how to switch google ads to expert mode

How to switch to expert mode in Google ads and why you probably should In this video, I am going to

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to switch to expert mode in Google ads and why you probably should

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How to switch to expert mode in Google ads and why you probably should

In this video, I am going to show you how to take your Google Ads dashboard,from looking like this to looking like this.,So what's up, guys? ,I'm going to show you everything there is to show you about expert mode,today in this video, we are going to cover what exactly expert mode is,and why you should use it. ,I'm also going to show you how to switch from your current mode into expert mode.,And lastly, I'm going to show you a whole bunch of cool settings that you can find,cool reports that you can find in your Google Ads Expert mode as well.,So before we get into all of that good stuff, are you subscribed?,If not, I want you to hit that subscribe button below the screen and make sure,you also hit that like button if you like this video as well.,Now I am going to be dropping a ton of Google Ads,tutorials over the next few weeks, and I don't want you to miss out,,so make sure you hit that subscribe button.,So what exactly is expert mode in Google ads?,Well, Expert Mode just shows you a more detailed breakdown of your campaign.,You get to see which keywords triggered conversions,,you get to see which searches your ad is showing up for, and you also get to see,where your ads are actually displaying if you use display ads.,So there's a whole lot of cool things, and there's a whole lot of cool reports,where you can see exactly how Google Ads is spending your money,and because you get to see all of this detailed information.,You can also see if your ads are showing to the wrong people via,the wrong searches, or if they're showing to the wrong audiences, or if you've got,basically clicks ,that are costing you money but are not leading to conversions.,You get to see all of that good stuff in Google,Ads Expert mode, so you get to have a say in how Google Ads is spending,your money, and that can never, ever be a bad thing.,So another thing that I hear quite often is people get scared,that if they change to expert mode, they somehow going to break their Google ads,or they somehow going to stop the performance of their campaigns.,This is not true at all.,It is just a detailed view of the same exact campaigns that you've already have.,You're just looking at it with a much more zoomed in view.,You get to see a whole lot of reports. ,You actually get to see where the money is being spent.,So you are not going to break anything.,You are not going to stop the performance of anything.,You are just simply looking at your ads in a more advanced view.,That's it. ,So now that you know what expert mode is,and what it does, how do you actually activate it?,And I'm going to show you how to activate it right now.,There's usually two scenarios for this, and we'll cover them one by one.,So the first scenario would be you're just setting up your Google Ads,campaign for the first time and you've come to the screen.,So if you do that, all you're going to do is scroll down,and you'll see these words in blue that says Switch to expert mode.,You're going to click on that.,Once you do that, ,it's going to prompt you to basically create a campaign,because that's what Google wants us to do, they want us to go straight,into spending money with the campaign, but we're not going to do that.,So your just going to click on, create an account without a campaign,and then you're just going to go through the various billing,settings until you reach the main screen.,I am going to do this, but I might blurt out my scream.,So let's see. ,Don't send me any offers. ,You've already got me on mailing lists, ,and then I'm going to say, explore my account.,And voila, you can see I'm now in expert mode,,and I've got all of these settings over here.,OK, so the next scenario that you might find yourself in,is you already have an existing Google ads account and you see this simplified view,over here. ,In that case, what I need you to do is click on settings,and I need you to click on Switch to Expert Mode.,So you might find yourself in a screen like this.,All right. ,When you find yourself in a screen like this, you'll see that,everything is so simplified and it doesn't look like expert mode.,All you are going to do is click on Switch View.,Once you do that ,now, you'll start to see the normal settings that you should see,in expert mode, so your screen should look something like this.,Just another quick example of what might happen to you.,You might go on to your campaign and when you see your campaigns,,you don't see any middle column and you might think to yourself,,yes, but but that means I'm not in expert mode.,So what do I do in that situation? ,OK, if you have only created a smart campaign and when I say smart,campaign, it's just a normal campaign that it's kind of like the,the campaign that Google tries to get you to run first and foremost.,And if that's the type of campaign ,that you created when you were busy setting up your account,,that is normal for a smart campaign not to see the middle column over.,You know, when I go to my search campaign, look what happens.,I get the middle column display campaigns, middle column video,campaigns, middle column, even discovery campaigns, middle column.,But with smart campaigns, you're going to get a very simplified view,because Google wants to take all of their control away from you,,and they want to make all the decisions on your behalf.,So if you see your smart campaign and you don't get a little column,like this, then you know that you are in expert mode.,You're just looking at a smart campaign's data.,So it's very simplified and you're not going to get much choice.,You can also see if it's a smart campaign by looking for the little magic wand,icon next to smart campaigns as well.,So now you know how to access expert mode,,but what exactly can you do once you're in expert mode?,I'm going to show you three things. ,There are a bilion things to show you in expert mode,,but this would be a very long video if I did that.,So I'm just going to show you ,three cool things you can do while you're in expert mode.,first thing you want to do is ,I want you to look at your search terms reporting, go down to keywords,and you'll see that there are few columns there.,Cool thing about expert mode is you can add more columns,so you can actually see things like your cost per conversion.,You get to see your absolute,top percentage, which is basically how many times your keyword,or your ad appears in the top of page search results.,You get to see a whole lot of extra performance columns in there,,and that will really help you understand whether your keywords,are working for your company or whether they're not working for your company.,second thing that you want to do is you want to go to your display ads.,And if you go under the placements menu, I believe,there's a section that says, see where your ads showed.,So I get this question a lot, Devon where exactly are my display ads showing.,Can you tell me which websites? ,Well, my friend, here's the good news.,If you go into this report, you get to see exactly every single app,and every single website that led to a click on your ad,and you get to see if those are the types of apps and websites you want to be on.,The third thing you can do is add negative keywords.,Now, negative keywords are powerful because they basically block,your ad from showing up on unrelated searches.,So I'm going to be having a whole deep dive video on negative keywords,,but you should know ,that negative keywords are powerful and you can basically add them via,the Google ads interface under the negative keywords section.,So those are only a few of the things,that you can do in your Google Ads expert mode.,So I've got a question for you. ,How would you like to see me talk you through,every single section of the Google Ads dashboard?,Tell you exactly what each and every single metric means.,Explain all the reports to you in depth.,Well, if you do, there's a section in our new Google Ads course,where I do just that. ,I basically talk you through understanding the Google Ads dashboard.,I will also be there showing you a live campaign and showing you,how I start a campaign life, work through the Settings,Life and basically optimize my campaigns.,So if that's something you're interested ,in, check out our course at the link in the description below.,Lastly, I just want to say thank you very much for watching this video.,I am going to have a playlist for Google Ads newbies,somewhere in the Scream over here.,It'll be here or here.,If you liked ,just like the video ad, if you want to, you can subscribe to the channel.,And also, I'd love it if you would share this video with a friend,if you found it useful. ,Thank you very much for your time. ,I will see you next time. Peace.

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