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URGENT: Facebook Custom Audience Updatecould this be the end of custom,audiences on Facebook meta ju

Nick Theriot

Updated on Jan 23,2023

URGENT: Facebook Custom Audience Update

could this be the end of custom,audiences on Facebook meta just rolled,out this new update on some Facebook ad,accounts where there's now expansion,optionally for custom audiences today,we're going to dive into this and see,what this means to you what's going on,guys welcome back to the channel my name,is Nick therio and if you don't know who,I am I run an Ecom growth agency and I,basically make these videos to you guys,help you all grow and scale your Ecom,Brands to the point where one day you'll,eventually want to work with me we've,been somewhere roughly around 750k to a,million dollars a month on Facebook ad,spend and I've recently document,everything that I learned and it's,working for us and our client accounts,on this YouTube channel to help you guys,out so that being said make sure the,like button hit that subscribe button,for new videos Monday Wednesday and,Friday and let's dive into the video so,I just want to show you guys first off a,minute ad account right here went ahead,and just hit create a new campaign,standard just campaign Advantage Plus,yada went into this campaign right here,to where it's actually like the ad,account settings and that perspective,right there and then just you know chose,the standard payment info this,particular account is not a e-commerce,account in fact it's actually it's app,install account so that's why I just,selected a random conversion event for,you guys but if we scroll down inside of,here you can see I already selected a,standard custom audience and when I,selected it now there's this Advantage,custom audience Plus or whatever you,want to call it that pops out and,basically what this articulates to,people is Reach people beyond your,custom audience when it's likely to,improve performance now what does that,mean for you as a Facebook ad buyer well,right now it means nothing right now,it's purely just hey custom audience on,or custom audience off for this,Advantage custom audience and when you,accept it what that does is allows,Facebook to go outside of your custom,audience now who exactly do they target,outside of that custom audience that's,people that it's likely to convert in,your ad account so it's not necessarily,like you'll find more website visitors,outside of a 30-day window it's just,people outside of that custom audience,that is likely to convert people you,know Facebook already has a buyer,demographic of who you know is what for,the specific conversion event you're,going after and Facebook will find more,people like that if it believes your,custom audience isn't you know like say,for example if you have a really small,custom audience and you have a really,big budget it's going to hurt,performance a lot for that particular,custom audience if you're running ads,specifically to it so what it does is it,allows Facebook to do and target people,outside of that custom audience with a,little bit of that budget now why is,this big news Okay so the first thing is,if you look right here and you see we,may deliver ads beyond your look like,audience for your select objective if,it's likely to improve performance as,for a look like if I would select a,look-alike custom audience if I go,further down to detail targeting we may,deliver ads beyond your audience for,your select objective selected to,improve performance so there already is,two other targeting options that has,gone through this cycle okay at first,lookalikes or first just interest at,first had this little pop-up said hey,Reach people beyond your interests or,your audience when it's likely to,improved performance so this already had,rolled out maybe a year a year and a,half ago where this rolled out for you,know details targeting right here and,when it rolled out it was very easy you,just had this box nothing nothing wrong,with it you had to select it if you,wanted to use it then Facebook made an,update to where both of it looked likes,and this had the option then Facebook,rolled out another update a few months,later where they were automatically,selected but you still have the option,to unselect them okay a few months later,what happens next now there's no more no,way possible now to deselect this for,lookalikes or interest so if you target,a specific look like audience or Target,specific entrance audience Facebook will,go outside of that if it's likely to,improve performance okay now let's say,we're targeting we're talking about,custom audiences custom audiences could,potentially be going down that same,route of hey now the box is unselect,then a few months later they might have,its words default selected you have to,unselect it every time you duplicate or,copy this ad set then hey now there's no,more way possible to just use that,custom audience it will go outside of,that now again what does that mean to,you as a Facebook Advertiser right now,it means nothing but are we headed down,the same path as a look-alike Hornets or,entrance audience is the questions now,me personally I'm completely fine with,that okay because we as an agency have,stopped using cost some audiences way,back in January of 2021 we don't use,custom audiences anymore for retargeting,which is gonna this is all that's gonna,affect is a retargeting audiences in,that perspective right there so if I'm,excluding purchases 30 days then I'm not,gonna worry about it going outside of,that for exclusions but for at least,custom audiences where I'm targeting,specific people inside of that for,retargeting perspective that is where,it's going to be an issue now for me due,to us not using Target retargeting,audiences or look like audiences or,interest audiences and purely just using,broad targeting I am purely a fan of,this and it goes a lot with how we,operate as an agency in our belief,system of hey just go Broad and let,Facebook handle the rest okay Facebook,knows exactly who your buyer is or your,person that your your,um you know optimizing for whether it's,lead a buyer app install you know Legion,anything like that Facebook knows who to,Target okay now it's up to your ads your,copying your creative to appeal to that,demographic to get the ACT you know the,acquisition okay so if you have bad ads,it's not Facebook it's your bad ads,you're creating crappy ads honestly at,the end of the day so it's up to you to,create better ads and we're continuing,to get pushed in that direction right,there and me personally I have a belief,that Facebook's eventually gets to the,point where there is no more targeting,it's literally just select your age and,your gender and that's it and there you,go and I do see that happening with,Facebook as they continue to push us to,go broader as they don't use detail,targeting or not necessarily don't use,detail targeting but they're removing,more detailing targeting interests over,time month over month and remove,interest so due to that they're slowly,pushing us to go abroad targeting and I,do believe at one point that that's all,Facebook is going to do now don't freak,out if you're in complete panic mode,right now like don't because like I said,we don't use retargeting audiences,anymore in our ad accounts anymore and,we don't even use interest targeting or,look like targeting anymore and we're,seeing phenomenal results for our,accounts now when I say that a lot of,you guys are going to take your current,ads right now let me go put them against,broad targeting and what's ultimately,going to happen is that you just not,going to see the performance you want,okay we probably 50 of our accounts we,can just go Emilio on Broad and other 50,we can't okay now what we do in that,situation is that we find ads that are,winners against broad by testing all of,our new ads against broad targeting okay,and why do we like broad targeting,because broad targeting allows a lot,more stability in the account there's,less crazy spikes in the accounts of ups,and downs and stuff like that we never,have to worry about is it the ad or or,is it the audience we know for a fact,it's the it's the ad when there's a,problem in the accounts of an ad going,fatigued or there's an ad that's just no,longer work anymore we don't sit there,and say hey when you find a better,audience we say hey we need to create,better ads and then lastly is that it,provides better focus in the accounts,when you have a top of funnel campaign,with multiple different audiences look,likes and interests and stuff like that,a middle of funnel campaign a bottom of,funnel campaign and a past purchase this,campaign you have a lot of different,points in an account and there's a lot,of different focuses in the account okay,now all we do is focus on creating,amazing ads at the top of funnel or,prospecting Campaign which we call it,now and that is it and we let Facebook,handle the rest we don't worry about,retargeting anymore we don't worry about,separating our campaigns we don't worry,about these custom audiences that are,slowly going to get phased out of the,accounts we only focus with control,that's creating better ads and having an,amazing offer on Facebook so hope you,guys enjoyed this video and make sure,the like button hit that subscribe,button for new videos every Monday,Wednesday and Friday if you're,interested in seeing how we can help,your business grow and scale if you're,making at least fifty thousand dollars a,month with your Ecom business then click,the link below to book a call with me my,team we'll hop on a call together do a,strategy session with UT with you and,you can take that and run with it or you,have the optional work with us if we,think you're a good fit for the agency,now thank you guys so much for watching,this video again my name is Nick tario,I'll talk to you guys later peace out

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How to Set Up Your Audiences in the Facebook Ad Manager

How to Set Up Your Audiences in the Facebook Ad Manager

hi guys it's tomorrow plethoric one of,the coaches here at social media college,and in today's video I'm going to show,you how you can set up your audiences,within Facebook now before I actually,show you in the ads manager how to,actually set these up I'm going to cover,the three key audiences that you can,choose from by cutting to a couple of,slides of using some presentations so,when you actually think about Facebook,audiences there are three key types of,audiences one of them is a core audience,another is a custom audience and then,the third is a look-alike audience now,let's go through what each of them mean,so a core audience,these are audiences that you create that,are based on demographics it could be,age it could be gender location or,interests so think about if you look at,some of our videos that we create where,I build ads for the social cafe which is,our faux cafe in the middle of Sydney,you'll see that I create our audiences,based around location because if your,bricks and mortar and you serve the,local population you might want to,advertise geographically but you might,have an e-commerce store that sells,female fashion so your you might build,your audience based on gender or even,age you can also build it based on,interests so if you have a tea shop,perhaps you could target people who have,an interest in tea perhaps and you could,actually mix those together so you could,target females above the age of 45 who,like tea based in Sydney because you,might have a high tea shop or cafe or,something like that so you can see you,can play around there and create these,core audiences next we go to custom,audiences now a lot of business owners,don't know that they actually are,sitting on a lot of custom audiences you,might be have collected a whole range of,email addresses from your customers,perhaps or you have a pixel on your,website and you didn't realize that,you've actually been tracking visitors,to your website this whole time so,custom audiences are a list of people,who have interacted with you the,for in some way so it could be your,email subscribers your website visitors,if you have a Facebook pixel on your,website it could be also people who have,watched some of your videos you might,have posted some videos on Facebook and,you can actually target people who watch,those videos you can target people have,watched 50% of the video 75% of the,video it's really that detailed that you,can actually find people who have,watched your videos in depth you can,also target people who have completed a,lead form who have engaged with your,Facebook page they might be fans or they,might have commented you can also target,people who have engaged on Instagram or,engaged with events which is really,really useful,I love custom audiences they're one of,my favorites the next one and the one,that I think the most powerful,look-alike audiences so think of a,look-alike audience that is like your,custom audience essentially so a,look-alike audiences you pick a custom,audience and Facebook will look at all,the data that makes them similar and it,will create a new audience of people,called a look-alike that just like the,name means look like the custom audience,so give you an example you might have a,database of say 2,000 people and you,have that uploaded into your audiences,you can then create a look-alike,audience based off that and Facebook has,that much data on people that it can,find people that have the same,similarities and when you're actually,running ads to those people those,chances that they're going to resonate,with your ad or a little bit higher,because it's based on some really cool,data that you had to hand so for me one,of the powerful ones are look-alike,audiences but my favorite is definitely,custom because at some point they've,interacted with you before so they've,shown some sort of interest and then the,next slide will just kind of cover which,is you know when to use those audiences,so if you think about the ads that you,put out and when you're talking to,people and what you're talking to people,about you would talk to different,audiences in different ways,and so when we look at the advertising,funnel and you have the awareness stage,the consideration stage and the decision,stage at the awareness stage people,don't necessarily know who you are,they're just starting to get to know you,so you would target people not only who,are in your core audience but also in,your look-alike audiences this is what,we called our cold audiences these are,people who aren't aware of you at this,stage that's why it's the awareness,stage they become aware of you and your,offering so call audiences you know over,the age of 45 women look-alike audiences,could be look-alikes based off your,database perhaps or look-alikes based,off your website visitors they get ads,that are in the awareness stage then,when you retarget and you get to the,consideration stage that's why we focus,on custom audiences because you want,those ads to be from people who have,expressive interests essentially in,hearing from you so that custom audience,might be people who engage with your,page or people who engaged on your,website they might have come to visit,your website perhaps or they might have,signed up for a lead magnet and now you,have their email details and also in a,decision-making phase that's when you,would also use the custom audiences so,now you know there are three types of,audiences let's actually go and look at,how we might build that in the ads,manager I think the best way to do that,is to build a campaign so here we go in,the ads manager and I did that by going,up to the top left hand corner the menu,there and clicking on ads manager and,we're going to I'm gonna delete the one,that I've going here and I'm gonna build,this again it usually just takes,watchfully so when we build our,campaigns we always start with the,campaign level right so then we hit,create and we'll just go through a,similar example I'm going to create a,brand awareness campaign because I'm a,cafe a new cafe I'm just going to scroll,down and I want people to be aware of me,and my campaign name is going to be free,coffee offer I'm gonna scroll down I'm,gonna ignore these and when he continue,and that's gonna take us to the ads,level now if you watched any of our,previous videos you'll know that the ad,set level is what I call the chunky,level it's where all of the information,is it's where where we store our,audiences so this is very relevant for,this video because this is where we,actually create our audiences so when we,look at core audiences,that's essentially what all of this,covers you can build your core audience,here is where you can look at location,you might want to target everybody in,Australia you might want to target,people in different countries and you,can actually start picking different,countries you also might want to narrow,it down so you might want to target,people just in sympathy perhaps so you,can actually target Sydney the great,thing about this little box people,living in or recently in this location,there's a few other options there people,living in this location people have,recently been in this location or people,traveling in this location you might,wonder all they're kind of the same but,they're really not I for instance as a,cafe might not really care about people,recently in this location,I might just want to target people,living in this location I want long-term,customers at my cafe so that might be a,bit of audience selection for me so,really think about who it is that you're,trying to target there's some great,targeting capabilities here here as we,select your age your gender you might,target men and women or just women or,just men and then here is where we can,add our interest in behaviors and our,demographics so for instance I might,want to gather people who have an,interest in coffee there are actually,quite a lot of people that have an,interesting coffee or coffee houses or,coffee bean the great thing about this,is you can start typing and Facebook can,make a lot of suggestions let's just say,I think you can even make sure that I've,picked the right magazine yeah so you,can pick magazines you can pick,publications so for instance I've,written Women's Health and there's the,option s of the magazine this one I,believe is the US version but you can,you see what I mean right you might want,to target people who like,forbes magazine for instance so there's,quite a lot of different things that you,can pick that interests are not just,away like coffee,it could be interests in so think about,um people who have big profiles like,Oprah Winfrey right there's quite a lot,of different interests but you can pick,from so if you're a business person you,might want to if you're an entrepreneur,you might want to pick Gary Vaynerchuk,chuckles and interests because people,who have an interest in Gary Vaynerchuk,might also have an interest in your,entrepreneurial business so there's,quite a lot of different things that you,can do you can also browse here so by,clicking on the other one it had,suggestions that's where Facebook's,suggested it to be you can actually,drill down here and look at everything,that's available to you so for instance,choppy and fashion and then you might,have a kid's clothing brand or a kid's,brand where you might want to select the,toys option there's quite a lot so i,really suggest like spending go grab a,cup of tea and can sit down and just go,digging around in here once you know,what's available to you there's so much,opportunity in here to create a really,nice core audience now if I build my,audience at Sydney and and I go to say,2665 old men and women I can actually,save that audience so if you think about,if you have lots of interests and you've,created this amazing audience and you,think at some point that you want to use,that audience again you can save the,audience and give it a name so we're,gonna call it Sydney local now obviously,for something as simple as that you,wouldn't save it but for instance a few,campaigns that I've built before I've,built a lot of interests magazines,people just general interests locations,and you just create these big little you,know this big combination and so you,might want to save that and that's,really great to have so you can hit that,save and that will save for you then go,so it's called Sydney local,and then if we go back to where we were,if you ever want to use that audience,again let's just say what's just started,again this is to create the new audience,and this is where we would find our,saved audiences,there we go Sydney local and it's a pit,so you can pick it and it just creates,it for you automatically,so it's got some really great,functionality in here now if we're going,to go and create our custom audiences,this is where you'd have to build the,audience first so you'd have to go up,into your venue expand the menu and head,over here to audiences I'm gonna leave,that page and you can see already that,because I saved that audience Facebook,has saved that audience into my,audiences section which is perfect so,let's just say I want to create a new,audience I want to create a custom,audience of I'm gonna upload my database,to the to the ads manage because I want,to eat I want to advertise to everybody,on my email list all you have to do is,head over to that audiences section make,sure your ad account is showing and then,this blue button here create audience,drop-down and you can create a custom,audience and a look-alike audience now,I'm just going to show you really,quickly by hit look-alike audience it's,going to want a custom audience to start,with so I don't have that so let's start,you have to create the custom audience,first before you can create the,look-alike so we're going to create a,custom audience now Facebook will really,walk you through this and you can select,your sources here website customer list,offline activity app activity or the,Facebook sources such as someone's,watched your video a lead forum events,Instagram that sort of thing,we're gonna go customer list and this,one's really interesting because you can,upload a lot of data fields first name,last name date of birth gender city,country you do the more identifies that,you have,the better Facebook can find that person,on Facebook and make that connection so,you do need at least one main identifier,and then you can include some more now,there is a template that you would have,to have your information on you can just,upload any file so that's where you can,download that here you can also import,from MailChimp and there's some,formatting guidelines there and then you,would just go through the steps here to,upload that list and then you would,connect the data to them so let's go,back to some other options website now,we don't have a pixel set up for our,website but this is where you would set,that up so if you had your pixel on your,website your pixel would it be appear,here and you would select all my website,visitors for the past 30 days you can,actually go up to 180 days which is,great and you can give your audience a,name so you would say website visitors,180 days which is great if you drop down,you can actually also find people who,visited specific webpages or based on,the time that they've spent on the page,you might want to create an audience of,people who spent more than say five,minutes on your page if you know that,the data and how many how long people,spend on your website and you know that,people who spend more than five minutes,on your website are really highly,engaged you can create a really highly,engaged smaller audience but the,likelihood of them converting is really,great go back there let's pick another,one let's go Facebook page so you can,create an audience of people who have,engage with your Facebook page so,everybody who's engaged with my page in,the last this one's right 365 days you,can target people up to a year from when,they engage with your page you can also,target anybody who's visited your,Facebook page,anybody who's engaged with any of your,posts or your ads anybody who's sent a,message to your page,anyone who saved,host this one's really great if you,share educational tips and people are,saving your posts so you know that you,might be establishing yourself as an,authority so you might want to create an,audience just of people who have saved,your posts because that's a really,highly engaged audience and again you,want to name your audience so once you,create your custom audience they'll all,be listed down here and creating the,look-alike is super simple I don't know,if we can do it no hang on let's see if,we can create a look-alike off that,let's do this,okay we're going to create a look-alike,audience and I selected look-alike,you do need a source audience to do that,and all you would need to do is select,the source here you can select an event,with value now this really has to do,with people who make purchases if you,are a local business or you collect,leads then you can pretty much bypass,that this is for people who mainly have,ecommerce sites then you can select the,location microsleep me again let's go,Australia,and this is the really interesting part,so to select your audience size now,Facebook will create a look-alike,audience based on a percentage of their,rather how much they match to the the,custom audience so what I mean by that,is the top 1% that matched to that,audience your core audience which is the,pixel people who have come to our,website perhaps there's 183 thousand,people and they're gonna have the,closest match to the source audience but,let's just say you want to advertise to,more people than that you can actually,spread it out you can go I can with the,top 2% of people that that match to my,source audience let's just say you have,quite a lot of budget and you're like,you know what I want to advertise to a,million people and I want the top 5% of,people in Australia that matched my,source audience so I'm happy if yeah the,quality might be a little bit less but I,want a bigger audience I want a million,people close to a million people to,advertise to so that's this this little,option here gives you that ability to be,able to control the size of the audience,if you have a smaller audio at smaller,budget you might just want to reduce,that size and go okay I'm gonna I'm,gonna stick to that and I'm gonna make,my name is six that 2% and then you,would say create audience now look this,is saying that the source is too small,and this is a really interesting thing,to to highlight you need in your source,audience at least a hundred people so,obviously this is an example and we,don't have a hundred people in our pixel,normally what would happen is it would,just generate and it would create an,audience underneath them but this is a,very interesting point you can't just go,and make look like audiences with no,cause data with no source data you need,a hundred people per country that's to,say if you were an Australian business,and you want to then advertise,the US market and you have an Australian,database you can't create a look-alike,audience of people in America you need,at least a hundred people in America as,your source audience to then create a,look-alike from that so that's just,something interesting to to raise them,so when you create that look-alike that,would actually come down here and it,would have a name that would say ll a 5%,or whatever the percentage was and then,it would have the name of the source,audience and when it comes to actually,using that we're going to come back to,our ads manager you're gonna create that,campaign again because this is the other,thing I know it'll tell us okay great,I thought I'd have to start from scratch,always have to make sure you save your,work when you're in here which is why,it's super important to pre prepare,everything you don't want to have to,click back out again and come back in,again so we are in our audience section,now in order to find your custom,audiences you would actually that's what,this section is all about so we're gonna,go in here and this is where you would,actually find all of your look-alike and,your custom audiences and then you would,just select it and then because you have,your custom audience you just bypass the,rest of this and you go straight to,placements and budget and you continue,building your campaign so there you have,it that is a little tutorial on,audiences the types of audiences and how,you would actually build them in the ads,manager if you found this video,interesting and you like the hints and,tips that we're providing and you want,to learn some more about social media,marketing I would really encourage you,to subscribe to our YouTube channel and,for more hints and tips,you

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