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How to Run DPA Campaigns (Facebook Ads Secret Weapon)hello guys and welcome back to the,channel my n


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Run DPA Campaigns (Facebook Ads Secret Weapon)

hello guys and welcome back to the,channel my name is jack i'm the founder,here at cenarius we're a marketing,agency based in london that helps,e-commerce brands set up effective,campaigns on facebook and instagram,and in this week's video we're going to,be talking about one of the most,powerful tools you can leverage within,facebook ads,that's going to allow you to re-target,people automatically based on actions,that they've taken,on your site it's honestly one of the,easiest ways to have success with your,retargeting campaigns,and if you stick around to the end of,the video what we're going to do is jump,into the ad account and show you how you,can set them up,within your own ads manager and have,great success,running retargeting campaigns so i have,a bit of a presentation ready for you,guys,and what we're going to be talking about,today is what are dynamic product ads,why you should be using them and how you,can set them up within your own ad,account and as i said we'll go into a,brief example,of how you can do that okay so how to,run dynamic product ad,retargeting campaigns as i mentioned,what we're going to be talking about,today is,what are dynamic product ads why you,should be using them,and how you can set them up within the,ad account,so what are dynamic product ads um,dynamic product ads are facebook,campaigns that changed ultim,the change automatically based on,actions that a user has taken,on your website so a few examples of,what that looks like,you have a dynamic product ad for the,same product,so let's say a potential customer is on,your site,and they actually view one of the,products you're able to re-target,that same user with ads specifically,created,based on the products that they visited,so targeting people who viewed a,specific product but not bought yet,with an ad for that same product to get,them to purchase and you can start to,imagine how powerful this can be,imagine one of your potential customers,has viewed one of your products but got,distracted,um you know whatever the case may be and,then you re-target them with that exact,same product with a hyper targeted,marketing message for that product,specifically,they're very likely going to remember,that product and go ahead,and purchase the second type of dynamic,product ad campaign that you can run,is a cross-cross-selling dynamic product,ad which is serving,ads of similar products that a consumer,has already purchased,that's a really really great way to,increase the lifetime value of your,customer,by serving them ads for products that,they're,they are also likely to be interested in,so for example let's say you're a beauty,brand,and you sell both um skin care products,and,beauty products for example and let's,say someone has bought from your,skincare line you can sell them products,for,from your beauty line that they might,also be interested on for example based,on the type of skin care products that,they've chosen,the last type of dynamic product ads is,an upsell dpa which is targeting people,who have,added items to their cart with a bundle,offer so,let's say someone has added an item to,cart but they've not yet purchased,you're able to retarget that same user,with,a bundle offer to get them to purchase,at a higher average order value,so that's also really really powerful,okay,so why should you be using dynamic,product ad,campaigns so as you can imagine these,are very hyper targeted campaigns that,are likely to have very high relapse,in many cases we're only setting those,budgets around five to ten,five to fifteen dollars a day and we're,getting,around five times roast on these sort of,campaigns because as you can imagine,those are people who have,already been interested in your brand,they've shown intent to purchase,those specific products and you're,targeting targeting them,specifically with those products or,potentially on cross-selling products as,well,the second reason you should be using,these campaigns is you're capitalizing,on potential lost,sales so as i mentioned in the previous,example,a lot of people might be uh looking to,buy one of your products from your store,and then they get distracted for,whatever reason they've added an item to,cart and then,you know their wife called them to,dinner or whatever the case may be,and so being able to re-target those,same people you're capitalizing on these,sales that,um would have gone through before that,consumer was distracted dynamic product,campaigns,also allow you to increase your average,order value and lifetime value,mainly through the cross sell and upsell,campaigns you can increase your average,order value by upselling people so,imagine someone,was gonna buy a product from your store,for 30 dollars,perhaps you can hit them with a dynamic,product ad for a bundle offer,that's more around 60 and that way,you've doubled,the order value right there and overall,you can increase your average order,value that way,in terms of the lifetime value that's,also something really really important,to capitalize on,by serving dynamic product ads to people,who have already purchased from your,store,giving them products that they might,also be interested in you're increasing,that lifetime value for the consumer and,having them,buy more than once from your store it's,also automatic um i do apologize for,this type of right here they should say,automatic,it's a set it and forget it uh kind of,campaign where you don't have to keep,iterating the creatives,um you just set it and it automatically,serves ads to your users,as they add different products to their,cart okay so how do you actually,set up a dpa campaign and what we'll do,is jump into the ad account,right now and i'll take you through the,creation process to create a dynamic,product ad campaigns,and do so effectively so uh,we're in the other account right now and,before we can create,a dynamic product ad campaign what we,first need to do,is um connect our product catalog,to the facebook ads backend if you,haven't done this already i'll put up a,video in the suggested cards on how you,can actually do that,and if you'd like to check whether or,not your product catalog is actually,connected,what you can always do is go to business,settings right here,and if you scroll down to data sources,you can click on catalogs and you'll be,able to view the catalogs that are,available to you,if nothing shows up right here that,means you haven't connected your product,catalog,to your store and it's a very easy and,simple process and again i'll put a,video up in the suggested cards,if you'd like to learn how you can,actually do that now once you've,connected your product catalog,to the facebook platform what you can do,is create,a dynamic product advertising campaign,directly so what you want to do is click,create right here,and then from the options what you'd,usually be,choosing as your campaign objectives,conversions but in this case what we,want to click on,is catalog sales so use your target,audience to show,people ads with items from your catalog,direct once we click that,you're able to choose the catalogue that,you have,again based on once you connect your,catalog to facebook,you'll be able it should come up right,here and you can name your campaign,let's just name this dpa example,and we'll leave the ad set later so,click continue right here so again,special ad categories we'll leave that,there click choose the right catalog,right there,and then we want to keep campaign budget,optimization off in this case,just because dynamic product ads usually,you are setting them at a quite a low,budget,so you you want to stay away from,campaign budget optimization,we will jump into the ad set right here,and depending on the objective that,you're going to have so again i gave you,guys three examples for dynamic product,ads if you remember the first one being,um people for products that they viewed,or added to cart before they've,purchased,or cross-selling those customers or,upselling so,depending on the objective that you want,to choose let's say we want to create,a um dpa campaign,for people who viewed,plus added to cart,but not purchased okay,um you can set a daily budget again,depending on how much traffic you're,getting to the store you can kind of,decide what budget you want to go with,but usually in most cases you shouldn't,be uh spending more than 15 to 20,dollars a day,on this sort of campaign because the,audience size is likely to be very very,small so,um i would suggest go with ten dollars,and see uh what sort of frequency you're,getting so how often people are seeing,your ads and what sort of returns you're,getting,and then you can adjust your budget,accordingly um for example if you have a,really high frequency,people are seeing your ads way too often,then you can lower down the budget,have it at around five dollars a day and,so that you could be spending profitably,and consistently,so um this is where you're going to,choose what sort of audience you're,going to go after,again you have two options retarget to,people who interacted with products and,on and off facebook find prospective,customers even if they haven't,interacted with your business,again with dpa usually you want to run a,retargeting campaign so we're going to,have this option right here clicked,and that's and down here is where you're,able to choose what sort of dpa campaign,you want to run so you can either have,viewed or add to cart,but not purchased which is pretty much,the objective that we are going for,right here,and again depending on how much traffic,you're getting on your site you might,want to make this,audience slightly larger uh to make room,for enough people to target with your,ads so,in this case if it's a small business,for example we'll go to around 30 days,to leave the audience as large as,possible,add it to cart but not purchased again,you have different options right here,if you want to upsell products and if,you want to cross-sell products,which is again can be a really really,powerful campaign and you can set those,up accordingly so for example crossout,products you can,send similar products that your,customers might like,based on what they buy of course so if,we scroll down then you have your,placements,some people like to leave this as an,automatic placement,i personally like to go with manual,placement and just go with,facebook instagram news feeds so what,we'll do is,facebook news feed instagram news feed,and instagram explorer down here,and then we'll just untick the stories,just because you're going to need,other dimensions for the ads on the,stories and in article ads right here,um we're just going to leave those empty,for now,and then we can go into the ad itself so,again you can name your ad,whatever you want let's just go with dpa,um,add to cart,plus view,content 30 days,so when we scroll down here you,definitely want to click dynamic formats,and creative,and what that's going to allow you to do,is again facebook's dynamically,and automatically going to create the ad,based on what your consumer has done or,what products,they are they viewed or added to cart on,your store,so when you use a catalog deliver the,format and add creative most likely to,resonate with the person,viewing so as you scroll down here you,should be able to,pick your catalog right here right here,and then you can choose,uh what sort of ad you'd like to show up,so a dynamic video,um a video or an image we can go with,image,for now um so again down here,you have the catalog so make sure that,the catalog that you want is set,and we'll leave that at dynamic video,and what will happen is a carousel ad,will be created automatically based on,the products that,the potential consumer might have added,to cart,and what's really powerful right here is,that you can actually add what's known,as catalog,fields and so you can add uh different,product names based on that are going to,change automatically based on what,products your consumer was potentially,interested,in and that could be really really,powerful so in your copy you can,actually call out the product that your,consumer has added an item to the cart,for example this is a hair care brand,right here called latier sagrada so,they have a shampoo a different bundle,kit a gift card a comb right here,so based on what products they viewed,they're going to get served ads for,any any one of those products and what,we can do in the copy as well to make,this ad,even more powerful is say something,along the lines of,hey thanks for your interest,in la tierra rada,we have left your product,in your cart for now,hundreds of customers,are ordering every day so be,sure to get yours,before items sell out so,what we're trying to do is create some,scarcity right here,and what we'll do as well is instead of,just we have left your product in your,cart what we can do instead is add a,add a at the name of the product field,right here so,hey thanks for your interest in latias,grada we have left your,product name so for example in the case,that they've actually,added the shampoo to their cart or,viewed the shampoo,this will come up in the ad so hey,thanks for your interest in latinos grad,that we have left your shampoo in your,cart for now,that's as you can see is very very,powerful this will be updated,automatically obviously based on the,product,that they actually uh view and you,create some skype,scarcity right here one thing i like to,do with the copy and dpa campaigns as,well is give them a special,discount code to kind of push them,across the line and get them to,purchase here is,here is a quick here is,a special,discount code,let's say 15 discount code,to complete your order today,and then you can just add what the code,is for example,15 and then that way you're even,incentivizing that consumer further,to actually go ahead and buy the product,make sure you are sending them to the,right page,perhaps the shopping page in this case,and then from there you'll be able to,track it from your pixel as well,and all you need to do is hit publish,and that will start running,automatically,and whenever someone who has uh added an,item to cart,plus viewed content in the last 30 days,but has not purchased,will receive an ad that looks exactly,like this and it will be updated,automatically based on what product,they viewed or added to cart and there,you have it guys,in today's video we talked about what,are dynamic product ad campaigns,why you should be using them and how you,can set them up with,within your ads manager hopefully you,started to get a general idea of how,powerful these sort of campaigns can be,because of how hyper targeted they are,and how they're able to increase your,average order value and your lifetime,value,if you did enjoy the video be sure to,like it and subscribe for more content,on paid advertising also leave us a,comment below on what sort of videos,you'd like to see next,and we'll see you guys in the next one

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How to Run DPA Campaigns (Facebook Ads Secret Weapon)

How to Run DPA Campaigns (Facebook Ads Secret Weapon)

welcome to definitive guide to DPA ads,on Facebook a lot of folks know these,ads there's easy ways to get me,targeting going but they're actually,missing some very core competencies,around it and some amazing opportunities,like,how to use it to do market research also,what are your audience requirements to,really make this scale and why does this,actually,super super help our one campaign,strategy this is one of the core,elements of what to do in the One Step,Beyond one campaign and if you're,running any sort of store with more than,four or five skus in and you're not,using DPA ads I urge you to give it a,shot now it's not always the best for,every single Advertiser it's not always,the best for every single brand but if,you haven't tried it yet this is,untapped markets for you where you can,be making really easy money and cash,flow especially if your super high,ticket and especially if you have a lot,of excuse with that being said let's,dive into this and before we get started,I just want to say this I know you can,be literally anywhere in the world right,now and I really appreciate you taking,your time to be here with me today I'm,going to make sure that this is as,useful and as helpful to you as possible,if you have any questions with the stuff,please feel free to write down in below,what they are and I will get back to you,also read the description of this,there's an insanely helpful article and,there are links down below to the,Facebook ads MBA program which is the,number one resource to teach you how to,be more than just a media buyer but,actually a brand building CMO that will,give you the strength skills and,abilities with framework and repeatable,systems and process to take just about,any brand that can succeed to a place,far above and beyond anywhere that you,might be able to get it without and also,don't forget to sign up for the,newsletter at newsletter dot facebook, to make sure that you see,helpful information in your inbox on a,weekly basis there's so much more in,there but will not try to drive all that,go down ring the bell subscribe let's,get started,so,we all know and love DPA ads as,you know what we ultimately end up using,to do retargeting often right and we,know it from that resource and to be,fair that's a great use case of it,but when we are doing retargeting with,DPA ads we also have to remember that,we need to understand what the Right,audience is and we could also go abroad,with it what we call daba Dynamic ads,for broad audiences so there's a lot of,applications here,that being said let's dive into,understanding what audiences you should,actually use and what those requirements,really are for this to be meaningful to,you at all in the first place,first thing we need to understand is,what is the level of investment that,we're willing to make in running our DPA,ads,is it 20 bucks a day is it a thousand a,day is it 10 of our budget is it 50 of,our budget,we also need to understand,something else what does success look,like,and are we going to be able to use this,audience,in a way where we're going to be able to,leverage machine learning because we're,getting out of the learning phase or,ultimately are we using this retargeting,audience,primarily to push cash flow even though,we're not able to necessarily leave the,learning phase but because the,strategically that audience is so,effective for us we can still get good,results,those are all really great questions and,you need to have the answers to those,questions before you get started,so let's break down the number one thing,what audience should we run this against,anyway,well the easiest answer is go view,content last seven days and see what,happens now,that's going to be helpful maybe,hopefully and that's a that's a decently,educated guess,but there's a lot of bet there's much,much better ways of looking at this and,a lot more information that you should,be looking at,first off,let's try to understand what the cpms,are going to be,at our DPA let's say it's 50 cpms,okay,now let's say we're willing to spend a,hundred dollars on a DPA ad okay,that means we are likely to see 2 000,Impressions okay,now let's say that we are ultimately,gonna see a good result around a,baseline of two impressions,per day,per user that's a decent expectation,it'll be targeting audience all right,so that means on a daily basis we have,enough money to realistically reach,about a thousand people,okay,now we also know that at best,if you get extreme saturation in a,really high frequency maybe you're gonna,reach 50 of any target audience,okay,so that means in order to reach an,audience of a thousand people two times,with your 100 day budget you're gonna,need an audience that's at least 2 000,individuals,good to know,now,how do we determine what that audience,even looks like,well you can go in and guess or you can,go into your events manager and start to,play around with,parts of the funnel and timelines,you can get up to 28 days worth of,information and if it's longer than that,you can extrapolate the information but,let's just say what is the add to cards,over the last week now it's probably not,unique but if add the cards over the,last week is 300 people,you can pretty much guarantee that,there's no way you're going to be able,to use an add to cart audience with any,recency of a month or less,with a DPA ad there's just not enough,people,now maybe you can get 50 60 bucks a day,and you get a couple sales out of it but,you're going to be hammering a lot of,people with your ads that don't want to,buy remember the vast majority of people,in a retargeting audience are not going,to convert,let's say it's a 10 conversion rate and,there's a thousand people in that,audience that means 900 people have no,interest in your product that means that,if you are reaching say four or 500,people a day,and let's say it's 500 450 of those,people 900 out of those thousand,impressions are bad,let's use a real world example,if you'd shown an interest in say a,vacuum cleaner,and then for the next month,a vacuum cleaner salesman comes to your,door twice a day to try to sell you,I like day two or three you're gonna,hate that person,how many people do you think hate your,brand right now,do you think that's ultimately helpful,for your relationship with Facebook as,an Advertiser,yeah you're making sales but,is that really a good thing,long term,is the upside of Revenue offsetting the,damage that is being done,as it probably no,so we need an audience that's much,larger than that,and also if I added to cart 27 days ago,and I haven't added a card ever since,and you've been knocking on my door it's,twice a day,do you think that I'm gonna change my,mind all of a sudden,and this is probably no plus I'm,probably also seeing your targeting your,ads in Broad targeting if I have any,interest in the brand,so that recency also plays a pretty big,part,how many days are you willing to bother,somebody incessantly after they already,tell you no,what if this was dating,do we live in a world where you think,that when somebody says no please stop,your best thinking,is to bother them repeatedly multiple,times a day for weeks on end until they,change their mind,but,that's the theory behind basically all,retargeting on Facebook,so when we use retargeting with DPA ads,we have to get above and beyond that,let's assume that 50 CPM and hundred,dollar budget and again these are just,very round numbers yours might be very,different I've seen DPA ads as low as 20,cpms and as high as 100. right I've used,it on budgets that are twenty dollars a,day and as high as a couple thousand,uh so just using round numbers here,so instead maybe our focus should be,let's find an audience that's four or,five thousand people,with a little bit of recency,now we can go back to that events,manager and see well we've got 5 000,view contents in the last week let's use,that,those aren't you necessarily unique,pixel events,what if somebody views your product,multiple times,or multiple products a great way to,decipher this is using your Google,analytics or site uh uh insights,and determine how many pages is the,average person look at divide that,view content number by that page view,number and you're going to get to some,Factor let's say an audience is 5 000,people the average person looks at 1.8,web pages let's use an easy number let's,say it's two okay then that 5 000 view,contents is really maybe 2500 people,well let's double the timeline out to,two weeks now it's roughly 5 000 people,5 000 people now we're getting in a spot,where we aren't bothering everybody,constantly our frequency is probably,going to be lower on a day and because,we're driving enough interactions as,people fall out of that window new,people fall in and now we're sitting in,a situation where if that works we can,also scale our budget,that's a phenomenally better situation,than just saying I'm gonna do this now,mind you uh if you have a lot of volume,for instance I was sitting in a spot,where I was getting a thousand add to,carts in a week,sometimes a day,I'm glad to cart one day with DPA and I,was crushing,what are those are spending like 30 to,50 000 a day on a brand where that was,reflective of 40 of Revenue which is,understand your audience requirements,and the impact it has on your business,and why retargeting is not a good idea,most of the time,and when it is a good idea broad is,already doing that for you,so if you have any questions about this,stuff please write below and look down,below there's an article in here that's,also going to be very very helpful for,you to understand this stuff if you like,this please go ahead and tap like go,ahead and subscribe to listen on the,audio podcast set up for download you,don't even have to listen I'd appreciate,it a lot and if you really value this,information don't forget to sign up the,newsletter at newsletter.facebook, or check out the MBA,program at

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