how to upload video on shopify

How to Add Video to Shopify Without YouTube!in today's video i'm going to show you,three ways you ca

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Add Video to Shopify Without YouTube!

in today's video i'm going to show you,three ways you can add a video to your,shopify pages,first is how to copy a video from,youtube or tick tock and add it to your,store,second is how to upload a video directly,to your shopify store and add it to a,page and number three is how to add a,video to your product pages,before we get into the video if you like,videos about winning products drop,shipping shopify themes apps and,tutorials do us a favor and hit that,subscribe button and turn notifications,on now let's get into the video alright,so the first way i'm going to show you,is by copying a video from youtube or,tiktok and adding it to your pages so,let's click on online store,pages,and select the page you want to add your,video on,now click your mouse cursor wherever you,want your video to appear,and then click on the video icon,now we can see this pop-up where you can,place an embed code now where do we find,the embed code if it's a youtube video,go to the video you want to add to your,store click share,embed,copy the code,paste it into the text box,and click insert video,for tick tock go to,find the video you want to add to your,store,click the embed icon,copy code,paste it into the text box,and click insert video,the next way i'm going to show you is by,uploading your video directly to shopify,this is great for anyone that has a,video that you want to use but you don't,want to go through the trouble of,creating a channel just to upload and,use your video,first things first the video you are,uploading must meet the following,requirements your video length can be no,longer than 10 minutes,the maximum video size you can upload is,one gigabyte your video resolution can,go up to 4k,and the file type can be mp4 or dot mov,with that out of the way let's get into,adding our video,the first thing you want to do is upload,your video file so click on settings,files,and then click upload files,now find and select your video,once your video has been uploaded,click this icon here,now go ahead and exit of this screen and,then click on online store,and then pages,from here you can select the page that,you want to add the video to,once there put your mouse cursor where,you want the video to appear,and click the video icon,you already have your link copied from,when we click the link icon so go ahead,and paste it into the box next you're,going to add this piece of code around,your link if you want the copy and paste,version of this code head over to our,private facebook group i will post it,there,you will notice that within the code,there is a height and width,you can feel free to adjust this to best,suit your page,the last thing i want to show you is how,to add a video to your product pages,you can use any of the two methods i,showed you above but you can also add a,video alongside your listing photos as,well,to do this click on products,select the product that you want to add,the video to,scroll down to the media block,and click add,find and select the video of your choice,and click open,if you like this video and want to see,more content like this you can let me,know by giving this video a thumbs up or,leaving me a comment down below and if,you haven't already make sure to,subscribe we post a lot of,time-sensitive content such as winning,products and updates that affect you so,turning on notifications for this,channel will let you know as soon as we,upload

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How to Add Video to Shopify Product Page ✅ Simple Embed 💻 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Page ✅ Simple Embed 💻 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

welcome to you in this videos today i'm,going to show you how to add,your own video to product page in your,shopify online store but,not youtube videos so this tutorial will,be helpful if you are,very beginner with shopify and you,wanted to know,how to add your own video to product,page then you can continue this,tutorials with me,so first of all i need to log in my,shopify admin panels i'm going to log in,my shopify account,shopify click on the login,and add your restore address then click,on the next,and now we have to click on the settings,icon of the button left side so i'm,going to click on the settings icon,then going to click on the files,now i have to upload my videos files,here so i'm going to click,on this upload files button,then select my files from here so i want,to upload this one,so i have to wait a little bit time,until this file has been completed,to upload,okay my file has been uploaded now i am,going to,copy this url,copy url follow my this text,go to the settings file then click on,the upload file select,video then upload we have already done,and copy the url,of the video and store it somewhere,so i have copied this,link or url and now go into the,second step so in the second step,first of all,i'm going to click on the product link,then add a product option,now i want to add the video,at here so i have to,click on this video icon,insert video so then,i have to copy this code,look very clearly i also share this code,in the video description and full,content with video description,so i have to copy this code,then just paste it here,so in this code i have to,update the your url goes here,with my file url so this is my,video file url going to copy,and,paste it here so now going to click on,the insert video,and click on the save,we have successfully added our videos,now we can preview this product,wow we have successfully added this,video,let me play this one,okay so thank you for your time to watch,this video if you like this video then,click,on the like button and subscribe to my,channel to get more relevant,tutorials relevant with shopify,online marketing and shopify seo,wordpress seo

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