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How to Block Ads System Wide (No Download Require) On Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S9 / Note Serieshi in this


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Block Ads System Wide (No Download Require) On Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S9 / Note Series

hi in this video I'm going to show you,how you can configure you know Samsung,Galaxy S ten or the STM plus or even the,galaxy s 9 how you can configure it to,block ads system-wide so let's first,swipe down on the top here and tap on,the Settings icon and from here you want,you to tap on connection connections and,then go down and tap on more connection,settings next tap on private DNS and,then turn on private DNS provider,hostname and then in here we gonna put,in the DNS so it will be DNS god god god,don't come so just double check to make,sure that is correct and then tell,unsaved so here is DNS dot oh god that,come and that's all you if you do and,now when you whenever you're browsing a,web page the ads should get block and,even if you visit some site and where,the ads always pops up then it will at,least block house ads as well so you can,browse your site without forms now one,of the things that you might need to,take notice is that using this method,sometimes it can block public Wi-Fi so,if you had gone to the airport you may,experience some time the clinician may,job in and out if you are facing that,problem then just make sure that you go,in here and turn off that private DNS so,if you are having connection connection,issue with Wi-Fi then go in here and tap,on private DNS and kiss switch it off so,by switching off you should be able to,connect your wife to public Wi-Fi again,shouldn't have affects you,when you are at home using your Wi-Fi at,home but when you are going to public,places at the DNS settings can sometimes,cause an issue now another things that,you may want you to do is you may want,to use the DNS - family dot earth God,had come so this for this DNS settings,it will remove adult content while you,are browsing the web and then simply,just tap on save and that will save the,changes and that's it so when you want,you can turn off private eNOS and then,tap on save and that we will move our,private DNS and that's how you can,configure your device you plug at,system-wide on your galaxy phone thank,you for watching this video please,subscribe to my channel for my videos,also using this method it's only works,with your Samsung internet browser if,you want to use your Google Chrome,browser you need to configure configure,this differently and I will do this in,the next video thank you for watching,this video

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[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

what's up guys welcome to my channel,this is Rajat Gupta today in this video,we will talk about how to disable and,turn off your full screen random pop-up,ads on your Samsung or Android phones so,recently one of my friends actually you,know came across this problem his phone,was infected with the advert so that's,why he was getting like random ads like,full screen ads on his phone like so,whenever he used to work on his GPS,he'll his phone actually fills the,screen with random pop-up ads so the,cause of the problem is actually your,phone is infected with an advert that is,from some app you just recently,installed and the solution is really,simple you're just happening uninstall,that app right however it's not that,easy because you don't know which app is,that so we'll be doing that in this,video so I have three suggestions for,you how to determine which app is that,so so that you can actually uninstall,that app and get rid of that so let me,set up my devices and I'll walk us,through how you can do that so let me,show you what the current situation is,this is my friend he's actually working,on his GPS app and for this example we,just never get in to some random place,it doesn't matter like what we are,entering but whenever we turn on GPS and,we actually do a quick call like we're,just calling someone in this in this,video and like just give it like a,couple of minutes and you see like this,is the Al we're talking about this is,the full fullscreen ad on your Samsung,phone this is Samsung S eight plus and,you know this is the ad that we come,across like this is a Google ad and we,don't know what to do the only thing,that we can do right here is actually to,click on the transfer and and exit out,but let's not do it and let's discrete,the solution to this problem,so the fourth solution that I have to,determine what app is that is to,actually click on the most recent button,on your bottom left because ad is also,treated as an app so and when you click,that you see that you know do the step,tracker app which my friend has,installed on his phone that is creating,this app and as you saw we just use the,GPS and the call feature but we didn't,use this step tracker app,and now let's discuss the solution,number two to actually determine what,app is that and for that you need to go,to your Play Store because Play Store,also lets you know you know your most,recent app let me close out the GPS go,to your my apps and now the lipid will,be clicking on the install button,and you see like these all these are all,the apps that are installed on the phone,let's sort the apps by the last used and,you can see that step tracker is also,listed here let me straight in the phone,this app there is no reason for this app,to actually show because we just use the,maps feature the GPS and also the call,but we didn't use the step tracker so,this confirms that this is the culprit,so let's go ahead and uninstall this app,to see that if it actually works click,on the uninstall button click ok and,this app is uninstalled let's go and try,the same process again the same Chrome,so I'm going to try the same flow again,let's start the GPS actually why don't,we start the GPS from the from like,start so I'm gonna close the GPS and let,close all the app and start the GPS now,like what we did for the first time so,just add to some random address start,the GPS dot the navigation and then,we're gonna go back and try the call,feature again,okay let's disconnect and like give it,like couple of merits so far so good so,far so good again and I believe this is,actually fixed because we're not seeing,the ad and this used to be the case,because you know whenever we actually,run this flow we used to see the ads so,if we are not seeing the ads for like,this long it actually means that you,know we have actually solved this issue,okay let's close everything and let's,try the flow again once again just to,confirm that you know the issue is fixed,so we gonna go and put some random,address and start it navigation okay now,let's try calling someone again all,right we can disconnect and just wait,for the R to appear by this time I,believe the ad would have already shown,but it's not showing anymore and even on,the second try so that means our issue,is fixed and in case those two solutions,didn't work for you third solution is,actually actually to install,malwarebytes anti-malware from your Play,Store malwarebytes anti-malware is the,one of the best anti-malware,out there it's actually very reputed I,trust that a lot and just install the,malwarebytes anti-malware is for free,from your Play Store and just scan your,phone with that I'm sure like you know,it will come up with some app you know,which is actually in fact infectious,with an adware and you can then,uninstall that app from your phone let,me know in the comments below you know,which were which solution of of these,three work for you and I hope this video,was useful for you and if it was you,give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my,channel because I'll be sharing more,cool videos on the same lines alright,guys I'll see you next video

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