how to tell if someone is using facebook ads?

How To Check If A Business Is Running Facebook Ads In 2021in this video tutorial i will be looking,a

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Check If A Business Is Running Facebook Ads In 2021

in this video tutorial i will be looking,at how to tell if a business has an,active facebook ads campaign,why would it be necessary for anyone to,know if a business has an active ad,campaign,let me shine the spotlight on two groups,namely social media marketing agencies,and personal interest groups and explain,why they might be interested in this,information,social media marketing agencies and,personal interest groups have used a,simple tactic to determine whether or,not a business has an active facebook,ads campaign,the role of a social media marketing,agency is to use its marketing expertise,to promote businesses on social media,so having information on the marketing,status of businesses is very important,to them,personal interest groups can also use,this information for their own,fact-finding and personal interests,after collecting this valuable,information the social media marketing,agency can contact these businesses that,are not utilizing the facebook,advertising platform to market their,products or services and offer the,service to manage facebook ads campaign,for them,many business owners are not taking,advantage of facebook advertising for,their businesses,of course not every business will accept,the offer to have their advertising,campaign managed by a third party,however some will gladly agree to try,the facebook marketing strategy out,unfortunately some business owners do,not know how to use facebook to promote,their products or services,they might not even have a marketing,team to do their marketing campaign,it would make sense for them to seek a,social media marketing agency to manage,their advertising campaigns,the approach would be to send these,businesses or individuals emails,requesting to manage their social media,marketing campaigns,if they agree to the request then the,marketing agency would take it from,there,but the question you might be asking is,how did they know that these businesses,are not running facebook ads,i will now share with you the tactic,used by social media marketing agencies,and personal interest groups for,determining whether or not a business,has an active facebook ads campaign let,us go to the video tutorial to show you,how it is done,stay tuned welcome back,so what i'm going to do in this video i,am going to search,for a business or an individual,because what we want to establish we,want to know if a,business or a particular individual,is running facebook ads or have an,active,facebook ad campaign so i'm just going,to choose a name here,so let me just uh select so what you,actually do you go to,the search bar here and then you choose,a name so,i'm going to choose these two guys,because i want to know if they are,running facebook ads,so here you would see the search results,and then you would have their page up,here mike and darren,so what i'm going to do i'm just going,to click on their page here,and that's their page so as you can see,on the page and remember that this is,public anyone can do this so all you,need to do is to if you have a,facebook personal account you can,actually log into your personal account,and then you can do this,so you would go to search type the name,or the business you want,to do a search on and it will give you,their page here so as you can see their,page here,okay and on this page it tells a lot,about the fun page or the business page,and for you to be able to run facebook,as you need to have a business page,and you would connect that page to you,know your website,so here you can get a lot of information,on this page like the number of people,who,like the page number of people who,follow the page,uh their website the telephone number,you know the email address privacy,policy,so everything you need information you,need here because the,the page owner lists all of this,information,but what we want to know we want to know,if these guys,are running facebook ads or if they have,an active ad campaign,okay so how you are going to determine,this,you are going to scroll down to the,bottom of the page,and then you are going to stop at page,transparency,and entry page transparency you can,actually see when the page was created,12th of march 2014 and you can also see,related pages so these,related pages are you know members of,the dream team,so i'm just using them you know as an,example,so if you want to know if these guys are,running ads all you need to do is click,on this,see all button here or tab,and here to pay transparency gives a lot,of information here,so it can tell you how often if i just,open this up a bit,so as you can see it tells you how often,these guys change their page the page,name so they created,this date and then they changed the name,the following day,to recreate yourself then,the 27th of april 2016 the change again,to,darren award and then they change it,again,um to darren and mike so they can't make,up their mind,who they want to put that in front and,they change it again mike anderson so,you can tell,the page history how many times they,have changed page,so if you scroll down further here what,we are looking at we want to know if,they are running ads,so you scroll all the way to the bottom,and here,you have the information ads from this,page so it says,facebook is telling you that this page,is not currently,running ads so we know from,the information facebook is giving us,that this page is not currently,running ads and if you click on the,this ad library here,you can see that's their page again and,you can see you have zero,zero results so if i filter this this is,now,filtered for the united kingdom so if i,open this up,and i take the filter so these are all,the countries that they,would possibly be able to run ads in,all of these countries so i'm going to,click all here,and see no results so they're not,running ads,and it says here um it shows you again,here,page name change five times so,you can conclude and down here it has no,as much,your search criteria this advertiser,isn't running out,in any country at this time so we know,definitely,that he is not running ads,okay so what if we want to,check out someone else to see if that,person is running us,because we know that he's not running,anyone but what we want to know is,someone else,and we check another page to see if,someone else is running out let us try,and do that,so from that previous clip we were able,to determine,whether or not that business or that,individual,was running out so we ascertained that,that person is not running,any facebook ads based on the,information,facebook provided for us so let us know,look at someone who probably might be,running us,so let us just choose instead of going,to the search let us just choose,from one of these persons because,um these are related pages and they have,a,business page so just let us do this uh,first one here,so you would click on that name there,so that would be her page now again,you see all the information that you,need and before i,check if she's running that this is how,social media marketing agencies,could determine whether or not a,business is running out,so what they would do if the business is,not running i'd like that first one we,checked,and they would send that business an,email because they can get email address,like this one here,so they can send that email address and,that email to the email address of the,person,and you know just to make an offer to,say,hey we notice that you are not running,facebook ads,would you like what's to do you know,your marketing,social media marketing campaign for you,and she might accept she might not,accept but that's the approach,they would take and also if you have,personal interest groups who,you know really want to know if an,individual or a business is running ads,they can do the same thing here and they,can do it for different reasons maybe,you want to report on that,maybe you want to you know somebody,might be lying to you and say oh we are,running ads,when indeed they are not running any ad,so facebook has provided that,information to us so let us quickly see,if this individual,is running so we will do the same thing,we scroll to the bottom,to page transparency so we can see here,she created the page,26th of january 2018,and so you would click on this see all,button here,and here is a page transparency so as,you can see here,page created with january,so she she has not,changed her page so it's the same page,so now you have this here uh that's from,this page so,this page is not currently running ads,just like the first one we checked uh so,if we go to the ads library,zero results so i don't need to go,through the whole process again because,it's just similar,to the first one so let us quickly try,someone else to see if,that person is running that so if i,could just close this,close this and uh,let us try this person here,so that's their page we scroll to the,bottle,that's the data created pages so we want,to see if they're running ads,so now you can see if you look here,it says this page is currently running,ads,so it means that this individual or this,couple,they are running ads so let us dig a bit,deeper,and go to the ads library,and uh obviously they are not running,ads in the united kingdom,so because it's unfiltered on the united,kingdom so if i would open this,and you notice they can run adding just,these three countries,so if i put all here no you get one,result,so here is the ad that they are running,so as you can see,let me just uh scroll so you can see,properly so as you can see here it's,active,started running so they started running,this ad on the 28th of december 2020,and that's the ad id and that's you know,their,name and that's the ad copy with a,photograph here,and here if you should click on this it,will take you to your website,which um let me just quickly do it,so as you can see it will take you to,your website so you know definitely,that these um persons are running ads,and also if you just scroll a bit it,says,see a detail so if you click on this,so now you can see see the ad here,they are running here that's their,website,and uh obviously if i click on this then,it will take me back to that first page,and these three buttons here,like you're talking about um interest,groups,this is where probably if they want to,you have report ad,so you could report the ad if you think,it's offensive or it's inappropriate or,it's misleading,you could copy the link of the other so,you can do a number of things facebook,has provided this,information you know that you can use,so this is how you determine whether or,not,a business or an individual,has you know an active ad campaign,so now you can actually know how to,do it and if indeed you need to report,the other whatsoever you need to do it,then you can take that approach if you,are a social media marketing agency,this is how you could you know send,emails to those who are not running ads,and you know you might be lucky that,they can give you that,you know give you the job to do their,social media marketing for them,so thanks for watching this video and i,hope you did learn something from it

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How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

how to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just keep watching,hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel my name is ennis and i'm working,for you and as always start the video if,you have any questions or any video,requests make sure to drop them below or,just check out my instagram in the,description box i do reply to each,comment on also each message on my,instagram because as i said i'm working,for you and today i will be showing you,how to find your dropshipping,competition facebook ads because,discovering and analyzing your,competition on drop shipping is really a,critical step in your success because if,you do that you might miss out on some,products and also some cool ideas about,design for the shopify store and also,for the creatives for the ad set and so,on so the point here you should always,analyze and discover your competition in,dropshipping or any market because your,competition might be in the market for,so long so they may have discovered tons,of things that you didn't discover yet,so spying in them is always a good idea,and you must do it before you even start,but finding ad set for your competitors,sometimes it might not be easy some,people might recommend using some,expensive tools to find this ad set and,so on some people they may even offer,services to find this ad set but one,thing that you are missing well they all,use the same trick and that's exactly,what i'm going to show you in this video,i will show you a unique and easy trick,to find the ad set for any competitors,on your drop shipping journey and we,will not use any tools or anything like,that the only thing we will use is,google chrome browser and google search,engine and also facebook platform,obviously so without any more talking,let's get to it so you might notice that,i'm accessing right now google search,engine well because i will use it to,find competition for a specific product,and i will do demonstration on one of,those computation to find the ad set for,it on facebook and also this trick i did,share it before on my channel and i,really love this trick because it did me,so many favors and without this trick i,wouldn't able to have some success in,dropshipping because simply i do find,something that people don't and that's,the key in everything online so we'll,use the google search engine as i said,to find some drop shipping capacitors,and we will do demonstration on one of,them and this rake works on any niche on,any drop shipping product whatever if,you are working with shoes or hiking or,smartphone cases or whatever the case is,this will work for you absolutely so the,first thing i'm going to do is obviously,access google search engine just like,you see right now and after that i'm,going to type in in the search bar in,text two dots and two quotation marks,and between the two quotation marks,powered,by shopify,and if you are one of my subscribers on,my channel you probably seen this week,before and you might wondering why i'm,using it again well because i really,love this trick and it's awesome and if,you did discover the full power of it,you will love it and you will use it,every day so after you did typing in,text two dots to the two quotation marks,in between them powered by shopify hit,space and type in again in text two dots,and two quotation marks and make sure,you guys include space between each one,of those otherwise it will not work and,also i will put this in the description,box so you guys get it right and between,the second quotation marks you will type,in the keyword that's related to your,niche in this case i'm going to go for a,product that saw a friend of mine really,doing well with it and also selling,plenty of products each day which is,galaxy projector and you've probably,seen this before,but it's really good product so after,you type in the keyword in between the,two quotation marks simply hit enter and,as i said i will put this in the,description box so no worries just,scroll down description and you will see,the fold command here and as i said make,sure you guys include space between each,one of those otherwise it will not work,and you will ask me why it's not working,because i've seen that before,so let's just scroll down to pick a,product from here yeah this is the,product that's uh it has the similar,color and also it reflects on the,rooftop it shows the like the galaxy,image on the rooftop and it's also,moving i believe and this is really good,product because i said a friend of mine,is really doing well with this product,so let's just go for this one for,example it's a 59,let's just go for this one,and by the way if you are wondering or,the first time you seen this trick why i,did type in powered by shopify well,because every shopify store has at the,bottom of it,powered by shopify right here as you can,see so right now we know this is a,shopify store and by the product which,is the galaxy projector this is a drop,shipping product and it's really obvious,so as you can see this is the product,right here and right now we want to,discover the ad set for this particular,product because if we did go simply to,facebook ad library and we did search,for galaxy projector well you will get,tons of ad set and you will not know,which one of those is the this for this,actual product because the objective,here is finding the ad set for your,competitors in this case this is our,competitors which is break plus fox i,guess so we want to know this actual ad,set for this particular product which is,cost 19,which is cost sorry 59 bucks so to do,that the first thing you're going to do,is spy on the page what you need to do,is simply look for an icon for social,media whatever it's facebook or,instagram or whatever it is once you did,find an icon let's just scroll down i,don't see it here just check the menu no,it's not here just about to just check,the about page maybe it's,on the about page maybe,no there is nothing here oh here it is,as you can see,i miss it when i check the powered by,shopify and here it is as you can see,the icon for facebook on also instagram,and that's exactly what we need so just,spy on the page check out the old links,here if you can find it anywhere if you,don't just scroll down at the bottom,page and you will see it just like i did,find it here so let's just access the,facebook page for it simply click on it,and here is the facebook page for it and,also if you are not signing to facebook,platform make sure to do sign up because,sometimes it will not let you check the,page if you did not sign up to an,account on facebook so after you did,access the page on, uh there is the link as i,said there is the link for the store so,after you did access the facebook page,the first thing you're going to do is,simply scroll down until you see this,section right here it says page,transparency right here and simply click,on see all and give it a moment it will,show a bunch of information here as you,can see the name the name change when,exactly they change the name for the,page and so on,previously it was called save and trend,as you can see so save and trend is,obviously a drop shipping store here,so let's just scroll down the countries,where they manage their page which is,canada two persons the number two stands,for two persons but two persons are both,from canada and here is the section that,we need just like you see right now it,says here,ads from this page it says here this,page is currently running ads so we know,right now this page is actually running,as for this particular product let's,just get back,to the galaxy projector right here,so we know right now they are they are,running ads for this particular product,and they are selling it oops it says,here this this page,has run ads about social issues and,election and politics or that's not good,do not do that that's not good so as you,can see uh,at the bottom of it there is the button,here it says go to add library simply,click on it and it will open up a new,tab and obviously to,a facebook ad library and here is the,page here as you can see and here is the,ad set for it just like you see right,now,and it's active as you can see the,assets start running on december 7,and right now it's 18 as you can see,it's 18 december so it's more than 10,days and the ad set is still running so,his me is probably making some says,that's why he is still running uh,testing out product does not go beyond,one week if you have a big budget 10,days you probably did make some sales so,you are skating or something like that,and also the second one and second one,sorry in,the 7th december and also the other one,7 december as well and this is not,actually our my competitor i'm just use,it this way to find competition for,a particular product to do demonstration,on it on the search engine as i said,make sure to use the,a particular product in between the,second quotation marks so you would get,in the results only the shopify store,that's actually selling the product that,you are selling as well so that's how,you find your drop shipping competitors,facebook ads easily without using any,tools or anything like that and as i,said the comments that i did use decided,to find competitors for the trick on,google search engine i will put the,comments in the description box just,scroll down description box and copy,them and make sure to replace the,product with the product they are,working on otherwise i think my job is,done i hope this video helped you out if,it does help me out pressing the like,button and as i said if you guys have,any questions or any video requests you,can find my instagram in the description,box and thanks for watching and catch,you very soon

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