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A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting opt

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 15,2023

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting options we also found,out that interest targeting is,inaccurate about 30 of the time and,we're starting to see more and more,examples of people finding the most,success with their ads by using no,targeting options at all so with all of,this going on how do you make sure you,get your ads in front of the right,people at the right time the good news,is there are several things you can and,should do and that's what we're going to,talk about in this video see the way the,facebook machine learning algorithm,works is it puts your ads out there in,front of people and it looks at who,engages and takes action on those ads,then it will go and show your ads to,more people just like those engagers and,action takers so the key is to make sure,that you get the right people taking,action on your ads so that the algorithm,gets fed good data and so it can get you,the results that you're looking for the,first way you can make sure you do that,is by creating ads that speak,specifically to your target audience,what do i mean by that well rather than,writing generic ad copy that speaks to,everyone or to a really broad audience,make sure you're writing copy that just,speaks to your specific target take a,look at this example and i'm not saying,this is a bad ad but what you'll notice,about this ad when you read the headline,and the opening few lines of the copy is,that it's very broad the famous,three-lane marketing method could be for,marketing any type of business it could,be for e-commerce courses,coaching or anything else you can think,of now one way you can make this more,specific really really quickly and it's,kind of obvious is to call your target,audience out directly so instead of just,saying the famous three-lane marketing,method you could say the famous,three-lane marketing method for online,course creators or the famous three-lane,marketing method for coaches what it,comes down to is it's about the who so,who do you want to target and then name,that person or call them out,specifically in your ad copy and the,place to do this is the headline or the,opening few lines of copy because that's,what people see when they first notice,you're out of the news feed here's,another example it's kind of generic at,the moment it says how to convert,clients from small groups well you could,apply what i just said and make this,more specific by calling out your target,audience simply by saying how to convert,coaching clients from small groups or if,you were targeting bookkeepers you could,say how to convert more bookkeeping,clients from small groups so you can see,that tiny tweak makes a big difference,in terms of who the copy speaks to now,one thing i'll mention here is that yes,this is going to probably drive up your,lead costs a little bit but it's going,to lead to higher quality leads or a,higher percentage of your leads being,the exact person you're after because,again if you were say targeting,bookkeepers like i just said and you,used a generic option well maybe one in,five or one in 10 people who come in,through that lead magnet are going to be,the bookkeeper audience that you're,looking for but this way if you call,them out specifically pretty much all of,them are going to be the target leads,that you want so yes it's more expensive,but they're better leads the next thing,you can do to help is tap the like,button on this video that really does,help this channel helps get this video,out in front of more people and it helps,tell me what type of content i should,create more of and if you do decide to,do that thanks so much i really do,appreciate it okay so back to the,serious stuff the next thing you can do,is use creatives that only appeal to,your specific audience so what i mean by,that well most of the creatives that you,see meaning the images of the videos in,the news feed are quite generic but what,you can do is you can flip that around,and use really specific creatives,creatives that contain images or video,that is only instantly recognizable by,the person that you want to pay,attention to that ad for example if i,want to get in front of seo experts or,people who understand seo let's say i've,got a course that teaches advanced seo,tactics and strategies well one thing i,could do in my creatives is use a,screenshot with a chart from google,search console now the only people who,know what the inside of google search,console looks like is going to be,somebody who's familiar with seo or,who's trying to figure out seo right,anyone else who sees that ad are going,to look at that and have no idea what it,is or what it means and that's what,makes this particular tactic really,effective it's instantly recognizable,for the right people and it gets ignored,by the wrong people which is actually,what you want deterring the people who,are not interested in your ad or who you,aren't interested in turning into leads,is just as important as attracting the,right people another example is let's,say you teach people how to use,microsoft excel well in that example you,would use an image or a video that only,people who are familiar with microsoft,excel would recognize let's go even,deeper with an example of that let's say,you have a lead magnet that teaches them,how to solve a specific error that is,common among excel users you could have,a screenshot that just shows an image of,the error or you could have a video that,shows somebody typing into excel and,that particular error appearing if,somebody is struggling with that problem,and they see that ad,of course they're going to click it,because they know that it's going to,help them with the exact problem they're,experiencing right now now that kind of,leads me into the next one that is using,hooks and talking about problems that,only your audience would experience,let's say you've got a company that,teaches bookkeepers how to scale their,business and increase profits well you,could create an ad that says something,like here are three simple tactics that,we use to help businesses increase,profit by 200 percent sounds pretty good,but every business owner wants that that,is so generic and has such a broad,appeal that you're going to attract,every business owner you're not going to,just attract bookkeeping company owners,through that particular hook but if we,change that a little and use a hook like,how we increase our profit per book,keeping client by 200,without cutting corners then that is,hyper specific that hook appeals to,bookkeeping companies and bookkeeping,companies only another example talking,about a specific pain point for the,bookkeeper example could be something,like customer churn is one of the,biggest challenges any bookkeeping,company faces here's how we cut ours in,half really simple hook again it talks,to a very specific pain point we call,out that bookkeeper audience at the same,time so we're kind of blending two,together here it's going to be very,effective in attracting just the type of,leads that we want which leads me to the,next thing which dramatically affects,the quality of the leads that you bring,in and the roads that you deliver from,your campaigns i've actually seen this,change completely turn around the,performance of an ad campaign and it's,often not even thought of when trying to,troubleshoot why a campaign isn't,performing and that is thinking about,who your lead magnet itself meaning the,free opt-in that you're offering who is,that actually attracting into your,pipeline or into your business so what,you want to do is make sure that your,lead magnet attracts people who are,ready and willing to buy from you that,means people who are ready and willing,to buy from you now and have the problem,that you actually solve and people who,are in a financial position to buy from,you as well because if you have a lead,magnet that attracts the wrong person it,doesn't matter how good your ads are it,doesn't matter how cheap your leads are,if they're attracting leads who aren't,actually ready to become customers of,yours yet then the roas is never going,to be there so to do that you need to,create a lead magnet that solves a,problem that the person who is ready to,jump on board become a client or a,customer of yours now is actually,experiencing so they can come in have a,great experience to your lead magnet and,hopefully turn into a customer let's,look at an example because i know this,can be a little bit abstract at first,but let's say you've got a business that,helps other companies scale from six,figures up to seven figures now there,are a set of challenges or problems that,a business experiences at six figures,that they need to overcome in order to,get to seven and those challenges and,problems are different than when you go,from zero up to the first six figures so,your lead magnet shouldn't be appealing,to somebody who's trying to overcome the,challenges of going from zero to six it,should be appealing to the people who,are trying to overcome the challenges of,going from six figures to seven for,example if you wanted to appeal to the,six-figure business owners to help them,get to seven you might offer them a lead,magnet that teaches them how to hire for,key management positions or maybe an,automation guide to automate certain,time-consuming repetitive tasks that,happen once you hit a certain scale now,both of these are real problems that a,six figure business owner will have but,anyone who's got a smaller business will,not be experiencing if they're owning,twenty thousand dollars a year they're,not going to be looking to hire,management positions they're going to be,running everything and so a hiring guide,for managers isn't going to appeal to,them and that's a good thing now what,you don't want to do is have a lead,magnet that's something like how to get,your first clients or how to get your,first 5000 followers on instagram,because that's going to appeal to all of,those newer business owners and while,there's nothing wrong with those,business owners they're not who you are,trying to attract and so generating,leads based on a lead magnet like that,is going to bring you a bunch of leads,and they might be low cost leads but,none of them are going to turn into,customers which is at the end of the day,the whole purpose of running your,facebook and instagram ad campaign right,now when it comes to actually targeting,like setting up an ad set you're,probably still wondering how should i do,that the three things that i will tell,you are broad interest targeting is,number one so instead of going for,specific interest now go for big broad,wide interests okay now this is going to,include a lot of people who aren't in,your target audience but as i said,earlier interest targeting isn't super,accurate anymore anyway and facebook,have actually deleted a lot of the,interest targeting options that we used,to have that were quite specific so go,with broad interests and use these,things that i've just told you create,ads that speak to your specific audience,make sure you're using hooks and talking,about problems that your audience,experiences and make sure you're,creating lead magnets themselves that,actually appeal to this specific,customer that you want to acquire in,terms of lookalike audiences go for,bigger broader look-alikes as well so,i'm tending to find that five percent,look-alikes and above are outperforming,the smaller one to two percent,look-alike audiences and then the third,thing to try is open targeting meaning,you don't target any interests or any,custom audiences you simply target the,countries that you want maybe the age,bracket that you want and the gender and,that's about it you leave everything,else open and then use these things i've,just talked to you about in this video,to do the targeting for you now when it,comes to setting up your ads if you want,to avoid the biggest mistakes that i'm,seeing right now that are costing,advertisers a lot of time and a lot of,money make sure you check out this video,next thanks for watching and i'll see,you in the next one bye

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in this video i'm going to show you a,better way to do facebook targeting now,the technique i'm about to share doesn't,work for every business,it works for most and for those that can,use this technique it could be an,absolute game-changer i'm talking about,broad or open targeting and before i get,into the pros and cons of broad open,targeting and explain when you do and,don't want to use it just want to,quickly show you what it looks like in,case you're not familiar with with the,setup so if i just quickly create an,example campaign in an example ad,account i'm just going to create a sales,campaign for demonstration purposes and,if we jump over to the ad set level,broad or open targeting is exactly what,it sounds like it is adding in,nothing,at the targeting area,you obviously enter in your target,location,that's important that so you could use,broad open targeting at the local level,national level international level but,you don't add in any age parameter,restrictions any gender restrictions any,detailed targeting options no interest,behaviors demographics no custom,audiences no look-alike audiences no,language criteria you just leave it open,open targeting and the idea is that,you're allowing meta to work out who is,the best people for you to be,advertising to who is most likely to,take your desired action go on to,purchase going to become a lead etcetera,that's what this looks like now for,those of you who haven't seen or heard,about broad or open targeting as a,facebook targeting technique before this,might be quite shocking you might be,thinking surely you need to add in some,information you need to give,give facebook give meta,direction in terms of who to advertise,to who's going to be interested in your,stuff that's not always the case the,businesses that can use this i'm going,to get to that in a minute can see,incredible results there's some real,pros associated with broader open,targeting the first one is that you're,obviously going to operate with large,audiences as large as you can possibly,get and we know that all things being,equal larger audiences tend to perform,better than smaller audiences there's a,number of reasons for that it gives meta,more flexibility in terms of when they,can show your ads who they can show them,to if a particular segment of your,target audience is really expensive they,could advertise to other people there's,also lots of people that may be,interested in what you have to offer but,wouldn't necessarily be included in the,interest that you're targeting because,facebook's just not going to be able to,capture everyone within that interested,who is actually interested in that thing,these interested demographic behaviors,aren't 100 accurate with broad open,targeting you're allowed to reach those,people,with broader open targeting you're also,able to scale campaigns massively if you,can get your campaigns to work well to,produce a really good return on ad spend,you can scale them and you can scale,them and you can scale them if we're,running open targeting in the uk you can,see on this right hand side over here,we're looking at an audience size of 45,to 53 million in the us is going to be,200 million plus these audiences are,absolutely enormous the scalability is,fantastic with really large audiences,you also run into ad fatigue issues far,far slower if you're really detailed,targeting and you've got small audiences,you're going to run into ad fatigue,issues pretty quickly you're going to,have to constantly be putting new ads in,that's particularly annoying if you've,got ads that have been working well well,with broad targeting open taxes you can,just leave them running scale it ad,fatigue issues might take years,literally years in order to present,themselves so there's some real,advantages to doing this it's also often,a good idea for facebook advertisers,that aren't experts yet to go with open,targeting that you're far less likely to,get something wrong to overspecify to,make your audience too small or just to,miss the mark and use a interest or a,behavior targeting option that just,isn't appropriate a lot of facebook,advertisers particularly beginners get,that wrong they completely jeopardize,their campaigns with open targeting,that's far less likely so those are the,reasons why you would want to use open,targeting and they're pretty compelling,but there are some negatives there are,some cons associated with this as well,that i need to cover so firstly it can,take facebook meta a long time to work,out who within this enormous audience,that you're giving them is actually,likely to take your desired actions,actually like you purchase is actually,likely to become a lead if you're giving,facebook an audience of half a million,people or you're giving facebook an,audience of 200 million people they're,usually going to get find the right,people within that smaller audience much,much faster so you can get worse results,initially you can see an extended,learning phase and of course with these,massive audiences sometimes meta just,does not work it out we've launched,campaigns using open targeting and we,just had a feeling that,even though there's all these audience,options and there's testing going on and,the learning phase happened that just,the right audience has not been found,within this massive audience we've,switched over to more specific more,detailed targeting and seen better,results that doesn't always happen but,can happen is something you need to be,aware of if you're going to use broad,targeting or at least test it that that,may well be the case in your ad account,and along those lines open targeting,doesn't seem to work as well if what you,offer is fairly specific and fairly,niche if it's something that's,relatively hobbyist that only people,that are interested in that specific,hobby are likely to be interested in,purchasing signing up for whatever it is,however your sales cycle works if it's,really quite specific if it's like you,know some sort of fishing equipment and,only people that go fishing and perhaps,only people that go fishing for a,certain type of fish in a certain,setting whether it's fly fishing or you,know whatever are going to be interested,in that well open targeting is probably,not the best option in those scenarios,because only a tiny tiny percentage of,the people that could see the ads are,actually even going to be interested in,the slightest with those more specific,options we do find that adding in,detailed targeting options works better,and that of course leads me into when do,you want to use open targeting and when,do you not want to use open targeting as,i said at the beginning of the video,this targeting technique can be an,absolute game changer but not for every,business there's only certain businesses,that can use this and see fantastic,results so,if your product or service has broad,appeal the opposite of what i just,described about something being really,niche really specific if there's lots of,people within the population you're,going to be targeting that are likely to,be interested in whatever it is anything,to do with health and fitness anything,to do with the home anything to do with,career success these are all things that,have very very broad appeal um open,targeting can can work well there's,obviously other options things like food,lots of uh retail products like apparel,jewellery these are things that have,have really broad appeal across the,population so that's the first box that,you want to take when you're trying to,decide whether or not to use open,targeting the second one is how much,conversion data has already accrued in,your ad account if you've got a brand,new ad account open targeting doesn't,work so well in order for meta to be,able to work out who within this massive,audience you're giving them is likely to,purchase likely to become a lead etc,it's much better if there's a good,amount of data on who takes those sorts,of actions who does purchase who does,become a lead within your ad account so,ideally you would have at least 500 to 1,000 conversions registered in your ad,account before you start to use open,targeting and of course the more,conversions and i say conversions not,everyone could optimize for conversion,so let's just save results the more,results that you have in your ad account,the better so an ad account with 10 000,conversions is going to perform better,with open targeting usually than that,account with a thousand and that account,with a hundred thousand conversions or,half a million conversions is better and,better it's simply because more data um,puts more information into meta's,machine learning process which helps,them deliver a better result find the,specific people within this massive,audience you're giving them that are the,best prospects to advertise to so the,more data in your account the better and,if you've tested open targeting broad,targeting it didn't work in the past and,you think back and you think oh yeah i,only had 20 conversions in the ad,account but you've got a whole bunch,more now you will do in the future try,retest you may well be pleasantly,surprised with what happens with the,more data being in your ad account open,targeting may also be the best option if,the area that you're advertising in,there's not that many people in there to,begin with so let's say you're a local,business for almost all local businesses,that we advertise we will have an ad set,that is set with open targeting because,if their total area the the total number,of people that live within the area that,this company operates in is say 200 000,people well we don't want to narrow that,down and make that more specific that's,already plenty small enough there are,also scenarios where you might be,advertising to a whole country but that,whole country might just not have that,larger population in which case you know,if a country that you're advertising in,has only got let's say less than 10,million people,an option for your targeting could be,open targeting just advertise the whole,country because it's just not a huge,amount if you're operating a country,with a much larger population maybe,that's less important but smaller,population countries and definitely,local businesses only advertising in a,certain area we will nearly always use,open targeting even if the product or,service is fairly niche and more,specific we will we will still try this,broader approach so if you do meet those,criteria i mentioned i would certainly,recommend giving open targeting a go you,very little to lose by testing it and it,could be an absolute game changer could,really help improve the results of the,campaigns that you're running right now,it could also provide a really great,path to massive scalability we've seen,that with so many ad accounts give it a,go and let me know how it goes in the,comments and before you go there's,something i want to quickly mention and,that's my company lead guru specialist,facebook and instagram advertising,services we're a specialist agency we,create manage and optimize facebook and,instagram ad campaigns for our clients,if you're interested in finding more,there's a link in the description you,can click on that book a call with the,team member find out more information no,obligation of course and uh yeah maybe,we get a chance to work together and,whether or not you decide to test open,targeting it's also important to run,other ad sets with detailed targeting,options and test those to see which,performs best to do that effectively you,need to know how to find inexpensive and,low competition target audiences i'll,show you exactly how to do that here,there's a free tool that almost no one,knows about but can be really really,helpful for finding those less,competitive inexpensive target audiences,go ahead check it out

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