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How To Target Your Competitors Channel With YouTube Adsin today's video I'll show you how to,target

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Target Your Competitors Channel With YouTube Ads

in today's video I'll show you how to,target your competitors channel with,YouTube ads so you can promote your,videos to the audience of other,youtubers such as Kevin David so let's,do it,are you wanting to learn more about,social media advertising and online,marketing but not sure where to get,started,then social proof is the perfect channel,for you social media advertising is one,of the most powerful ways to promote,your brand products or services and we,want to show you how we upload weekly,video tutorials and how-to videos,teaching you the ins and outs of,Facebook Ads Google Ads,and much more so if you're ready to,learn about social media advertising and,online marketing hit that subscribe,button turn on notifications so you,don't miss our next video okay now first,things first to run ads on YouTube,you're going to need a Google Ads,account so even though we're running ads,on YouTube this is still done through,Google ads which formerly used to be,called Adwords but now as Google Ads so,if you don't have an account you can set,one up here just go to Google Ads you,can put it in Google or the website,address up here and set up your Google,account now once you're done sign into,your dashboard and that's where we're,going to create the ad for YouTube so,we'll jump over to my Google Ads account,now so you can see it here now to set up,our ad for YouTube we're going to create,a new campaign now that like sort of,Facebook Ads,Google Ads has many different types of,campaign objectives you can choose from,but to run a video ad on YouTube we want,to create this we'll click on this one,here which is create a campaign without,a goals guidance so click on that one,and then click here on video don't worry,about any of these just keep it on,custom video campaign scroll down click,continue,now this will go to the page where we,actually build the campaign itself which,I'll run you completely through so we'll,name the campaign we'll just call it,test we want to keep the bid strategy to,maximum CP V which stands for cost per,view and then here for budget we want to,make sure we change this to daily now,the reason is if it's not on daily then,you have to set an end date which if you,prefer to do that anyway you can but I,would put it on daily and now there's no,end date and that ad will just run until,you decide to stop it you can put your,budget there we'll just put five dollars,a day scroll down now under networks,open this up and just remove this one,here video partner network so we only,want our video ad to display in the,Google search results and on other,YouTube videos that come up but we don't,want it to display in you know video,partners in their Display Network which,means off YouTube itself so uncheck that,one now under languages it's up to you,what languages you want to target but,we'll just put English for this one now,locations is where you'll target the,countries again I'm not sure which,countries you'll be targeting but,normally I do the top five which the,United States top five english-speaking,countries that is United Kingdom,Australia New Zealand and Canada,so if you're targeting english-speaking,countries as well they're the top five,you should be choosing and we'll,continue to scroll down now standard,infantry inventory or infantry depending,ASA you can either choose standard is,what recommended but we want to choose,expanded infantry or inventory this is,going to drop our cost per view because,it's going to allow us to show on some,more show our ads on some more sensitive,contents that might be videos that have,more swearing or whatever it might be,but it will drop the cost per view which,is good for us so put expanded now under,excluded content this is going to be,removed soon anyway so just ignore this,section but under excluded types and,labels just open that up and we want to,exclude our ad from showing on embedded,videos and live streaming so just check,those two because we only want it to,show on but I wanted to show on embedded,videos outside of YouTube we want the,ads to be on YouTube themselves alright,now this is where you can name the ad,group so normally I just call it at one,now here's where the targeting for our,ad happens and there's a few different,ways we can do this but for this group,as you saw by the name of the video,title we're going to be doing ad,placements on to other youtubers videos,so to do that ignore demographics,audience keywords and topics but come,down to placements and open that up now,this is where we can choose other,youtubers to target our ads to and,basically put our ads in front of their,audience and this is great because we,can target channels that might be,similar to our own,or similar to our own content and put,our ads in front of that,well-established audience so for example,as I said in the beginning if you wanted,to put an ad in front of Kevin David's,audience just put in Kevin David and his,youtube should appear now you can do,this by putting any youtubers name in,here and then it'll come up so here just,click YouTube channels and this is Kevin,David's Channel so we'll check that now,you can see it's come up here it'll give,us an estimate of the impressions we can,expect now I would add a lot more,channels than just one I think you'd,want at least a minimum ten and I've,been told this by a Google ads,representative for themselves and this,is because you want to make sure you,have a large enough audiences for the ad,to run effectively and have enough,basically be big enough to be able to,disperse your ads properly you don't,want to you know not have a big enough,audience to target and then your ads,either won't run or won't spend the,budget that you have and that can be,quite frustrating because you need to,start again so make sure you at least,pick ten YouTube channels to target and,make sure they're all on on a similar,theme and you know related to the video,that you're going to be advertising so,that's the targeting so basically now,the ad that we run will appear on Kevin,David's content on these videos his,channel and it'll put our ad in front of,his audience so we'll scroll down a bit,further now this is where we put the,maximum bid we're willing to pay for the,cost per view now I would do anywhere,from 0.05 so five cents up to ten cents,now again once you've run this ad you,can have a look,and it'll tell you the average CPV that,you are paying and you can adjust it,later for a second dad and make it more,efficient but start somewhere around,there now this is where we need to put,in the URL for the YouTube video that we,want to promote so I'll just go over,here so this is my channel trailer and,this is the one I'm going to promote in,this ad so we're just copy and paste it,in here now I wouldn't recommend to,promote videos that are already on your,channel because typically when you're,running a ad on YouTube a lot of the,views might jump on your ad,and only watch a few seconds you know,they're not gonna be all people who are,going to watch right through to the end,of your video so you don't want to hurt,the watch time and audience retention of,your current videos but if you do have a,video that you already have uploaded but,you do want to promote on YouTube just,upload a second copy of it and set it as,unlisted so you can still use the link,and promote that link but it won't,affect the previous video that you've,already got uploaded so either do that,or use your YouTube channel trailer,which should be a pretty low duration,anyway so use either one of those types,of videos now you can either pick,skippable in-stream ads or video,discovery ad now I preferred video,discovery yet because this is the type,of ad where the video will appear at the,top of the youtube search results as you,might know and yeah it's perfect for,these type of ads now we can pick our,thumbnail here and here is where we can,write the headline for our ad so,depending what it is you might say do,you want to,learn social media advertising whatever,it is you're going to be promoting make,sure you have a good headline here,that's going to attract and get that,click that you want from the audience,then you can put a description of your,video and there's two allowance for two,lines of description here you can then,set an ad name and then you can click,create campaign and that's it your,campaign will be done it'll be in the,campaign section of Google ads and it'll,be under review now,Google ads typically takes a bit longer,than say Facebook ads for their review,to be complete it may take anywhere from,I mean I've had ads reviewed with under,an hour but I've also had ads take more,than 24 hours now if it does take more,than 24 hours what you can do is go to,the Google ads help and you there is a a,contact form where you can let them know,that my Google ad has been in review for,more than 24 hours and they will sort of,expedite the process to look at that so,that's just a useful tip if your ad does,get stuck in review longer anyway I hope,this has been helpful for you to learn,how to create YouTube ads for your,videos and place them onto other,youtubers channels so you can take,advantage of their large audience and,get some new subscribers for yourself so,hit the like button I really hope this,was helpful make sure to subscribe you,don't want to miss another video and,yeah we'll see you in the next video

The above is a brief introduction to how to target youtubers facebook ads

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Facebook Ads Targeting - How To Show Your Ads To Buyers And People With Money

Facebook Ads Targeting - How To Show Your Ads To Buyers And People With Money

hello guys welcome to my channel in this,video i want to,quickly show you exactly the kind of,people to target with your facebook,adverts,people who can purchase what you sell,people who are buyers,all right once you learn this trick your,advice is going to be shown to only,people who are buyers,who have demonstrated this behavior of,purchasing items,via facebook okay so just stay with me,in this video to the end i am going to,learn exactly how you can start selling,more of your products,especially physical products using,facebook adverts,because you're going to be targeting,only people who can purchase,exactly that which you sell again you,are welcome to my channel my name is,courage,if you like video like this if you like,to see more content like this,consider subscribing to my channel and,turn on the notification bell,so you get notified when i post my,subsequent videos,again i'll ask you to please give this,video a thumbs up just like the video so,that more people,get to see the video alright that's all,i'm gonna ask you if you're returning,subscriber,i welcome you again back to my channel,and um without wasting time let's dive,into the video let me show you exactly,how you can start targeting people,who have the money to purchase that,which are selling on facebook,and help you make more sales and of,course,grow your business so let's get started,right now this is on the clean,on a clean slate yeah just you click on,create ad,the normal way that you create facebook,adverts there are no,magics here normally of course if you,want to make sales you use the,combustion objective but for the sake of,this tutorial we are just making a test,so just use traffic objective just to,show you exactly,the kind of interest targeting that,you're going to use okay our main focus,is,on the ad set level so we're gonna name,our campaign,traffic test okay,probably not it's not traffic just press,add,so this advert is just a test to show,you,the kind of interests to target if you,want to show your advantage people,who can purchase what you sell on,facebook,all right you come here next and then it,brings us to the asset level,this is where all the magic happens this,is the powerhouse or the foundation of,every successful facebook advert,everything works together right but the,asset is where you actually target,the audience that are going to see your,adverts,okay so we come down to detail targeting,all right we're not going to touch on,custom mode console audiences we're not,going to use,uh look-alike audiences or we're gonna,we're not gonna use saved audiences,we are going to create this new set of,audience so that you understand exactly,what i am talking about,okay first you should all you should,make sure that you're already targeting,the correct location,all right if you have if you're selling,a physical product and you're in lagos,if you know that you cannot handle,delivery to all parts of nigeria,it is ideal that you target only,locations that you can handle deliveries,to,all right that's something that you want,to know and of course your age,you must target the right age bracket,for the product that you're selling,and then the gender also but for the,sake of this video i'm going to be,looking at targeting people with money,regardless of the gender,the age or the location all right but of,course every,compartment of this uh act of this,assets,works hand in hand you must get the,location targeting right,you must get the age right you must get,agenda right,and then we come down here to detail,targeting all right,so the first set of people who have,money or who,are buyers on facebook that are going to,show at our adventure,is the people who are rich who have who,have this for high,quality stuff okay these are people who,are interested in luxury,so it targets them looks really good,that's,interesting looks really good luxury,lifestyle luxury vehicles and stuff like,that okay,so lock street groups these are this is,where they are,luxury goods all right now once,you have okay we have about 7.2 million,people in that interest,uh option so once you've selected this,the next thing to do,okay is to come to suggestions and,facebook will suggest,more people in this same interest,category for you,facebook will show you suggestion of,more people in this same interest,category that you can also target,all right so you click on suggestions,here can you see them,expensive taste of course it is only,people who are interested in luxury,lifestyle lock street goods that are,going to be have that are going to have,interest in expensive taste,okay so we have seen them here expensive,taste luxury real estate,frequent international travelers based,on their behavior,someone who has not fed well someone who,is not well fed cannot be a frequent,international traveler,someone who is struggling to survive,who's just finding ways to make ends,meet,cannot afford to be an international,frequent traveler,all right to a frequent international,traveler rather so yeah these are the,people that has this money,that people that can purchase what you,sell,of course luxury vehicle first class,travel,someone who has not fed well cannot,afford first class travel tickets,yeah luxury results okay,high net worth individual business class,and stuff like that,so these are the this is where these,people are hitting this is the,interest options that you can start,targeting so that your advice is going,to show in front of people who have the,purchase power,your advantage is going to shoot in,front of people who have the means and,the finance to buy,what you are selling okay now we have,seen the,uh luxury goods let's take it off and,target luxury lifestyle,and see if there will be any difference,box 3 lifestyle,luxury lifestyle here,so we come to suggestions again,and see it's it's similar it's almost,the same thing,luxury goods expensive taste first class,travel,business class luxury resort high,network individuals luxury real estate,frequent international travelers luxury,vehicles luxury hatch,frequent travelers real estate investing,so we are seeing some different things,that we did not see in the first option,but we are seeing real estate investing,that's in lux reach,i've seen frequent travelers not just,frequent international travelers now but,also frequent travelers so this could,mean that the,this was a frequent traveler it could be,local travel,or international but i but mostly it is,always,local travel frequent local travel,and of course locally someone who has,not who is,struggling to make ends meet can not,afford to become a frequent traveler,unless they're just shuttling between,lagos to open states yeah,so these are luxury hatch,okay so these are interest options of,people,who can afford this kind of lifestyle,all right so that is for you,to take note of okay now the next,targeting option,that you can use to target people who,spend money on facebook or who are,buyers,is to target facebook payment users,right facebook payment users,now the influence that has two options,it has payments with us,90 days and facebook payment users,30 days now if you come to the,description it says people,who have used facebook payment in the,past 30 days,this one says people who have used,facebook payments,in the past 90 days okay now this is,based on digital activities of course,based on behavior,these activities means that these people,have seen an ad,in the past 30 days or 90 days and i've,clicked on that ad,and i've gone ahead to impute their cash,details,and make a purchase via facebook,all right i'll take that again these,people this set of people have seen an,ad,selling something selling a product and,they clicked on that ad,the advert took them to a page where,they have to put in their payment,details their,card and then actually complete the,purchase so facebook had these details,so these are people who have,demonstrated,that behavior of actually making a,purchase via,facebook now if you select them facebook,is going to show,advice with this same set of people,because they have,demonstrated that behavior of making a,purchase,via facebook doesn't make any sense to,you yes,that is people who actually buy stuff,from facebook,now another option to use if you're in,the u.s or you're targeting the u.s,market is by finance,right income income rather household,income here,now the only downside to this targeting,option,is that the audience size is very low,it's quite low so you need to use,you need to mark up the interest by,adding,relevant interest options to boost up,the audience size,if you choose this you see the audience,size is very low fewer than 1 000 people,you can see,the audience size is always very low so,you actually need an ideal,audience a larger audience to boost up,this,uh interest i hope you get anything all,right,so yeah these are the interesting and,then another one,that we're going to look at which is the,actually the major one,is the engaged shoppers engaged shoppers,engaged shoppers right these are,behaviors,these are these are behaviors okay,purchase behaviors,to purchase behaviors okay so,what this means by the description says,people who have clicked on the call to,action button,shop now in the past week,so this engage offer simply means people,who have clicked on the shop now button,on facebook in the past,seven days when you target them your,advert is going to show to,only people who have clicked on that,shop now button,in the past seven days facebook is going,to show your advert to them,okay this is exactly what this interest,option means,these are people who have clicked who,have seen an advert,running and they clicked on that shop,now button because they're interested in,making that purchase,based on their behavior facebook has,kept the data here for you to actually,use,and get in front of these same people,because,facebook believes that they are likely,they are most likely,to buy from you just past seven days,these are people we call the hot,audience,now where the magic happens is that you,don't just target engage shoppers,engage offers in which interest,okay and get shoppers under which,interest,so you before you use the engage,shoppers you have to first,target the interest target the interest,for instance if you sell handbags let's,use handbag as an example,and bags okay here we go raise it,handbags yes hand,bags okay now,this handbook has 4.9 million people on,facebook,okay now we have targeted handbag but we,want to shoot our advert not just,people who love handbags but also to,engage,shoppers who have demonstrated interest,in buying,things that are handbags or very closely,closely related to handbags,so we come here and we say engaged,shoppers,behavior now,do you see what happens here the,audience has,shot up to 7.3 million on people,which is not supposed to be so ideally,when you use the engagement pad it's,supposed to,bring down the audience size,it's going to trim it streamline it it's,called lesser targeting lesser it's,going to,bring it down to the barest minimum so,that your advice is going to show,only to people who have demonstrated,interest and can purchase,so what did we do wrong here to make the,audience go up,with what we did drunk was that we did,not narrow our targets,so you are going to remove these engaged,shoppers from this hit from here,and then you come down here and click on,this narrow audience,now our audience is back to our audience,reaches back to 4.9 million people right,so we come here we click on narrow,audience,then you come here and under the narrow,audience you type engaged,show pass,see what happens it has brought our,audio size down,from 4.9 million people to 1.2 million,people,so it has cut off a high,number for our audience a high,percentage of the audience,it has taken them off now it's going to,show our advert to people who are likely,to buy,who are most likely to buy based on,demonstrated behavior,on facebook do you get it now,so instead of showing your advert to,more people who may not even buy,it it has streamlined it to show only to,people,who can buy who are buyers who have,demonstrated this,desire this behavior over time but,mostly in the past seven days,do you get it now that's how to do it,all right,now we're going to remove this you know,that can also exclude,you can exclude people who have who are,already your followers you can exclude,people who have already bought from you,you can exclude any people you want to,exclude all right,now let's this is we have tried this for,handbags okay,so let's try this for which other,option let's say uh,for instance we are selling,what i was selling next,okay let's target people who are,interested in,shopping or fashion rather,which is which is quite a broad a very,very broad,broad audience i'm just giving you an,example,shopping and fashion okay let's not get,shopping on fashion,we have 22 million people,all right so what you will do is that,you are going to come down,to narrow audience,all right another audience and then you,put engaged shoppers,and gift shoppers,it has trimmed our audience from 22,million people,down to 3.4 million people do you see,how powerful this,is now instead of wasting wasting our,money showing advice to people who may,never buy,this engage of us have streamed it down,from a whole 22 million,down to the barest minimum to just 3.4,million,people who are most likely to buy from,you fantastic so guys go ahead use this,target option,and push your products out there,use this target notion whatever you,target don't just fill up different,targeting options on that one asset no,divide them so that you can know the,ones that are working for you okay,have multiple assets up to three four,five assets,okay put different targeting options and,then use this engagement pass to narrow,it down,and see the one working working very,very well for you,and then pump in more money like,duplicate it and,increase your budget for that one that,is working perfectly okay,now if you want to learn exactly how to,run facebook ad perfectly from start to,finish,i will link that video up here now okay,i will link the video up here and i'll,also leave it in the description below,so that you can go there learn exactly,how to run facebook ads from start,to finish it's for free also i'm going,to leave a link to,instagram adverts if you want to learn,how to run instagram advance i'm going,to leave that link,in the description also so that you,learn exactly how to run instagram,advice and target the right customers,also if you want to run advert to your,whatsapp i have the video i'm going to,link it in the description also,so that you learn how to run or whatsapp,and have people purchasing,from you so guys go ahead test these,options and let me know in the comments,let me know if you have done this before,and let me know the result that you've,gotten from it,that's the video guys kindly give this,video a thumbs up you know,leave your comments below and of course,share this video so that more people get,to learn and then if you have not,subscribed to my channel consider,hitting that subscribe button now and,smash the notification bell so that you,get notified,whenever i post amazing videos like this,okay guys that's it for today,and i'm gonna see you in my next video,so cheers guys

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