how to stop windows pop up ads

Remove Annoying ads On Windows 10 I How To Disable All Ads In Windows 10 2021 okay guys welcome to m


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Remove Annoying ads On Windows 10 I How To Disable All Ads In Windows 10 2021

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Remove Annoying ads On Windows 10 I How To Disable All Ads In Windows 10 2021

okay guys welcome to my channel,if you are here it means you want to get,rid of,or remove annoying ads that keeps,popping up on your windows ads like this,okay without further ado let's get,started,so in this tutorial,i'm going to walk you guys on how to fix,this,this is something more unique to windows,10 and,any of its predecessors so,if you don't have a need for it,so first thing i would suggest we click,on the start menu,which is at the left button,then it pops up and,in the search box type in,file explorer,then in the menu,click on the file explorer,by left clicking on it,then on the top here,you get see view click on the view,tab and go to the,option tab here then left click,on it then,this comes out says change folder and,search option click on it,then we click on the view tab here,and search for,and search for synchronize provider,notification,we unclick it and,click on apply,and click on ok,so once you are done with that,you are going to try to take off the,ads in the start menu now let's,let's click on the start menu type in,settings or,search for the icon here whichever you,prefer,the icon here settings,then left click on it,and settings,windows pops up,then we'll look for,personalization okay,we'll click on it,okay windows 4 it just popped up,okay and now we want to scroll,down to the start menu here,and click on the start menu here at the,left side then at the,right side we search for the,show suggestion occasionally in stats,we want to click on it off it,okay and that's pretty much about this,place,that now let's go back,okay on the settings window,we want to come to the section,with a system then we'll click on it,now we want to scroll down to the menu,here,that says uh notification on actions,click on it left click on it,then we want to go down,then on the right side we want to go,down,and look for,uh get tips,tricks and suggestions on you as,sorry get tips tricks and suggestions as,you use,windows one want to unclick it,then we want to go to uh show me,the windows welcome experience after,updates and,occasionally when i sign in to highlight,what's new and suggestion we want to,unclick that too,and that's pretty much about this,okay that will be all we want to,it okay i hope you find this useful,please do not forget to give a thumbs up,and click,the subscribe button it's been a,pleasure,being with all of you i said i,appreciate your attention today,thank you and bye

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