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How to Block Ads on FacebookI've already talked about ways to block,ads while browsing online now le

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Block Ads on Facebook

I've already talked about ways to block,ads while browsing online now let's,narrow it down to Facebook and see how,we can minimize ads here unfortunately,it is impossible to fully remove all ads,from your news feed but still let's try,to do something about it starting with,ad blockers,option one get an ad blocker I,personally don't mind seeing one or two,ads once in a while but Facebook news,feed has gone out of hand recently I,must say and almost all I see there is,recommended posts suggestions Etc it's,basically every other post but can I see,what my friends post or the pages I,follow this is ridiculous so the,simplest solution when you'd like to get,rid of online ads is getting an ad,blocking program it can be either in,desktop application or browser extension,form the most popular and the easiest,format of course is an extension if you,Google it there are plenty of free,extensions I already have one probably,the most popular ad block I see there,are some ad blockers for Facebook,specifically and for Chrome browser,which I'm using so let me throw it in as,well to see some extensions are out,there for Mozilla Firefox Safari and,even Microsoft Edge browsers just add,your browser name to the search try a,few extensions and you'll see which one,Suits You after I got my ad block I,noticed that sponsored ads were no,longer appearing in my Facebook feed Let,me refresh it yes no usual ad on the,right and seemingly no sponsored ads in,the news feed maybe because of the,second extension I've got moments ago,but still plenty of other annoying,suggestions there is also a lot of talk,about custom filter lists user can add,into ad blockers for example I found an,article by Adblock employee Rana Cassidy,that has a section with Filter lists,examples for Facebook ads so I can try,it out by the way curiously enough,adblocks seem not to notice ads on my,Facebook page as it shows zero as block,this page aren't it also has a feature,called high something on this page so I,could click on an item and hide it but,none of these page elements are add so,this is useless but back to the filter,list so basically I should open Adblock,options go to the filter list Tab and,find custom lists then copy any of these,URLs with code Snippets inside paste,them and click subscribe here but it,failed I tried all three not working,this is because Facebook meta is,constantly contract tracing any attempts,to hide or block their ads today a new,ad blocker feature script lists May,emerge tomorrow Facebook shuts it down,there's still a chance that some Adblock,extension will introduce and upgrade,that will prompt Those ads who knows one,little yet valid thing I've noticed and,Adblock is able to do in terms of,Facebook is to hide those mid video ads,when watching short videos that usually,autoplay as you hover over it I've seen,no ads so probably similar effect with,YouTube as an extra you'll definitely,enjoy ad free browsing on any other,website ad lockers are really effective,in this regard let me show you let's go,to let's say BuzzFeed a big head better,on the top and under white panel scroll,down and add a larger banner and one,more and so on let me visit one more,site say OLX and here's a huge ad when I,used as a page background now I'm going,to enable Adblock and refresh both pages,okay Alex now has a simple background no,advertisement same with BuzzFeed,although not 100 all ads are hidden in,addition to ad blockers in the form of,browser extension you may also get it as,a desktop application the old school way,all major ad blocker products have,Windows and or Mac OS versions I'm using,Windows 7 so let me try the respective,version of edguard let's say while it is,disabled here's my Facebook feed as,usual sponsored ads blocks at the top,and more in the feed when scrolling down,now basically all I have to do is to,enable ad guard and refresh the page and,to my surprise almost no ads appear in,the feed except a few posts from people,and pages I do not follow I have to say,since Edgard implements quite radical,traffic filtering that is sending is all,through their own DNS some pages may,even display incorrectly with some,elements broken as we see here this also,causes pages to load longer than usual,such is that drawback although I can,configure various options such as,automatic language filters search ads,protection filters social media filter,stealth mode servers and protocols and,more Let me refresh the Facebook page,one more time to see the effect yes much,better and according to the counter 30,ads have been blocked since I enabled,adguard desktop software is of course,not free for example the one I used is,thirty dollars per year or 80 lifetime,both subscriptions for up to three,devices bottom line an ad blocker won't,hide all your Facebook ads or even may,not hide Facebook ads at all but it will,be trying option two adjust add,preferences so since we cannot fully,remove ads and all those recommended,posts on Facebook another solution is to,customize it that is to make it less,personal if you don't want advertisers,to know a lot about you or vice versa,make ads more relevant to you it depends,on your user preference go to your,account icon in the top right corner,click it and select settings and privacy,and then settings,on the page with all the various,Facebook settings find ads from the left,panel closer to the bottom there are the,ad preferences that include three tabs,advertisers add topics and add settings,in advertisers you will see the names of,companies whose ads have been displayed,in your feed mine is blank because this,is a test account the first option you'd,have here is to select hide ads from,certain advertisers then in add topics,you can select the exact ad topics you'd,like to see less advertisers often use,this route and it is logical if you sell,sportswear you want to show ads to,people who are into sports who are,Sportsmen themselves Etc but if you as,Facebook user are annoyed with a given,topic of ads you can find it and set the,C less preference for example I don't,need ads about God and religion so I,find this topic and select CLS number of,overall ads will remain the same so I'll,see some other ads instead of religious,ones next go to add settings to manage,how you use activity data is used by,Facebook advertisers well at least to,input your preferences on how this,should be done I'd say since Facebook,still isn't fully transparent on how,they use this data but they do use it,for sure anyhow open every subsection,read carefully and take further actions,that's about your activity from Partners,so Facebook has partner websites and,receives browsing history from them,especially when users make purchases the,main option you have here is to allow it,or not yes if you want relevant ads know,if you don't want Facebook to get such,data on you but again we don't know,exactly how this works category is to,search you that is user profile,information your job location,relationship status Hobbies Etc by,default all of them are on to no,surprise but you can disable it one by,one there might be other categories,based on your activities so check there,too similarly you might be included in,certain audience lists based on your,online interactions so check audience,based advertising mine is blank good as,shown of Facebook this is interesting so,use a data exchange between Facebook and,partners has two ads it gets user,browsing data outside to serve ads but,it also hands user activity data on,Facebook to its partner websites if you,don't want targeted as based on your,Facebook activity select not allowed one,more thing I'd like to show is feed,preferences settings and privacy feed,preferences there are several options,there too that might be helpful news can,set favorites people or pages to see,first in the feed snooze someone that is,to stop seeing their posts temporarily,or unfollow and stop seeing their posts,and ads permanently finally you always,have the last and the most decisive,action as disposal hide the exact ad or,post say it particularly makes you crazy,or something like that click the three,dots button top right next to a post or,ADD and select hide post for this,specific one or hide all same with ads,you can hide add hide all as from this,app Advertiser and even report it to,Facebook if you think it's too extreme,sensitive abuse option 3 get the Opera,browser well one of the solutions,although also far from 100 efficiency at,the Opera browser how so it has a,built-in ad blocker both into Mobile and,desktop versions it is designed to stop,ads and website trackers it could be,sort of an extra layer of protection,just install Opera that is free by the,way and enable the ad block that can be,done in two places here in the top bar,on the right one of the icons is called,privacy and Protection One from settings,privacy and security there are only two,toggles to switch As I turn on the,browser automatically refreshes and,starts displaying the number of ads,blocked on a current web page just to,check if it will find some ads or not,let me scroll through Facebook for a bit,no still zero not sure about this the ad,blocker has just two settings,manage exceptions and manage lists the,first one is basically a white list,where you can specify web pages where I,don't want,ads to be blocked and the letter is for,filter lists I've mentioned in the first,chapter tech savvy users or programmers,will be able to utilize this feature by,uploading their custom scripts here,another benefit of Opera is that it also,comes with a VPN go to settings and,enable it it can also be used to,disguise real personal information from,advertisements by default it is set to,Optimal location connection and oil,includes America's Asia and Europe but,without specifying your country or IP,address I'm still curious about Adblock,efficiency it is range with 0 as were,found and blocked on Facebook I have to,check on another website say BBC UK it,loads a bit slowly probably due to VPN,but anyway yes 9 ads and 11 practice,block so it works option 4 get an,Adblock app for mobile since most users,nowadays visit Facebook from their,smartphones and mobile devices one more,option we can fly is ad locker apps,first let me view my profile on Facebook,Lite app I have installed on my Android,phone all the same stuff pretty much now,I'm opening the Play Store and searching,for ad markers to be frank I have,already tried a few apps including,mobile browsers and I wasn't impressed,at all let me try some different apps,same Adblock fast and AD guard since,I've already used its desktop version,let's start with the second one at guard,you should be aware that while launching,it requires one of two browsers to be on,the phone Yandex or Samsung browser,without either of those you won't be,able to proceed so I got the Samsung,browser and now I enable airgot checking,the filters base filter tracking,protection filters social media filter,all our on others are off although,annoyances I'd rather enable than search,ads language filters I leave as so now,I'm opening my Facebook app it's all the,same no ads so far just suggested for,you pages and posts next I'm going to,check my feed from the Samsung browser,and here I see the sponsored ads slip,through into my feed as an alternative,I'm launching the Adblock fast app and,going to my Facebook app again okay no,ads so far as I'm scrolling and,scrolling and scrolling more next time,checking through the browser 2 and there,after a bit of scrolling by feed I get,sponsored ads so the overall impression,I get from my experience with adwalker,mobile ads including this little part,I've shared with you is that such apps,are only partially efficient and perform,better when I'm using the Facebook app,instead of visiting my page from the,browser wrap up and that's it I'm afraid,you won't be able to hide all ads on,Facebook due to the aforementioned,reasons but you can take control of your,ad preferences and get an ad worker as,an extra which will be quite helpful on,other websites if you've got any more,suggestions please do share in the,comments

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how to stop your ads on facebook catalogs

How To Turn Off Your Facebook Ads

How To Turn Off Your Facebook Ads

what is up everybody welcome back to the,channel my name is David cantero with,inspired digital comm where I drop,weekly videos on social media marketing,affiliate marketing and making money,online so if you're new to the channel,subscribe smash the bell for,notifications and drop me a comment,below please comment below man I want to,know where you guys are coming from I,want to know how I can bring value to,what you're doing online,alright so real time stuff you guys I'm,just documenting turning my basic random, into simple tutorials which will,hopefully bring value to you guys for,those of you they're building you know,stuff online businesses online capturing,leads online building a social media,brand online what I do is just simply,document little things I'm doing for,clients building what I'm currently,doing is and what I've been doing for,exactly two years now man exactly two,years it was actually September 27th now,the making of this video is October 1st,so welcome October October 2019 is here,man so depending on when you're watching,it I'm dropping this October 1st 2019,then been building a social media agency,since September you can actually,backtrack a video I have my video on,here September 27th I believe it was,2017 is when I launched when I got my,first client when I launched my social,media agency didn't know what the hell I,was doing,I just knew that I can reach a specific,niche online I've come from marketing,I've been doing marketing and,advertising for the past 20 years I,spent six years in the mortgage industry,crushing it in mortgages and real estate,and I built my own software company,offline 50 employees payroll health,insurance liabilities overhead office,building lease on a dam for 4,500 square,foot office like I've done that all that,right network marketing direct sales so,it's like men for the past two years,I just knew how to how to had a message,of specific how to direct mess,a specific niche on social media and,then I just started offering some,freelance services to them that turned,into duplicatable simple services that,every single one of them needs and I've,been pitching that and offering that and,I've gotten well over a few hundred,clients not all paying monthly retainers,a couple of them a few of them paying,monthly wirte a handful and you put that,way a handful pay monthly retainers only,because I didn't plan on skelling my,business like that I I was just you know,offering offering these specific,services because I knew every single one,of them lacked it when it came to their,social media marketing and Facebook,advertising so I just been running,really that this is dating back to 2013,but that's not really that's when I,started playing around with Facebook ads,but I wasn't really building I wasn't,spending a lot of money at all like I,opened up this account in 2013 I started,I started trying to run simple ads in,2014 but not big-time not spending a lot,at all just trying to play around that,2014 but then in 2017 is when I really,started running ads for clients okay so,this is really just the lap this and,this is just one ad account I have two,other ad accounts in fact I have a few,more ad accounts this one this one this,one this one so I have I have all these,out accounts man all right so this is,one ad account or I've been running for,the past for the past few months I've,been I've been running a ton of ads out,of here okay so here's what I wanted to,show you man here's what I wanted to,show you was really how I turned on and,off simple ads like simple ads like this,one for example that I'm going to turn,on is a is a like ad running a page like,ad I get clients - I get clients to pay,me man hundreds and hundreds of dollars,and I'm talking about getting a few of,those clients per week right I get one,specific client to pay me hundreds and,hundreds of dollars to bring a few,thousand likes to their page that's one,specific ad that I run that's one,specific service that I offer them every,single when you look at all your,facebook business pages man nine point,nine out of ten of you guys I'm willing,to bet and I haven't even seen your,facebook business page if you haven't,spoken to me or if I haven't taught you,how to run this ad chances are on your,facebook business page you have 200,likes because you never run a like ad,for it right you probably never gonna,like ad you probably never care to if,anything you're learning lead capture,ads or engagement ads or video few ads,or traffic ads or conversion ads right,you guys are crushing it right but you,never probably you probably never,thought about running to like ad to get,thousands of people to like your page,right like on my page and and this is,what I do man so step one step one,here's what you guys want to do now I'm,not going to teach you to do it in this,video this will be another video but,step one man step one step one to your,facebook business page like this is a,facebook business page where I and,that's what I'm gonna show you right now,how I turn on and off this ad but this,is my facebook business page that I've,been building for the past two years,since I started my my digital agency,okay so you don't need to follow me here,you can follow me on Facebook and that,inspired inspired digital which will be,this one so if any if anything follow me,here men follow me here don't follow me,on this other page I'm just gonna show,you I could show you I could show you,the example on both pages but this page,isn't isn't that I didn't run it for,that long on this specific page inspired,digital but follow me here men inspired,digital facebook-dot-com forward-slash,inspired digital so step one man here's,what you want to do step one is,obviously listing all your links okay,listing all those links making sure,everything the Twitter the Instagram the,dot-com the email the username or that's,my messenger my many chats this is,Pinterest and LinkedIn but for some,reason the icons don't show that's step,one that's step one listen all your,links step two is running the like ad so,I'm just saying man I run this like ad,that's what you should be,right away Manas list all of your links,and then run this like ad okay and the,reason for it let me um let me pull up,this page over here the reason for it is,that this is now your brand if you're a,freelancer if you're an agency owner if,you're trying to build an agency if,you're trying to get clients to do,services for them if you're a real,estate agent and you get clients if,you're an insurance agent and you get,clients and you're trying to build this,social media brand step one you have to,list all those links Instagram Twitter,Linkedin Pinterest and your dot-com and,that email should be matching all those,names should be matching all under one,name okay forward slash,your business instagram comm forward,slash your business getting their,customized all the links and then list,them all on your facebook page over here,your facebook business page and your,facebook personal page okay wanna count,for everything okay but you get them,listed over here so just like over here,i have inspired digital inspired digital,inspired digital everything is inspired,digital all we've elevated to the,dot-com that's step one step two is this,like at this like ad i ran it on my page,took mine up to twenty thousand if I'm,over here pitching services right and,pitching like I'm all that that page,better look all that like all that,because this is where you're going to be,connecting with people you're going to,be connecting with people most likely,first on LinkedIn or on Facebook if,you're going after professional services,if you're going after you know,businesses right if you're going after a,small business of medium sized business,a large business there's a Facebook,presence there's a Facebook page and,this is normally where that age group,tends to hang out they'll hang out here,or they'll hang out on LinkedIn and,they'll hang on Instagram too but,definitely get your facebook business,page up to par because this is where,you're running ads from anyways you're,running Facebook Ads from this business,page you're running Instagram ads from,this business page you know from this,from this page also through your ads,manager so this page man,on all those links in the About section,better be there but this light count,don't don't take me to your business,page and you have 175 likes and you've,been clicking in by to all your 300,friends on Facebook like don't show me,that low number this is social proof,20,000 on this page not a whole lot on,this one over here I didn't I didn't run,it for that long over here which I am in,fact I am I'm gonna run yeah I'm gonna,I'm gonna run this at 2 so next time,depend on when you're watching this,video today this page has not that many,has 3400 so I ran it on this I ran it on,this page for a few days took it up to a,few thousand likes and even that even,that I could stop right there a like ad,is not something you gotta run all the,time I like it if some of you run once,like take it up a few thousand because,chances are you got two hundred and,ninety likes you can't,that's not social proof man if you're,really all that how come thousands of,people ain't ain't ain't following you,if you're really all that,how come twenty thousand people don't,like your page you know I mean and I,tell you sure that's all that's just,perception it's not like I all I did is,I ran an ad I read an ad and and and,thousands of people liked it super fast,and so that's just a service that I,provide that I that I that I give to all,my clients right away if I'm gonna bring,you on as a social media client I need,your page to look legit and and chances,are it doesn't 9 out of 10 of them don't,that's why I turned it into a business,that's why this specific service is a,specific niche service because not all,you guys are even thinking about this,damn ad like you're not even thinking,about taking your likes to 20,000 right,nor do you really need to actually now,I'm gonna tell you you need to you need,to you need to don't take me your page,menu got 300 likes like don't take me to,your page and you got 600 likes someone,that has 700 likes,you've been clicking invite forever,you've probably got 5,000 friends like I,do over here on the personal page so,you've been clicking invite forever just,to get this light count up to freakin,710 like you've been clicking invite,forever you've been coming in here you,and inviting all you select all you,freaking invite your friends and you've,been doing that forever,I'm telling you man,Facebook ad run a simple Mike ad and,your likes will literally increased by,four to five hundred a day and that's,off of a freakin five to ten dollar a,day budget like no joke take it up a few,thousand spend twenty five bucks on the,damn thing shut it off you know and so,and that's what I've been doing for the,past two years so for the past two years,I've been running it randomly on and off,and I have gotten up to twenty thousand,in the past two years by spending ten,bucks here twenty bucks there,twenty-five bucks there fifty bucks,there and and and and over the past two,years turning it on turn it off and,that's exactly what I wanted to show you,today you guys it's the service that I,offer all my clients they all have to,take it I got to take their pages up a,few thousand I charge them for it okay,and so here's what I was what I was,gonna do what I do is I'll charge them,for it right I'll charge them for it and,I'll take them up let's just say three,thousand likes like a lot of these,clients right here look man all three,thousand thirty eight hundred thirty six,34 34 34 are charging for it and I,charge a good price and I have a great,margin my margin on that is absolutely,insane it's not even funny man it's not,even funny what I charge them compared,to my net profit on that on the on this,one specific ad every single one of them,every single one of you have 200 likes,I need to take you up to three thousand,before I start running Facebook ads for,you right and I'm gonna charge you to do,that right now which are jus I'm gonna,charge you to do that we got to do that,first that's step two let's take our,time I know you want to capture leads,mr. business owner I know you want to,freaking drive people to your landing,page mr. business owner but we need a,cup we need a complete step one I needed,and list all your links because right,now all your links are randomly freaking,user you have random user name you have,Billy Bob Twitter you have you have,Billy underscore Bobby Bobby nine for,Instagram your Facebook is freaking some,long character like like this like your,Facebook is just it's just weird,your your Linkedin is freaking Bobby -,real - a state - agent like your links,are all,get a looking right whack that's step,one mr. business owner step two let's go,up a few thousand likes and then we'll,go to step three which is capturing,local leads okay so what I what what I,do is all charged them a certain amount,right to take them up a few thousand or,whatever and then I have an automated,email that goes out set to go out,fourteen days later up selling them to,more I have clients man that will email,me three four five times because of my,email autoresponder everything is done,through car trips so if you're still,messing around with your random freaking,um you know landing pages and email,autoresponders you got to take a look at,Karcher I run all my emails through,Karcher profit with card trick dot,online that link is in the is in the,description but this is my email,autoresponder so I have an email,autoresponder setup where fourteen days,21 days twenty-eight days regarding this,specific ad right I'm simply asking the,client if they want to go up higher if,they want to go up another two mm,another 3000 Gopinath and it's not,something you got to go up to twenty,thousand you don't depending on your,niche in my niche 99.9% of them have two,hundred likes on their business page,ninety-nine point nine percent of them,every single person in my specific niche,where I'm building my social media,agency around ninety nine percent of,them 99.9 percent of them their facebook,business page has about a hundred and,seventy five likes so the moment I take,them up to three thousand they're,freakin fired up and they pay me an arm,and leg to do that right and so what I'm,saying though is that I'll have clients,that will respond to the email that I,automatically set up nine months ago and,they'll respond to the email saying yeah,David let's go up another two thousand,charge the credit card and then boom I,just I just I just turn him off turn him,on turn him off turn him on and so this,client of mine emailed me yesterday and,said David let's go let's go up another,thousand and so again man she's looking,at her competition her competition as,three hundred and ten likes she's like,David I want to go to fourth,I'll forget that I'm gonna blow everyone,away when it comes to perception when it,comes to social proof now are you,capturing a ton of leads am i capturing,a ton of leads off of 20,000 likes no,but it's the back end it's when I go to,step 3 which is running lead capture ads,when I go and start running traffic ads,and conversion ads and video view ads,and engagement ads when those people,come to my business page and they see,20,000 likes or when I'm direct,messaging people and then I and then I,and I lead them to showing what I've,been able to do look at my step 1 look,at my steps you like showing basic stuff,they're like damn holy 20,000 likes,are you kidding me out in the hell do,you do that how do you have that I got,210 that's what they're telling me right,so it's I I went on the backend you win,that number is perception it's social,proof it's instant Authority its,credibility it's telling that the person,who's looking at it what does that tell,you you tell me man answer your own damn,question what does that tell you when,you look at 20,000 answer your own damn,question what does that tell you what,did I tell you you're like right it's,it's it's just a it's it's different,than looking at 200 right look at your,business page you've got 210 right it's,just a different number man and I'm not,saying I'm better than you hell no at,all you guys are way better than me I,just - I just write a simple ad and and,now I got that credibility and that's,what I do for clients right and they're,like damn dude and I tell them to I say,dude you don't need 20,000 you don't you,don't even need 10,000 because I know,the market right I know the market I've,seen every single one of their pages,everyone in that niche I'm talking on I,understand I'm talking about thousands,I've seen thousands right I see how,their social media looks I see other,facebook business page has 79 likes like,I see that right so I turn that into a,little product a little service that I,can now offer them and they're fired up,they're fired up so this client man,simply replied to the email that I've,you know half set up and she's like,David let's go up a little higher so,this is right here so here's what I do,guys so here's what I do let's get on,video here's what I do and I'm gonna end,right here cuz it's simple the ads are,off I shade them all great right I shade,them great that's how I turn up add some,of you guys just don't even freaking,bothering you just shade one two gray,and you know leave the other two blue I,shade all three tabs so the campaigns,the access for one campaign that ads for,one campaign these are the three tabs,for this one ad right I shade all of,them great to turn them off or I'll set,the calendar and then the calendar will,automatically turn them off so here's,what I did on this one and here's what I,do with a lot of them a lot of my ads,all all set a calendar so I don't have,to micromanage it you know I still look,at my ads every day but I don't I won't,like micromanage micromanagement where,I'm staring at them all day you know I,mean because I know that the calendar is,set to spend a certain amount for a,certain amount of days and it shut off,right and so when it came to this one if,you look 36 dollars so 36 dollars was,the budget and we reached that budget so,now and we've reached the deadline on,the calendar we reached the deadline on,the calendar right I said it for a,specific time and and it ended right it,ended and so what I have to do is I have,to come in here this is step one boom,let's shade that blue we're turning it,back on,but because 36 dollars out of 36 dollars,was already spent and because the,calendar had already ended here's what,here's what you want to do now you want,to edit this click on edit and then all,we're gonna do is we're going to simply,change the date of the calendar so this,one turned off on September 26 right now,it's October first,so it's shut off and it's off and once I,change the calendar now let's turn it,back on for another let's go another in,fact let's go another day let's go,another day actually it's go another,couple days we're gonna go another,couple days we'll go to ten three we'll,go to ten three we'll publish this,so all I did it was an ad that was,turned off that was already those see,this exact ad I already know the numbers,on it so that's why I want to turn it,back on because it was a good,performance ad that's why I'm turning,this back on if it wasn't a good,performing ad I wouldn't be turning it,back on like this this is how you turn,back on the ad if it was a good,performing ad and if it was a simple ad,a video view add a page like add an,engagement ad even even a traffic or,conversions at you know what I mean,so here's what I'm gonna do I published,it and then now I'm gonna hit close,that's the only thing I needed to change,was the date and then I shade this to,blue okay,shade that to blue nothing needs to be,changed in the third step but to blue so,we shade that to blue - now the ad is,back on now if I go back to the first,tab right if I go back to the campaign's,tab let's act so now it's active,now we're active we're active again at,the same analytics at the same numbers,that performed the first time around now,let's go back to this add real quick,we're on lifetime one lifetime and so,now what I'm gonna do is let's go back,down really quick will see a blue ok BAM,active now here's what I wanted to show,you here's what I wanted to show you,because I'm at five dollars a day and I,and I and I extended the date right the,end date it pushed it from $36 to 46,which is exactly well I want it at 45 I,want it at 45 something I'm gonna here,so here's what I'm gonna do I'm glad I'm,gonna show you this I might as well,simple this is basic stuff man this is,Facebook Ads 101 even the damn police,can you know learn how to do this stuff,here's what I'm gonna do now the ad is,on I turned and blew in all three tabs,but 46 bucks is not what I wanted to,spend I wanted to spend 45 bucks so,here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna,come back into the second tab I'm gonna,hit edit and when the ad is on you don't,want to edit too many things don't edit,the targeting for sure do not edit the,targeting when it comes to editing the,ad while it's already on a little thing,like this what you can do is you can,change the budget up or down when the ad,is on come into the edit change the,budget I can change this five bucks to,ten I can go from five bucks to three,whatever I can change the budget and the,ad will not be affected and I can also,change the date I can also change the,date and the ad will not be affected so,in this case what I want,it was 46 dollars the budget is 45 so,I'm gonna what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna,drop it down I'm gonna chop it down a,couple hours I'm gonna drop it down a,couple hours let's see if 8:00 p.m. on,the second I published this and let's,see if that brought down my 46 dollar,costs because I want it to be at 45 and,those numbers are important man those,numbers are important depending on your,margins depending on what you're trying,to do,United mean let's go back the budget on,this is 45 and I need to make sure it,stays at 45 and again those of you that,are not setting the calendar BAM 45,dollars and 28 cents,those of you that are not setting the,calendar you'd have to do this manually,you'd have to physically manually do,this which is time consuming and,micromanaging and I got other things to,do right like I'd only be looking at,this all day but I want to know,that the numbers are there and I want to,make sure that the cost is there and I,want to make sure that that we're not,going over budget so I set the calendar,I set the calendar on this specific type,of that this is a page like at so based,on the current numbers we're at let's,just call it three three thousand likes,I'm gonna simply take it to four,thousand and then shut it off that's in,the depend on the client if she replies,if she sends me another email in the,next couple days or a couple weeks or,whatever and says David I want to go up,another two thousand then I could simply,charge her card and take her up another,another couple thousand and so that's,where that that's one specific service,you guys and,so that's how no matter if you're,offering that as a service or you're,doing this for your own page you need to,do this for sure for your own page,target worldwide and then just and just,and just and just run a page like add,we're in a page like add okay you're,gonna come in here to create and depend,on what type of industry you're in a lot,of you guys may not have to choose you,may not have to check the box but if you,fit any of these three categories than,you do okay if you're a real estate,agent go with housing if you're hiring,people go with employment if you're,looking to offer credit card solutions,or credit cards go with credit so make,sure you're following these guidelines,but if none of these apply to you then,don't even you don't even need to check,the box,okay come down here in engagement page,likes and target world wide okay you,don't need campaign budget optimization,on this specific ad I don't need that,page likes and then there there it is,there okay so that's what you want to do,man that's what you want to do step two,no matter what type of business you're,building if you're building anything,that has to do with the internet or,capturing leads or social media,marketing or anything like that take,your legs up man take your legs up on,that Facebook business page so it just,gives you more credibility and in more,social proof but that's how you want to,kind of turn on and off your ads this,was going to end at 45 dollars spent and,that's perfect right it's going to take,me to about four thousand likes on this,specific campaign and that's exactly,exactly where I where I want to be so,now here's the ad there is the max,budget forty five dollars and twenty,eight cents and this will go from twenty,nine fifty five to about 4,000 at that,budget so know how to turn on and off,your ads you guys because just yesterday,I was speaking to a client where she had,an ad this is a true true story shot up,to Sarah Graham crushing it in real,estate but she had an ad that was turned,on for literally two months and no three,months she's gotten three monthly bills,man because this ad was still turned on,and she hit me up and she thought David,I don't know how to turn this damn thing,off,I can't even find it and so we had a,search through different add managers,different ad accounts to find the,freakin ad and then shut it off that was,yesterday man so that's why I turned on,and off these ads are very important,right you don't want to spend more than,you need to you know to do what you're,trying to do,right so hopefully that makes sense you,guys I'll see you guys on the next video,over now

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