how to target facebook ads based on google searches

How Facebook Ads Interest Targeting REALLY works (Target people searching Google with FB ads!)if you

Ash Davis

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How Facebook Ads Interest Targeting REALLY works (Target people searching Google with FB ads!)

if you're looking to target people who,are searching for your services on,Google a lot of people think that the,only way you can target these people is,by doing either Google Ads,or ranking at the top of Google,organically but what if I told you there,was actually a way to target these,people using Facebook ads now when,you're advertising on Facebook a lot of,people think that Facebook only really,has data on the channels and platforms,owned by Facebook so that's the, channel the Facebook,Messenger,whatsapp Instagram and basically assets,that Facebook already own but the truth,is is that Facebook has a lot more data,than that and those platforms that they,own is only really a small fraction of,the data that they use to target people,with their apps and the majority of,Facebook's data when you're looking to,target people using facebook ads and,when the algorithm is optimizing the ads,to find people that are more likely to,buy it and be your ideal clients the,majority of the data that Facebook uses,is actually from other websites,including websites that people find when,they're searching on Google so let me,explain how this might work imagine,you're on Google and you go to search,for how to generate leads now the,majority of the websites that you'll,find on the first page of Google will,actually have the Facebook pixel,installed on that website so this means,every time you or anyone goes to that,website Facebook will be able to know,that this person has visited this,webpage and what Facebook does is it,looks at the data and all the different,keywords and all the different phrases,that this webpage that you are visiting,actually has so for example if it has,the keywords lead generation a lot of,times facebook will be able to look at,that page and it will be able to create,an interest for the person or the people,browsing that page as someone who would,be interested in lead generation and,this is just one simple example but it,works for pretty much any keyword in any,industry so for example if you are a,financial advisor you could target,people that are looking for wealth,management insurance,or planning and different things like,that if you're an accountant you can,target people looking for accounting,services bookkeeping how to save money,on taxes and things like that if you're,a web design agency again you can target,people who are looking for web design,web development,maybe WordPress web design things like,that so there's really almost no endless,amounts of interest that you can target,people on when it comes to using,Facebook,so in face but when you go to create,Facebook ads and actually start,targeting people by an interest a lot of,people think that this interest is,actually only data that's been compiled,by Facebook from people that are using,Facebook or browsing different Facebook,pages itself but actually a lot of the,data most of the data inside of the,interest on Tinian Facebook isn't just,data on the Facebook platforms itself is,actually data that Facebook gets from,other websites that you're browsing,online so what this basically means is,that if you are doing Facebook Ads by,targeting people with different,interests you can actually target people,that are browsing different websites and,searching on google for these different,keywords keywords around the interests,that you're actually targeting people on,and that makes Facebook incredibly,powerful because what this means is that,you can now start targeting people that,are searching for your services without,having to pay the expensive costs of,Google Ads and you can target the same,people and actually more people because,Facebook has a lot more data than just,what people are browsing on the websites,and you can target those people and more,by using Facebook ads and that's also,one of the reasons why Facebook ads work,so well because Facebook has so much,data at its disposal and so many,websites these days have the Facebook,pixel so it makes Facebook a very very,powerful way of targeting people that,are actually looking for your services,right now so yes you could potentially,target the same people just by using,Google Ads and by ranking organically on,Google and that could work but the,problem with that is that right now,Google ads is more expensive than,Facebook ads and also ranking,organically for free on Google does take,some,for that to happen if you can do that,it's great I get hundreds of leads every,single month just by ranking organically,on Google but it took years to get to,that stage where I'm now getting leads,every single day organically from Google,so if you don't want to wait for that to,happen then Facebook ads is a great,shortcut to start getting results right,away and also start targeting people,that are actually searching on Google,looking for your services looking for,help with things that you can actually,help them with so if you'd like to learn,a little bit more about how with,Facebook ads actually works and how you,can generate leads then what I recommend,that you also do is sign up for the free,master class that I've recorded so,that's it for this video thanks for,watching and I'll see you in the next,one,you

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How to Target Audiences With Google Search Ads

How to Target Audiences With Google Search Ads

alright let's get started,Jennifer Danni here owner of elevated,marketing solutions and welcome to,another edition of elevated marketing,chat,we do this every three weeks on Facebook,live and we go through different digital,marketing topics every time so if this,is your first time joining us we started,back in October of 2019 so this is,actually our 13th show and so we've been,doing it for a little while and each,time we we get a little bit better we,been working pretty hard with this obs,software it's been pretty great a lot of,things that you can do with it you might,notice today that we've got,transcriptions so that's new for us and,I'm excited about that,so before we get started today I want to,talk about a quote which is something,that we do every time this one is our,perspectives come from our experiences,so learn to see them all and I think,that's really relevant in today's times,that we shouldn't judge somebody by the,color of their skin or by the uniform,that they wear we are all individuals,and we all come from different,backgrounds and we all come from,different experiences and so we see,things differently and we should always,have an open mind and try to understand,what the other person's perspective is,before we judge that we already,understand where they have coming from,so that's my quote for today so um today,we are gonna talk about how to target,audiences with Google search ads so I,think first of all we should talk about,you know what are Google search ads a,lot of times when people,talk about Google Ads they assume that,we are talking about the very first one,so search or PPC or SEM but in reality,there's actually several different types,of Google ads that are available there's,the map section which is done through,the search platform then there's display,so cold display people who don't know,who you are and then there's remarketing,display for people who do know who you,are YouTube of course is owned by Google,there's pragmatic and there shopping as,well so there's several different types,that are available so when we're talking,about search we are specifically talking,about when somebody searches in the,search engine so either Google or Bing,and they type in keywords,the problem with keyword targeting it,used you know it used to be pretty great,and you kind of wouldn't know you know,right on what they're searching for but,there's a lot of intent that goes into,the particular keywords that you're,using if I'm searching for painting I,might interpret that myself that I'm,searching for someone to you know do,some painting for me but what type of,painting are we doing house painting or,are we doing you know paint by number do,I want painting instruction and and even,if I put painting contractors do I want,business painting contracting or do I,want in my home painting contractor and,so there can be a difference in the,intention of the keywords that you put,together and so this is where audience,targeting can really come in handy in,you know targeting the,person that you want to go after because,keywords don't always tell the intent of,the search and we need to layer that,with the demographic information that is,available from Google Ads,so how can Google Ads do this you know,when Google just like Facebook is,collecting demographic information on us,it's it's the same thing and when we are,searching Google knows information about,us as users and we're able to layer that,audience targeting so there's another,element there that people are not only,searching but they might also be within,the demographic or market audience that,I want to go after now Facebook I'm not,necessarily searching for anything I,just happen to be on Facebook and I can,also target that you are on Facebook as,well so just like with Facebook Ads you,know Google is collecting the,information of our online behaviors I,know I know we thought maybe they,weren't you know they didn't have a big,lawsuit that that happened or not,lawsuit but the government didn't you,know get all in their hairs like they,did with Facebook and I was sitting back,laughing when all this is happening it's,like why aren't we saying anything to,Google because they're doing the exact,same thing we just thought that it was,just keywords and it's actually our you,know audience targeting as well kind of,the big difference though unlike,Facebook that's been pretty,straightforward is Google is even more,secretive on how they're collecting,information and how they're associating,it with use so they're not being upfront,that it's associated with your personal,login from Facebook Google is more,looking at your browser that you're on,your computer you're on your IPS your,Google logins and and all that,information,so in general what can they tell about,us they know who we are they know if we,are male or female they know our,interests and habits they know what we,are actively researching or what,websites we visited what apps we've used,what videos we've watched how you've,interacted with certain businesses on,their website they know all of that,information so I'm going to go through,all the different audience targeting,that is available and I'm going to go,through these kind of one at a time,there's affinity there's detailed,demographics there's in market there's,remarketing there's customer match and,then there's similar audiences as well,so the first one that we are going to,talk about is affinity yes I had to,throw this graphic in there I realize it,really doesn't have a whole lot of data,to do his affinity audiences but it was,a great graphic that I found um you know,yeah just like that graphic so if n,idiotic says what does this mean it's,people based on kind of a holistic,picture of what their lifestyle is so if,we were to look at the graphic you know,we're looking at maybe a skater and so,their lifestyle tends to be a skater,what their passions are what their,habits Affinity audiences demonstrate,like you know qualified based again on,how they are searching and you know,that's about all the information that,Facebook will give us so I'm going to,give you in the blog post a link to a,great Google sheet that has been created,by Kirk Williams of Zeta marketing and,this Google sheet,breaks down different type audiences,that are available that we're going to,go through today affinity is the one,that we are talking about right now and,you'll see on this sheet off to the,right it's it's not available for all of,the different types of marketing that,are available with Google Ads so again,we're we're kind of talking about,layering this with search today but,there's also the Display Network,there's Gmail ads I didn't even mention,those did I and I didn't mention,Discovery ads either so those are kind,of new or the Gmail is not and then,search and shopping so here you kind of,see some examples of the different,affinity audiences and so for instance I,can get somebody that's an avid investor,and that might be somebody that I want,to target if I do financial planning how,about if a home and garden home decor,enthusiast well if I'm an indoor,furniture place then I might want to,target those particular people so a lot,of great targeting that is available in,just the basic affinity audiences but,what is also available is custom,affinity audiences so this is really,cool because outside of the audiences,that Google has already come up with,which can tend to be a little bit more,broad you can create your own affinity,audiences and so you can enter keyword,phrases that people might be interested,in you could grab URLs of different web,sites that has the content of what,you're after you could put your,competitors URLs inside of there and,create this audience and target people,who are interested in your competitor so,that can be some great,arguing you could target like different,apps different places that people are,interested in their lifestyles and,passions and so you can get even more,custom than what you could before so for,instance you know 5k and San Francisco,triathlon athlete you know you could get,people that are more of an avid runner,that might also be interested in gyms,sporting goods natural supermarkets so,the other type of targeting that you can,do is based on demographics so your,basic um you know married status are,they single are they in a relationship,are they married perhaps you need to get,somebody that is married has an advanced,degree owns a home and has children ages,three to four and you want to make sure,when they search for these keywords that,you actually show up you can do that and,going back to the painter example it,would be important to make sure that you,have home ownership as one of the,targeting because you don't want to get,renters because they necessarily might,not be able to paint their the rentals,that their have so um you know again the,spreadsheet kind of gives the targeting,that's available so you can sort it out,you can see here we got on the screen,current college students so you know if,you're trying to target maybe some,moving moving a residential place versus,moving college students in and out could,be two totally different audiences,making that keyword intention of moving,or movers completely different so the,next one is in market audience these,people are actually in market for,your products and services so they are,actively searching and considering,buying services or products just like,you so if you could imagine kind of,layering your search with somebody not,just maybe in the Browse mode but,actually have been actively looking at,your competitors as an audience those,people are going to be worth more to you,than the people that are potentially,higher up in the funnel and there are,tons of different in market already you,know we can see on the screen apparel,and accessories active where I'm,actually searching for yoga apparel and,Google knows that information about us,so another way that we can kind of layer,audience targeting is what's called our,LS a and so that's remarketing lists for,search ads basically I've already been,to your website before so I can create,an audience of people who have already,been there and when they go search again,I can make sure that they see me based,on the fact that they've been to my,website already ninety-five percent of,people don't make that buying decision,on the first time and so being relevant,when somebody searches again is,something that could really up your game,when doing search ads the next one is,customer match so this is where we can,kind of take the offline and move it,into the online we can upload your,current client list that you already,have and match that when those,particular people do searches they're,already clients of yours so you want to,make sure that they come back but that,can also come and,with another audience type that I'm,going to talk about if Google already,knows who your customers are like we can,create what's called similar audiences,so with similar audiences not only could,we use the customer match you know,people but we could also create visitors,to people who have actually or a similar,audience of people who've just converted,on your website so if they give you,don't have an existing list you can just,create one of people who have already,converted and of course you got to have,enough data for that but Google is using,machine learning to understand even more,who those particular people are so it,kind of takes the guesswork out of it so,how can you use this targeting so all,these different audiences you have,options to either be in a targeted mode,so yes I definitely only want to show,for those targeted audiences or I just,want to observe those different,audiences and what they are like and so,you might not know at first who exactly,you want to target and so maybe you just,want to observe a couple of these in,market or a couple of these observations,I'm sorry a couple of these audiences,just to see if they actually do end up,being your converted clients another,thing you can do though that once you,see that those particular audiences are,actually working is you can do a bid,adjustment so I could bid let's say if,somebody's in market for a bicycle and,I'm a bicycle shop and I have that,audience on there I could do a bid,adjustment and say I want to bid 5%,higher if somebody falls into that,particular audience,because they're more valuable to me,they're already searching around I could,bid 10 20 percent versus somebody maybe,that's just their first time around so,you can also Oh looks like my slides are,a little out order that's okay um looks,like you can also looks like you can,also combine audiences so you don't just,need to use just in market or you know,just in Infineon dances you can kind of,layer them together to get the best,results out of it and the only true way,that you're gonna know um you know if if,they're any good is of course to run it,and let the data tell you what to do so,if you're not really sure where to start,and you're not finding a lot and if you,go inside of your Google Analytics and,then audience and then interest you will,actually see that Google Analytics is,picking up what your affinity and,in-market audiences are as well you can,also get underneath audiences what your,current demographic information is of,people who have converted so we will be,giving the links to the slaughter to the,couple Google sheets that we shared if,you happen to not be able to watch this,today or you want to be able to share,and get more details if you sign up for,our newsletter you will get the blog,posts in the video and that can be found,at elevated marketing dot solutions,forward slash newsletter - sign - up and,that is going to be it for today and if,you want to book a strategy call with me,I am always up and available to talk,about marketing I love talking about,this all the time so um you can learn,more about us too at elevated marketing,dots,and again this is Jennifer Denny the,owner of elevated marketing solutions,all right everybody take care

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