how to target dog owners on facebook ads

How To Target Pet Owners With Social Media hey guys it's amy from running digital,just wanted to hop

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Target Pet Owners With Social Media

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How To Target Pet Owners With Social Media

hey guys it's amy from running digital,just wanted to hop on here and show you,how you can target pet owners,specifically on social media right so,our first step is going to be hopping,into business manager and then setting,up up an ad okay so most of the time for,our objectives we're focusing on,awareness or consideration I'm just,because with social you really want to,drive traffic on to your site or you are,looking just just to put your brand out,there okay so for this example let's,pretend we're running traffic to to the,website so we would select traffic and,then we're going to go down to campaign,name do test for traffic and the big,tonight I really want to show you is how,you set up a custom audience of pet,owners I'm within a certain location so,that and that will be done right in the,ad set okay so we're gonna do that in,the ad set so we will scroll down let's,create a new audience so as you can see,when I click on custom audiences we add,tons from just past campaigns that we've,done but let's let's start from a new,one and let's even get rid of location,um so for one of our clients in,Tennessee we're gonna do the exact city,so we'll do person bill Tennessee and,then since that bumps all the way into,Nashville and people of Nashville will,come up here so we'll do within 10 miles,so that's how you would set up for your,ad and the big thing here is the,detailed targeting that's really where,you want to hone in on pet owners so we,would click on here and we would type in,pet so pets would be a good interest,even like Petco that's,that's an interest that people would be,would be engaged in and then social then,will give you a bunch of good examples,you can choose from so patently it would,be one pet smart dogs dog food dog,training all that dog grooming those are,all interests you want to you want this,you want thing on and then you would,click on save this audience and you can,only just go back and re-watch so we'll,do pet owners so now we have people who,match these interests that live in a,certain city will save that audience we,won't really get into daily budget or I,think that we want landing page views,it's a traffic campaign because we're,sending people to the website and,there's a ton of different objectives,you can you can run a messenger campaign,where people will send you a message or,to your Facebook or you can run a lead,campaign where people sign up on to,learn more information so we will pick a,one of our animal hospital accounts,we'll do a single image and we'll set,something up we'll browse library we'll,see what we've already posted on the,page now facebook gives you tons of,options when it comes to pictures I'm,you can you stock photos but I would I,would recommend using pictures from in,your location it's just a little more it,gives people a local I'm touch so it,does perform best we'll pick a picture,here's some copy so we can do like punch,in understand ago community you are,looking for top-notch care for here that,the understand you do the HH is this,spot for you click where more below to,discover,how we can't help okay so we want to,plug in a website URL so I'm gonna find,the page for the animal hospital we'll,send people here headline animal care so,now we've called out that specifically,it's a 10 person bill and it's within,that city um so it resonates really well,with those pet owners and then you can,always add your display link to some,people know what they're clicking on,news feed description from groom a from,boarding to grooming we provide services,for your pet and that's it that's how,you would set up the ad you can always,preview it I'm from the desktop to the,news feed to the mobile and yeah if you,guys have any more questions on how you,can set up different audiences besides,the inter space and location base,there's a lot you can do you can set up,tracked and code on your website so if,people visit your website don't convert,you can show them and add that on there,under social feed so you know when,you're shopping for something like shoes,or I'm trying to think what else maybe,like baseball tickets or dresses or,t-shirts and then you don't buy and then,you're on like ESPN or MSN you see those,little ads or you're on Facebook or,Instagram,that's another audience group you can,create um so yes I love to talk to you,more I'm about that definitely fill out,the form below on this blog post or,click the link and our YouTube video if,this is interesting to you and we can,get something set up thanks guys

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