to page like ad now in a bit i'll show,you a few examples from facebook showing,you exactly how the ad will look like,but basically you have one big image,maybe a few texts and a button that says,like the page so,when people are scrolling through,facebook it's very important that you,find a image that really resonate to the,audience that you're trying to target so,we definitely need to,figure out which photo works the best so,you definitely want to go ahead and,create multiple ads with different,photos to see which one is the best and,then you will scale the one that yields,the best results now you can find these,royalty free images on either pixabay,pixels unsplash there's so many out,there that you can actually choose from,just type in whatever category you're in,and then they'll suggest a few images,so as i mentioned before images are so,important therefore we need to split,test these images so say for example i'm,in,the you know i'm selling dog related,clothing and maybe i want to target,people that like dogs so i have six,images up here and i found all of these,on pixabay and what i want to do is i,want to create a separate ad for each,and every single one of these photos,because i want to figure out which one,of these will,respond better and yield me the lowest,number of costs per like so it's very,important that we keep our numbers low,so the next thing i want to talk about,is the daily budget method so number one,i recommend running one dollar per day,per ad now i have tested other higher,budgets for this but unfortunately it,has not performed well for me,i've tried five dollars and ten dollars,and the cost per like is just too high,for me so the sweet spot that i have,found that performs the best for me is,actually only setting a dollar per day,now one dollar per day forces facebook,to spend their budget more selectively,because imagine you have five dollars,right so facebook's gonna they have an,algorithm in place where they're saying,okay you're giving me five dollars that,that way i can spend it you know,anywhere that i want but if you're,really narrowing and telling facebook,hey you only have a dollar per day you,need to be a little bit more cautious,and wise as to where you're showing my,ads and so that's what i found to be,yielding the lowest cost per like even,though you're thinking it's a dollar per,day it does add up especially if you're,trying to scale horizontally and you're,having more ads because maybe if you,found five images that perform just as,good you might have five different ads,running on one dollar per day but,technically if you have five ads running,it'll be around five dollars per day it,really does add up,so you can scale the different ads with,the lowest cost per like this is what i,always look for and we can talk a little,bit more about that later but right now,i'm going to jump on over to my facebook,ads manager and showing you step by step,on how to run a profitable facebook page,like ad so right now i am on my ads,manager account again if you don't,already have a facebook business page,i've already created an entire tutorial,showing you exactly how to register how,to set everything up just go back and,watch that video i'll probably leave it,link down below the description if you,don't already have this but what if you,already have your facebook business,account set up just go over to your ads,manager account and then go ahead and,click the create button now once you,click that button you'll have a few,options but obviously if we're running a,page likes ad campaign you want to go,under consideration and then click on,engagement now once you click on,engagement they're going to give you,several different options let me know if,you guys want me to do a tutorial on,other things like ppe ads,or event responses but in this case,since the point of this whole video is,creating a page like ad i'm just going,to go ahead and click on page likes and,then i'm going to go ahead and click,continue,first thing we want to do is actually,name our campaign so for the purpose of,this i'm just going to say,page like ad and i'm going to say it's,for dogs,and then make sure that you fill this,one out so if whatever you are promoting,has to do with either one of these,categories here credit employment,housing,social issues elections or politics you,need to make sure that you have selected,down here but in this case um because,mine's about dogs it has nothing to do,with these i don't really need to check,anything off so i'm going to go ahead,and click next so the next thing we want,to do is make sure that you select the,correct page so if you're like me and,you run multiple different facebook,pages for either your shopify store or,whatever business that you are in you,want to make sure you go ahead and,select the correct one so i'm going to,go ahead and select dog lovers apparel,club so i make sure that i have the,right page the next thing we want to do,is set the budgeting now as i mentioned,before the budgeting is very very,important when it comes to paige likes,ad,i haven't found that higher budgets work,any better than a dollar budget so i,literally,set my daily budget to one dollar and,you can set a start and end date but for,me i just like to monitor it on a daily,basis and i want to i can cut it any day,that i want so i don't really have to,schedule it obviously you have that,option if you want to,now the next thing i'm going to go over,is the audience so you have different,options if you have a custom audience,you can go ahead and put it in here but,for the purpose of this tutorial i'm,going to show you as if you don't,already have a custom audience that,you're brand new to this so let's go,ahead and create the ad i'm using what,we have here so the first thing is,location so,um i like to go and start off with the,us you can start off with the top five,countries if you want to but i'm just,gonna start off with us if you know your,age group you can go ahead and edit here,but i'm just going to leave it broad,and then gender since it's dogs i'm just,going to leave it at all genders and i,can do my detail targeting so i'm going,to go ahead and edit,and i can just type in dogs now you want,to go ahead and also split test,different targeting as well but i think,it's much more important that you pick a,a very known keyword and then split,testing the images before you moving on,to test different targeting options,and then you can select all languages or,for me i like to,type in just english because,my ad will be in english so it only,makes sense that i swap out my languages,and then i'm going to come down here and,make sure that i put in manual,placements,this is very important because it just,lets me know first off is my ad really,working,before i actually put it elsewhere,so in this case i'm going to uncheck,facebook marketplace and i'm just going,to leave this on the facebook news feed,and then i'm going to go ahead and click,next to continue now in our very last,step we want to make sure that we are,creating the actual creative,for our ad right this will be the visual,this will be where you'll upload your,images and you'll put in the text so as,i mentioned before you definitely want,to split test different images some,images just work better um in terms of,getting more likes to your page so um,you just have to go under ad creative,and then click on add media,and then i'm going to click add image,okay so i just uploaded one of the,images that i got from pixabay again,they'll show you a preview on how this,looks like i want to test out this image,and again i'm going to add in my text,over here so basically i want to start,off with a question because we want to,get people to agree with us off the bat,so i can say do you,love dogs,and then i can say you know join,our,community,to,see more,and then you can just write something,short and sweet it doesn't really have,to be a huge paragraph again when,facebook are showing these page like ads,it's not necessarily that they need to,have you know a bunch of text right,they're mostly just going to look at the,image and then determine whether or not,they want to like your page that is,pretty much it again it's really not,complicated to create a page likes ad um,make sure that you can see the preview,and see how it looks like now most of,the time how this would actually appear,is that facebook will show the ad your,text that you input will be here your,image will be here and then there's this,little tiny like button that they can go,ahead and like now there are some people,that might go ahead and click on your,facebook page and then go ahead and,check out your content before they like,but some most of the time the people,that will see your ad will just go ahead,and hit this like button this will,automatically have them like your page,and once you are done you can go ahead,and click the publish button facebook,will go ahead and review your ad and,once they approve of it they will start,spending your budget and that's it for,today's video if you have any questions,please leave them down below i love to,know and let me know what kind of videos,you want to see next on my channel and,don't forget if you love content just,like this please smash the like button,subscribe to the channel,and tap that bell notification so you'll,be notified every time i drop a video,just like this and until next time i,will see you guys in my next tutorial,live free,wow,you

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