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How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)hello friends in this video i am going,to show you ho

Satyendra Pandey

Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)

hello friends in this video i am going,to show you how you can disable ads on,facebook,app on your android mobile so first of,all open the facebook app,now from the bottom right hand corner,click on the three horizontal lines that,you see,click here now it will open up the menu,now scroll down till the bottom uh till,you see the settings and privacy option,click on it now it will open another set,of options,and you need to click on the second,option that is privacy shortcuts,as you can see click on it,now it i screen will open just like this,one,as you can see the first one or the,first option is privacy,and there are another set of options uh,below it now scroll down and the second,one is the account security,click on the uh third one uh you as you,can see the third one is add preferences,learn how ads work on facebook and how,you use data to make the ads,you see more relevant okay now the under,this one the second option is,your ad preferences you need to click on,it reviewer,add preferences click on it,okay now it will uh open another screen,now you can see your inter shopping,business entrepreneurs,you know it is showing my interest and,it will show your interest,in your facebook app uh you can also see,all your interest now,what we need to do is we need to click,on add settings that you see right here,in the third option is add settings,click on add settings,now there are two three types of ads,that you see on facebook,now these are the ads based on the data,from partners,and ads based on your activity on,facebook company products that you,see elsewhere you can read out the,description,that's how facebook is giving you ads on,your wall,on your facebook wall so what you need,to do is ads based on data from partners,so i simply click on it,now i'm going back now as you can see it,is allowed is written,below it that means they are giving ads,based on the,data from the partners now click on it,now it's also giving so much of details,if you allow us to use data from,partners if you don't allow,simply click on continue at the bottom,of the screen,now as you can see in front of the,allowed it is right now it is enabled,you need to disable this screen now it,is not allowed,to use now now facebook will not use,data from the partners to serve ads,on your facebook wall now click on save,now click on,done okay,okay now i have refreshed it now it's,showing not allowed,now go to the second one that is ads,based on your activity on facebook,company products that you see else here,now it is also allowed,now simply click on it and,see ads based on facebook ad preferences,click on no,and go back and refresh the page,okay now it's coming not allowed once,you click no,now uh the third one is the ads that,include your social actions,click here let me see what are the,options here,uh only my friends click on no one right,go back and refresh it and as you can,see,it is coming in as no one uh now once,you do this setting on your android,mobile,these settings are also applicable to,the facebook,on your laptop or you know pc or in,iphone,as well in iphone app as well so this is,how you can,uh how you will see less ads on facebook,it won't it won't,fully disable the ads but you will see,less,less ads on the facebook app on your,android mobile on your laptop,on your iphone so this is how you can do,it so thank you for watching the video,please like it,and subscribe to my channel for more,tips on facebook,thank you

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Why your facebook ads suddenly stop working...

Why your facebook ads suddenly stop working...

hello guys and welcome back to the,channel if you're new here my name is,jack i'm the founder here at scenarios,we are an e-commerce growth agency that,combines paid ads influencer marketing,email marketing as well as conversion,rate optimizations to help e-commerce,brands scale in this week's video we're,going to be talking about why some,facebook ads suddenly stop working after,a consistent performance over a few days,or even a few weeks so um a lot of,people i know have had this experience,and if you've ever run ads before you,might have launched an ad,on a code audience for example and you,started getting purchases right away,the performance was consistent for a few,days you actually increased the budget,the performance continued to do well and,then all of a sudden the purchases,stopped and the ad stopped performing,entirely,what we're going to do in this video is,answer why that is and the key to,understanding why your ads suddenly stop,working is understanding how facebook,actually delivers your ads to the,audience okay so this is just an example,ad account that we have here this is a,cold ad that we launched recently and as,you can see here when we first launched,the ad this is the 19th of january we,were we started getting purchases right,away,over the next few days the performance,continued to do quite well so we scaled,the ad slightly spending around forty,dollars a day and then fifty five,dollars a day and the performance was,actually improving kind of linearly you,can see here around two purchases three,and then four purchases so the,performance was doing quite well and,then all of a sudden in two days two,days in a row we got zero purchases zero,uh checkouts initiated and zero at the,carts we had some purchases come in a,little bit later that was after that,after we made the decision to turn off,the ad,and this is mostly due to the delayed,attribution reporting as a result of the,ios 14 update uh but nonetheless this is,just to give you an example of what this,looks like as you can see here we,started the ad the performance was doing,really really well,and then all of a sudden the ad,performance dropped significantly and,almost entirely,okay so in order to understand why that,is as i said we need to understand how,facebook actually delivers your ads to,your target audience um so allow me to,demonstrate here,okay so let's say you want to launch a,cold ad to your target audience one of,your best performing ones is likely to,be the one percent look-alike let's say,the audience size that facebook gives,you is between six to eight million,people um and we're just gonna represent,this audience with this circle right,here so this is your entire audience,what you need to understand is that when,you actually launch the ad um facebook,does not actually take this entire,audience and take a random sample of,let's say a hundred people and show your,ad to those people instead what facebook,actually does is based on its analytics,and what it understands about your,target consumer it's gonna find the,subset of people within that audience,that,that most closely resembles your kind of,target your perfect target consumer or,let's say the people that are most,likely to convert so we can represent,those people with this um,red,circle right here,and those group of people are going to,be depending on how kind of,widely,accepted your product is or how much,demand,there is for it those might be like a,hundred thousand people out of the,entire audience which is six to eight,million people,so,once you launch your ad you're getting,really really good performance for the,first few days even the first few weeks,obviously depending on how much you're,spending um because you're because,facebook's actually showing your ad to,those people within that audience that,almost identically match your target,audience,now once facebook actually exhausts this,audience it starts showing the ad to a,larger group of people that don't,resemble your target consumer or your,customer avatar as well and so that's,the main reason why performance starts,to dip or can even stop entirely,so what will happen is once facebook,exhausts this audience right here it's,going to show your ad to another group,of people that is larger,so once facebook exhausts those people,that most closely resemble your target,audience it's going to show the ad to a,larger group of people who don't,resemble your target audience as well,and therefore the conversion rate is,going to drop and performance can even,stop entirely if your ad is not robust,enough so,what this tells us is that your job as,an advertiser when you're running,facebook ad ads is to continually try to,create better ads in order to remain,profitable while facebook shows your ad,to more and more people and maintain a,conversion rate that's high enough to,maintain profitability so what this,actually looks like is if you have a,really really robust ad better than the,ads that you've launched before you'll,be able to have a really high conversion,rate on this first group of people that,facebook shows the ad to but then when,you scale up to that second group of,people that again,don't resemble your target consumer as,well your conversion rate will still be,high enough in order to maintain,profitability at that scale and again if,you create even better ads you'll be,able to reach a higher group of people,profitably within that audience which,you know has a maximum limit of six to,eight million people okay so to,summarize the reason your ads suddenly,stop working is that facebook runs out,of the high converting subset of people,within your audience to show your ad to,and it begins showing the ad to a larger,group of people,on which the conversion rate is lower,therefore your job is to continually,figure out how to create better ads that,maintain profitability as you scale and,as facebook shows your ads to larger and,larger groups of people so this is a bit,of a shorter one but this is a really,really important concept for you to,understand when you're running ads it's,going to help you understand why your,ads suddenly stop working and what needs,to be done in order to,scale further with your ads and maintain,performance over a longer period of time,again by creating better ads that,maintain profitability on larger and,larger audiences so i hope you enjoyed,this one,if you found value in it be sure to,subscribe for more content on paid ads,and growing your e-commerce brand uh,leave a comment below on what your,experience is and how you are able to,scale your facebook ads and maintain,profitability as you scale and show your,ad to more and more people,again hope you enjoyed it and we'll see,you guys in the next one

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