how to stop unwanted ads on instagram


Deborah Oluwaseun Roselyn ( DOR)

Updated on Jan 07,2023


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how to stop unwanted ads on instagram catalogs


Instagram has wrote out new guidelines,for the year 2023. if you own a business,you are running adverts or you plan to,run out it is important to understand,all these guidelines this would help you,put the right things in place that would,help your business let's dive straight,into it attach to my screen the terms,and condition but I want to break it,down because a lot of people did not,understand it if you go to your Arts,manager you'll see the new terms and,conditions starting on the 3rd of,January so we would be breaking it down,here it's a lot get ready Instagram,calls itself at 10. the following self,self self advertising number one when,you place an author you will tell us a,type of advertising you want to buy the,amount you want to spend and your bid if,we accept your order we deliver your ads,as inventory becomes available subject,to selection when saving your ads will,use the best effort to deliver the ads,to the audience you specify or to,achieve the outcome that you select,although we cannot guarantee in every,instance that your ad would reach its,intended target or achieve the outcome,that you select let me break it down,what they are saying is the same way my,business sales gift item,if you want to buy gift item you place,an order Instagram is telling us that,from the 3rd of January we have to place,an order you will use one artist you set,up your adverts,and all that but you have to place it,like an order tell us the amount you,want to spend okay in a month I want to,spend 100 000 and spend 50 000.,after you tell them,you tell them you're bid how much am I,able to bid for this I do tell them if,we accept your order that means them,accepting adverts will not be more,difficult than it used to be if we that,means we may not accept your order okay,then they say we will deliver your ads,as inventory becomes available please if,you put in an ad,if inventories are available for all,this you have to wait you have to turn,the queue,what is that telling you,what is telling you is that see people,that I want to run ads for a particular,time say Valentine say end of the year,Christmas or say Easter or say father,still something something that's,normally you can say oh I'll start my,ass today Instagram would accept it it,may take long in fact it will take,longer so when going to 2023 before,running out you have to prepare to run,your art far ahead if you already asked,for Valentine first the computer now you,should set up your art already we don't,know how they're going to do it but it's,definitely going to take longer okay now,let's even talk about Valentine or,Christmas I'm just using a random season,if too much people are requesting to,place advice that time you may have to,wait for two weeks so you have to start,planning earlier if you have drafted out,your advertising plan for next year go,and draft out when to when you're at and,set a reminder that's what you do when I,want to run out maybe for Valentine I'll,try to remember on my phone so maybe,like any time in January the reminder,would remind me run Valentine at,because at times I forget it's not like,I forget forgettable I'm like oh,my heart should be running by now so,set up your timer alarm and all that and,please if possible put a week or two,weeks ahead because we don't know what,we are going to face but it is going to,be,a movie,okay let's go to number two your heart,must comply with all applicable law,regulations and guidelines as well as,our advertising policy failure to comply,may result in variety of consequences,including the cancellation of Arts that,you have placed and termination of your,account,before you run out on Instagram,I have a video on Instagram at,guidelines I also have a video on,what you should do on Instagram,Instagram Community guideline I'll put,it in the description box when you're,done with this video you need to watch,that video you have to understand,Instagram guidelines,you have to understand guidelines,different from the page guidelines they,have advertising guidelines they have,the page guidelines I have made a video,about both,please check the description box or if,possible I may link it at the end of,this video If you go against their law,what they are saying is you think they,are removing accounts or this wire but,this 2023 is going to be brutal they are,ready to uproot any weed in their system,and they are not taking it slightly so,before you even ask understand their,guideline Community guidelines and,Instagram guidelines for art I don't,want this video to be too long and,obviously I cannot talk about that and I,already have a video on it already check,the description box when you are done,with this video okay,next point is we may reject or remove,any ad for any reason that means even if,your advert has been running maybe like,a month,two months they can just wake up and,stop it and remove it and reject it as,the playlist for any reason whatsoever,number four you will pay for your other,in accordance to the following a for a,you you comply to our community payment,terms so this is telling us that we must,comply with their terms the terms,they've get there you pay all are much,specified in each other you place along,with any applicable tax tax has been,compulsory in Nigeria since I think it,started 2022 January yeah so the amount,you owe for each other will be,calculated based on our tracking,mechanism see placing an order you,authorize us to obtain your personal or,business credit report either when you,place an order or at any time after that,means if you place an order they have,the authority to obtain your personal or,business credit report they have the,power you are responsible for,maintaining and security of your,advertising account and you will,understand that you'll be charged for,any other place on or through your,advertising account what they're saying,here is if you're not careful with your,with your advertising,um passwords what they're saying is you,have to use good password for your,Facebook account and all that if anyone,have access to your Facebook account for,instance and the person set up an ad,manager and start running ads with your,Facebook account Facebook is not ready,to hear story with you that him it's not,me it's somebody you are responsible to,pay and they will do everything to make,you pay it's that simple so keep your,password safe use strong password your,password let's ask spelling digits,numbers and symbols things that people,cannot usually think about because they,are not hearing stories you would pay,they don't want to see your hand it's,somebody somebody I gave my password,Facebook if you are making direct debit,payment you agree that we can charge you,any amount that falls within the range,that you agreed to up on sign up we will,notify you in advance if any charge will,exit the upgrade upon what they're,saying is if you bid for 100 1000 per,month or 50 000 per month on your ads,they can decide to say okay you,for 50k and we've taken your order but,we want to deduct 65 000 naira there's,nothing you can do you cannot sold me to,Cuts everybody would notify you even if,they notify you there's nothing we can,do we are more like oh yes in Jesus name,amen F you can cancel an order at any,time but your art may run for 24 hours,after you notify us and you are still,responsible for paying for all at that,one I think this is not fair,what they're saying is usually when I,want to add perhaps I see it's too,expensive or it's not converting I go,and stop it what's Instagram is not,saying is for instance if I'm running,the ads or an ads is it hot or an ad if,I'm running ads yeah and I feel like,it's not converting or it's too,expensive the cost per clicking and I,decided to posit this money my art will,still run till tomorrow morning and I,still have to pay I am responsible for,paying and they are enforcing me to run,and ask for 24 hours after,we can make sense Facebook,and let's go the like button this will,help you talk about this video is,valuable and push it out to more people,that needs to see this content thank you,next please the amount that we charge,you maybe subject to and include,applicable taxes and levies including,without limitation with Odin tax we are,responsible for Bernard remitting any,tax that apply to your transaction you,will indemnify an orders harmless from,and against any claim arising out of,your failure to do so what they are,saying is taxes compulsory and it,refused to do it will bear the,consequences and there's nothing you can,do a h if your payments methods fails,all your account is passed you we may,take additional step to collect past due,amount you will pay all expenses,associated with such collection,including Legacy Facebook,first day I want to Accurate interest at,one percent per month all the lawful,maximum whichever is less what they're,saying is you know you may be trying to,run out and your payment method is,failing maybe you are using your bank,for those of you that use postpaid ad,accounts it's not advisable prepaid is,depressed what they're saying is if,you're using postpaid and you are owing,them 20 000 error and they are unable to,pay or you are owing them thirty dollars,and you're unable to pay they will,charge you one percent per month so if,you roll over to next month you pay one,percent plus your former debt till you,are able to pick up and now he was,saying that if you refuse to pay you pay,all expenses associated with such,collection,including Legacy that means they,continue to court if you're not paying,their money and you really want to pay,their legacy I hope that's okay,this is not making sense I hope they are,joking,with an Advertiser balance which is,prepaid balance that can be used solely,to purchase ad on meta advertisers,balance are only for business or,commercial purpose it is not refundable,Facebook is not your bank does not offer,banking service and others what they are,saying is some people put so much money,in their ad account for me I try to fund,it every three three days because they,have this rule before if they deactivate,your ad account there's something you,can do and your money would go so even,if you have 100 000 or any amounts there,the money would go I spent more than 100,000 per month one at but I never put it,there at once,I cannot put all my money there twice I,put it in budget small small I put thank,you to the 15K the maximum I have ever,um added to my prepaid ad account is,twenty thousand yeah that's the is right,so what they're saying is they are not a,bank so don't put money there to keep,what's the money that you want to use,okay okay this is my foreign,experience their health including,campaign performance you acknowledge and,agree that you may test as notified in,this term including assets formatting,relevant pricing targeting what they are,saying is they can test their ads,anytime now,when I'm more in adverts there are,specific people I targeted what they're,not saying is but if I'm targeting this,group of people they can decide to test,my ads and go and show my ass to people,that,that repairing phone or selling laptop,or doing by that shower they can't,charge,do anything they want to do when they,ask they can test it with this audience,be good for my ads can I get results of,course I really want to pay and they are,telling me they can guide and do it,number six will determine the size,placement and positioning of your ads,usually when you want one art you can,pick Instagram story explore feed,and those options now you cannot pick,they will determine they will say okay,this one will put some story this one no,to be on explore this one is going to be,on feet,of delivery is subject to availability,and may not be continuous that means,when after you've lost your order when,your heart will start running it depends,on the kind of orders they have now for,instance maybe I'm in the clothing store,I want to shop from me and I'm running,sales if about 100 people come to shop,from me my company will start the,production of the clothes based on first,come first serve the first person that,comes to order for the clothes inside,the production number 10,production will be the things do you,understand so it is it depends on other,availability first come first serve okay,number nine we cannot control our tricks,are generated on your ads we have system,that attempt to detect and fix that,clicks away and all that what they are,saying is,they cannot control you someone that is,not interested in your attitude would,click on it of course if they click on,it people it's none of their business,they cannot control it okay the next,point is our license to deliver your ad,will end when you have completed your,order you understand however that 10A,once acts are displayed at our public,information it may be resured access,outside saved and all that what they are,saying is you cannot to them and say oh,I I am running ad so someone shared or,saved my content definitely when you're,putting your stuff to the public people,would share people with save that one is,fine MB if your ad is about social,issues election it's about politics it's,none of my business okay fancy you,consent that meta may discuss your,advertising content and all information,associated with your advertising to a,government entity or body,what they are saying is they can,decorate our content to people that have,connection people that have like EG,governments entity or body remember,there's a brand that is striving online,and there's another industry that needs,to get information about that brand what,they're saying is if it's a big body,government they can disclose your,advertising content like okay this is,what this person is using you for,targeting like they can tell us,okay so you have to consent okay I know,you can do that probably with the report,about the kind of people seeing your ads,okay you cannot kind of putting your ads,the use of this report is subject to the,data people you can have access to the,reports of people seeing your ads number,two offer tools to provide transparency,to our user about our meta blah blah,blah there are things in place to help,you on their platform okay you will not,enjoy the press release or make public,statements about your relationship with,meta or Metal Products without our prior,written permission,press release key number 14 if you are,placing out on someone else's behalf you,must have permission to place Those ads,and agree as follow that is if you want,to place art for someone else but advice,that you should not do that please you,add yourself let everyone Place their,order themselves because if that person,goes against a rule or Community,guideline they will deal with you and,they will do that person so,I don't know how they want to do it we,will not know till January of course but,don't press add for anyone okay number,15. we may ask you to review and accept,terms that apply to your use at any time,you can ask me for a review of some,for your use okay of community,guidelines that will not be taken with,levity in year 2023 do not Place ads on,behalf of someone else you as a person,you have to understand Instagram ads,guideline what to do for your Instagram,ads and it is important to follow their,guideline on your own print so that they,won't take you off their platform most,especially if you are making money on,this platform I have this video on,Instagram Community guideline the things,you must do the things you must not do,and what would help you maintain your,account and stay safe on Instagram it is,important if you want to ask or not,because Instagram would be most tricked,with their platform next year click here,watch and enjoy thank you for watching I,definitely see you in my next video

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