how to unflag facebook ads account

Part 6 How to Unflag Facebook Ads Accountwelcome back to a picture of its icon,video but in France

Adelaide Djaban

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Part 6 How to Unflag Facebook Ads Account

welcome back to a picture of its icon,video but in France don't envy things,this time we are playing our game of,luck I can read a table are you can get,back your Facebook participates a cancer,that is been flat for unusual activity,you know when the flood your pants will,be flat for super booster for 14,publicist here they give us the desk,uses wish Mara or interactivity or,policy evaluation were involved it is a,racket is no policy don't expect your,advert a transformer they're not going,to look even a feel that I was releasing,but when it is for unusual activity,it is very easy together very easy these,more you do send a letter showing right,the Abbey flattens ask Allah is the,Catalina I will flood twice with loved,ones and you can see that I gave my,abacus with a number the two times of,being getting flood get it back,I ran home Danny clicks hot imports,Oh must be to place it wasn't work so,I'll show you how I need I'll show you,to charge the missing I have a you know,when when you when you flatter your,other pants you see cause that's fatal,now if you think it's install your,beauty but you know I should contact,them click on top of that and take you,to a pleasure in uniform gives you fun,day,this is your other hand say yes and,attract rains and we try to please now,I'm facing yes please briefly describe,you about an objective annual campaign,my hat is named in CPC and you get Lisa,send it to the website I visited or I,will try to add it a little to your,account yes I do not depend according to,your articles gifts is your current,location different from the building or,country of your teammates method no,please describe any twenty shower,activity you do this for you I can't eat,any no difference just take charge,wait you're bad accountability verify,your identity then you can ask you we,are you take that dough still yes,take your promise so our clinical trial,these were something centered a Syrian,blood say I'm Cranston's article,indicate that I think this is motivated,if you say automatically educator your,participants of suspected fraudulent,activity in inches of that's not easy we,cannot attend clearly nearly a pivot,another designed to actually understand,it the better the same is hosts France,is single so and thanks for your cred,reference this shows that you have taken,your customers is a seriously I'm so,glad that I am also glad that is,adequately make this a better place for,everyone of us but excellent retirement,account as my advance is used of money,baby perhaps improvement comes from the,fact that is by phone to access will be,welcome ITC which might cost of either,changes candidates and objectives and,Saints you see I am third owner Bob,theater and payment is to make reduced,on its text in institutions to your bad,manners so we say the same facility,that's automating,you you'll notice that it's automated is,not being like like that videos opium,priest was said to be before and ready,hello Lisa Francis I said Jenny's no,fraudulent activity you can ask me any,question about confidentiality all can,you take a better change moment to,confirm that there is no from that,activity as utility now him to mean that,he claimed that program physical next on,let's check again,so he has more on that,reply and you know release man and to,see that my heart has been creating you,back okay,this is not at all I'm sure you wanna,put on honey I have a sausage fest so,when I was blood,this is a case which commencement of,genius brings that of you I believe or,not in station students on five years,and we just watch is that is visualize,yes my and providing business tradition,of important factor P my hats are not,really to include with the posts given,Adam Dennis karate new deceased donors,HP v8 at once again awareness backwards,which click here to continue a click on,conceding and notice any irregular Spain,approaches absurdity office with a,cracked own say not for us for us to,please describe the steps you have taken,to the sky traced to a little busy so I,need to get any state so do you have an,exit ticket yes and I'm opening up my,international passport so and I also say,that's not a horrible because that is,pre many different features,is it appearance instead takes say,thanks for you know they need you to,plan you have to may take message don't,give over this is a message we say our,indicators you know that same good busy,they obtained so and I'm like but I,uploaded teammates confuse it is not,fraudulent activity you destroyed and I,say all this belongs to me in as,indicated by previous open our eyes look,into this case most again and he really,woman as enhance,thanks,the applied potential compactification,comes on for the ordinances for,Cyprian's particular campaign easy Big,Easy they fall as I try to run an ad he,does when he blocked the idiot you know,as I got it I was like definitely come,back here and they'll reply least of all,it's not climbing onto you,yeah identify both of them gonna remind,us when I presume it is possible,envelope here and I don't reply you know,if if you feel before they they recline,would fall into 3d the gate,Bob at manager contact Emily it's great,Amada it's great another you know,supports ckz for integrated also for,tickets piece for you so if they not,rather transfer our combat advantage I,mean and proton that is so easy you get,just for my formats there is no,there is no big my team in need you know,it's so easy it's all about taxing not,knowing what to say anyway,you know you'll be at all when they say,is to be the finance on the decanter the,employees don't agree,don't agree at all so does that I,believe lesson from this and then you,can see so that the disability first,time and medically disabled second time,across of any abilities if they do,sympathy for unusually serious but that,which medically enabled many enhance,people for friends you know and this is,a mental sometimes I'll just say,obscenity missed with the sense of you,once the message it sends to be hard I,do this about just reply outside you,replied what you do so you said that you,black so once they reply against Emily,message I send you another value,sensitive is so easy,unison are in case you to know what to,do like a minute problem you know,getting back to other hands after I can,watch this video please,you should make sure you've tried you've,not try that so those contact me if you,tried and try not to be something that,you cannot me on these phone,numbers one for sale,Felicity's fax has beat you we just,probably to watching this video if you,get it video somewhere else and what's,Papa purchase or the other is a bunch of,the to you doesn't and in the second,inning - nice traffic site here as no,video scope and our 70 Facebook email,and we say he said we make message of,his twenties - my nameday,physical therapy there is recent or you,can follow me on twitter under fold up,for the instagram under follow Amish,place

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Facebook Ad Account Flagged — What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Account Gets Deactivated | #194

Facebook Ad Account Flagged — What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Account Gets Deactivated | #194

today's question comes from Hani and,he's asking what do you do when facebook,disables your ad account,welcome to the till bois de la show,where I show you how to create the,freedom and lifestyle you truly desire,tune in every day and get real life,strategies to grow your own business,hack your life and get more done in less,time subscribe to the show and add tilba,dela on snapchat theoretically once,facebook disables your ad account you,aren't allowed to create a new one so,once facebook disables one of your,accounts basically you're disabled for,life unless you contact them and get,them to unban your account now the very,first thing you should do is take a look,at Facebook's ad policies because look,most likely if you got banned it's,because you probably violated some of,their policies or maybe there is another,reason maybe your payment method or,something in your account looked,suspicious to them and they banned you,because of that but in most cases if you,get banned on Facebook if your ad,account gets disabled it's because you,violated their policy chances are that,you've never read their ad policies I,get so many people contacting me saying,Facebook disabled my account and I asked,them do you have a privacy policy on,your website and they say no and that's,against Facebook's Terms and Services,right it's against their advertising,policies you need to have a privacy,policy on your website so things like,that show me that most people don't,bother reading Facebook's ad policies,and that is why I'm not surprised that,so many people get shut down by Facebook,so step number one is to educate,yourself and read their ad policy,because you want to find out what was,the mistake that you made so in case,your account gets re-enabled or you can,create a second account,you want to make sure that you don't,repeat the same mistakes you want to,learn from your mistakes right if you,don't learn from your mistakes,you're doomed to repeat them so step,number one is to do the work you should,have done in the beginning before you,actually got banned on Facebook and find,out what might be the reason why you got,banned,check out their policy read it carefully,and make sure you never make those,mistakes again be more careful step,number two is reaching out to Facebook,and you can do this per email so for,every account that gets banned there's a,small link at the top where it says,something like if you believed this was,a mistake you can contact us here,usually Facebook doesn't get back to,those emails so Facebook has a pretty,bad customer support especially if you,don't pay them a lot of money they don't,really care about you they care more,about their high paying clients meaning,people spending forty dollars a day or,more on advertising so you should still,try contacting them per email and see if,they get back to you if they don't get,back to you the second thing you should,try is scheduling a call with Facebook,so you can actually schedule a call with,a marketing expert from Facebook and,they will call you maybe right,again it's Facebook they don't have to,do anything they basically rule the,world so it's up to them if they get,back to you or not they are in a,position where Facebook is so powerful,that they can literally choose who they,respond to who they get back to and if,you're just a small fish you don't spend,a lot of money on advertising you may be,live in a country where they don't make,a lot of revenue they might just not,care about you so that being said you,should still try it um you should try,and schedule a call with a Facebook,marketing expert and once you're on the,phone with a marketing expert from,Facebook explain what happened explain,that it was a mistake tell them one of,your accounts got banned and that it was,a misunderstanding that it was a mistake,that you need Facebook for your business,and kindly ask him to re-enable your,account that's your best bet,I know a lot of stories of people that,simply scheduled a call with Facebook,they rationally and calmly explain to,the person on the phone that it was a,mistake they didn't act needy or all,crazy or angry or emotional they just,had the certainty that it was a mistake,they called Facebook and they rationally,explained that it was a mistake and the,other person on the phone understood and,re-enabled the account don't overreact,don't get all emotional don't go crazy,don't be offended,none of that if you act like you made a,mistake they will believe you made a,mistake it's better to stay calm and,rational and just explain them as a,businessman that they need you we enable,your account because it was a,misunderstanding and a mistake and that,you want to clear it up and that,everything's fine and kindly ask them to,really account I know many people that,did that they scheduled a call with,Facebook they did exactly this,they stayed calm explain to the expert,that there was misunderstanding and a,mistake and they asked the other person,to re-enable the account they did it,everything was fine,if that doesn't work you can still try,creating another ad account now do this,at your own risk,right because Facebook doesn't like this,so that being said if you want to create,a new ad account you have to be very,very careful because Facebook Flags,anything that you associated priorly,with that ad account that is flat the,domain the Facebook pages your payment,method all of that has been flagged by,Facebook automatically write anything,that you ever promoted on that old ad,account the payment method you used all,of that is saved by Facebook they're,smart you can't use your payment gateway,that you used in the past you can't use,your Facebook pages you can't use,certainly not the domains that you used,before so basically what you have to do,is you have to create a new online,presence and a new brand from scratch so,if you're running a Shopify business for,example you have to get a new domain you,have to maybe even get a new Shopify,installment because maybe they flagged,the Shopify subdomain or something like,that so get a new domain get a new,Shopify subscription with a new,subdomain get a new payment method,meaning you need to apply for a new,credit card and you also have to create,a new Facebook page that you can then,use in your ads and you have to stay,away from promoting anything that you've,promoted in the past you have to,basically create a new brand so it looks,to Facebook like everything's created,from scratch then what you do is you,have to create a second Facebook profile,a second personal profile and you should,be active on that profile for a while so,make it look natural invite friends,build your network organically interact,with people comment like send private,messages back and forth do this for a,couple of weeks or even months before,you try and open an ad account on that,new personal Facebook account and once,you do that again make sure you don't,promote anything that you've promoted in,the past and you use a completely,different payment method and make sure,you don't repeat the same mistakes that,you've made in the past so read their,policies and be more careful before you,run an ad before you do a promotion,think for yourself,are you breaching Facebook's ad policies,and as a final thought one is the most,dangerous number in business so if your,business solely relies on Facebook then,you have a problem because maybe you,can't unblock your account maybe you'll,get shut down again so always have a,back-up plan if you're learning Facebook,right now then also start learning about,Google AdWords start learning about,reddit ads Pinterest and start learning,about SEO,about generating organic traffic you,always want to have a back-up plan in,case one thing doesn't work never build,a business on one pillar and since,Facebook is a third-party service that,you can control they have the control,they have the leverage they can shut you,down anytime they can stop doing,business with you,anytime they want and if your business,depends on Facebook to work then you've,got a problem so make sure you keep this,in mind and also build other pillars to,support your business so you have a,back-up plan in case the worst case,scenario really happens so make sure you,aren't stupid about it make sure you,think long term and you build these,multiple pillars

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