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Best performing targeting for clothing brands (FB ads)yo what is good guys harry here and,today i'm

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Best performing targeting for clothing brands (FB ads)

yo what is good guys harry here and,today i'm going to be talking about the,best performing targeting for clothing,brands so over the past like four maybe,five years i've been running facebook,ads for clothing brands i've noticed a,lot of the same interest targeting works,for a lot of different clothing brands,and in this video i'm going to go,through,what interests i've found work the best,and judge them by like cost per purchase,return on ad spend and also the,scalability of those interests so right,here's a spreadsheet that i personally,put together,with the interest that i'm currently,using and i have seen work well in the,past so what i did was split them up,into,four main categories um the reason why i,did this is because you can add to them,basically is because,let's say you type in acne studios you,can get suggestions off of that on,facebook and then target something like,that,so these definitely aren't all the,interest you can use but it's definitely,a star and ideas and you can basically,use these right away so first off we,have like general so this is like very,broad targeting and there's pros and,cons to doing very broad targeting so,stuff like clothing,jacket streetwear street fashion vintage,clothing and outfit of the day all of,these interests personally have worked,for me but i'm going to tell you the,pros and cons of,general targeting and very broad,targeting so these type of audience have,a very large audience eye so they have,100 200 million people within this,audience this is because most of the,population is interested in outerwear so,the main pro of going very broad like,that is the scalability so let's say you,have an ad creative that is working in,let's say streetwear,the audience size of streetwear on,facebook,is very vast so what that means is let's,say you have an ad creative that's,churning out three or four ex return on,ad spend in streetwear then you'll be,able to scale that up quite a lot you'll,be able to put a lot of budget into it,and not run out of audience,or saturate the audience very easily,which is great for scalability the cons,of it is that i found that typically the,average order value from these interests,is lower so,as the people that you're targeting are,not so die-hard enthusiasts of fashion,they don't tend to go to your website,and,pick like five different things make a,perfect fit and then check out they tend,to buy like one or two things which,lowers the or average order value which,means sometimes you get less return on,ad spend on those type of interests,anyway that's been my experience with,them but still to this day i do use all,of them and especially street fashion,and streetwear because i work with a lot,of streetwear brands and i found really,good results with them and then number,two brands this is mainly what i use as,brands i will also say as well in,general um one thing that i thought of,is that going quite broad like that may,hinder repeat customers because the,people within those broad audiences,maybe not your ideal avatar for your,clothing brand and maybe it might have,effect on repeat customers i'm not 100,sure on that but it kind of does make,sense so the second category for,interest targeting is brands so stuff,like hypebeast supreme balenciaga,and bait zara urban outfitters and you,could have a debate of this,this could be split up into high-end,brands and high street brands but i've,had really good success with targeting,like higher-end brands like blenciaga,and raff simmons especially for return,on ad spend because the people that are,interested in balenciaga and ralph,simmons,generally,when they're looking to buy clothes they,used to close being 400 500 600 pounds,or people that shop at gucci people,they're interested in gucci they're you,know dropping 250 pound,t-shirt,is not unusual to them,so when they come to a store or a,clothing brand that i work with spending,200 300 pounds on their basket adding,five or six items is nothing to them and,you tend to get a better quality,customer another thing with targeting,brands is that you can position your ad,creators better,so you can kind of personalize to the,interest let's say no face and stuff,like that like north face works,extremely well,for um,puffer jackets and i know a lot of,brands that i work with sell puffer,jackets and you can position it in there,because you know north face is one that,makes one of the best puffer jackets and,let's say balenciaga you can position,maybe your brand's like a high-end um,high-end but affordable prices like dv,or represent people that are interested,in balenciaga um,will be drawn to that and you can kind,of personalize the ad creator around,that and i think that's personally where,facebook ads are going um,is that you have an interest and then,you build and i created a campaign,around that and it helps out a lot i,think personally because you can you,personalize it to that avatar and also,if if they're interested in,if your brand's similar to,um h m or you know urban outfitters or,berkshire or something like that i think,you'll have a higher chance of repeat,purchases if you target that and get a,customer through the brands so magazines,i've had a lot of session magazines in,the past interest targeting magazines so,stuff like gq xxl complex because people,that read magazines and stuff like that,are going to be super interested in,clothing which means you'll usually get,a higher conversion rate from your ads,so next comes rappers so you can target,rappers on facebook so you can target,stuff like kanye west asap rocky i think,personally is the best dressed rapper,ever,um,and,you know people that are interested in,asap rocket kanye west are normally,going to be interested in um clothing,and i haven't necessarily dug deep into,wrappers i have used them before i know,kanye west works as an interest i've got,purchased from that before but there's,probably even more rappers and rappers,and you can get even more niche down and,maybe it has a better return on ad spend,and the better cost per purchase a lot,of the time when i'm interest targeting,i do take the the north face as an,example,so,brands that maybe you're selling cargos,or whatever brands that are the best at,making cargos you probably so you,probably want to target something that,is closest to,um kind of what they sell another,example is a lot of brands now are,selling those full zip hoodies that go,over the head like vape dead,so it'd be worth trying,um a bathing ape as an interest if,you're selling that type of thing so,what i'm gonna do now is hop back into,the ad account and show you how i,structure my interests and how i find,more of these interests and you know you,can add to the list or whatever you can,make a spreadsheet just like this,what i do is always track them last,thing is hypebeast for me has worked,extremely well over the uh,over the years,like hypebeast is probably one of the,best interests i've targeted over the,years,and streetwear and street fashion so,let's say you're getting a lot of,purchases on hypebeast what i would do,is just duplicate it,and then hit suggestions and this is,basically where i get all my interest,from and facebook has a hell of a lot of,interest a hell of a lot like sneaker,collecting you know nike,hip-hop music i haven't tried that one,recently but i could imagine it works,well so let's say for example,we go,take that out,type in raph simmons,and then a load more come up so you've,got rick owens apc,fendi gucci stone island stussy,um let's say you're selling coats or,something,um or puffer jackets like uh montclair,is on here and then also how i test is i,leave i only do one interest,um with either one to free ad created so,as you can see here i've only got one i,created here,um so you want to split test your,interest targeting because you won't,know if you stack them on top of each,other you just won't know,um which interest is working so as well,as here you're sending codes and stuff,you know you're kind of a goose stuff,like that,it's crazy what facebook can really do,so yeah guys that is the end of the,video um i hope it's been valuable um i,kind of made this video for a reminder,for myself a lot of my youtube stuff is,just a diary for myself so i can go back,and have a look see what was working at,the time,um and then use it for myself and yeah,so i hope you enjoyed the video i'll see,you guys in the next one

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How To Run Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands In 2023 | How To Market Your Clothing Brand

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands In 2023 | How To Market Your Clothing Brand

what is up welcome to another episode of,talking with antonio where i discuss,everything digital now a subscriber,asked can i create a video on how to run,facebook ads for clothing brands now if,you guys ever have any questions please,don't hesitate to comment them i try to,do my very very best to serve you guys,as best as possible so if you guys have,specific questions again do not hesitate,to comment i answer literally every,comment i get uh so if there's anything,that you want me to make a video on i,got you now to be very transparent over,this last year running facebook ads has,been pretty difficult for most,advertisers so if you did not know,facebook pretty much updated well apple,rather updated their uh terms of service,or their privacy so now they allow apple,users to pretty much opt out of,advertising tracking which makes your,facebook pixel or the thing that,collects data on your customers a lot,harder to find your customers it doesn't,give you as accurate as advice so it's,been very very difficult for people to,run facebook ads over this last year so,in this video i'm gonna give you the,best techniques and strategies that are,working right now that can really really,help your facebook ads get the awareness,and the profitability that you're,looking for so if you get value out of,this video just make sure that you,thumbs it up make sure you subscribe,because i create videos pretty much,every single day now before we even get,into running ads themselves there are,some things that you have to have in,place,and it's very vital for your success,with facebook ads because if you don't,do these things right and have these,things aligned properly i guarantee you,when you run facebook ads you will be,wasting your money and you will not get,the conversions that you are looking for,okay now the first one being is your,actual website if your actual website is,not set up properly,all people will do is come to your,website from the ad and immediately,bounce okay now for the sake of time i,can't go over what a good website and,all that stuff looks like if you want me,to you know create a video on that topic,i'm more than happy to but essentially,just the breakdown you want to make sure,that your website is very very easy to,navigate the actual page you have people,landing on when they come from the ad,make sure that it has a good description,maybe even a size chart,um what the garment looks like just very,standard stuff um a description,but you want to make sure that when,you're sending them to your website it's,clean everything is working everything,is processing and it loads correctly,okay i've seen a lot of people's,websites it is not set up and optimized,for facebook ads so make sure that you,have your actual website in place now,the second thing you want to make sure,is that you have all your backend stuff,in place as well so back in just means,um you know your settings to your,website so that means your google,analytics is set up properly okay um,making sure that you have your facebook,pixel on there now i personally use,shopify shopify is very very easy to,connect your facebook pixel with all you,have to do is go to the app store,download facebook right and then there's,a toggle that says connect facebook or,set up uh ads you click that and then,you just go down the process so it's,very very easy to set up your facebook,pixel with shopify um or if you have to,set it up manually all you have to do is,go to your facebook ad manager there's a,line of code uh for more most websites,all you have to do is copy and paste,that code into the facebook pixel,setting and you're good to go as well,okay so once you have your website in,place the second piece of homework that,i have for you is making sure that you,build out your buyer personas or they,call it a customer avatar in the,marketing world and essentially all you,are doing is really figuring out exactly,who your target audience is okay so you,may have you know an idea or who you,specifically want to target but i really,want you to do your research and i'm,telling you all the time you put in,doing your market research on your,target audience is going to pay with,dividends on facebook ads because,essentially all facebook ads is is uh,like a machine formula right if you put,in two plus two it's gonna give you four,so if you do not give facebook ads the,right information to begin with,it's not going to give you the ultimate,outcome that you are looking for so,essentially what you're going to want to,know is where is your customer located,right are they in the united states are,they in specific states are they in,canada are they in australia like where,are they okay and then what are they,interested in what books do they read,what movies do they watch like all these,things come into play with knowing your,customer avatar right how much money do,they make what is their level of,education are they married are they,single where do they work like all these,things you want to build in a buyer,persona because you can take all that,information and input it into,facebook ads now you're probably,thinking at this point man tony oh this,is a lot deeper than what i thought it,would be and it really is i know this is,probably not your first video that you,watched on facebook ads but what i'm,noticing especially on youtube is a lot,of people don't give you the real game,of facebook ads they make it seem like,you can set up an account in 30 days and,you know just,blow it up right just make 10k out of,the gate but really if you don't do this,market research and especially if you,haven't seasoned your pixel already and,all this other stuff a lot of the stuff,that you're seeing on youtube about,facebook ads they're not giving you the,full story so i wanted to make sure that,you know my subscribers they know what,it is before y'all really waste money,because you can really waste you know,hundreds of thousands of dollars on,facebook ads if you don't get those two,things right now just to let you know if,you're watching this and you're getting,a little bit overwhelmed it's okay i do,have clothing brand consultations to,where i can help you out with this so,all you have to do is click the link in,the description below um and i would,love to help you out all right you guys,so let's get into the nitty-gritty of,facebook ads so i have uh my facebook ad,account pulled up,and so,these are gonna be the main objectives,that you're gonna see when you pull up,facebook ads now honestly for me,personally i only really use about four,which is brand awareness traffic video,views and conversions,um and essentially they're all,uh built around a sales funnel so if you,don't know what a sales funnel is in,layman's terms or it is it's just a,customer journey that you take your,potential customer through so at the top,of the funnel is really just brand,awareness they're getting acquainted to,your brand they don't really know who,you are so you're just really showing up,you know just trying to get them aware,of you you know cognizant of your brand,the second one is they've seen you,before now they're kind of considering,whether or not they want to purchase for,you like they've probably seen your,instagram or they've been to your,website before um but they don't really,know you know if they want to buy from,you yet,and then the last one is conversions,that's pretty much saying like hey,they're pretty much primed to buy now,it's time to collect the sale and,depending on where your customer is at,on the sales funnel right it's gonna,determine what type of you know ad you,run to them okay,now if you're a brand new business i'm,assuming if you're looking at this video,you do not want to be running conversion,ads excuse me there's like something in,my eye,you do not want to start out the gate,running conversion ads i know you've,seen you know some youtube videos,showing like oh just start with,conversions always run conversions,nah,do not do that especially now,with uh you know the new 14.5,like i'm not saying don't test it,because at the end of the day all of,this is testing but if you're running,like five dollar a day budgets and you,have very very small budgets and your,pixel is not season,you're not going to get conversions,because to optimize your facebook ads,right you have to get at least 50,conversions,a day or 50 conversions excuse me a week,and if you have no data if your,your company is brand new expecting,somebody to buy just because you have a,t-shirt right just because you have a,brand and they don't know you,they're not gonna buy from you so i,would recommend starting off with brand,awareness or traffic campaigns just to,get them either to your instagram or to,your website and then collect like i,said before their email and then sell,through email giving something away from,free is definitely gonna entice buyers,more than just coming and asking for the,sale immediately okay so i'm gonna give,you some strategy here,so if i was you i would start off with a,brand awareness campaign i would take,one of my highest performing,um content pieces on my instagram or,facebook or wherever you have content um,and i would run a brand awareness,campaign on instagram and instagram,stories because i will say compared to,facebook instagram is a lot better,for,um,you know for brands,but again test,you'll know where you should be running,ads because you're gonna know when you,do your market research where your,target audience is maybe you're,targeting 50 to 60 and they're on,facebook more than they are on instagram,right so you all your research is going,to tell you where you should be putting,your advertisings to and literally all,you have to do is input it to,instagram but again,uh or facebook ads so again,simple brand awareness campaign so we're,gonna do,uh,clothing brand,tutorial,boom,we're gonna hit next,yeah we're gonna do five dollars a day,we're just gonna do clothing brand,test,so boom as you can see here you can put,your daily budget you can do your start,time or your end time,right so if you have a specific campaign,i know black friday just passed so you,know if you do a four day campaign you,only want to spend 20 dollars you know,when you want it to end boom you can hit,friday to monday,cool,right,now this is where you actually target,your audience now,i would recommend um unless you have a,bigger budget,uh please don't go over i would say,the 2 million 2 to 3 million mark,anything over that especially if you're,running small budget campaigns,it's gonna be way too broad for your,budget your five dollars a day is not,gonna get to them um so i would say,anywhere between 500 000,to around 2 million ish is a good,audience size especially if you're,working with smaller budgets now the,bigger the budget right you can increase,that but uh i know if you're just,starting out i would recommend just,running five dollar day ads test them,see,how your how you know well your,ads are doing and then go from there,but as you can see here,audience i would keep that at united,states and then this is where you put in,your age so again where you did your,market research put in your age range,your gender right,male female both most of the times if,you're doing clothing brands you're all,going to want to run it to a specific,gender um,so again,you know pick male female,then your demographic so here is where,you can put in right everything so let's,just say you want to run it to you know,an african-american audience you can put,in b-e-t,if i'll pop up,there we go,you can put in bet,or essence,right so this is where you really want,to unfortunately i hate to say that but,stereotype your audience right but you,know what they're interested in or maybe,just supreme you know you have a,clothing brand that's interested in,supreme okay cool,right and you literally put it in you,can put in let's just say you're running,a you're a lady you're running a,clothing brand to moms to new moms right,you can put in mom,or,newborn,and it should show you,um,well i think you have to type in new,parents,now i think it'll show you exactly yep,new parents,zero to 12 months so let's just say,you're running a clothing brand for moms,that are postpartum right you can,literally target that demographic so,again doing your research,like it could really help you do better,with facebook ads because pretty much,anybody that you're specifically looking,for facebook can find is just about how,much research did you do beforehand to,really know who your target audience is,so let's just say we're targeting women,18 to 35,with newborns,boom in the united states,right,so how specific is that,so i'm telling you facebook ads is dope,okay cool,now,i recommend depending on your creative,uh you can do automatic placement or you,can do manual placement if you just want,to run it specifically on instagram,again really depends now all the news,feeds is always going to be the best i,don't ever run it on like marketplace,video feeds,explore plays is kind of iffy um stores,is always good right in-stream,reels overlay i don't typically use,these test them out if you like if you,don't know to be safe if you're just,starting out just run automatic,placements but once you start to see,where facebook is spending the most of,your money or once you start to see,you know where,you're getting the most traffic sources,from,then you can optimize and change it,later but as of right now i would,recommend just doing automatic,placements just to get started and you,click next,and then boom you can set up your ad,format so you can put in a single image,you can put in a video,like it really just depends on what you,think will do well but again test out,your creative before you even start,running ads so if it's not doing well,organically it's probably not gonna do,well with facebook ads,so,definitely test out different creatives,to see what works and what your audience,resonates with,um,but literally you can pick a creative,input,and then another thing with facebook ads,that you really want to take a look at,is your actual primary text so you want,to make sure and they call this copy so,you want to make sure that the copy in,this part is really really good make,sure that's engaging um,and it's not something too too salesy,you want to make sure that your ads look,like regular posts because no one likes,to be sold to right,so you really want to make sure that you,know depending on what your brand story,is that it resonates like all that good,stuff i don't want to get too heavy into,copy but make sure that it has a hook it,has a line that you think will resonate,with your target audience,um and then always make sure that you,have your,pixel installed,right,um we have a call to action,learn more,and that's really how you set up your,first,you know,campaign and then you just redo the same,thing with traffic or conversions right,but instead of sending them to your,instagram or your website you may send,them to a specific product page once,you've already warmed up your audience,um but i'm probably gonna do a part two,of this video let me know if you have,any questions in the comments below but,that's pretty much how you run facebook,ads for a clothing brand it's relatively,simple but you want to make sure that,you do all your research beforehand,because if not you're going to waste,money so again if you need more help,with this stuff i do offer clothing,brand consultations um but that is it,for the video thank you so much for,watching until next time,be easy

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