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Google Ads Remarketing Complete Tutorial (2023) | STOP Leaving $$ on the Table hey guys what's up it

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Google Ads Remarketing Complete Tutorial (2023) | STOP Leaving $$ on the Table

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Google Ads Remarketing Complete Tutorial (2023) | STOP Leaving $$ on the Table

hey guys what's up it's Yvonne here at, and in this video I want,to show you how to create a remarketing,audience for your Google ads as we're,approaching 2023 and remarketing is just,incredibly important because as,statistics show over 97 of people who,visit your site for the first time are,likely to leave without buying anything,and so if you're able to remarket to,these people and show them your ads your,products or Services again they are more,likely to come back and to actually,purchase whatever it is you're offering,so the magic is in the remarketing and,that's exactly what I'm going to show,you how to do here in Google ads I'm,going to show you how to set up,remarketing and then I'm going to show,you how to create an audience and then,how you can use that in your actual,campaign all right so before we get into,guys don't forget to hit like And,subscribe hit the notification Bell icon,so you get notified when I release more,videos like this showing you the various,tools to help you succeed on online Okay,so let's get straight into it so this is,going to be our Google ads account that,we'll be using and I'm going to be using,unbalance as the landing page builder of,my choice here I have been using these,guys for about four or five years now,amazing amazing amazing landing page,builder can't praise them enough just,been incredibly happy with them over the,past few years if you guys want your own,trial of unbounce you can check it out,at, unbounce and you get a,14 day free trial and 20 off this is an,exclusive discount 20 off on your first,three months or a year depending on the,plan you choose so definitely something,you can't get anywhere else but anyway,we're going to be using unbounce here,and this is our Google ads account so,the first thing we want to do is set up,retargeting code or remarketing code on,our Pages that's the first thing we want,to do before we build an audience so,we're going to click on tools and,settings we're going to click on,audience manager,and we have to set up a code so we are,not ready to select an audience yet we,have to go into your data sources over,here,and we have a tag here that was set up,you might not see this so I have this,from I guess doing this in a previous,video you might see this Google ads tag,option right over here so all you're,going to do is click on select or click,on use something like that so what I'm,going to do here is click on details and,it's going to do the same thing,so this is going to be the tag it's,going to show you something like this,you're going to scroll down you're going,to click on tag setup and you're going,to click on install the tag yourself and,what you want to do is take the code,that they give you okay so the Google,ads tag the interface might look a,little bit different for all of you,Google constantly changes their,interface so the point is you want to,select Google ads tag option and you,want to go to this tag option right here,in on my screen it's here at the bottom,of the page and so we want to paste this,below the head tags of every page on,this side okay this is important for,remarketing we do want to put it on,every page of the site so what we're,going to do is we're going to copy this,code copy we're going to come back into,my unbalanced page builder we're going,to open the landing page and the thank,you page here,and then we're going to add the code to,both of these Pages if you are able to,add the code to all your pages right,away then then you can you can do that,in this case here is our landing page,and this is my thank you page so this is,the landing page I'm going to click on,JavaScript over here I'm going to click,on add new JavaScript I'm going to paste,the code right here I'm going to name it,Google ads,remarketing and I'm going to select head,and obviously not all of you guys are,using unbounce that's okay whatever page,builder you're using you want to add,this code in the head section of the,page and click funnels I think it's in,the top left and leadpages top left as,well WordPress you can install a plugin,called headers and Footers if you're not,sure and you really can't find it you,can always contact support and just ask,them say hey I have a Google ads tag,code I want to set up on my site where,is the setting for that where can I add,my code to the page and they should be,able to direct you so we're going to,click done here we're going to save our,landing page,we're going to come back to the thank,you page and do the same thing we're,going to click add new JavaScript we're,going to paste that here we're going to,say,Google ads,remarketing we just say marketing code,or we don't have to say code we just say,remarketing because that's obvious that,it's code we're going to click head,we're gonna we're gonna click done and,Save,and that should be it so it's been saved,these two pages these two now should,have the Google ads code on the page so,we can come back here and that is pretty,much it,so this looks good and then what you,guys can also do is download on Google,Chrome the Legacy uh tag assistant,extension this one so if you put it over,here you should now see it here and as,you can see here it has the little green,that means it's been added successfully,and on thank you page we can do the same,thing refresh it,and we're gonna enable it on this page,too we're gonna refresh it again,and you see it here the global site tag,is what matters and then for the,remarketing we will still have to now,create an audience list for this right,so we've set up the tracking but now we,have to go back inside of Google ads and,we have to create the audience list that,corresponds to these pages so once that,is done you're good to go you're gonna,click on segments and this is where,we're going to create our audience list,so you're going to click on plus you're,gonna select website visitors,and you're going to give it a name so,for the first audience list let's,suppose we want to create an audience,list of people that visited our page,over here they visited but they have not,signed up okay so these are the people,we want to retarget to and give them,another chance to sign up for this offer,so we're going to come back here we're,going to say website visitors,and then we'll say,did not sign up to explain exactly what,audience name this is and we're going to,say visitors of web pages so we want to,Target these people that visited these,specific pages and then what we're going,to do is we're going to click on refine,and we're going to say the page URL has,to contain,these words right here so we're going to,copy that we're going to come back here,I'm going to paste we're going to delete,the http,and if the URL if the page URL contains,this that means their website visitors,however we want to exclude people we're,going to click action here under exclude,we want to exclude people that visited,the thank you page because we don't want,to Target people that already signed up,we want to send those people a different,message so we're going to come back here,we're going to delete all this contains,and that is it so do you see what we've,done here we've created an audience list,of people that visited our landing page,but have not signed up and the way we've,done that is we said the URL we want to,include people who visited our landing,page but we want to exclude people who,signed up does that make sense and then,over here if you had the code already,added to your page you could pre-fill,the segment with people who matched the,rules in the past 30 days but this is a,brand new code so we unfortunately even,if we select this option nothing's going,to happen or you can just start,completely from scratch up to you I do,like to add this option here in case the,code was already added one more thing,you could also do is you could select,people so you could create an audience,list of people that have visited your,pages in the past X number of days the,maximum you can say is 540 so a year and,a half that's the maximum you cannot do,any more than that,so a healthy number I think is 90 days,however you can experiment because the,longer the time set that you put the,higher the chance that people forgot,about your offer right,right so over here we want to also,specify we want to say 90 days because,later on we could create different,remarketing lists we could say one for,30 days we can say one for 45 days so on,so forth and we can test and then you,can also add a description if you like,so we could say people who visited our,landing page but didn't sign up in the,past 90 days if you like then we're,going to go down we're going to click on,create segment and that is it Okay so,we've successfully created this segment,here it's now populating and it's now,that we've added the code is going to be,getting more and more customers now,let's suppose you want to create another,audience list audience list of people,that have signed up to our page right so,we can come in here we can click plus we,can say website visitors and we can say,people who signed up or let's say leads,right we can shortcut leads and we can,say 90 days let's suppose we want to do,90 days and then again we can do,visitors of a web page we can refine,action we can say page URL contains,and we would enter the space share,paste,and we can remove that and as long as,the URL contains these words here so,this URL this is going to be a person,that's going to be added to our list and,we can see here 90 days you can also add,more action so you can add an or you can,say people that let's suppose you have a,store that sells many different products,and you want to Target anybody who,bought any of your products then you,would select or for example you would,say people that bought this product or,this product or this product you can do,that alternatively you can select and,you can say hey I want people who,visited my homepage visited my about me,page visited my contact page visited my,course page so on so forth I want to,Target those people because those people,are probably very engaged an Engaged,audience I mean so you can do that right,so that's how you would utilize this and,feature if there are many different,things or let's suppose you have many,different uh products you want to sell,and you want to Target people that,bought all five of your products and you,would say and and and and you would keep,adding actions does that make sense,and then obviously you can exclude so,you can exclude people that have done a,certain action you can either exclude it,here or when you actually create your,campaign you can also exclude audience,lists there so you can for example,Target people that purchased product X,but did not purchase product y so you,can exclude those people so again you,can create an audience list like that or,when you actually create the campaign,you can exclude and include certain,audiences and then over here same thing,we can pre-fill or we can add a,description so that's pretty,straightforward here for leads we're,going to leave that blank and click on,Create and so for the list that you,created let's suppose this one if you,click here if you made one by accident,or you you want to change things up you,can click here and you can remove the,list you can edit the list going back to,where we were,for the default one unfortunately you,can't do anything with it so this is the,Google ads one even if you click here,you cannot delete it but that's okay,so that's how you create the remarketing,lists all right so now how do you,actually use them so when you create a,new campaign let me quickly show you,where you would go you would go into new,campaign I'll just briefly,show you let's say display campaign just,to show you where to go for the settings,and then we're going to go to targeting,at targeting over here you would go into,audience segments,and you would select this option here so,you would go into browse and over here,you're going to be selecting this third,option from the bottom right here and,then here you have website visitors,these are the lists that you created so,when you create a remarketing campaign,you'll be able to Target these people so,you can Target people that are leads for,example people that have signed up you,can say hey you've signed up to this you,know the product is good here's,something you can buy you can do that or,you can Target people in this case the,other list we did people that did not,sign up and you can say hey you didn't,sign up what's up do you want to try a,different page here's a different page,or maybe here's more information about,our product so on so forth so this is,where you would go to actually Target,them all right so hopefully that makes,sense you should now know how to set up,remarketing how to set up the tag how to,create remarketing lists and then how to,actually use those lists when you create,the campaigns if you enjoyed this video,guys definitely take a look at my,website at where I offer,a free guide for affiliate marketing,showing you how to make money online I,as well as have a variety of training,courses such as the Google ads,retargeting course which shows you in,more detail how to set up retargeting,how to set up Advanced audiences and how,to use Google tag manager how to settle,up and how to be very proficient and be,able to retarget all those people so,that is all for this video thank you for,watching I will see you in the next one

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