how to stop getting grammarly ads

Grammarly Makes The Most Annoying Ads if you write anything on your computer i,would recommend gramm

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

Grammarly Makes The Most Annoying Ads

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Grammarly Makes The Most Annoying Ads

if you write anything on your computer i,would recommend grammarly,if you're stupid it's like having your,own personal proofreader,for free so we're back to talk about,another annoying company today it is,grammarly with their annoying ads,unfortunately i haven't been able to,find the ad that i'm talking about,but i do have some examples that are,pretty similar so i'll show those as,well so basically how the ad goes is,there somebody texting on their phone,and then they're like,um how do you spell potential google it,and they're like i don't know how to,spell it can anybody help me and it's,like,use grammarly and then i'll help you and,then you can spell the word potential,and while you're texting and everything,will be better,like this really bothered me like it got,me kind of mad i was pretty mad,but what's really dumb about it is that,pretty much every phone has a keyboard,with autocorrect on it like regardless,of android or apple phones,they all have them so there's no need to,do that this is some chromebook level,marketing advertising stuff,that people already have like hey you,want to watch netflix offline,buy a chromebook because it's not like,you can do that on any other laptop,so here's a grammarly ad that is similar,to the one i saw the other day babe are,you gonna get on i've been waiting for,20 minutes what are you doing,one second babe i'm trying to type right,now and i'm in a rush and misspelling,everything,i'm in a rush and i'm trying to text and,i can't and i'm misspelling everything,on the iphones like if you're writing a,word wrong it will correct it for you,like is she that bad that the apple,keyboard can't even fix their spelling,because it's so far off they're just,like,i have no idea like what could this word,even mean like what could this word be,how is how is this a problem and of,course the acting in this is really bad,and like the audio is like really sharp,too like it hurts your ears especially,when she's speaking too it's just like,hey i'm trying to do this you're,misspelling all of your texts,ah i remember those things,dude i can't smell anything right,there's got to be some way to fix this,even in that clip they show the phones,autocorrect working and showing,other words that you could put into the,text but like for some reason they're,like oh i still don't know how to type,do they not know how to use their phone,properly,wait you used to have this problem too,how'd you fix it wait you used to have,this problem too,how did you fix it part of me is not,even sure this is a legit grammarly ad,like is this serious,all you have to do is go to your app,store type in grammarly click,grammarly keyboard give it full access,to your keyboard and boom you're all set,and then she's like oh sweet i can spell,again whoa this app is amazing i can,finally spell everything correctly now,autocorrect on phones just doesn't exist,i guess,what is it with ads and getting dumber,right now i feel like ads are just,getting like they're just,going down like the intelligence level,in ads is just,just tanking i don't know why so now,we're gonna have a look at some of the,comments on this ad,this is legit one of the most annoying,ads i've ever seen,like i have to agree with that we're,gonna have to like that comment that is,very true how would she type grammarly,when she can't spell oh,got her there how yeah how did she even,type up grammarly in the app store,if she didn't know how to spell app,store would have been like no sorry i,have no idea gamerly what is that,grapply nope sorry we have no apps by,that name first why is she in a rush to,type someone second why is it taking her,20 minutes to spell mississippi,and third all phones no matter if it's,android or iphone and obviously she has,the iphone 11 pro max,they come with spell check so if you,misspell something it automatically,corrects it for you,so that pretty much just sums up,everything there's no need to download,grammarly while you're texting because,you have the autocorrect already on your,phone so there's no point to do that,apparently in the background it's the,wii shop channel music for,some reason as well the girl wow this,app is amazing i can finally spell,everything correctly autocorrect me like,bruh,so i decided to have a look at the,actual grammarly channel and have a look,at some of the other ads that they've,posted as well,i also realized that grammarly has a 136,000 subscribers so,please subscribe so we can overtake,grammarly because they have way too many,subscribers,so this video is called what are you,writing today and it has,426 dislikes to 180 likes so let's have,a look at this and see if there's any,similarities to that horrible ad we just,watched,grammarly provide suggestions based on,what you're writing,text messages get a more casual,treatment,so one thing i've noticed just from,going through a lot of these ads is that,like all their examples in these ads,seem to be like really easy mistakes,that like pretty much anybody who's been,through high school or like,any like sort of university would,definitely be able to pick up on,like the your and you are and the it's,and it's,and they also use affect versus effect,and like that's another one that they,always show being corrected,they're just basic fixes that pretty,much any other grammar checker could get,like it's not really that amazing,what it's doing they just hold,themselves as if they're on like a whole,another level when it comes to grammar,checking and spell checking like they're,like,we're like way up here we just we just,check everything everything gets,checked so many times but the mistakes,that they're showing getting corrected,are like mistakes that people,should know better than like if you're,working at an office you should probably,know the difference between affected,versus effected,i'm a ceo i'm a ceo,i'm a ceo and i can't spell maybe it is,really helpful i don't work at an office,so maybe it is like really crucial to,have this but just seems like,nothing really that amazing you need a,writing assistant that can keep up,on all devices on all browsers imagine,what you can do,with the secrets of the world's best,writers at your fingertips,they also kind of like frame it as like,this is something essential you have to,have this you're not a good writer,unless you use this but if you weren't a,really good writer to begin with this,isn't going to make you that much better,like,if you upgrade to the premium maybe,they'll give you a better word choice,and like your grammar will be a bit,better but like still the content of,what you're actually writing won't be,any better there's only so much,uh spelling and grammar correction can,do with grammarly you can be sure that,you're always bringing your a game,well looks like i won't be needing this,anymore,there's this really interesting post,about somebody who had to do group,assignment i'm guessing in university,and the person they were put with was,really annoying to work with and really,not on top of their stuff you know,procrastinating and not getting any work,done so eventually they decided okay,i'll do more work and i'll just give you,the conclusion,and even that was too much she wrote an,incorrect conclusion because she didn't,read a word of the paper,that i actually wrote the conclusion,completely contradicted the entire, paper and then she used,grammarly,but she didn't use grammarly smartly no,she inputs every single correction that,it suggested,now i insisted she sent me the finished,paper before submitting it,but she was doing corrections at 11,o'clock at night the paper was due at,midnight she went ahead and submitted it,and sent me a happy it's done text i,panicked,but trusted my writing was good enough,that no matter how badly she screwed up,the conclusion,we will still get a good mark not,knowing that she edited,a bunch of my work my mark came in and,because it was shared marks obviously we,got a 48,they were able to sort it out with the,teacher but i think that just goes to,show that if you are a bad writer,grammarly isn't gonna like,overnight just make you a better writer,you have to use it as like a way to help,you you can't like rely on it is,basically what i'm trying to say,you have to know the flow of your,writing and what you're trying to,achieve,and kind of see whether that contradicts,or helps what you're trying to do,because it will mess up your paper if,you just like go okay that accept accept,accept which they do in the ads,like they're just like oh yeah except,this accept this except you know and,then it works out really great,so the first post it said that they,wrote this sentence here he's not going,to want to do that and he has work,anyway but grammarly suggested that they,put,he's not going to want to do that and he,has worked,anyway we went from like a present tense,to uh past tense which,changes up the whole sentence meaning,what i've seen from a lot of,posts are people saying it only works,for people who already have a good,understanding of grammar,just to bring attention to the few,things we miss through human error,i also found this really funny youtube,help post as well and it's,it's got 59 replies on it as well and it,says,could youtube stop running grammarly ads,and it's just pretty much 59 comments of,people,just hating on how many grammarly ads,they've been seeing if we just scroll,down there's so many of them,grammarly more like spammerly omg yes,please stop i don't want grammarly,youtube and grammarly ever tortures,people into subscription submission,grammarly targeted me with over 100 000,video adverts,in about six months of using youtube,these are scammers and they should be,reported to the media like the bbc,i strongly believe that they also steal,your personal information like iep etc,that's what all ads do nowadays they all,steal your cookies and information,but not that they should i don't i'm not,agreed i don't agree with that still,like i still am against that as well but,all ads do that it's not something that,grammarly just does as well,a lot of people are like complaining,about why they're seeing grammarly ads,but a lot of people haven't edited their,personalized ads so like,if you go into your like google account,and look at your ads a lot of the time,google ads for some reason,will suggest that you are like a good,candidate for grammarly ads and will,actually,show you more of them and that is,something you can edit and change,because there's a good chance that,they've,chosen you for a reason and are going to,keep on targeting you ads just like this,guy here,who felt like they tortured him so i can,understand though seeing that many ads,would be really annoying i would be,really mad if i,if i saw a hundred thousand ads in six,months there's also quite a lot of,really funny grammarly parody ads,your success depends on the quality of,your writing you're going to want more,than a simple spell check,luckily you've got grammarly on your,side,with just a few clicks so if you did,enjoy this video please give a like and,please subscribe,and also comment down below what you,thought about these ads,you

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