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A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting opt

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 21,2023

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

facebook just deleted thousands of,interest targeting options we also found,out that interest targeting is,inaccurate about 30 of the time and,we're starting to see more and more,examples of people finding the most,success with their ads by using no,targeting options at all so with all of,this going on how do you make sure you,get your ads in front of the right,people at the right time the good news,is there are several things you can and,should do and that's what we're going to,talk about in this video see the way the,facebook machine learning algorithm,works is it puts your ads out there in,front of people and it looks at who,engages and takes action on those ads,then it will go and show your ads to,more people just like those engagers and,action takers so the key is to make sure,that you get the right people taking,action on your ads so that the algorithm,gets fed good data and so it can get you,the results that you're looking for the,first way you can make sure you do that,is by creating ads that speak,specifically to your target audience,what do i mean by that well rather than,writing generic ad copy that speaks to,everyone or to a really broad audience,make sure you're writing copy that just,speaks to your specific target take a,look at this example and i'm not saying,this is a bad ad but what you'll notice,about this ad when you read the headline,and the opening few lines of the copy is,that it's very broad the famous,three-lane marketing method could be for,marketing any type of business it could,be for e-commerce courses,coaching or anything else you can think,of now one way you can make this more,specific really really quickly and it's,kind of obvious is to call your target,audience out directly so instead of just,saying the famous three-lane marketing,method you could say the famous,three-lane marketing method for online,course creators or the famous three-lane,marketing method for coaches what it,comes down to is it's about the who so,who do you want to target and then name,that person or call them out,specifically in your ad copy and the,place to do this is the headline or the,opening few lines of copy because that's,what people see when they first notice,you're out of the news feed here's,another example it's kind of generic at,the moment it says how to convert,clients from small groups well you could,apply what i just said and make this,more specific by calling out your target,audience simply by saying how to convert,coaching clients from small groups or if,you were targeting bookkeepers you could,say how to convert more bookkeeping,clients from small groups so you can see,that tiny tweak makes a big difference,in terms of who the copy speaks to now,one thing i'll mention here is that yes,this is going to probably drive up your,lead costs a little bit but it's going,to lead to higher quality leads or a,higher percentage of your leads being,the exact person you're after because,again if you were say targeting,bookkeepers like i just said and you,used a generic option well maybe one in,five or one in 10 people who come in,through that lead magnet are going to be,the bookkeeper audience that you're,looking for but this way if you call,them out specifically pretty much all of,them are going to be the target leads,that you want so yes it's more expensive,but they're better leads the next thing,you can do to help is tap the like,button on this video that really does,help this channel helps get this video,out in front of more people and it helps,tell me what type of content i should,create more of and if you do decide to,do that thanks so much i really do,appreciate it okay so back to the,serious stuff the next thing you can do,is use creatives that only appeal to,your specific audience so what i mean by,that well most of the creatives that you,see meaning the images of the videos in,the news feed are quite generic but what,you can do is you can flip that around,and use really specific creatives,creatives that contain images or video,that is only instantly recognizable by,the person that you want to pay,attention to that ad for example if i,want to get in front of seo experts or,people who understand seo let's say i've,got a course that teaches advanced seo,tactics and strategies well one thing i,could do in my creatives is use a,screenshot with a chart from google,search console now the only people who,know what the inside of google search,console looks like is going to be,somebody who's familiar with seo or,who's trying to figure out seo right,anyone else who sees that ad are going,to look at that and have no idea what it,is or what it means and that's what,makes this particular tactic really,effective it's instantly recognizable,for the right people and it gets ignored,by the wrong people which is actually,what you want deterring the people who,are not interested in your ad or who you,aren't interested in turning into leads,is just as important as attracting the,right people another example is let's,say you teach people how to use,microsoft excel well in that example you,would use an image or a video that only,people who are familiar with microsoft,excel would recognize let's go even,deeper with an example of that let's say,you have a lead magnet that teaches them,how to solve a specific error that is,common among excel users you could have,a screenshot that just shows an image of,the error or you could have a video that,shows somebody typing into excel and,that particular error appearing if,somebody is struggling with that problem,and they see that ad,of course they're going to click it,because they know that it's going to,help them with the exact problem they're,experiencing right now now that kind of,leads me into the next one that is using,hooks and talking about problems that,only your audience would experience,let's say you've got a company that,teaches bookkeepers how to scale their,business and increase profits well you,could create an ad that says something,like here are three simple tactics that,we use to help businesses increase,profit by 200 percent sounds pretty good,but every business owner wants that that,is so generic and has such a broad,appeal that you're going to attract,every business owner you're not going to,just attract bookkeeping company owners,through that particular hook but if we,change that a little and use a hook like,how we increase our profit per book,keeping client by 200,without cutting corners then that is,hyper specific that hook appeals to,bookkeeping companies and bookkeeping,companies only another example talking,about a specific pain point for the,bookkeeper example could be something,like customer churn is one of the,biggest challenges any bookkeeping,company faces here's how we cut ours in,half really simple hook again it talks,to a very specific pain point we call,out that bookkeeper audience at the same,time so we're kind of blending two,together here it's going to be very,effective in attracting just the type of,leads that we want which leads me to the,next thing which dramatically affects,the quality of the leads that you bring,in and the roads that you deliver from,your campaigns i've actually seen this,change completely turn around the,performance of an ad campaign and it's,often not even thought of when trying to,troubleshoot why a campaign isn't,performing and that is thinking about,who your lead magnet itself meaning the,free opt-in that you're offering who is,that actually attracting into your,pipeline or into your business so what,you want to do is make sure that your,lead magnet attracts people who are,ready and willing to buy from you that,means people who are ready and willing,to buy from you now and have the problem,that you actually solve and people who,are in a financial position to buy from,you as well because if you have a lead,magnet that attracts the wrong person it,doesn't matter how good your ads are it,doesn't matter how cheap your leads are,if they're attracting leads who aren't,actually ready to become customers of,yours yet then the roas is never going,to be there so to do that you need to,create a lead magnet that solves a,problem that the person who is ready to,jump on board become a client or a,customer of yours now is actually,experiencing so they can come in have a,great experience to your lead magnet and,hopefully turn into a customer let's,look at an example because i know this,can be a little bit abstract at first,but let's say you've got a business that,helps other companies scale from six,figures up to seven figures now there,are a set of challenges or problems that,a business experiences at six figures,that they need to overcome in order to,get to seven and those challenges and,problems are different than when you go,from zero up to the first six figures so,your lead magnet shouldn't be appealing,to somebody who's trying to overcome the,challenges of going from zero to six it,should be appealing to the people who,are trying to overcome the challenges of,going from six figures to seven for,example if you wanted to appeal to the,six-figure business owners to help them,get to seven you might offer them a lead,magnet that teaches them how to hire for,key management positions or maybe an,automation guide to automate certain,time-consuming repetitive tasks that,happen once you hit a certain scale now,both of these are real problems that a,six figure business owner will have but,anyone who's got a smaller business will,not be experiencing if they're owning,twenty thousand dollars a year they're,not going to be looking to hire,management positions they're going to be,running everything and so a hiring guide,for managers isn't going to appeal to,them and that's a good thing now what,you don't want to do is have a lead,magnet that's something like how to get,your first clients or how to get your,first 5000 followers on instagram,because that's going to appeal to all of,those newer business owners and while,there's nothing wrong with those,business owners they're not who you are,trying to attract and so generating,leads based on a lead magnet like that,is going to bring you a bunch of leads,and they might be low cost leads but,none of them are going to turn into,customers which is at the end of the day,the whole purpose of running your,facebook and instagram ad campaign right,now when it comes to actually targeting,like setting up an ad set you're,probably still wondering how should i do,that the three things that i will tell,you are broad interest targeting is,number one so instead of going for,specific interest now go for big broad,wide interests okay now this is going to,include a lot of people who aren't in,your target audience but as i said,earlier interest targeting isn't super,accurate anymore anyway and facebook,have actually deleted a lot of the,interest targeting options that we used,to have that were quite specific so go,with broad interests and use these,things that i've just told you create,ads that speak to your specific audience,make sure you're using hooks and talking,about problems that your audience,experiences and make sure you're,creating lead magnets themselves that,actually appeal to this specific,customer that you want to acquire in,terms of lookalike audiences go for,bigger broader look-alikes as well so,i'm tending to find that five percent,look-alikes and above are outperforming,the smaller one to two percent,look-alike audiences and then the third,thing to try is open targeting meaning,you don't target any interests or any,custom audiences you simply target the,countries that you want maybe the age,bracket that you want and the gender and,that's about it you leave everything,else open and then use these things i've,just talked to you about in this video,to do the targeting for you now when it,comes to setting up your ads if you want,to avoid the biggest mistakes that i'm,seeing right now that are costing,advertisers a lot of time and a lot of,money make sure you check out this video,next thanks for watching and i'll see,you in the next one bye

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Facebook Targeting Has Changed! Do THIS Now...

Facebook Targeting Has Changed! Do THIS Now...

have you seen the changes facebook has,made to targeting thousands of targeting,options have completely disappeared and,that is making life incredibly difficult,for a lot of facebook advertising,fortunately we've worked out three,solutions to this problem if you've been,hit by these targeting changes make sure,you go through this whole video because,i'm going to show you how you can fix,this problem right now so what on earth,is facebook playing at here why are they,getting rid of thousands of targeting,options and making life more difficult,for facebook advertisers well here's an,announcement that was released by meta,on november 9th um last year and if we,scroll down to this section here they,said starting january 19th it didn't,happen all at once it was sort of it's,been going over the last few weeks and,recording this just over a month after,this date here they said we will remove,detailed targeting options that relate,to topics people may perceive as,sensitive such as referencing causes,organizations or public figures that,relate to health race or ethnicity,political affiliation religion or sexual,orientation examples including they give,a bunch of examples so okay that kind of,makes sense,there's a lot of bad press around,all social media platforms particularly,the advertising side of things being,able to target based on some sensitive,stuff so i can completely understand why,they're removing this stuff i think,what's annoyed a lot of facebook,advertisers that facebook has gone a,step further than this and they have,removed a whole bunch of stuff that,doesn't even really fit into these,categories maybe it just does a little,bit and they've all gone as well which,is as i said made live for facebook,advertisers much more difficult than it,needs to be so this is what facebook are,doing this is why they're doing it now,we need to get into how we go about,actually fixing this problem so what a,lot of facebook advertisers are,experiencing right now is this they come,into their campaigns i'm obviously an,ads manager right now i've got an,example campaign created by the ad set,level in the audience section and they,come down they click on detailed,targeting and they're finding that their,demographics interests or behaviors that,they used to target potentially that,performed really well even are just no,longer there or perhaps you're a new,advertiser and you just can't find,anything relevant in here anymore,because literally thousands of targeting,options have been removed and that's,making things very difficult for a lot,of facebook advertisers as i said there,is a big positive to this which i'm,going to explain later on by the way so,make sure you stick around for that,you're going to find that quite,interesting but that's what they're,finding well these detailed targeting,options used to use they're gone ah what,do i do so we need to think about,different ways of reaching people and,that's the very first thing i want to,get across the people that you want to,target the people that maybe you used to,be able to target with detailed,targeting options they're still there,it's just a case of being able to reach,them and that's a really important thing,to to keep in mind it's not like those,people are gone you just need to do,things a little bit differently so,there's three potential solutions i've,already mentioned let's go through the,first the first is going to be,look-alike audiences but look-alike,audiences based off of different,audiences to usual so for those who,don't know a look-alike audience is a,group of people that's very similar to,another group of people so let's say you,say to facebook these are all the people,that have bought from me in the past,year um i want you to advertise people,that are very similar to these people,that have bought from me and that's,normally a great audience to target,because people are very similar to your,existing customers are great people to,advertise to,there are other types of lookalikes you,can get into though right that's what a,lookalike is let's um let's go ahead and,jump over to audiences because i want to,demonstrate what we would what we've,been doing with lookalike audiences to,overcome this detailed targeting issue,so this is a new um ad account there's,nothing in there yet but if we create a,custom audience and you can create,custom audiences which are warm,audiences that you are the sources for,your uh look-alikes you can do it on a,whole bunch of things and explain more,about a second we're going to start with,a website visitor custom audience so,we're going to go with all website,visitors i'm going to change that,retention to 180 days and then we're,going to call this,all website,visitors,180. okay we're going to create that,audience,now this custom audience is going to,contain everyone that has visited our,website within the last 180 days,assuming you know the pixels pick them,up all that sort of stuff then we can go,ahead and click on that so this is the,source and we can click on create,lookalike select your location,i'm just going to go with the uk in this,instance one percent perfectly fine to,start with create audience,and boom there's our look-alike okay now,this audience is going to contain people,that is that are similar to people that,have visited our website which is a,great audience to target because people,that have visited your website are,usually fairly representative of your,potential customers people have bought,from before and advertise to people that,are similar to them is great okay um so,that's one of the look-alike audiences,that we're using to help overcome this,detailed targeting issue that's been,removed and that is helpful but there,are some other ones that i want to get,into so if i click on create audience,and custom audience,and we want to select a different type,of custom audience,i want to talk about,in app,sources so you can see this used to say,facebook sources of course but now it's,meta sources because it's the overall,company so you can create um custom,audiences and then subsequent look-alike,audiences,based on people that have done stuff,within facebook and instagram and that's,important because with the ios 14,changes that happened last year the,pixel tracking is not as reliable as it,used to be okay so our website custom,audiences for example aren't as,accurate as they once were so we're,switching more and more to in-app,sources so for example if you've been,running video ads on facebook absolutely,go ahead and use video if you're doing a,lot of advertising on instagram you can,do people who've been engaged with your,instagram account if you're running lead,generation campaigns then you can go,ahead and select um people have engaged,with your lead form i'm going to show an,example of people have engaged with um a,facebook page so this custom audience,there's a number of different options,but will include everyone who engaged,with your page and that could be a,number of different things you can see,it says here visited your page take an,action on a post or an ad reacted shares,comments links a whole bunch of stuff,okay a good audience to target,particularly now when we've got less,visibility over pixel tracking and i'm,going to call this,facebook page,engages 365 right create audience and,that remember that's our custom audience,so that is those people then we want to,go ahead and click on create a,look-alike i'm going to go with the,united kingdom again obviously you'd,want to put in whatever location you,want to target one is absolutely fine,create audience okay and then boom we've,got our other look alike so we've got a,lookalike here based on website visitors,we're going to look alike here based on,people who've engaged with our facebook,page then we can jump back over to ads,manager,and in our example campaign we can jump,to the ad set level go ahead and click,on edit over new sales ad set scroll,down the audience section and we can go,ahead and pop our look-alikes in here we,can put both of those in we could just,do the one that's very much up to you,but this has been working very well for,those clients of ours that have had,detailed targeting options that they've,used in some cases for years that have,all of a sudden disappeared this is an,option that may well work very well for,you so absolutely test this if you want,more information by the way about,look-alike audiences how to create them,because i just gave you like a very,quick demo there and check out the link,in the video description below to a full,ultimate look-alike audience tutorial go,through all the different types how they,work all that sort of stuff okay but i,just wanted to quickly briefly cover,that here so that's one potential,solution to this detailed targeting,options being,eradicated in in many instances by uh by,well meta i suppose it should be called,okay let's get on to the the second,option okay so potential solution number,two is to run with something that,basically looks like this,broad targeting open targeting it's got,a number of different names but where,you don't add in any detailed targeting,options whatsoever and you basically,give facebook an enormous audience you,can see here we're looking at you know,47.3 million to 55.7 million just,targeting the whole of the uk,and this 18 plus,and that can work incredibly well in,some specific scenarios so i would only,do this option or try this option if you,have a product or service that has mass,appeal you know some things that people,sell only appeal to a particular group,of people it's fairly niche it might be,something quite hobbyist something like,that other things appeal to a huge,percentage of population you know things,to do with the home,cars things that everyone just about,everyone buy travel holidays appeal you,know there might be subsections you know,luxury travel versus more budget travel,things like that but,these are things that can apply to a,huge percentage of the population what's,targets that's the first thing box you,want to take before you go ahead and,test broad targeting is is there broad,appeal for what i advertise the second,thing is how mature is your facebook ad,account ideally you will have generated,500,maybe even a thousand plus conversions,and conversions i mean the thing that,you're really targeting in your campaign,so whether that's a lead or a purchase,whatever it is you want to generate a,good volume of that i've said at least,500 maybe a thousand plus in your ad,account,um,before you go ahead and test broad,targeting and the reason why is because,facebook needs a lot of data to be able,to work out who from a 50 million person,audience or if you're targeting the us,could be a you know 250 260 million plus,person audience um who in that,is best to target they need data they,need examples of what type of person,goes on to convert from your campaigns,so brand new ad accounts rarely work,very well with broad targeting um but,mature ones do so if you've got a broad,appeal product or service,and you've got a reasonably mature ad,account as i said hundreds uh but,definitely got thousands of conversions,that could be another great potential,solution so absolutely go ahead and try,that just try broad targeting on one of,your ad sets if you've lost out on,detailed targeting options used to work,you may well find that the results are,even better than what they used to be,with detailed targeting we've done that,in certain circumstances seeing great,results that's a great potential fix the,third potential solution to these,detailed targeting options going away,is to think about how you can target the,people that you want to reach using,other detailed targeting options so if,for example we wanted to reach,christians as a group we may have been,able to target that previously but,that's just the sort of thing that,facebook's gotten rid of so,whilst we can't target those people,specifically with a detailed targeting,option can we target the media outlets,that those people are likely to follow,often those targeting options,are sticking around so have a think,about your target audience and think,about what are the tv shows that they,watch what are the podcasts they listen,to the social media influencers they,follow the magazines they read even okay,if for example we wanted to reach people,in the u.s of a more conservative,political leaning then you could go with,something like you know fox news for fox,broadcasting company in this case okay,um that's likely to be an or the people,that are interested in that are more,likely to have that political leaning um,than other targeting options if we,wanted to do the opposite you could,probably put in something like,um mpr if i can spell it right,um you may disagree with these examples,of course you know i don't live in the,us but um,you know so there are ways that you,might be able to,think around this problem and media,outlets is a really good option because,a lot of those are still around,and they may be pretty close to pretty,representative of the sort of audience,that you're looking to target if you,know your audience well you know what,media they consume definitely worth,creating some ad sets breaking out a few,different options and testing them don't,have to spend a lot of money on them but,it may just be the solution for your,business in terms of recovering results,you used to get with detailed targeting,options that no longer exist so if you,have found that detailed targeting,options that used to work for you really,well have been removed they've,disappeared or you can't really find,very relevant targeting options in,general try,one two three of these potential,solutions different businesses are going,to find success with each that's why we,have three different options because as,an agency this is what we do we,troubleshoot we try and work out,solutions for our clients we've found,that some have worked really well with,the lookalike option the more mature ad,accounts broad targeting's worked well,and with some we've been able to target,other detailed targeting options that,still can deliver great results but,they're just a little bit different you,have to think around the corner a little,bit with the media outlets and things,along those lines but depending on,what's appropriate for your business,trial three you may find that all three,work you may find that one works but,don't just feel like your detailed time,coach has been removed there's nothing,you can do now facebook won't work for,you that's almost certainly not true so,in a second i'm gonna explain how you,can use these targeting options in a new,facebook ad strategy really really,exciting stuff before i do that i want,to quickly tell you about our facebook,and instagram advertising services i've,mentioned it through this video but we,offer done for you services we create,manage and optimize campaigns for our,clients if that's something you're,interested in you can book a free call,with one of my team members just click,on the link in the video description,below you'll be taken through to our,website you can book a slot directly,into our calendar we do have a 3k per,month minimum budget requirement but if,you meet that go ahead book a call um no,obligation of course we just find out,more about how we work and hopefully we,get a chance to work together now if,you've seen a drop off in your facebook,ad results it might also be time to try,a new way of advertising on facebook and,i'll show you exactly how to do that in,this video here in fact in this video i,demonstrate a new facebook ad strategy,it's something that almost no one talks,about but it can generate incredible,results i'd strongly recommend that you,go ahead and check it out

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