how to stop etsy ads

How to switch OFF Etsy offsite ads hello I just wanted to do a quick update,today about finding your

Pam Duthie

Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to switch OFF Etsy offsite ads

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How to switch OFF Etsy offsite ads

hello I just wanted to do a quick update,today about finding your stats from,offsite ads and also I wanted to show,you it is possible to turn off off-site,ads if you want so from your Etsy shop,shop manager if you're going to stats,and then you scroll down below how,shoppers found you you'll see see,traffic and sales driven by off-site ads,and you click on that see more info,about off-site ads and this gives you,your ads dashboard I'm gonna call it and,here you can pick the time period let's,just give it this year because it's only,been running a couple of months but it's,only been gathering data a couple of,months and this is where you get as we,talked about before the number of times,your ads were shown and how many orders,and clicks sorry clicks rather than the,number of times it was shown and how,many orders tells you a little about it,there's links to take you to some of,their some of their descriptions and,here it firstly shows you how much it,would have cost you if you were paying,as you can see here it says they've,waived the fee for just now they're,waiving it until at least at the end of,the month and it tells you how much,you've made in that time period this is,your advertised item this is the item,that the people saw and clicked in,wherever it was they saw the ads and,then you get the date it was clicked and,also where it was clicked,so my ad here was shown in Google that,people are finding it and then the item,that the shopper bought because someone,might come to your shop do to that add,and then click about in your shop find,other things and end up buying something,different if my case that hasn't been,the case they've bought the thing that,they've seen and also again the date of,sale because it C counts for the 30 days,after they've seen your ad they assume,this person has found your shop because,of this ad and so you'll be charged for,any,within 30 days but what it looks like,online is certainly the people see this,listing on the day they click on it they,buy that listing right so that's a quick,description of what's going on there but,what people really want to know is how,can you turn off these ads so it's quite,convoluted it shouldn't be this,difficult there shouldn't be like they,wish about to turn it off from here or,there should be a link from here but,there isn't it so we have to go into,settings and then off-site ads and this,page I do not understand the point of it,at all but anyway we've got off-site ads,help you reach buyers across the web our,team of advertising experts is promoting,your items on high-traffic sites,including Google Instagram Facebook,Pinterest and Bing to help you reach,buyers across the web it's risk free,advertising we pay the upfront cost to,promote your item you only pay when you,make a sale from these ads a 15% and fee,and obviously mine is at the 15 percent,because I would just slightly below the,10,000 a year for last year learn how to,optimize your listings and get the best,results from off-site ads they've got a,link to a page there that does some,descriptions again another link to a,page and what we have the only thing,this page that's hidden in settings stop,promoting my products so you can choose,to switch off your opposite off-site ads,already and that takes you to the stats,page that we were already on now for,people who want to you can switch it off,right now if that's what you want to do,but what I'm going to say is there's,really no point because at the minute in,time the off-site ads are free we are,getting free traffic eetzi are paying,for us to get these adverts and till the,end of the month so you've got another,two weeks so leave them running but this,is where you find to stop them if you,don't want to be charged,so as I said it's in settings off say,ads and just keep an eye for the next,two weeks keep an eye on how much this,would have been costing you from me,personally paying an extra 20 quid to,get an extra 133 pounds in sales now I,know all the other fees coming on top of,this as well but for me it is still,worth it but if in your shop you're,looking and you're saying this is just,going to be costing me far too much then,you now know how to switch off your ads,anyway I hope that helped and I'll see,you next time

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