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How To Track Facebook Ads Results with Almost 100% Accuracy in 2022in this video we're going to be g


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Track Facebook Ads Results with Almost 100% Accuracy in 2022

in this video we're going to be going,over how we're keeping track of all our,metrics while running our facebook ad in,2022. for those of you utilizing,facebook ads at the moment you may have,been experiencing a problem where your,data is not being tracked on facebook,and a bunch of key metrics that should,be tracked down to the t are not being,tracked properly so let's jump in my,computer and i'm gonna show you guys a,handy tool that's been helping us out a,ton,here we are in the dashboard of my,favorite tool commently so commonly is a,tool that you hook up to your facebook,ad account and it'll track all your,metrics almost down to the t now it has,been very accurate for us at the moment,because prior to using commonly we were,having an issue where we were turning,ads off that actually ended up having,purchases so imagine you start an ad in,facebook and you turn the ad off because,after spending,57,you notice it says zero sales,now if you are keeping track of your,numbers and you know what your,break-even point is you know that a,certain point you have to turn off your,ad set,now,when we were going through these issues,of turning off ad sets that were above,our breakeven,we were confused because in shopify we,see cells but in facebook ads manager,there's no way of telling which ad set,is generating those cells,but after hooking up commonly you can,see that everything is being tracked,down to the t now this ad set in,particular has spent 57,and it has generated us 209,in net profit that's money in our pocket,that we take home after all expenses now,the problem with not connecting a tool,like commonly is you're leaving a lot of,money on the table,we were turning off ad sets that,potentially were generating us 300 200,but we were not able to see that in the,facebook ads manager as there's a lot of,updates going on where uh data is not,being tracked the way it should now,i know i'm not the only one that was,experiencing this issue there's a lot of,people out there that are probably,running facebook ads right now and,thinking that their ad,is unprofitable,but when they hook up a program like,commonly those,ad sets are in fact profitable when,you're looking at your facebook ads,manager and you're comparing your,shopify and you're seeing in facebook no,sales but you see revenue on your,website on shopify it can be a little,stressful because uh you're not able to,to figure out where these uh these,numbers are coming from uh not allowing,you to scale the way you want to,now prior to using commonly,we were generating revenue but didn't,know what ad sets were generating that,revenue so we were turning off winning,ad sets potentially leaving us a lot of,money on the table,and this also slowed down the growth of,business because how are you going to,scale your business when you don't even,know which ad sets you can scale,so commonly is been a lifesaver as of,lately,tracking everything down to the t it,seems so,if you're looking at the dashboard it,looks just like facebook this looks just,like facebook ads manager and if you see,these top columns here it'll tell you,your cost per purchase average order,value our average order value on these,ad sets is about 67,having generated 4.7 000 in revenue and,about 1.6 000 1.6 k,in net profit money that gets to go in,your pocket and come home so,uh,commonly has been a lifesaver,and prior to this who knows how much,money we were losing,but,thankfully this tool that i came across,is uh here now to save the day uh this,is a,campaign that is being ran for an,e-commerce brand store,and um,all the data is being tracked that's the,main thing here this is how we're,tracking our our data,in,2022 for running facebook ads,we can't be the only one experiencing,this issue now if you are in need of a,tool that will help you out and can be,beneficial to your business,because you feel that,facebook isn't tracking your sales as,accurately as they should and you're,noticing,a difference when you're looking at your,ads manager you're looking at your your,website dashboard you have cells here,but nothing is being tracked then you,need to try out commonly there's a,14-day trial,linked down below,know this video is not sponsored we're,just a fan of the tool,and have been trying it out and it's,been helping us out and doing wonders,like i said,prior the situation that we were going,through,um,to now when we hooked up commonly is,just night and day so it's a no-brainer,to continue using the,the service here that they provide,and i thought i'd share with you guys,i know that if you're watching this,video you're most likely,interested in,a way to make sure that every metric is,tracked because you know that you're,losing and leaving a lot of money on the,table this is my favorite part here how,the green ad sets are profitable and,then the,red ad sets are,not profitable thought i'd share try it,out,link down below 14 day free trial,i'll see you guys in the next one deuces,you

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How To Set Up Facebook Pixel Events To Track Sales On Facebook Ads!

How To Set Up Facebook Pixel Events To Track Sales On Facebook Ads!

hey guys it's brian from sam cart in,this video i'm going to show you how to,easily track the sales from your order,bumps and one-click upsells inside of,the facebook ads platform if you're a,samcart customer the first step is to,open up the product that's being sold as,an upsell or the order bump in the,product settings you just go to the,advanced settings tab and find the input,area labeled fire pixels and scripts,after an order is completed this is,where you place the code that fires your,conversion pixel for facebook before you,enter anything into this box head over,to facebook and set up a custom,conversion for this purchase event once,you create a custom conversion instead,of basing the conversion on the url the,visitor hits which is the default option,select the purchase event from the,drop-down then change the rule from url,to event parameters and choose the,content underscore name in the second,drop down and finally type the name of,your product without any spaces this,content underscore name phrase that you,enter will be the unique identifier that,facebook will look for in order to fire,your conversion event next give your,conversion a name and leave the value,field blank for now when you're done,find your main facebook pixel code that,facebook provides and go back into your,sam card product settings and paste it,into the input area labeled fire pixels,and scripts after an order is completed,the final step is making sure that the,facebook code includes your new unique,purchase event with the correct content,underscore name field near the end of,the facebook code paste the new section,of code that we provide right before the,final script tag after you paste it,replace the generic content underscore,name phrase we included with what you,entered in your custom conversion then,replace the value field with the price,of your product and change the currency,to whatever currency you're selling and,that's it this simple approach can be,used on any product that you sell,whether it's a front-end product order,bump or one-click upsell the beauty of,this approach is that you no longer need,to base your conversions on the url that,your customer hits after they buy so you,don't need to keep track of all your,thank you pages ever again anytime this,product is sold no matter how it's sold,the conversion will fire and you'll see,which ads are bringing in the most sales,and to make your life even easier after,you have all this set up go into your,ads account and select the drop down,that allows you to change what shows in,your reporting dashboard,then click on the customize columns,button and search for your new custom,conversion from the available metrics,now you can select any custom conversion,and reveal how many conversions there,were the cost of getting that conversion,and the total dollar value driven from,that conversion,now you can have all the data at a,glance anytime you log into your,facebook ads account,but just a fair warning it may take a,couple of hours after the first,conversion is fired for some of those,options to appear so don't panic if you,don't see them right away this is how we,track all of our sales at sam cart and,how almost all of our top sellers track,their sales as well,if you have any questions just let us,know we'll be happy to help out however,we can if you're not currently using sam,cart to sell your products head over to, and take it for a test drive,and see for yourself why thousands of,businesses are making the switch

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