how to upgrade hulu no ads

How to upgrade Hulu with Disney+ Bundle hey it's money freshman life tutorial,and this video I'm goi

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to upgrade Hulu with Disney+ Bundle

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How to upgrade Hulu with Disney+ Bundle

hey it's money freshman life tutorial,and this video I'm going to show you how,you could upgrade your Hulu account if,you have a Disney Plus plan already I've,made a video earlier on how to sign up,for the Disney Plus and how to activate,Hulu this video will concentrate on,upgrading Hulu to that no ad plan as you,know the disney floor plan covers and,offers the hulu ad plan so you be,getting advertisements while you watch,alright so basically the way it works is,if you already got the Disney plus,bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN Plus,then the bottom line is you cannot,upgrade your Hulu account meaning that,you don't get the credit that they,supposed to give you now you could,upgrade but you'll be paying $12.99 plus,$11.99 for the holo plan so the way that,Disney Plus set everything up is,basically they want you to first have,the Hulu no ad plan with an email,address and account and then if you,subscribe to the Hulu plan ahead of time,and then you signed up for the Disney,bundle basically Disney Plus will give,you a credit of $5.99 which is the price,for the ad plan so basically we paint in,1199 plus $12.99 - the credit which is,$5.99 so it will be like seven bucks,and the same applies to ESPN plus so if,you subscribe to the ESPN Plus ahead of,time they'll give you four thousand,ninety nine credit so basically if you,signed up for ESPN plus and the Hulu no,ad plan and then you add the Disney Plus,bundle then you get that credit so the,best way to do it if you currently have,the Disney Plus plan it would be to go,ahead and cancel the plan and then if I,were you I would probably just create a,new account with a new email subscribe,to the Hulu no add plan and then get the,Disney Plus bundle so that way,Disney Plus will give you that five,that's $5.99 discount on your plan and,if you are a mobile basically you go to,Disney Plus so I currently have the,Disney Plus bundle I was in a hula,subscriber so if I were to do this I,will go to the account on there on the,bottom right,I will go to account I will go to,billing details and then sign in if,you're not sign in on your browser then,go to manage account billing details,again on your browser and then what you,need to do you need to cancel a,subscription first I'm not gonna do that,cause I'm gonna upgrade to Hulu Plus or,Hulu no and yeah but let's say if you,will do it you will cancel subscription,and then whenever the billing cycle ends,you have that service until then so if,you cancel keep in mind that you cannot,get whole applause or the Hulu no add,service with that same email until the,billing cycle finishes for Disney Plus,so you would have to basically,new Hulu account with a different email,and then with the same email create and,signed up for the Disney Plus bundle and,then from there Disney will credit you,the $5.99 for having the Hulu no ad plan,so hope this was helpful if you have any,questions leave your comment below I'm,gonna leave a link below with this,article here that explains it better and,gives you links and again thank you for,watching and please subscribe to my,channel

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