how to use facebook ads for financial planning business

How to Run Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors in 2023in this video i'm going to show you how,to run

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Run Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors in 2023

in this video i'm going to show you how,to run ads on facebook as a financial,advisor i'm going to show you a the,technical aspect of how to do it exactly,so for this video i'm going to assume,that you already have a business manager,on facebook and you already have an ad,account if you don't and you don't have,an experience that's fine you just want,to go to,that's, and then quickly,create a business manager it's very,straightforward and then you'll have a,screen just like this okay once you're,here you want to go ahead and click on,this green button called create okay and,then you have different kinds of,campaigns i'm just going to save you,time by not explaining every single one,of these i'm just going to tell you,what's working right now okay ignore all,of this click on here click on,conversions okay you always want to go,with conversion campaigns because,facebook,gives you what you ask for so if you,want to get leads or calls or prospects,then you just want to go after,conversions not traffic not brand,awareness just go after conversions,okay,we can just call this campaign number,one the naming of each campaign depends,on how you structure your accounts i,like to have one ad per campaign so i,would have like you know add one you,know video one,ad copy one and then usually i would,have three different,targeting or two different interests so,i would say interests,one two three,and that's pretty much it,so the campaign is the campaign name and,the on the campaign level we just set up,the name so that we know what's what's,inside of the campaign and also we're,able to set up the budget for it okay,so then on the ad set level this is,where you determine who sees your ad,okay,so let's say this is interest one,and i'm calling these interests because,facebook facebook targeting runs by,interest okay i'll explain this a little,bit deeper in a second,and on the ad level you just call this,whatever ad that you have so it says,video one add copy one and on the ad,level there's two different elements,there's the text or the ad copy and,there's the,visual which is either a video or image,do not run image ads always run video,ads okay i could go on for days to,explain why this works,we don't have that time right now we're,on a youtube video okay so click on,continue,and then you want to go to campaign,budget optimization always turn this on,make sure this is turned on you want to,start off your campaigns,with about fifty dollars a day,your budget for facebook ads should be,around fifty to one hundred dollars a,day okay if your budget is like six,hundred dollars a month it's gonna be,very very difficult for you to see,results fast and be able to know what's,working and what's not because you need,to do a little bit of testing especially,if you're doing it on your own or if,it's your first time,so until you have about that 1 500 per,month to run ads then i would probably,not run ass but if you have 50 a day to,play with it then that's good okay,so that's all you need to do here turn,this on and then put 50 here then you,want to go to your interest or your or,your ad sets okay in your pixel,okay you're gonna have you're gonna have,options here to choose what kind of,conversion do you want do you want to,get leads do you want to get booked,appointments what do you want to get on,your what do you want facebook to,optimize for,we like to optimize always for booked,appointments so for me i've already set,up my pixel and i'm going to choose,schedule here okay i like to use the,standard events for facebook because,they allow you to,basically know or basically get the,highest quality of traffic because,facebook knows that this person,has scheduled calls with different,people different advertisers in the past,so they know that they're the most,likely person to schedule a call with,you too okay so if you want schedules if,you want booked appointments choose,schedule if you want leads then go with,leads,i don't like collecting leads because,then you have to call them and you waste,your time i like having people book a,call with me or with my clients because,then they only deal with highly,qualified prospects okay,so to set up your pixel and your,conversion there's a lot of tutorials,out there so i'm just going to give you,the most important things in this video,but if you want to learn how to set that,up just google how to set up a custom,conversion on facebook ads,you'll find plenty of tutorials plenty,of facebook ads and nerds to show you,how to do that i'm just trying to save,you a lot of time here and just show you,like what's the strategy that works,right so interest one then you want to,choose your location,right obviously it's going to be united,states this ad account is based uh not,in the united states because it's it's,through a vpn,that's why you're a different country,but you want to choose your country and,you want to choose your age right so if,you're a financial advisor you want to,work with people that have money so if,you're going after 18 to 30 most people,most 18 to 30 years also have that much,money right so you want to work people,that at least have 250 000 500 000 to,invest at least a hundred thousand so,i like to go with at least 30 but you,can push it up to,like 40,and then 65 plus i like to make this a,little bit open gender i like to go with,both genders all genders if you're a,female if you're a female financial,advisor if you're a woman and you're a,financial advisor you actually have an,advantage if you just target women,because only 14 of financial advisors,are women so if you are a woman and,you're a financial advisor then,definitely go after women exclusively,and make your ads talk to women okay if,you're a man then you want to go out but,after both genders all right so united,states the reason why i chose united,states and not a specific area you might,be thinking that hey i only work with,i'm local i'm in cincinnati or i'm in,ohio i'm in florida whatever,you really want to make sure that you,target nationwide and i get that you,have to be licensed in certain states,and things like that but you want to be,working or have the ability to,just go after the markets that are,getting you the cheapest customers okay,so imagine you're spending a thousand,dollars on facebook ads and you're,closing an annuity worth,you know,two hundred fifty thousand dollars that,gives you like fifteen thousand dollar,commission you spend a thousand make 15k,right it's much better to have that,opportunity by going nationwide than,just by targeting to your local area,which might be extremely,competitive or worse have no opportunity,and don't have that many people that,have a lot of money to invest so yeah i,like to go after the entire united,states but i get that it's it's it's a,little bit tricky with getting your,license and things like that in,different states so it just depends but,if you're able to or if you're willing,to just see the results initially then,just go after the united states uh,entirely okay and this goes to people,that are in canada or different,countries too so if you're canada they,just go you know nationwide but most of,our clients are in the us okay so here,it gets very interesting so we like to,work with clients that are selling,annuities,and actually you can just type in here,annuity and it is one of the results,right so,you know you can just click here life,annuity,and you click here and you would eat us,financial products so with this what,you're talking here is,two different audiences one has between,480 000 up to up to 600 000 people that,are interested in annuities,u.s financial products and the other one,is a little bit bigger it's around 900,000 to a million people so overall we,have about about 700 000 people with our,constraints here with the location and,the age constraints and that's pretty,much it when it comes to the targeting,you know there's placements you can,optimize there's a lot of different,things you can optimize here but if you,just get this right this is the most,important part you're gonna get really,good results,okay so this is the nerdy part of what,do you target and all that and you know,this is good this is this is going to,save you a lot of money a lot of time,but here is where you get the most,results okay so here you want to make,sure,that what you type in here gets,attention so the whole point is we have,to make ads that people want to watch as,they grab people's attention and again,don't use images images suck they're,horrible use video ads okay and in the,copy right here there's a lot of,different ways to write copy there are a,lot of different frameworks there's ada,there's pas okay so ada is,all right one second,attention interest,desire action,and there's,bs problem,agitate solve i like the pas i like,problem i just say solve we can start,off with the problem like you know taxes,are going up are you worried about your,tax rate are you worried about losing or,running out of money in retirement you,know it can suck to think that you won't,run out of money in your retirement and,you'll be able to sustain your lifestyle,but you find out that you didn't plan,your retirement the right way and your,financial advisor didn't give you the,right advice or the right financial plan,to be able to sustain your desired,lifestyle and things have changed,so,that can be terrible nobody wants to,live that so because of that i have,created a free training right here we're,solving a free training is going to show,you,how to never run out of money in,retirement the top two mistakes most,people make that make their money out of,money in retirement if you want to click,the link and watch it now,so that's really how you can write,really good ad copy as you said as,you've seen right here,it took me like 15 seconds to think of a,copy because i have these proven,frameworks so ada and pas these are,really good you can also google these uh,there's a lot of trainings around online,it shows you the different examples,about how to write good ad copy but this,is how you can make sure that your,primary text in your ad copy is the best,okay and actually this is the same,framework that i would script my video,so my videos i if you're going to run,facebook ads don't run ads that are like,15 minutes long they have to be 30,seconds up to a minute long okay,and then you want to run them on,facebook with the same script as the ad,copy okay so you want to write your,script your video script in the same way,as you write your ad copy using one of,these different frameworks,the headline can be very very simple,depending on your angle with your ad,copy it could be top three mistakes top,three,retirement mistakes,retirement mistakes or something like,free training for people looking to,retire in the next 10 years or something,like that it's going to grab people's,attention keep the call to action to,learn more,and the website right here you don't,want to use the what is it called the,facebook lead event thing the facebook,leads are very they're cheap but you,have to call them and they're low,quality you want to send people to watch,a free presentation you want to make,something that's like 15 minutes long,get people to watch it,and be able to learn what you do the,value of what you do and how they can,not run out of money in retirement,and what something like an annuity or a,specific financial product that you can,sell to them,can help them with and then have them,book a call with you so after they watch,that 15 minute video have them book a,call with you and you want to really,just make the video as entertaining and,educational as possible not longer than,it should be not shorter than it should,be right 15 minutes is the sweet spot,and then have a call to action for them,to book a call with you the way to do,that is to just set up a an online,calendar like calendly or schedule once,i think something like that and once you,have that page like a page where people,can watch that video just take that url,and put it here and you can just publish,your ad this is really it,i can't show you any examples for this,video because our clients information is,very confidential but this has produced,millions of dollars in revenues for our,different clients and this is the,strategy that works for financial,advisors so if you are a financial,advisor and you want to run facebook ads,then i've made them super simple for you,in 12 minutes or 13 minutes i've showed,you exactly,uh the hacks around saving saving,yourself,probably months of trial and error and,tens of thousands of dollars into a,voice of ad spend the only the only,thing that's missing here is you want to,make sure that your video and your,content is the are done the right way,and that's sort of the secret sauce the,magic the the copywriting not copyright,like trademark laws but writing copy,like ad copy and video scripting that's,really a lot of where a lot of the,success of these campaigns lie and if,you become,really good at creating great content,and gratitude attention then you're,gonna be very successful with this and,if you need help with any of this then,definitely check out, we do all this done,for you if you like this video,subscribe like it share it,and i'll see you in the next one

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How to Run Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

How to Run Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

hey how's it going everybody in this,video we're going to talk about how to,generate a 100x,roi on your advertising more,specifically i'm going to show you a,case study of how we turned,2 800 bucks in ad spend online digital,marketing ad spend into over 200 000,in revenue in just 30 days from one of,our clients,now who am i to talk to you about this,and to show you how to generate 100x roi,on your ad spend,now my name is alex i have started a,digital marketing agency in the us,called scale source that does over a,couple million dollars a year in revenue,we have over 15 employees and all of our,clients are in the us,okay i'm going to show you one of the,case studies that we have created for,one of our clients,the specific niche and i'm also going to,show you the three,keys that you need to generate an,extremely high roi on your advertising,okay so to generate,the highest roi advertising that you can,you want to get three things okay the,first key,is you want to have a conversion,machine all right a conversion,machine now what what do i mean by that,the conversion machine,is an online system that turns traffic,into leads and sales on autopilot,okay and that's the first thing you want,to work on in your marketing,your digital marketing strategy you want,to work on the conversion machine,a conversion machine is whatever process,that you currently have,will create that turns traffic,into leads and sales that might be your,landing page that gets you traffic,and gets you uh turns your traffic into,leads into calls into sales,it might be whatever system that you,have to turn into,certain traffic into sales and revenue,okay that's the first thing you want to,build out,the second thing you want to build out,is the flow,machine okay the flow machine,is what feeds the conversion machine,okay,the flow machine is what gets people's,attention,from whatever platform they're at to,your conversion machine,okay without flow the conversion machine,is useless,and without the conversion machine the,flow,is inefficient and it will not generate,an roi for you,here's what i mean a lot of people try,to spend money on advertising online or,offline,and they all say advertising doesn't,work okay advertising doesn't work,why it's because their conversion,machine,is not highly converting it's not,turning,as many people as possible that the flow,machine grabs their attention,into as many sales and leads as possible,okay,the problem they have is in their,conversion machine it's not working,properly,they might get traffic they might spend,money on ads they get impressions they,get views,they get clicks but they get no leads or,sales or calls or whatever conversion,that they're aiming for,okay that's why we start off with the,conversion machine,we make sure that our conversion machine,works extremely well,gets an extremely high conversion rate,and maximizes and squeezes,every drop of the lemon okay you want to,squeeze every drop of the lemon,using a amazing converted conversion,machine okay,then you want to have a flow machine,that gets you traffic,for the cheapest price possible online,okay and it's all online now after covid,after everything that happened in 2020,you gotta be online otherwise you don't,exist okay,so once you have a conversion machine,and a flow machine,then you need the right marketing,strategy,marketing strategy for you to be able to,make the right decisions on your,marketing,here's what i mean so if you have a,conversion machine if you have a full,machine most people will say okay you,just give me that,i'll figure it out i'll be able to make,money right,well no because if i give you a,conversion machine and a flow machine,that actually,works guarantee you in two weeks you,will ruin it how do i know,i've tried it okay i've had media buyers,that have hired into the company that i,give them,this exact account that we generated 100,x roi for within two weeks they messed,the whole thing up,because they don't have the context and,the experience to be able to make the,right decisions in marketing so that,even if i give you something that's,already working,you need the marketing experience you,need the marketing know-how,and the context to have scaled to these,revenues before,to be able to sustain this even if it's,already working,and to be able to scale to the next,level okay so,you need a conversion machine a flow,machine,and the marketing strategy somebody to,work with you,and help you make the right decisions on,what kind of ad campaigns to run,what should you test what kind of angles,to run,okay how do you scale what kind of,creative you should be running what kind,of audiences you should be targeting,all these different things you need all,three parts,to achieve the highest rate possible for,you,in your industry okay now let me show,you an example all right,i'm going to take you to this board,right here all right so,i recently did a consultation with one,of our clients,okay we have showed them how,they can take their existing business,okay,and turn it into a create a conversion,machine create a flow machine and we're,going to help them with the marketing,strategy,okay so i was looking at what they're,already doing what's already working for,them,and they were telling me that they spent,about 200 bucks on instagram advertising,okay and that got them about 15,instagram dms,okay 15 people send them a message on,instagram out of those 15 people,three people have showed up and into an,in-person appointment this is a real,estate agency by the way okay,so then i was like okay you spent 200,bucks,you got 15 dms out of the 15 dms you got,three appointments great,so three divided by 15 that's a 20,conversion rate from instagram to,the appointments okay all right then i,asked them in the past how many sales,have you got they said got,one sale okay and i was like okay how,many people,have you talked to in person how many,in-person appointments have you done,to get this one set up and they said 20,people,okay so i took you know there's 20,appointments right here,and they got one sale which means that,they have a five percent conversion rate,from appointment to sale great,you follow me so these two numbers,are the most important numbers so far in,their marketing campaign,in their marketing plan all right that,one sale,made them 10 000 in commission,okay that one sale making ten thousand,dollars in commission so now it's,starting to make more sense,all right so then i was like okay make,ten grand from one sale that's one sale,came from 20 appointments,and those 20 appointments we can work by,that so then,i was like all right we're going to look,at,your earnings per lead and a lead is an,appointment,okay how much do you make every time you,show up when you talk to somebody in,person,in an in-person appointment they make,about 500 bucks,per lead that's their earnings per day,that's 10 000,divided by 20 appointments that's 500,bucks experience per lead,then i was like okay great how much do,you make,per vm right because now i know that a,lead,or an appointment okay fix this right,here,an appointment to generate one,appointment you need to talk to,five times as many people on instagram,right so their earnings per vm,earnings for instagram vm is about 100,bucks,every instagram bm they get is worth,about 100 bucks in the grand scheme of,things,okay so then i was like okay this is how,much we make,from these interactions how much can we,spend,on getting more of these interactions,all right,since i already know that they spent 200,bucks to generate 15 dms multiple times,not just once,i was like okay we're going to take this,200 bucks divided by 15.,we got a cost of dm of 13,okay they spent 13 to get,one qualified person to talk to them on,instagram,okay then i was like all right let's,look at this,so every time you spend,13 bucks you get to talk to somebody on,instagram,you make on average about a hundred,dollars it's a pretty good deal,right every time you spend thirteen,dollars on instagram advertising you,make a hundred bucks,that's a 7.6 x return on ad spend you,know that's 7 600 percent,richer than my husband right so i was,like okay,if i wanted to generate one sale which,is worth ten thousand dollars,how much money should i be spending on,our title right,i was like okay you spend 13 bucks you,make 100.,10 000 you have to spend about 300 bucks,to generate 10 000,right just add a couple zeros to it,right you spend 1300 bucks,that gets you 100 instagram dms at a 13,cost per dm and then,those instagram vms those hundred get,you about 20 appointments,at a 20 conversion rate right and then,those 20 appointments turn into one,sale at a five percent conversion rate,right and that's worth ten thousand,dollars,so every time you spend 1300 bucks,you make 10 000 okay,how many times did you do that the,answer is as often as humanly possible,okay and there are real estate agencies,so i was like let's compare the roi of,this,versus real estate with real estate,you're gonna generate about a five,percent roi,yearly right on the conservative end,you're gonna be making five to six,percent roi every year so if you spend,100 grand,you're gonna make five to seven thousand,dollars a year,roi right five to seven percent but,in your business you have a seven,thousand six hundred percent roi not,per year that's for a sales cycle that's,for how fast you can close a deal,so if it takes you one month to close a,deal you're going to be getting a seven,thousand six hundred percent,your money in just one month right you,multiply that by 12 months and you,multiply that by how many times you're,going to make this trade,for every 1300 bucks that's in your bank,account to generate under,10 000 in revenue for your business okay,and that's the power of marketing that's,the power of having a,digital marketing system that is feeding,your business,leads in sales predictively consistently,and scalably,okay that's the power of using pay,advertising and having control,over the flow that comes into your,business because every month,you know how much you'll be spending on,ads you know how many leads you'll be,getting from there,you know how many sales will translate,from those leads and you can just work a,system,right now the engineer-minded people,will be already thinking about,okay now we need to optimize that,conversion rate from here from 20 to 30,what happens if i take my conversion,rate from 5 to 10 okay,the answer is here you'll increase your,sales by half,and here you will double your sales with,the same expense,if your eight mistake is conversion rate,from five percent to ten percent,you're going to keep the same ad spend,because you're paying the same amount of,money to keep the same amount of,attention,and you're going to make twice as many,sales it's way too much money,and you're not going to have a 7.6 uh,roi i'm going to have a 13x roi,excuse me it's going to be about a 15,plus x roi,okay that's the power of all this,and we kind of call this a sales funnel,right if you look right here it starts,off on instagram,people find you on instagram then you,turn them into an appointment,and then from the appointment from doing,the sales process in person,it turns into money right and that's,what we call a sales funnel if you've,ever heard of that,okay so this is just an example,of a marketing plan that i've created,for one of the people that is interested,in working with us,if you're interested in working with us,we can create something like this for,you,over a phone call okay and it's,absolutely free,i'm doing this for a limited time only,if you're interested in that,click the link there's a link or a,button somewhere on this video,you'll be able to book a free,consultation with me,just click the link and you'll be able,to get a,customized marketing plan for completely,for free,there are no strings attached i'm not,going to hard pitch you,there's no sales script for sales call,this is literally just a marketing,consultation,i will ask you some questions about your,business so do come prepared,you should know these numbers you should,know how much you spend pertinent,advertising,you should know how much how many leads,you're getting from that you should know,if you're not spending money on,advertising just just come up show up,and say that,okay and you should be qualified okay,we're not going to be taking in all,calls we're only going to be taking in,qualified calls and we're looking to,work with people that have already done,about six figures a year in revenue if,you're doing less than six figures,this stuff doesn't make sense you should,just go get better sales and get to six,figures because the skill that's gonna,take you from zero to six figures,is sales what's gonna take you from six,or seven to eight and beyond,is marketing okay so if you're doing,more than six figures,if you have already something that's,working then you're grateful for this,you're gonna qualify and we'll let you,in on the call it's absolutely free but,i can't talk with anybody so,that's the reason why if you're,interested in that click the link i,would love to talk to you soon,i love talking to amazing business,owners entrepreneurs that are passionate,about their business,that have great products i love helping,people grow their businesses and take,them to the next level,so if any of this made sense if you're,curious click the link,below

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