how to target higher income people on facebook ads

How To Target High Net Worth Individuals On Facebook | Easy Facebook Ads Targeting In 2020hey what's

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Target High Net Worth Individuals On Facebook | Easy Facebook Ads Targeting In 2020

hey what's up guys Lee here from my,social you come and welcome back to my,channel today's question is how do we,target high net-worth and high income,people on facebook with Facebook Ads,very easy Before we jump into it you,know what to do subscribe hit the bell,icon and also like this video all right,now let's jump into this Here I am,logged into one of my facebook ad,account so we're gonna create click on,the create button and create a brand new,campaign and by the way if you watched,my previous videos on Facebook ads you,know whenever we set targeting it's set,at the second step of Facebook campaign,creation so first step is the campaign,objective the second is the ad set so we,define our target audience at the ad set,level so that's what we're gonna focus,on in today's video so let's do this,campaign I'm just gonna click on let's,about doing a conversion campaign and,let's just call a test and hit continue,and I'm gonna skip everything and then,we're gonna go right into the audience,which is right here so in the audience,section we are gonna scroll down not the,custom audience custom audiences like,your website traffic or your email this,week are gonna scroll down and look for,this section called detailed targeting,now this is where and by the way a,couple of years ago before the Cambridge,analytical there were a lot of options,that we could use to target people based,on how much their income was or their,net worth was Facebook has taken some of,those options away but you're still able,to if you're hitting campaigns maybe for,a luxury brand or a client you can use,some of these options to target people,who are high in that first or high,income so what you can do is I'm gonna,click on browse right here and then we,are gonna go inside demographic,and we are gonna go inside financial,this says where you gonna find some of,that information the information that is,still available the good stuff some of,the good stuff Facebook has taken away,but not everything so I'll click on that,and I look at this so household income,top 10% of the zip codes top 10 to 25%,of the zip code top 5% so if I was,targeting you know people who have like,a lot of like income that's what I would,probably do people and if you look at,the description people who live in the,top 5% of u.s. zip codes by average,household income based so you know these,people have the money right so that's,like one option the other option is I'm,going to disable this the other option,is you can also people who have high net,worth or high income their behavior,their interest what they do online is,different from people who don't have a,lot of income right so you can target,based on that so for example if I go and,type I'm gonna type of luxury which what,comes up and look at this so I can,target people who are interested in the,luxury goods here you go,I'll let you real estate I'm gonna go,watches right people have money they're,probably into watches,travel yeah yeah you know that's where,people which people spend their income,or their a lot of their savings let me,go back up those your lifestyle so some,of it so that's the the method number,two the method number one was you know,by you still talking about income but,you do the household and then the top,five person or depending on you know,what you want to do maybe top ten to,twenty five percent of top ten percent,but by the income the second option is,by targeting the interest now here for,now if I'm creating this campaign I'm,not gonna I would not like in one at a,combine both of those because these are,different sort of thing people who are,interested in to you know people who,based on the interest are qualifying,themselves as hey rich people which is,you know these things right here this is,probably different from people who have,you know somehow Facebook out their,household income data I don't know how,they got that data maybe through the,different like data partners that they,have but these are like different types,of people and I like to think of when I,create my ad sets I like to create the,different type of people in different ad,set so what am I do is the a/b testing,right which is all this which is,something we should always be doing so I,might create one ad set and add these,people so what ATS at targeting people,based on the financials and income and,the other ad set I might add people,based on the different interests right,so that's how you can a be test and,maybe you know sort of spend ten to,twenty percent of your budget on both of,those and then see which one works best,or you know whatever campaign objective,whatever you trying to do with your,Facebook ad campaign so short video,today but this is what I wanted to show,you that you can still target people who,are high net-worth or high income on,Facebook using some of these options,thanks for tuning in today if you have,any questions you know what to do right,leave those questions in the comments,below and also before you go subscribe,hit the bell icon and also like this,video and i'm gonna see you in the next,one bye for now

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Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial 2021

Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial 2021

so you're ready to start creating,facebook and instagram ads that's great,you maybe have your ad ready the image,or video the copy the landing page,now you need to decide who am i gonna,actually show my ad to,this is really really important because,almost everyone has facebook or,instagram so you can reach your audience,with these ad platforms,but the thing is if you show your ads to,a bunch of people,who are not interested in what you have,to offer you could waste a,ton of money and have very little to,show for it so this is where the,audience has come in,you can really re you know target in on,who is your ideal customer and only show,ads to them and,exclude everybody else so that you have,very very profitable,targeted ads and so what i want to do,today is walk you through all the,different options you have available to,you for targeting within the facebook,ads platform,so why don't we hop on the computer and,i'll show you how this works okay so,here we are at,facebook business suite so to create,audiences what you're going to do is,click on more tools right here,and then click on audiences okay and so,what you're going to see,as this loads is you want to,create a new audience so i'm going to,walk you through all the different,options you have available here so the,first one we're going to take a look at,are saved,audiences and so what you're going to,see here let's give it a name so we're,going to create ads for a coffee shop,i went to college at michigan state so,let's,focus on a new coffee shop in east,lansing michigan,so coffee and let's say that it's,primarily,geared towards college students so what,you're going to see here is you have at,the top custom audiences so if you've,created,audiences previously you could add them,here the next thing below that is the,locations this is a physical location so,you know i don't want to be obviously,showing to everyone in the united states,so let's get rid of that and then so,there's a couple options here so if i,put in,east lansing what's going to happen is,you can see the city pops up let's click,on it,and the first thing it's going to give,me is a 25 mile radius so this is a,pretty broad,radius for a physical location so the,thing is,someone who's 25 miles away that wants,to pick up their daily coffee,probably isn't the ideal audience for,this so what you can do here,is if you want to have a radius like so,you can go,all the way down to a 10 mile radius,which may still be,fairly large depending on you know the,city and what it is that you're offering,so what you could click on is current,city only and so it is only going to,show,in east lansing michigan and nowhere,else you could also do targeting by,zip code so i could do 488,is east lansing michigan so you could do,it all the way down as a targeted level,of down to the zip code you can choose,countries you can choose regions there's,a ton of options,so thinking through the type of business,that you offer how do you best,target the audience so what it's going,to show you here is so i have,east lansing michigan you see down below,we're going to get into age and other,stuff,but right now i have a 72 000 person,audience with just the city so this,isn't a huge audience,lots of times you want to be in the,hundreds of thousands if not millions of,people if it's something you want to be,going running on an ongoing basis but,to get started as a coffee shop that's,just getting going,you want everyone to know that you exist,so the thing is if this were a college,town,and we wanted to first let the college,students know that this was available,you could go and change the age range to,say hey,maybe we just want to be advertising,from,say 18 to 23 years old and you can see,that the audience dropped all the way,down to just 19 000 people,you know if this were a product or,service focused on,men or women you could obviously change,you know that audience here,languages are available too so if you,focus on the hispanic market and wanted,to just focus on spanish speakers,you could put in banish here but,in this area i imagine there's not a,huge population,college age spanish speaker so you can,see here you have fewer than a thousand,people,and so that's not something we would,want to do and so let's get rid of that,going down further you're going to see,the detailed targeting so there's tons,of options available for you here,just imagine something related to your,industry type it in and see if it exists,but,you know we could do if we type in,college what you're going to see,come up is it sometimes takes a second,to load,is there's a bunch of different options,of education level of college grad,some college in college so we could just,choose the people who are currently in,college,in east lansing michigan but we're going,to see here the thing is with this is,not everyone upstate,updates all this information so they may,be in this age range they may be going,to college but don't have it on their,facebook or instagram profile so,you know you're going to be excluding,people here so maybe that's not,something that we want to do,we could obviously do,let's see michigan state university so,it could be somebody's school,somebody's interest so if i put michigan,state spartans and they're interested in,it,let's see you know the majority of,people in east lansing,michigan are interested in the spartans,so,those are all the different things that,you have here so there's a bunch of,different targeting options,so you could think about this if you,have a services business or what are the,types of things that maybe your ideal,audience would follow,you know maybe it's oprah so you type in,oprah you have,people interested in oprah winfrey so,you could you know select that and then,see that this,updated so 18 to 23 year olds maybe this,this match together isn't the right fit,but you could also go in for the coffee,shop,and type in let's say cold brew and see,you know you can see here this is only a,65 000 person audience,as a total and so if i select this any,slanting you're gonna get something,really small,but what i could maybe do is if i type,in just coffee in general,you know we could do that and see most,people,you know that the audience didn't get,too much smaller and we excluded the,people who don't like coffee you know so,you can add additional things so let's,say,likes coffee or say tea people,interested in tea,as well and so you're you're adding,stuff up and having a larger audience,you can also exclude things as well so,you could,say people who like coffee but don't,like tea so,right here you see you know exclude so,if i do,let's say here so,exclude people who like tea and so,you're gonna see it went from 5500,to 3300. so there's a ton of options,just think through,who's your ideal audience if we were to,think through other things so for our,business maybe you want people,interested in email marketing so i could,type in say mailchimp,and so you're going to see you could,look for software as you can look for,you know people that are famous within,your niche there's a ton of different,targeting options here,and so what we recommend doing with,different interest-based targeting is,come up with a couple of,different ideas kind of separate those,out if you saw the video that we put up,recently on creating your facebook,ad so you might have different ad sets,one for,say softwares that people use some for,famous people some for other interests,and just kind of have a couple of,different ad sets and over time what,you're going to see,is which ones work which ad copy or,which ad creative works with certain,audiences,and over time continually improve the,ads that you're creating,getting in further you have connection,so people who currently like your page,people who don't yet like your page you,know there's a couple of other things,that you can go through and filter,within,the saved audience let's close out of,that and keep going,so the next thing so if you go into,custom audiences these are people that,have,interacted with you in some way so a,really common way,could be that they've visited your,website so if we click on,you know website one you need to have,the facebook pixel installed so if you,haven't done that i'd recommend you,check out the video on installing your,facebook pixel i'll link to that video,up above right here,but there's a bunch of options so you,could go all website visitors,you could say people who visited,specific pages so that could be we have,a,video challenge called video conquista,so we could say,people who just visited this particular,page we want as an audience so we could,have a,we'll get into later the look-alike,audience of people similar to the,visitors of that,we could create a remarketing campaign,of people who visited that page and,didn't purchase we want to show them the,page again,and get them to come back to it we can,also if we want to only show the ad to,new people,we could say have a certain audience and,then exclude people who have already,visited this page,there's a bunch of different things as,far as creating audiences,you know related to people who have,interacted with your facebook with your,your website in some way so this could,be people who visited this page in the,last 30 days,and then create this as an audience if,we didn't want to create that the next,thing is that's real,really really powerful is a customer,list so let me show you a little bit of,how this works,but basically what you want to do is you,can download their template file,we can do that right now and i'll show,you what this looks like,so it's basically the email phone number,the first name last name zip code,country,you know whatever information you happen,to have on your customers if you put,that into,a csv file like this and upload it to,facebook what they're going to do is,take that information and try to match,people,so this could be used say for the coffee,shop example of have all my customers,and i want to show them ads to remind,them hey come back or it could be used,as we'll get into in a second with,lookalike audience of,creating an audience of people who are,similar to our customers but they,haven't bought from us yet so you,basically fill this out,and then what you can do here is if you,go to,you know next and then what you're going,to do is,you know essentially upload your,customer file so that is the,customer audience so back to custom,audiences let's see,you can do if you have an app there's a,app activity for,video so what you could do here for,example is if you have a bunch of videos,with views on facebook,you can say hey i want people who viewed,at least three seconds at least 10,seconds,they viewed half of the video only,people who viewed 95,of my video on a show adds to if we go,back again,if you have lead form ads you can you,know,use that as a source as well something,that could be really powerful if you,have an audience of either people on,facebook or instagrams you can go to,instagram account and then here what you,would essentially do so this is a lot of,my business partners instagram,so you see everyone who engaged with,this account in the last 365 days but,there's other,options of people who in only engage,with a post,people who saved one of your posts or,saved one of the ads,so there's different options here to go,in and figure out which is the best for,whatever the ad that you're trying to,create,if we go back again you're going to have,essentially the same thing for,your facebook page so what you can see,here is if we choose,one of our facebook pages anyone who,engaged with your page,anyone who'd visited your page engaged,with a poster ad,clicked on any call to action button who,sent the message to your page,there's a ton of options for basically,with the,the custom audiences that we're looking,at now you know within this section,it's someone who interacted with you in,some way so their customers and you,upload the list,they were on your website or app they,interacted with your facebook or,instagram in some way,the next thing that's really really,powerful if you have a group of,customers already or people who've been,on your website,are lookalike audiences so this is,essentially facebook,with all the information that has,comparing a bajillion,different factors of you know a group of,people and finding,the percent of the population most,similar to that audience let me show you,what i mean by that,so if you click on look-alike audience,also when you create some other type of,audience a lot of times it'll prompt you,to say hey would you like to create a,lookalike,of whatever audience it was so that that,page of people who,visited video conquista we could say hey,create a lookalike audience of people,similar to the visitors,of that page and then so what you're,going to do here is choose,a source so we could say the last 30,days of our website visitors,and then we could say what we want to do,is is how many,different audiences we'd like and how,broad do we want it to be,and so we'll have here is if you create,one audience you can say it's,you know one percent the top one percent,most like,our 30-day website visitors the you know,two percent similar all the way to ten,percent,if you want to basically test out how,far away,from your ideal you know customer or,look-alike audience,you can create a couple of different,audiences to essentially test so if you,want to create say three different,audiences we have the one percent,lookalike,we have the one to two percent,look-alike and the three percent,look-alike,and so again what we would do is then,create audience,and so you see here 30-day website visit,or one percent look alike,one to two percent and two to three,percent,so we can just test hey how broad can we,go with our targeting and still get,conversions and run profitable ads so,that's all there is to creating,audiences for,facebook if you're looking for help,creating facebook ads we have this video,right here on your beginner's guide to,creating facebook ads,and the video below will help you set up,your facebook pixel if you haven't done,so yet so hope to see you in those and,future videos bye

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