how to turn off all facebook ads

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022in this video i am going to show you,how to

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

in this video i am going to show you,how to turn off ads on facebook in 2022,nowadays,we all are disturbed with,annoying ads,which we don't want to see on our,facebook,profile,or news feed,we all are disturbed with this kind of,sponsored ad,which,shown on our news feed,i'll show you one more here is another,one,if you want to stop this kind of ads,or,while watching a video,sometimes you will find,ads,today i am going to show you how to turn,off this kind of ads on facebook,watch the full video to learn,open your facebook app and tap on the,three vertical lines for menu,scroll down,and,find settings and privacy,under settings and privacy,tap on privacy shortcuts,scroll down and find add preference,here we'll find ad preference,learn how,ads,work on facebook and how we used data,to make the ads that you see more,relevant,from here,facebook will decide which ad you should,watch or not,tap on this,and then,tap on add settings,scroll down,you will find,manage data,used to show you ads,here you will find four option,data about your activity from partners,category used to reach you,audience based advertising,ads shown of facebook,we'll go through,all of these one by one,tap on the first one,and you will find,choose whether you can use data from our,partners to show,your personalized ad,turn this off,was this section useful,yes,go back,tap on the second option,here you will find,profile information,turn off all of this,and then,tap on the fourth option,turn off,you can review this what you should know,after turning off all of these,tap on advisors,which,companies ad you are,showing now,you can hide all of these,if you hide all of these they will not,be able to show their ads to you,here you will find some more ads,you can hide all of this one by one,it may take some time but you will find,result,was this section useful,yes,go back,at topic,by this way you can turn off ads on,facebook in 2022,now,close,facebook,and,open again,you will find less ad,thanks for watching this video if you,like this video share with your friends,give a like,thanks for watching till the end

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Turn OFF This BAD Facebook Ads Feature (It's Auto-Enabled!)

Turn OFF This BAD Facebook Ads Feature (It's Auto-Enabled!)

meta has just also enabled a new,facebook ads feature that is terrible,for a lot of facebook advertisers you,can't keep getting away with it you,can't keep getting away with them it's,probably active in your campaigns right,now because it's been turned on by,default you don't want it to be and in,this video i'm going to explain what it,is and show you how to turn this thing,off,so to see whether this feature is active,in your campaigns or not you want to go,into your campaigns and then come to the,ad level which is where i am in a,demonstration and campaigning and then,if you go ahead and scroll down um to,beneath the just beneath the add,creative section you can see where you,enter in your primary text headlines etc,and you'll see this optimized text per,person feature now doesn't that sound,like a great feature who wouldn't want,to optimize text per person when i dig,into this a little bit more you'll see,why this is potentially such an issue,for you so if i hover over the little,eye you'll see how this works right,effectively what facebook are doing is,they are taking what you write for your,primary text what you write for your,headline and what you wrote for your,description and they are moving those,whatever you've written into other,locations,if they feel that that's going to,improve performance and they're doing,this at the per person level so if for,example they feel that whatever you've,written for your primary text is going,to do better at the headline in the,headline slot and vice versa i'll switch,them around same for your description,now this might be a decent ish option,for brand new facebook advertisers don't,really know what they're doing they just,entered in some good things about their,product or service they put it in there,and it gives,facebook flexibility to be able to move,this stuff around but for anyone that's,even,slightly beyond that very very beginner,phase which is obviously the vast,majority of my audience that's not good,just imagine now think about what you,wrote in your primary text what you,wrote in your headlines how you thought,about it how you worked out what you,wanted to be in those ads and now,facebook's just going to go ahead and,switch all that around you can easily,end up with ads that don't make sense,and obviously as part of my job i,regularly go through facebook instagram,just taking a look at the various ads,that pop up i think that's a good,exercise for anyone advertising on the,platform and i do feel like i've started,to see some more ads recently that make,less and less sense and i think this is,potentially part of the problem now the,optimized text per person option has,been available for a while now it's,probably six months in but the fact that,meta have now decided that this is auto,enabled so you create a new campaign,create new ads it's going to be on by,default i think presents a number of,different issues okay and you can sort,of think about oh yeah that could that,could really present some problems now i,want to be very clear that this is,different to the ability to create,multiple primary texts multiple,headlines and then allow,meta to test those out so you can see,here under the primary text we've got,what you had about try up to five,options same with the headline same with,the description that's something i would,encourage a lot of advertisers to do it,allows you to test different headlines,different primary text options etcetera,etcetera without needing to create tons,of different ads um you can can use this,feature and that's fine this is,different it's the,the automatic switching between say,we're gonna put your headline in your,primary text your primary text in your,headline and your description which is,probably the weirdest one imagine,someone pops your description up into,your headline you think well that's no,that's not right at all that's not gonna,work with descriptions to typically use,something that's more call to action,based if you put that in the headline,before anyone knows anything about the,ad you know imagine a headline that's,like click here to claim your free offer,now ah,i don't like it i don't like this at all,and i don't like that it's been auto,enabled and what you can see down here,is we've got this optimized text per,person option and we've just got enabled,there's no ability seemingly to turn,this off which is on first glance even,more concerning because you think well i,don't want this and i can't even turn it,off now you can actually turn this thing,off it's they've made it more,complicated than they need to it's a,little bit hidden but i'll show you how,to do that in a second before i do just,wanted to quickly let you know about my,company lead guru which is specialist,facebook and instagram ad agency we,create manage and optimize campaigns for,our clients if you want help with your,facebook and instagram advertising you,want to get better results you want a,company to take off your hands we can,almost certainly help you do that so if,you're interested you can book a free,call with one of my team members links,in the description below we do have a 3k,per month minimum budget requirement but,if you do meet that please go ahead and,book a call simply to find out more at,this stage so how do we actually turn,off this feature that i certainly don't,want on on the vast majority of my,campaigns and i don't think you do,either because as i said there's no sort,of toggle easy switch to click it here,what you need to do is turn off standard,enhancements first so if we scroll up,you'll see that there's a section here,called standard enhancements beneath,where you select your ad format,this may or may not be turned on by,default in your ad account it seems to,vary between ad accounts i don't know,why some ad accounts have this and some,other accounts don't either way meta,recommend it and a lot of advertisers,are using this now it's sort of dressed,up as a good thing there's and there are,some positive elements to it where um,mess is going to try and improve your,creative for you automatically it could,be things like enhancing brightness and,colors and that sort of stuff so,standard enhancements is a feature that,sounds great a lot of advertisers are,using it it's what meta recommend but if,it means that you have to use the,optimize text per person feature it's,not something that i would recommend so,you need to go ahead and deselect it,whether or not it's turned on or not,will depend per ad account as i already,said and that then changes this feature,down here where we've now got a toggle,we can choose whether or not to optimize,text per person it's still turned on as,default even when you deselect standard,enhancements you just now have the,option to actually turn this thing off,so if you go ahead and toggle that,the,problem that we've been talking about in,this video goes away but you can see how,this is going to catch a lot of facebook,advertisers out there's a lot of people,that aren't going to know they're just,going to see enabled and think there's,nothing you can do about it they're not,going to turn off sound enhancements and,then you still need to go back and turn,off optimized text per person so one of,the questions you might have is why a,meta doing this what like what's the,point here what why,why,why,why what they're doing with the facebook,ad platform is really catering to those,beginners those new advertisers and,they're taking away,um functionality and taking away the,ability to customize and specify that us,more advanced advertisers certainly want,to be able to do i really don't like the,idea that the ad being presented to my,prospects could have text all in random,places that therefore doesn't make sense,i really don't think that's good and i,think that i said anyone that's not a,complete beginner wants to be very,careful with these sorts of features and,wants to be turning this off and we have,to be careful as facebook advertisers as,we go on and as the platform tries to,automate more and more and more stuff we,need to be aware of it and often assess,these things and turn them off if,necessary so i strongly recommend you go,ahead and subscribe to my channel,because i will release videos when there,are features like this that get turned,on by default and let you know,if you do want to use them or don't want,to use them it's not like all new,features are bad some are really good,and i'll also let you know how you,actually go about turning these things,off,because as we've seen from this example,that could be more difficult than we,like it to be we always have to bear in,mind that when meta makes changes to the,ad platform they're doing so for their,own interest now often that aligns with,ours as people who advertise on the,platform they want us to get better,results because then we spend more and,facebook earns more money et cetera et,cetera so often they align and that's,great but sometimes they're introducing,features that take away control and that,might be better for them and,everyone in their facebook advertising,audience their their community that does,that but maybe it's not as good for,those of us that are trying to win at,this game and you have to remember that,facebook and instagram advertising is a,competitive market you have to do a,better job than other advertisers if you,want to see good results therefore if,a lot of the flexibility is taken away,with these sorts of tools,that can start to mean that just,everyone gets the same results all,becomes very homogenized and you can't,win at this game um as easily if you,know how to go in and turn this sort of,stuff off that still gives you that,competitive edge and create ads how you,want them that's great but just really,something to be aware of also before you,go you may have seen that a lot of,facebook ad accounts have been disabled,recently and if you've had that happen,or you want to make sure that your,facebook app doesn't get disabled i'd,strongly recommend you check out this,video here in it i explain the actual,reason why facebook bans ad accounts and,show you how to avoid your ad account,getting banned well worth a quick watch

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