how to turn off the email notifications on each sale with shopify

How to Turn Off Shopify Transactional Emails?how can you turn off transactional,emails inside of sho

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Turn Off Shopify Transactional Emails?

how can you turn off transactional,emails inside of shopify,if you use other platform or,email service provider like clavia,active campaign mailchimp or so forth,and you want to use those platforms to,send transactional emails,meaning order confirmation shipment,confirmation fulfillment,out for delivery and other email you are,able to do it but,first just to make sure not to send,double emails,from shopify as well other esp first you,need to,i mean first you need to build those,emails inside the other platform,and turn off inside of shopify,unfortunately,you are not able to turn off,in shopify order confirmation unless,you're on shopify plus and you have to,contact support you have to go through,some hoops,to disable order confirmation on,regular shopify you are not able to turn,off order confirmation it,must be on before we continue with the,video i have a short announcement to,make we,are growing and we have a few spots,available for,new clients and i would like to tell you,about our partner program,give thousand dollars get thousand,dollars how does it work,if you know anybody in your network who,are,e-commerce brand online retailers please,refer,them to us and if they sign up with us,you will get thousand dollars,and they will get thousand dollar,discount toward their credit,or if you are ecommerce brand and you,would like to work with us we will give,you two thousand dollars towards your,first month,of the retainer just visit,partner and see,the details of a partner program and we,have a template there,email template which you can send it to,your friend or somebody you know in,e-commerce space,okay so when you log into your shopify,account,on you click on settings and click on,notifications,and this is the order confirmation you,are not able to disable but the,everything else as you can see there's,check marks and right now,on this specific account those emails,are enabled,meaning people are receiving,transactional emails from,shopify not their esp email service,provider so,if this person this client wants to,use clivio because they use client if,they want to use,clavio to send out transactional emails,they need to disable them here not to,send,double emails to their clients if you,want to,disable any other like order,confirmation cancel order and so forth,you need to talk to shopify support,and ask them to disable but again order,confirmation,you are able to disable only on shopify,plus not,regular shopify i hope it helps in case,you have any additional,questions please let me know thank you,you

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how to turn off the email notifications on each sale with shopify catalogs

Shopify Notifications - Setup Email & SMS (Tutorial)

Shopify Notifications - Setup Email & SMS (Tutorial)

welcome back today we're going to be,going over notifications where you set,them up how you customize them and how,you use them inside Shopify so let's,jump into it all right let's talk about,notifications inside Shopify now for,every item that happens inside Shopify,where you're communicating with the,client so for example an order gets,processed fulfillment gets processed the,abandon carts for example there is a,notification that's set up so that they,can get notified when things happen now,there are two places to customize,notifications inside Shopify so if we,come into the dashboard and we go down,to settings we're gonna find,notifications which is right in the,middle of the screen now a couple,caveats to keep in mind,none of the default notifications inside,the Shopify can turned off to the,dashboard so if you're using a,third-party app and they don't have a,way of checking off a notification,through the API then there is they're,gonna receive two notifications in that,case so you want to make sure that all,the notifications that you set up are,the priority once inside shop so the one,that gets set up is the one inside,Shopify and then if you're using a,third-party app you want to turn off,third-party apps notifications you can't,turn off the Shopify ones so it's,important to know where to go and,customize them so the first place you,want to go and customize them is on the,left hand side here with the customize,button let me click on the customize,button this is going to show you an,example of what the notification is,going to look like before it gets sent,out now the first thing you'll notice is,you have a couple options on the,right-hand side you can choose your logo,you can change your logo width and,confuse your accent color I'm gonna go,and choose a logo here so that you can,see what it looks like and once I've,added logo in here you can see it's now,updated at the top of the notification,the last the two other settings that we,have is we can change the the width of,the logo if we want to if we want to,bump it up a little bit we can do it,like so and then we can change the,accent color so if we want to change the,accent color say I want to change it to,our sub bold blue here,I can go and change it to that color,save the notification and the way you go,now for the most part that's all the,customizations that you have inside,Shopify in order to change colors and,logos and to make the emails match your,brand and for most people that's enough,but what if you wanted to change the,content inside of the agents you wanted,to add maybe a map to your store if,you're doing in-store pickups or maybe,you wanted to add a customer service,phone number for the example so if you,wanted to do that you head back to,notifications and on the right hand side,here here is where all the notifications,sit now I'm gonna warn you when we go,into notifications it's gonna be a,little overwhelming at first and the,reason it's overwhelming is because it's,going to be a mixture of liquid code and,a mixture of HTML code and I will try,and explain how liquid code works for,you as we go through so if we have a,look here at the dashboard we have two,tabs that start off on the top we email,enemy of SMS for the time being let's,just work on the SMS side of things,because it's shorter and it's easier to,understand the code that's going on it,and then we'll switch over to email side,of things and then you can have a look,at how that comes together so the first,thing that comes up is it says hi and,then it says curly brace with a % and,what this means inside of liquid so you,can identify liquid code by two,different types of declarations the,first is a curly brace with the percent,sign and this means that liquid code is,actually going to be doing some,processing so it means it's either going,to be setting a variable or it's going,to be pulling information and then doing,something program ibly with it and then,the second declaration that you'll,notice is a double curly brace so you'll,see right after it here we have a double,curly brace and when you have a curly,brace it basically means that you're,outputting something only so you're,outputting in this case the order,customers first name or you're,outputting maybe the order item title,and so on and so forth so it's important,to keep those two separate when you,starting to get into,code because if you get them confused,the system's gonna think it's processing,something when you actually wanted to,open something so the first thing we,want to do is we want to write an if,statement which goes around the,customers first name and the first if,statement that we have is an unless,statement so even regular programming if,you have an if you have an end so if,something is true do this in Shopify,because you don't have an operand ur,that is is not equal to you only have,the equals operator,they have created an unless statement so,it's the opposite of an if statement,unless the order confirmation of the,order customers first name is blaming if,it is blank,skip it so if they didn't fill out a,first name it's just gonna say hi and,then it's gonna put a comma in there I,mean it's gonna say thanks for your,purchase and now we get access to our,first piece of liquid code which outputs,some information so it's gonna grab the,order total price and we have a little,bit of a filter placed on top of this,liquid code so the filter is known as a,pipe so you put a pipe in there and you,say money which is one of the filters,inside Shopify which will render the,order total price with a dollar sign,after at the double dots so giving it a,nice clean look and you know that it's,money and then we're gonna say from shop,name which is a variable inside of,Shopify and then we're gonna get to our,first if statement so if the order,requires shipping so it is a physical,product and not a digital product then,it's gonna say well notify you when it,ships if it's not so this is the else,statement of the SMS will notify you,when it's ready so clean a different,language around there it depending on,which use case comes up okay and then,the final piece of the message is if the,order has a status URL so what that,means is if the order has a tracking,around that they can put,it's where the shipment is at and if it,does then we're going to write few order,order name and we're gonna call it and,we're going to put in the order status,and then we're going to end with the,fine final thing that we have on a text,message is text stop which basically is,a link that gets blasted as a variable,from the Shopify system to unsubscribe,and that is essentially how you set up,the SMS email notification now I realize,that was a lot to go over and there's,quite a bit involved when you start,talking about liquid code in a,programming sense they provide you with,a nice documentation on the right that,goes over all the variables and what,each one is used for and the use case,for it so if you're looking for a,specific item say you want to list your,discount this your discounting your,notifications you have that access,available to you on the right-hand side,so let's head over to email for a moment,now when you're in email you need to be,able to build in HTML with your liquid,code so what my recommendation usually,is is go out and build your HTML,document in another editor so use it in,a WYSIWYG editor maybe use the MailChimp,editor which shows you how what your,code is going to look like when it's,finished,if you're not comfortable doing HTML,code you want to be able to do it in an,editor first copy the code in and then,go and swap out the variables the other,thing to keep in mind is in the email,notifications it says that assets,notifications styles dot CSS is the,place where all of the styles are being,stored there's no way to access that you,can't get to that through the themes so,all of your Styles inside your email,notifications I've got to be inline,Styles so as you can see down below we,have a style and then it starts off an,inline style so anything that you're,going to be ready,right inside your email has got to be in,style this is a limitation of basically,email email browsers that show you,emails are 10 years old so we have to,use a technology that is quite a bit,older in order to be compatible all,right so that is a basic overview of,what notifications are there are or,notifications in here for all of the,different types of communications that,you'll do with your customer,you've got orders shipping customer,templates templates is the notification,that gets sent to you so it gets sent to,any of the recipients that are set up,down below you can enable desktop,notifications desktop notifications is,when your desktop is going to show you a,little window in the top hand corner and,it looks like this and that will enable,you to get notified when things happen,and then finally you have web logs web,hooks we go into another video thanks,for coming by I hope this was helpful if,it was hit the like button hit the,subscribe button if that's something,you're into and we'll see you in the,next one

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