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Stop Facebook From Tracking You On Your iPhoneTwo years ago, we put out a video called,,"6 Facebook

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Stop Facebook From Tracking You On Your iPhone

Two years ago, we put out a video called,,"6 Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Change Now".,Today, we have many more powerful tools at our disposal,to limit how much information Facebook can collect about us.,Those tools are so powerful,,Facebook recently lost $232 billion in a single day.,- They did.,Sorry, Mark.,- So we're gonna talk about those,,but first we're gonna limit,Facebook's access to your camera, photos, and microphone.,We're gonna start in the Settings app.,Open Settings,,and then scroll down to Privacy and tap on Photos.,So right here, Facebook, let's tap on that.,Do you want Facebook to have access to your photos?,Some people do like to upload photos to Facebook.,- People upload photos to Facebook, David?,- Some people do. - News to me.,- Right now, Facebook has access,to all the photos on my iPhone.,- Too many. - That's too many.,So you can do Selected Photos,,where you choose which photos Facebook has access to.,Or if you're like me,,you don't really upload photos to Facebook,because that's just not something I do.,You could choose None.,So whatever you're comfortable with, just allow all photos,,that's every single photo on your iPhone.,Let's tap back to Photos, upper left hand corner,of the screen, back to Privacy.,A few below Photos is Microphone.,Tap on that.,These are the apps that have access to your microphone.,Do you want Facebook having access to your microphone.,- All the time? I don't think so.,- Probably not.,- No, just unless I'm,,if you're doing a live video on Facebook,,you need to do this.,- So just tap that switch next to Facebook. Turn it off.,Let's tap back to Privacy.,One more setting we're gonna look at here is Camera.,Here are the apps that have access to your camera.,- And so different than photos.,Photos are the photos that are already on your iPhone,,this is for taking and new photos within the Facebook app.,If you don't think you're gonna be doing that,,or live streaming.,- Yeah. Same thing too.,You can turn it off,,and then on the off chance you need to take a picture,through Facebook and upload it right there,,it'll ask for access again.,You can just give it to it and come back here,and turn it off again.,So I'm gonna tap that switch and turn it off.,So let's tap back to Privacy,,upper left hand corner of the screen.,Let's come to Tracking here.,Allow Apps to Request to Track.,Do you want Facebook to be tracking you,across other apps and websites?,- Facebook hates this setting so much.,They took out a full page in The New York Times,,saying that if you turn this off,,then you're killing small businesses.,And they also said, don't subscribe to this channel,,because they don't want you to subscribe,,but you're not gullible.,You are gonna subscribe to this channel.,- This setting is really one of the biggest factors,to that $232 billion one-day loss.,It's amazing how just turning off that one simple switch,can really deal a death blow to Facebook,- Death blow! - Death blow.,- Geez.,- And while you're here, what I recommend doing,is just turning that switch off at the top of the screen,and then, not just Facebook,,now no apps can track you,across other companies apps and websites.,It's something I just really recommend,,turning that switch off.,- Yeah, the secret is that you're not actually hurting,small businesses by turning this setting off.,We're a small business.,We could care less about the setting.,- Yep, let's head back to Privacy,,upper left hand corner of the screen.,Then tap on Location Services.,Let's scroll down and find Facebook.,Right now, Facebook has access to my location all the time,,even when I am not using Facebook.,- Too often! - Too often.,So let's tap on Facebook, Always.,We don't want it to have Always have location access.,While Using the App,,Ask Next Time Or When I Share, or Never.,- Ask Next Time, I kind of like,,but also While Using the App should be as frequent,as it gets for your.,- I'm gonna choose While Using the App,,and then just look at Precise Location.,A lot of apps use your specific location when this is off.,Apps can only determine your approximate location.,That's probably good enough for pretty much every app.,- Yeah, you don't really need,to have Precise Location turn on.,You would, if it was Google Maps, but not for Facebook.,- Yep. So let's tap that switch next to Precise Location,and turn it off.,The next two tips are within the Facebook app,,and Facebook has really buried these settings.,So I'm gonna go and open up the Facebook app on my iPhone.,Tap on your account icon,on that lower right hand corner of the screen,,and then scroll all the way down,to Settings & Privacy.,Tap Settings.,Scroll down.,Tap Ad Preferences.,Tap Ad Settings.,And then down here,,Data about your activity from partners, tap on that.,Choose whether we can use data,from our partners to show you personalized ads.,We recommend turning this switch off.,- Yeah, turn it off.,If you join the channel, we have a guide, a PDF.,- We do.,- It'll walk you through that whole thing.,So if you don't like rewinding,,you don't have to leave a comment,that says, "You guys are going too fast!",You could just join this channel,- Get the PDF, and also has other apps too,,not just Facebook.,And trust us that they are all similarly convoluted.,So let's go, tapping that back button,,upper left hand corner of the screen.,And we're gonna go back again.,And we're gonna scroll up to Location, tap on Location.,So we did set Facebook and no longer has access,to my location all the time,,but did you know Facebook saves your location history?,So if you have always had Always,as your Location Services option for Facebook,,there's probably be a list of locations,that Facebook has saved.,- Right. And what are they using it for?,To sell advertisers ads, based on your location.,- Once you're in those Location Settings,,tap on Location History,,and then turn off this switch at the top of the screen.,If you wanna see the information that they have,,you can tap See Location History.,I just turn this on for this video,,so there's not much there,,but if you just haven't touched this at all,,that list is probably pretty long.,In our previous Facebook settings video,we recommended turning off facial recognition,and they listened to us.,- They did. - They totally discontinued,face recognition in Facebook a few months back.,That's really, really cool.,- Yeah, they did.,And you're welcome.,- You're welcome.,- Everyone and privacy experts worldwide,,they're reaching out to us.,People say we're doing a really great job.,- Yes.,Those are some Facebook settings,that you should turn off now.,Thanks for watching this video.,Make sure to subscribe, make sure to join this channel.,You get on the screen with all of these fine folks.,Their names are rolling down the screen,like a post show credits.,- Yep. Like, literally a post.,- Yeah. Literally.,- Like, they are. Okay.,- Thanks for watching. - Thanks for watching.

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How to Stop Facebook Tracking and Show Relevant Ads After You Search / Using An App on iPhone

How to Stop Facebook Tracking and Show Relevant Ads After You Search / Using An App on iPhone

hi in this video we're going to take a,look at how you can stop,facebook tracking you and show relevant,ads,after you are performing a search uh,using an app,on your iphone now first we're going to,launch the facebook app,and on facebook you want to tap on this,option key,and in the menu you want to go down,so go down and tap on settings in,settings go down and we want to go down,to the section where say your facebook,information,and tap on this uh function called,off facebook activity so tap on that off,facebook activity,and then in here you can see it's a year,of,facebook activity your facebook,activities,includes information that businesses and,organizations,share with us about your interactions,with them,such as visiting their apps or websites,so after you,use an app or you visit certain website,so you perform a search for dog food,and after you did a search then,certainly when you go to facebook you,um you see um facebook displaying or,showing all,all the ads relating to your um,dog food topic that you have just,performed research,so to um to turn this uh behavior off or,to turn this,uh function off what you can do first is,tap on the clear history,and this will disconnect all facebook,activity history from your account,and then tap on clear history we do that,one first,and then now we tap on manage your off,facebook activity,okay so i need to i need to put in the,password so i'm just going to do that,now,okay next you can also tap on the click,history button in here as well,and in here you tap on the option key at,the top then tap on,manage future activity,and then down here tap on manage future,activity,and up here you tap on this switch,feature of,facebook activity tap on it to turn off,then tap on,turn off so i say here turn off,uh this feature will disconnect your,future activity it may take up to 48,hours,until it's fully disconnected from your,account,so just wait uh for a while before this,feature will turn off,and then tap on turn off and that is now,off,so it's an activity that you have turned,off just tap on that,to uh to check it out uh if it does not,show,let me just give it some time before it,actually goes to update,the list in here and that's it so that's,how you can,turn off the facebook tracking,and stop them from keep showing you,the relevant ads it's kind of spooky,that after you use an app or you are,thinking about something and then all,the ads,just suddenly shows up so you can do,that to,switch it off and that's it so give that,a try,and see how you go thank you for,watching this video,please subscribe to my channel for more,videos

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