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How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required hey friends come on this

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

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How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

hey friends come on this is abhishek,from tech matters and in this video i'll,be telling you how you can easily remove,malware or adware from your android,mobile phone this is very easy you don't,need any kind of software or any kind of,antivirus or anti-malware it can be,easily done through settings in your,android phone,so before that let me show you what kind,of ads i'm talking about so these are,like pop-up ads so here you can see that,this is one kind of pop up ad and,normally you get a cross sign here and,every time the ad pops up you need to,cross it so that it closes so it's very,irritating at times like I will show you,these kind of ads whenever you're,browsing Facebook or you are doing,YouTube so these pop-up ads will come up,and if you see closely here on the top,right hand side that ads by Google so,this means this ad is actually coming,from the Google Adsense so now how you,can remove this and this is very simple,you need to just follow a few steps so,now what you have to do is like you just,have to go to settings and inside,settings you will see accounts an,account you have to go to Google inside,Google you will see multiple options you,have to go into personal info and,privacy and once this page loads you,need to go to add settings when you,click on this this will actually open a,browser and inside the browser it will,open the add settings for your account,and now you can see add personalization,so here basically you have to switch it,off when you switch it off this will,give a pop up and you need to click on,this turn off it says by turning off the,personalization you still see a ad but,it will be less useful to it but,trust me I have turned it off and ads,we're not coming to my phone so I'll,just click on darn off and here it says,add personalization is now off you have,to click on visit ad choices once you,click on visit ad choices this will load,another page which will say like what,all ad you have enabled on your phone so,basically you have to uncheck all the ad,or all the website from where you get,the ads so now it will first load like,what kind of ads you have already,enabled insufficient connection speed so,sometimes this will give error so you,have to try again and if you need to be,on good internet connection and here you,can see it's getting loaded and yes it,says connection quality is good and,cookies enabled and opt-out settings so,this is the very this is actually the,important settings what you need to,check for so let it load it takes a few,minutes to load alright as soon as that,status check is completed you will get,this kind of pop up and it says status,of your opting out option so basically,let me explain you what is opt-out,normally your browser will be enabled,for all 128 companies normally which is,having tie-up with Google Adsense and I,have already opted out from all the web,sites so it says 128 participating,companies reported information for,existing up opt-out on your browser that,means I have already opted out of 128,participating companies for your phone,it will show as 0 participating,companies opt-out or one participating,company opt-out so that that can vary,from phone to phone so you need to,opt-out from all the companies so how do,you do that you have to just click on,continue and here you can see company,customization ad for your browser 3,current uploads 124,now I need to click on make your choices,here I can say these three companies,will give me ad on my phone so I need to,remove these companies from my ad sense,so I wanna have to do choose all,companies and say it's requesting,opt-outs,this means you have requested these,website to not send ads on your phone,now it says opt-out completed,successfully opt-out requests were not,completed for two participating,companies I'm not sure why they are not,allowing you to opt out so step you,click on continue now you can see,company customizing ads for your browser,is one and your opt out is 127 and total,company is 129 so that means like still,one company will send the ads to your,phone but that will be very less,compared to 129 companies so do all,these settings and you have to just,click on back back or you can hit the,home button and then you need to just,restart your phone and your ads will go,away you will not receive that pop-up,ads from Google at last I would like to,thank all my viewers all my subscribers,to make this channel larger because we,have reached 5000 subscriber and 20,million views on this channel and I,would be distributing goodies gifts at,ten thousand subscription so please,check out my Facebook page for more,details just click the link which is,being displayed on the screen now and,don't forget to subscribe because only,subscribers will be getting the gifts,at 10,000 subscription so I hope you,liked my video have a nice day bye bye

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