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How to Duplicate Facebook Ads Campaign (Facebook Ads Management Tutorial)okay now the first question

Jason Gan

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Duplicate Facebook Ads Campaign (Facebook Ads Management Tutorial)

okay now the first question that i have,here is,you know you asked me about how to use,the duplicate ads feature okay so this,is my facebook ads manager,as you can see here at the campaign,layer you have this duplicate feature,and then after that at the ad set layer,also you have this duplicate feature,and at the add level also you have the,duplicate feature now,the duplicate fundamentally is a feature,for you to just,copy the whole entire whole thing as it,is,and then after that what we do with it,is if let's say for example,you know uh let's say if i have a,campaign that i want to duplicate,you know i just want to off this,campaign and duplicate a new one i can,or in the same campaign i want to,duplicate let's say this is targeting,the chinese community which is this,audience that i'm targeting,i want to target a new audience which i,can actually do so by duplicating,so when i duplicate i'm just going to,quickly show you how it works right,so this is me duplicating an ad set so,when i do,when i want to duplicate an ad set you,know if you want to duplicate it we did,the same campaign,you're just going to click the duplicate,button over there,so when we go in right um then you'll be,having almost the same,settings as the one that you're having,right now,at the same time it also duplicates all,the ads as well,so let's say yeah as you can see this is,copy right so what you can do let's say,if you are duplicating an ad set,uh so what you can do here is you can,actually you know,after that you can do different settings,so when we come into the audience,settings over here,let's say for example i want to target,maybe this is targeting women right,and i want to target them men in state,okay so,you by doing so then you have a,different asset,targeting uh different audience,targeting that we're looking at here,and instead of female you're actually,targeting uh mail instead,so this is how you do so basically we do,this because we want to maintain,you see every time you need to set up,the headset again it's kind of a bit of,work that's why,uh sometimes you get lazy that you can,actually do that,so everything remains the same okay like,the interest targeting and everything,the language targeting will actually,follow the one that you were using,earlier so that's how you duplicate,and add set now when it comes to,duplicate and add then you know this is,how you do it let's say when you come,into it,if you have an ad that you want to,duplicate now the way we do duplicating,ad,is because let's say i've been using,this creative for a while,okay and i want to duplicate and i want,to set a new creative to it you see the,best practice is when we are having a,campaign that has been running for a,while,when we want to make significant change,significant change could be changing the,audience targeting which is at,set level or changing the creative which,is the ad creative whether you're,changing the picture,or you're changing the copywriting you,know so this is what we call the,significant change,what we will do is we will usually,duplicate so when we duplicate right it,carries the same settings,let's say for example what i'm doing,here just now i was showing you how do i,duplicate an ad set,right so now i'm actually showing you,how do i duplicate an ad,so when i duplicate an ad okay it,carries every single thing that actually,follows so this is actually,carrying the ad that i was duplicating,from just now,and then after that right as you can see,when i move down,all the content and everything has been,set up properly,so all i need to do is to just change,the thing that i want to change,so let's say if i'm changing the,creative what i need to do is just,trash the creative and put in a new,creative just,either uploading a new creative or,something like that from here,so that's how i duplicate and add the,reason why we do that is because you see,for a campaign that has been running for,a while okay so this is just an,arrow that i'm just gonna just put it,there so let's say for example right,um this is a campaign that has been,running for a while so you want to,actually,see that you know uh it has carried a,lot of metrics such as,what is the cpm like what is the cost,per click what's the cost for lead like,you know so when you want to create,when you want to change creative you,want to know that when you change,creative,you want to actually leave the old,campaign as a comparison so what we do,here is where we create when we,duplicate a new one,we will often owe one and let the new,one run,once we have set up everything so that's,the best practice that i will always do,because the reason why i want to do that,is because i want to carry,i want to actually maintain i want to,keep the old data under,uh uh undisturbed okay so that when i,run a new campaign i'll be able to do a,quick comparison whether,is this new creative working better,compared to the last one,so that's what i do okay so that's,the question but thanks for the question

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Duplicating Facebook Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

Duplicating Facebook Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

when it comes time for me to create a,new ad campaign i almost never start,from scratch by clicking the green,create button inside of facebook ads in,fact i almost always start by,duplicating an existing campaign so in,this video we're going to talk about why,it is that i do it that way and we're,going to walk through exactly how i set,that up,now if you're new here my name's tom and,on this channel we talk about music,marketing branding business and a host,of other things that are going to help,us move from making music as a hobby to,making music as a business and today,we're going to talk about how and why i,duplicate my ad campaigns whenever i,need to start a new one so first let's,start with the why the main reason is,that most of the information i'm going,to put into a new campaign already,exists inside of an existing campaign,the countries i'm targeting the,targeting interests that i'm using the,placements that i'm using all these,kinds of things are already built into,existing campaigns and so rather than,starting from scratch and then putting,all these things back in which is time,consuming it's easier for me to,duplicate an existing campaign and then,keep the pieces of it that i want to,keep i can always get rid of things but,it takes a lot longer to,input all of this stuff from square one,so i would much rather start at let's,say thirty percent of the way towards,having a campaign built than 0 and even,though that may not sound like a big,difference if you're creating new,campaigns all the time and setting new,things up all the time every little bit,helps so by duplicating an existing,campaign i'm actually saving myself a,lot of time in the long run by utilizing,things that i've already got built into,existing ones so now that we've talked,about it let's dive into facebook ads,and i'll show you exactly how i go about,duplicating a campaign and setting up a,new one,so here in facebook ads now let's say i,want to start a new release campaign it,can really be any kind of campaign you,want at all but let's just assume i want,to do a release campaign well i'm going,to start with my spotify growth campaign,now there are two ways i can do this i,can start here at the campaign level by,hovering over the campaign title and,selecting duplicate or i can click into,the ad set level and i can choose an,existing ad set and duplicate from there,for this video we'll go back out to the,campaign level and we'll start here by,selecting duplicate,now once we get to this screen it's,pretty straightforward duplicate your,campaign i want to create a new campaign,i'm going to leave it at one copy and,i'm going to show existing reactions,comments and shares on the new ads,because why not from here we'll select,duplicate now facebook has seen fit to,start hitting us with this kind of brand,new screen here when you duplicate,things to make things easier but i don't,particularly like this screen so i'm,going to close this out and take myself,back to the original screen that i'm,used to which is the normal setup,process one of the downsides as you can,see with starting from the campaign,level even though i will say this is the,method i use almost all of the time is,that i'm actually not saving myself as,much time as i could because i have to,go through and delete a lot of these,ad sets that i'm not going to use so i,have all of these ad sets inside here,and realistically i only want to start,with one what i would do in this,instance is i would go through here and,i would delete each one of these ad sets,one by one until i'm left with one,single ad set and once i'm left with one,single ad set then we can get started in,building the campaign because what i'll,generally do is i will duplicate the,campaign and then i'll whittle things,down to just one ad set and one ad,inside of it and then i'll build it back,from there but in doing so i keep the,core things about it that i want to keep,like i said before my locations my,targeting my placements and also my,campaign objective here at the campaign,level as you can see i've already got,the buying type built in as auction and,conversions are what i'm optimizing for,and that's where i want things to stay,so i might as well start with it so,going through and deleting all these,existing ad sets of course takes some,time so,this is not the most economic way to go,about it but it is the way that i have,used more often than not,now depending on how long you've been,running your growth campaign and,assuming that that's the campaign that,you're duplicating you may not have to,delete nearly as much as i do i've been,running this growth campaign all of 2021,so i have a lot of ad sets inside of,here that i've tested split tested and,tried new things so i have a lot to,delete now if you only have one or two,ad sets inside of an existing campaign,that you're duplicating to use this,method then this really does save you a,lot of time starting at the campaign,level and it's really not that big of a,deal to delete one or two ad sets in my,case i had to delete a lot because i've,been running this campaign for a long,time that being said once you have,whittled things down to one ad set then,you're going to want to whittle things,down to one ad because again we want to,start with kind of the bare bones,minimum with all of the material that we,want to keep built in so in this case,i'm going to delete this ad for,lions verse here,and once that's done,now we've got one campaign one ad set,and one ad ready to be customized,further for how we want it to go so when,we go to the campaign level everything,is going to stay exactly the same we're,going to adjust our budget if we want to,for release campaign but outside of that,nothing changes at the ad set level,again all the things that you want to,keep are already going to be built in so,you can change things like the title,you're going to want to change the start,and end date of course you can,change your targeting if you want to but,that sort of defeats the purpose so in,this case,i'm keeping my lookalikes and my custom,audiences built in i'm keeping expansion,on i'm keeping all the same territories,that i'm targeting i'm keeping detailed,expansion on even though facebook has uh,just recently decided to include that,as a default without even uh having the,ability to turn it off so that by,default is on now scrolling down further,i've got all of my stories placements,already built in and everything else,stays the same so when we get down to,the ad level we can just start switching,out ad creative depending on the song,that we want to,launch and advertise inside this,campaign so in that case i would delete,this ad video and i would add a new,video inside here and then duplicate,this ad inside of this ad set until i,have the number of ads that i want,inside of this campaign so that's one,way to do it if you don't have a lot of,ad sets inside your campaign as i said,before starting from the campaign level,and duplicating it from there is perfect,makes a lot of sense but if you're like,me and you have all of these ad sets in,here and it's going to take you a bunch,of time to delete everything then we can,start at the ad set level and duplicate,from there so let's walk through that,here at the campaign level if we click,on our spotify growth campaign,i know i want to start with this hero,and lions all spotify expanded ad set,which is the one that we whittled down,to before so i'm going to hover over,that title and select duplicate now here,things are going to be just a little bit,different i have a few more options here,i'm going to select new campaign,i'll call this campaign,we'll call it test,release,the buying type stays the same the,objective stays the same one copy and,i'm going to keep the box checked,because again why not we'll select,duplicate again we're hit with this,screen you can go through this process,if you want to,i still prefer the old way now because,we have duplicated into a new campaign,using a different method it has set the,budget at the ad set level but we don't,want that so we're going to go back up,to the campaign level here and we are,going to turn on campaign budget,optimization now that's one of the,benefits of starting from the campaign,level as opposed to the ad set level you,don't have to worry about this step so,we'll leave the daily budget at twenty,dollars and go back to the ad set level,now here we're gonna start at the top,we'll scroll down everything remains the,same until we get to,the ad level all of the targeting all of,the territories all the expansions,everything else remains the same all of,our placements are the same so now we,can do exactly as we did before we'll,delete one of these ads,and again we are now with one campaign,one ad set and one ad again going to the,ad level here i can delete this video i,can add media we'll go to add video we,can select any of the videos that we,want to use,upload it just as we would before and,again you would customize all of this as,you normally do,the only thing you're going to change,here is the url if you're using a new,song and then you can go to the three,dots on the right side of this ad here,and we can quickly duplicate that to put,it right inside this same ad set and,then you can split test your ads just as,you would normally so those are two ways,to duplicate an ad campaign specifically,an ad set for a new campaign so you can,start at the campaign level you can,duplicate the campaign from there you,can start at the ad set level with a few,different changes that need to be made,but what if you want to duplicate just,an ad at the ad level well there are,times to do that too in fact most,specifically i often times like to,duplicate just an ad to put inside of a,brand new campaign just like this one,when it is scheduled in advance so let's,go back to the ad set level here and,let's say,i want to,schedule this for,let's say friday we'll start it at,friday,and we'll start it at midnight because,that's just what i do and we'll go back,to the campaign level and we'll click,publish on this campaign let's say i,want to take an existing ad and i want,to put that into this new,campaign well let's go all the way,through,to this ad level here and let's,duplicate this ad even though it's the,one we deleted out of it and let's,duplicate it back into our new campaign,so we can split test it against those,ads so once we select duplicate here,we're going to select existing campaign,delete this campaign title and we're,going to select test release,now we want to choose an existing ad set,so we're going to search ad sets our ad,set here is the one that we want to use,now that we've selected the new campaign,that's scheduled to go live on friday,and we've selected the ad set we want,one copy of the ad gonna keep the box,checked and we'll select duplicate from,there so now this ad is being duplicated,inside of our new,ad set inside of our new campaign that,has yet to go live so if we refresh,everything and go back to,the campaign level we'll be able to see,that all of the ads are now inside of,this new campaign and everything is,scheduled to go live at the same time,even though we've pulled things from,different areas so if we go from the,campaign level here we select our test,release,we select our ad set,now we've got,the two ads that we made inside of the,ad set when we duplicated it and the,third ad that we made by duplicating it,from an existing campaign,into this new ad set so what we've done,here is we've pulled pieces from,everywhere that we want them and we've,put them in one campaign that's been,duplicated to start as a new campaign to,test for a release for a new spotify,growth campaign or however we want to,use it,so this is how i go about making new,campaigns i almost always start by,duplicating a campaign or duplicating,elements of campaigns rather than just,starting from scratch having that,information built in makes my life a lot,easier especially when i'm making,multiple campaigns throughout the week,so that's it for this video now before i,let you go if you don't subscribe to the,channel make sure you hit that subscribe,button and at the end here i've got a,couple other videos you can check out,and as always thanks for watching and,i'll catch you on the next one,peace,you

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