how to stop popup ads in google chrome

How To Disable Pop Up Ads in Chrome + Disable Bottom Right/Left Side Ads hey guys in this video I'm


Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Disable Pop Up Ads in Chrome + Disable Bottom Right/Left Side Ads

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How To Disable Pop Up Ads in Chrome + Disable Bottom Right/Left Side Ads

hey guys in this video I'm going to show,you how you can disable your pop-up ads,on your Chrome browser so let's get,started and let me show you the problem,first of all so before disabling the,pop-up I am just on this website which,is called pop-up test where I'm going to,test the pop-ups first of all so I'm,going to just click on multi-popup test',and before disabling the pop-up you can,see when I click on the pop-up test it,gives me so many pop-up windows and,that's the problem you might also be,facing if you don't disable those,pop-ups so let me close all the pop-ups,now and now let's just see how we can,deal with this problem and solve this,problem so just click on these three,dots on your Chrome browser and then,click on the settings option and here,you will be able to see all these,options here so what you need to do is,you need to go to the Advanced Settings,and then go to the privacy and security,settings okay so if you don't see,privacy and security settings in this,window you can always click on this,option on the left hand side so you will,see the privacy and security option here,also or you can directly search for the,privacy and security option here okay,now you just need to click on the site,settings option so just click on the,site settings option and here you will,see so many options here so what you,need to do is you need to go to the,notifications here just click on,notification option and by default you,will see many websites which are listed,here so you might want to remove all the,websites which are listed here under,allow because if you allow the websites,to give you notifications then it's,going to show you all the notifications,so you can choose the website which can,allow the notification mostly you might,want to allow the Google websites to,give you,notifications but other than that you,just need to remove any other website,from this section right so you might,ideally want to see no sites added under,allow okay or if you don't want to see,notification at all you can just,unselect this button ok so just click on,this button and once this is disabled,then all the notifications will be,disabled and they will not be able to,pop up on your Chrome browser so one,setting is this one and then you can,also see the other setting which is,pop-up and redirect so you can just,click on this option also pop-ups and,redirects so under pop-ups and redirects,option you might want to disable this to,blogged okay so right now you can see,it's blocked and that's the recommended,settings if you want to allow then you,can do this but in your case you might,want to disable all the popups which are,appearing on your Chrome browser so make,sure that it's shown blocked and,recommended here so this option should,be disabled and if you see any website,under allow you can just remove those,two box website from here also if you,don't recognize the website okay so here,I can see popup test website which I,have opened here also which was showing,me the popups so I will just remove it,from the allow section so I will just,remove this website and now when I go to,the website once again and when I just,click on the pop-up test again you will,see that the popups doesn't appear,anymore and you will also see that here,you will be able to see the notification,that pop-ups were blocked on this page,okay so here now after doing all the,settings which I have shown you your,pop-up will be blogged for the,website you have chosen or if you have,just chosen the blocked and if you don't,see any website and allow then all the,pop-ups and notifications will be,blocked on your Chrome browser so this,is how you can disable popup ads on your,Chrome browser I hope you've enjoyed,this video and I will see you in the,next video

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