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How To Target Small Business Owners On Facebook Ads (3 Facebook Targeting Options)hey what's up guys

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Target Small Business Owners On Facebook Ads (3 Facebook Targeting Options)

hey what's up guys leaking from my,social calm and welcome back to my,channel so can you target small medium,business owners on Facebook using,Facebook that's the answer is yes and,we're gonna see some options different,options inside this video today Before,we jump into it you know what to do,subscribe hit the bell icon and also,like this video,alright now let's jump into this so,first of all what I'm gonna do is just,give you some ideas of different types,of targeting there are multiple ways,that you can use inside Facebook Ads,targeting options which is inside the ad,set we're gonna see all of that in a,second I want to show you someone give,you some of these ideas so you can a be,test these and see which one works best,for you alright so let's jump into this,so first of all so how do you target,small medium business owners so they're,three sort of like ideas I want to,discuss or brainstorm with you or give,you in this video today the first one is,by digital activities so Facebook has,categorized people into like different,digital activities so people who are,small medium business owners that see,what you want to reach out to with your,Facebook ad so you're able to target,them number two kind of inside the,digital activity is also you're able to,target people who are the admins of,facebook business pages and guess what,if you are a small medium business,business owner let's say I have a,restaurant or maybe I have a furniture,store in Dallas Texas there's a good,chance actually there's a very great,chance that I'm gonna be admin of my,facebook business page right so you can,also target people with that and then,number two is you can target people by a,different job titles so business owners,for CEOs and then number three is you,can target people by different,industries like you know business or,services or retail or restaurant things,of that nature,all right now so this was the the TV,part of this video let's jump right into,the ads manager and let me show you how,to access some of these options there by,the way all of these are gonna be,available inside the ad set because ad,set is where you target or set your,targeting for Facebook Ads okay so here,we are I'm logged into one of my ads,accounts I'm gonna click on create and,let's say I'm creating a brand new,campaign and for sake of demo let's say,traffic campaign,and I'm just gonna call it just traffic,small medium businesses and then it,continued and it now we are the we are,at the second step of Facebook ad,creation which is the ad set and this is,where you set your audience so I'm gonna,scroll down to a section called detailed,targeting right here this is where all,the magic happens so here I'm gonna type,small business owners and look at this,so I'm able to here is the behavior and,that's exactly inside the digital,activity that's what I was talking about,right here,and you can just type that in and just,kind of select it the way I did or you,can also do go to browse and then go,inside behavior and digital activities,and then you're able to select this,right now I have selected small business,or now look at on this side so people,who list themselves as small business,owners or small business pages on,Facebook so when I have this selected,these are who I am targeting so you see,how powerful this could be and it's a,lot of people in United States so it's,5.3 million people here's another thing,maybe you're running a campaign and you,only want to target in your city so for,example you only wanna target in New,York so do make sure you have your right,location set because maybe you are a,marketing agency like us and then you,wanna target people in your city because,you want to provide the marketing,services so make sure you have the right,location set so let's go back,for now I'm gonna just set this back to,the United States now let's scroll down,and if I go back to the digital,activities so I'm gonna go browse and,then go inside behavior and then scroll,down and let's find digital activities,right here and then Facebook page admin,so this is very very powerful now I'm,able to select these different Facebook,pages went back let me close that let's,go back to your Facebook page admin so,right now I have I'm targeting the,business page admin type I can also look,at this so facebook page admins and if,you want to be specific let's say you,want to go after the health and beauty,or food and restaurant you can select,those as well so it's totally like up to,you right so you're able to target or,find small medium business owners by the,digital activities right so that was our,like option number one let's look at the,sort of the idea or option number two,which is by the job titles now here's,something interesting,I would not target all of these in like,one ad set so what you could do is let's,say if you have a campaign budget of,$100 maybe spend the 10% or 20% of the,budget in the beginning to do some a be,testing so maybe in one campaign one ad,said you only target the admins and the,second ad set the only target by the,small medium business owner in the third,ad set you can target by the job title,so you want to separate them because you,want to see which one is working best,for your business in your campaign so,it's very important to do some maybe,testing in the beginning and to get some,data all right so now if I go back here,and I'm gonna search business owners and,look at this so I am seeing business,owner and I'm looking for job title so,and the description is people who listed,their jobs,I'm not able to select that let's go,back so if you read on the right-hand,side of it my mouse is the window,disappear but people who listed their,job titles as business owner those are,the people you want to reach out to,right with this campaign so you can,select this right here then you see how,this number is increasing 43 million,people so that's probably a lot of,people to be targeting in just like one,campaign all right let's go back here,and look at some other options so and,also so business owner was one and you,can also look at this it's also you can,type it in or so for example I can do,CEO but that chief executive officer,right you can also go to browse and then,demographic and then work and then the,job titles and then do some searches,here it's not working yeah there you go,so we already got owners a business,owner selected so you can either type it,in here or you can just browse it and,then go find it inside these three,options of demographics interest and,then behavior right if I looked let's,close this down,let's close this down because I want to,see how many people are here so not many,people who have listed there the work,title or job titles as business owners,right so let's see if I do,CEO let's add that now we have lady,13 million people that's a lot and then,the other thing is you can also once you,input a couple of things here a couple,of like settings you can click on the,suggestions and then look at this owner,and CEO owner and manager managing,director because that's that those are,the type of titles that people that you,want to reach out to the small and,medium business owners they might have,founder right so very cool and here's,another thing I like to do so if you,let's say these people they could be,anyone right so when I'm targeting like,owner and CEO it could be a restaurant,owner it could be a furniture store,owner it could be a owner of a start-up,it could be owner of a technology,company right it could be like anyone,right so one of the things you can do is,you can narrow this audience so let's,just for the sake of example let's say,I'm trying to reach people who are,startup founders or startup owners right,in that case I might even make add the,word founder as a see if that that's,what that's not available as a job title,it's not but as a startup owner what I,can do is that hey these people may have,this title plus also they are interested,in let's say startups as a as an,interest or even the 500 start at the,startup calm Mashable now if anyone who,is like a technology startup founder or,owner they're very likely to be familiar,with these publications cuz these are,very well-known in the startup community,and look at this even the startup,company lean startup startup weekend so,some of these things are varied so a,restaurant owner will probably not know,what I started leaking this but a,start-up founder will definitely know,what that is so you're able to kind of,narrow down the audience by adding so,lean startup business incubator and,that's entrepreneurship right now what I,have selected here is my ad or my,targeting is gonna be people who have,these job titles,and also they have these interests right,so it's much it's a very narrow now 8.5,million I can still add more people and,maybe even like bring it more make it,more like narrow or smaller but the idea,is you can go inside the narrow and then,narrow down your audience to go like,more specific so for example if you,wanted to go after a furniture industry,I could add right here so a lot of,different options here right it's a dual,furniture Nebraska Furniture Mart so,many different thing so let's say if I,take furniture store doesn't come up,doesn't show me anything but furniture,as an interest yeah so if you think,about this so if someone who is a older,and CEO and their their interests are,like a lot in like furniture and I can't,even let go look at the suggestion and,then go even further down IKEA because,that might be like if I'm gonna target a,local furniture store then IKEA is one,of their competition so they may have,expressed some interest about IKEA or,maybe engaged with their content on,Facebook right so their unlimited vase,of like going about how do you create,these target audiences inside your ad,set but I wanted to show you that you,can also click on narrow your audience,and then clear these we call them like,leaving the different audiences so you,can have one parameter and then also,create an end function and what must,also match and add some demographic,interest behaviors or different like,keywords in there as well,alright let's go back here so we looked,at the digital activities we looked at,the job titles and also we talked about,how you can use narrow audiences and,then narrow down your target audience in,the ad set as well the third one is by,work and industry so that's actually,very powerful as well let's actually do,it right here so I'm gonna go inside,browse interest I believe and,actually it's gonna be in the,demographic work and industries right so,let's actually select food and,restaurant right,so people withdrawal so now look at the,description people with roles in food,and restaurants right example cashier,stuff like that so when I select this,now so if you step back and think about,this so what I have done right now is so,I'm telling me people who have these job,titles potentially owners founder CEOs,CEOs right and also they work in food,and restaurant industry guess what what,this targeting I'm likely to be my ads,will likely reach out to people who are,like local restaurant owners or who have,some sort of you know a business related,to the food and the restaurant industry,right so this is very very powerful and,do again I want to emphasize the,importance of a be testing the thing is,the the with Facebook ads you always,have to test it and then make your,decisions based on the data that you see,there is no like a golden rule of our,Facebook asset okay if you target this,abcs this group you ads are always gonna,work no for every business for every,campaign for every offer you have to,test and see what works best for for,your business let the data tell you,what's working best plan what's not so,let's go back here we looked at several,different options so one of the ways you,can target small media business owners,is by digital activities by even like,targeting the business page admins the,second method is by looking at different,job titles and we saw you can combine,job titles and narrow down the audience,with like several different things and,the third one is also by work industries,and the example we just saw I actually,had these two letter down so I had I,combined the job titles and the indices,to be more sort of specific but if you,want you can just target by the industry,as well so I can kind of lets if I close,this down,I'm gonna close this down so I can,demographic work industries and let's,say I want to target businesses plan,businesses finance people-to-people with,roles in business and finance right yeah,that's that that's a group I'm gonna I'm,going to target right now and then,people who are in food and restaurants,are there multiple way so I can target,by indices separately or I can do like n,function and like layer down to be more,specific and more targeted to reach out,it really depends on what's the campaign,what's the goal of your campaign and who,are you trying to reach and that's why,the it's really important to do some a,be testing in the beginning and then let,the data tell you you know what's,working what's not and then double down,on what's working for you and then you,know kill the campaign that's not,working right all right thank you so,much for tuning in thank you so much for,watching this video if you guys have any,questions about Facebook ads targeting,how to find the right audience for your,business leave those question in the,comments below I will be more than happy,to look at your questions and then give,you some insights thanks again for,tuning in today I'm gonna see you in the,next video and before you go make sure,you subscribe to the bell icon and like,this video bye for now

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How To Target Business Owners On Facebook Ads (Best Strategy)

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook Ads (Best Strategy)

do you think that LinkedIn is the only,channel to target business owners if so,think again we use both Facebook and,LinkedIn to generate leads and most of,the time believe it or not Facebook,performs the best when targeting,business owners to generate more leads,so are you wondering how on earth can,you actually target business owners,using Facebook Ads,then in this video I'll be showing you,exactly how you can do that but before,you keep watching this video it's very,important that before you start doing,any Facebook Ads to target any business,owners that you use the right strategy I,see so many people waste thousands of,dollars every single month because they,tried to use Facebook ads and it doesn't,work and it's not because Facebook Ads,doesn't work it's because the strategy,that they are using on Facebook ads,doesn't work so it's very important,before you start targeting anyone,including business owners that you have,the right Facebook Ads strategy,otherwise the whole thing just isn't,going to work so if you want to see what,is the right Facebook ad strategy to,actually generate leads and be,successful with this I highly recommend,that you sign up to the free masterclass,training that I've recorded where I go,in a lot more detail how you can create,the right strategy for generating leads,with Facebook ads and also with LinkedIn,so there should be a link somewhere on,this video just click on that link and,you'll be able to see how you can,generate more leads using Facebook Ads,so with that out of the way let's dig,into the tactics that you can use to,target business owners with Facebook Ads,and just so you know most of these,tactics are all based on different,interest targeting that you can use on,Facebook so when you're creating a,Facebook ad for the first time you can,target people based on different,interests so most of these strategies,and tactics will be going through how,you can find interests that are related,to business owners the type of people,that you're actually looking to target,so the first one that you can do is,target facebook business page owners and,you can do this in your interest,targeting within your Facebook Ads,account so when you're setting up a,Facebook ad you can go to the interest,targeting and you can start start typing,in business page admins or Facebook page,admins and then what this will allow you,to do,is talking people that have on their,profile that they are actually a,business page admin or a Facebook page,admin so if someone is an administrator,of a Facebook or a business page chances,are that they are also a business owner,and that's the reason they are an,administrator of that page so this is,one way that you can drill down and,target people that are actually business,owners this tactic in itself is so,simple yet a lot of people don't even,know that it even exists the second way,that you can target business owners is,by targeting people that are reading,online publications that are related to,earning a business so for example you,could target people that are interested,in the entrepreneur magazine you could,target people that are interested in ink,magazine and there's hundreds if not,thousands of these different online,publications which are about owning a,business and entrepreneurship and things,like this and you can target those,people with the Facebook Ads interest,targeting now for best results I,recommend that you also target people,that are reading online magazines and,publications that are related to the,niche of the type of business owners,that you're looking to target so for,example if you're looking to target,maybe investment advisors then something,that will be good to do is target people,that read online investment magazines or,publications and things like that,another way that you can target business,owners is by just searching for the,keyword business when you're targeting,people by different interests in the,Facebook Ads manager so if you start,typing in business you can actually,target people that have the interest,business and I know this might sound,obvious to a lot of people watching this,video but it's true and a lot of people,miss this out so you can just start,tightening the keyword business and then,you will see other related interest to,business and you can select any of those,and they will help you find more people,that are actually business owners on,Facebook so some of these keywords could,be business itself it could be,business-to-business it could be small,businesses all of these different,interests you can find within the,Facebook has interest targeting now that,being said targeting every type of,business is usually going to be a little,bit too broad not always it can work but,sometimes it can be a little bit too,broad because you're targeting every,type of business and most likely you,want to target a specific group of,business owners those that are more,likely to actually buy your product or,service so you can go to Facebook and,you can target by different industries,and you can select whatever would be the,most relevant industries to the type of,business owners that you're looking to,target you can also target different job,titles on Facebook so for example on,Facebook you can search for things like,CEO Managing Director owner and,different keywords that are related to,job titles and then you'll see a list of,these different job titles come up and,as you start typing in some of these,different keywords you can also click on,the suggestions button and that will,give you additional suggestions for,other keywords or other interests or,other job titles that you can use to,find more business owners on Facebook,ads now here's a quick tip you probably,won't find a lot of people when you,start targeting people by different job,title so what you can do is if the,audience Reach is fairly low so below,10,000 for the type of people that,you're looking to target you can just,click on the the little checkbox that,says and now interest expanding and just,check that to make sure that it's on and,then Facebook will expand your audience,to find more similar people that are,related to the job title or whatever,keyword that you searched for earlier in,your interest targeting now if you,already have an audience of people that,visit your website or maybe you have a,database or a list of leads or maybe,have a list of clients and customers you,can actually upload that list or you can,retarget people that visit your website,on Facebook ads and here's the key thing,you can also create a look-alike,audience based of people that you know,are already going to be good relevant,business owners that you would like to,target so let's say you have a list of I,don't know a thousand clients you can,upload that list into Facebook ads and,their Facebook ads can create a,look-alike audience and it will find,more similar people to the list that,you've just uploaded to help you find,more kind of people like the ones that,you already have as clients so this,audience this look-alike audience is a,great way to target more business owners,and not just any business owners but,business owners that are very likely to,be,exactly like your ideal clients and,customers now this feature alone is,incredibly powerful as long as you have,enough data at your disposal to use it,so you need at least ideally a thousand,names or email addresses that you can,upload it into Facebook the minimum is,100 but I would recommend if you can try,to go more than that because the more,data you can get Facebook the more,accurately they'll be able to create,this look like audience for you now my,last tip to target business owners is,probably one of the most powerful and is,to do with leveraging the Facebook,algorithm to find the kind of people,that you're looking to target and a lot,of people again don't even know that,this even happens when you're targeting,people on Facebook but if you include,the keywords of the type of business,owners that you're looking to target,within your ad text or your ad copy and,Facebook and within your landing page,text Facebook will actually be reading,the text inside of your advertisement,and also on your landing page and it,will use that text to find similar,people that are maybe browsing other web,sites or looking at other pages that are,related to those keywords that you have,so let's say for example you're,targeting business owners who are,accountants so when you are targeting,business owners that are accountants if,you actually put inside the text of the,advertisement and your landing page,something to do with this is for,business owners or this is for,accountants or something to do with the,keywords of the people that you're,looking to target Facebook will know if,the people that you're targeting are,also browsing other websites or other,web pages that have those same keywords,inside them and it will just increase,the chances that your advertisement will,be shown to the right people to the,people that will be interested in the,words that you're actually using in your,advertisement and on the landing page,itself this one is incredibly powerful,and a lot of people don't even know that,Facebook does all this with its,algorithm so the words that you use,inside of your advertisement and on your,landing pages is very important so make,sure you call out the kind of people,that you're looking to target especially,if they are business owners or a,specific group of business owners make,sure that you call them,inside of your Facebook ad and also on,your landing page and that will increase,the chances that your advertisement on,Facebook ads will be shown to the right,people,now as I mentioned earlier the strategy,that you use when actually targeting,business owners or anyone on Facebook,ads is incredibly important because if,you get this part wrong it doesn't,matter how well you target business,owners on Facebook the whole campaign is,not going to work and you even might,generate some leads but you're not going,to get any means to actually convert,into clients which is one of the biggest,problems that people have when they're,using Facebook ads even when they get,their targeting right so the right,strategy involves having the right,messages on your ads it's involves,having the right landing page and also,having the right offer to get people,interested in learning more about how,you can actually help people so if you,want to learn step by step what strategy,we use and what strategy our clients use,to generate predict forward leads and,sales appointments every single month,every single week and every single day,then I highly recommend that you sign up,for the free masterclass training that,I've recorded where I can go into a lot,more detail as to how this strategy can,be set up and unlike most other you know,free trainings or thing or master,classes or whatever you want to call,them,this one will be value packed with,actionable things that you can take away,learn and implement straightaway and,you'll see that within the first few,minutes of watching this masterclass you,will see that there is a lot of value,and a lot of things that you can go away,with and take action on and start,getting some great results so there,should be a link somewhere on this video,where you can click on and go to the,free masterclass training and sign up,for that and you'll get instant access,to it straight away and that's it for,this video I hope you enjoyed it and,I'll see you in the next one

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