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How To Stop ( TURN OFF ) Video AutoPlay In Facebookhello guys welcome to my YouTube channel,in today


Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Stop ( TURN OFF ) Video AutoPlay In Facebook

hello guys welcome to my YouTube channel,in today's video I'm going to show you a,very easy and simple way or how you're,going to stop video Auto plays on your,Facebook account all you need to do for,me in this very video is for you to,stick with me apply every step that I'm,about to show you and we are going to,achieve this together right in front of,this screen but before that please if,after watching this video you found this,video very useful do leave me a like in,this video so that it will motivate you,and also serve as an encouragement to me,doing fully whether people like you me,and people like you're getting value for,my videos,leave me a comment in the comment,section if after applying everything it,worked for you and I'm going to be glad,to hear that okay still if it doesn't,work for you still leave me a comment in,the comment section and I'm going to,find a possible way to help you with the,possible solution okay,lastly and most importantly do subscribe,to this channel turn on the notification,Bell to be getting more useful,information on to the various things on,YouTube,without wasting much for our time let's,get started I believe you're already on,your Facebook account then the next,you're going to do is for you to click,on this your profile icon or the three,lines that you're going to be seeing at,the top right corner click on it if you,click on it then you're going to come to,this particular interface the next thing,you're going to do here in order to,achieve this is for you to go down here,to where you're going to see settings,and privacy click on settings and,privacy then underage settings then,click on settings if you click on,settings then you're going to come to,this particular place the next thing I,would like you to do here which is what,you're supposed to do this for you to,click on this first option which is,profile settings Okay click on profile,settings after clicking on professional,settings you're going to be seeing these,options here then you're going to screw,up screw up the way you're going to see,media and contacts Okay click on this,media and contacts if you click on it,then you're going to be seeing these,options and down here you're going to be,seeing autoplay then click on this auto,play if you click on autoplay you're,going to see choose Chrome video auto,play videos or to play then you're going,to see this number one by default on,mobile data or and Wi-Fi connection on,Wi-Fi connections only and our aim in,these tutorial is for us to stop video,Auto plays in this very video all you,need to do is for you to click on never,autoplay videos then if you click on it,is going to be set and that's the very,simple way on how you're going to,stop or turn off auto Blaze on your,Facebook account so guys I believe you,understand every step that I just walked,you through still if you find this,confusing like if you couldn't even see,the option of you getting to know or,getting to turn off your autoplay on,your Facebook account I still have what,I'm going to show you because I've been,through your situation I've passed,through it and I'm going to show you,what I did in order to achieve that okay,all you're going to do here is for you,to come out from your Facebook account,if you come up from your Facebook,account then you are going to open your,Google Play Store if you're an Android,User if you're an iPhone user go open,Apple store then open your Google Play,Store click on this search Tower at the,top here that search for Facebook okay,then click on it if you click on it,you're going to be coming here please if,you haven't updated your Facebook app,please try to do that and I'm also going,to do my right in front of this screen,and I'm not just telling you because of,this very tutorial but because of many,other things that you still going to,come across using your Facebook app okay,just click on this be just as I've done,right away okay,then after updating your Facebook app,you have to comment from your Google,Play store then what we are going to do,next year is for us to clear the old,data and log into the new one okay and,for you to do this you have to click on,your phone settings click on your phone,settings if you click on four settings,then you're going to screw up or click,on this search tab to where you're going,to see apps or apps and notification or,sometimes you will see up some,management depending on the phone you're,using mine I'm just seeing only apps,then if you click on it then you're,going to scroll up to find Facebook or,you could just click on this search tab,that you will be seeing on your phone at,the top right corner then if you search,Facebook or if you scroll up and find,Facebook you click on it if you click on,it then you're going to be coming to,this particular interface then scroll up,to where you're going to see storage,click on storage then you're going to,clear the data and the cache clear,everything both the data and the card,after clearing everything then come to,this second option which is permissions,click on permissions then allow all the,permissions that you have on your,Facebook account okay I'm going to allow,this last one allow all the permissions,that you have on your Facebook account,after allowing all different permissions,you're going to come out from this place,then if you come out from this place,you're going to do the exact thing that,I showed you on how you're going to do,and I showed you the number one way I,know number one where how you're going,to do that another one how are you going,to locate where you're going to do this,for you to click on it this place if you,click on it then you're going to be,clicking on this settings icon at the,top right corner Okay click on this,settings icon here search icon then,click on profile settings after clicking,on profile settings then you're going to,scroll up to where you're going to see,media and contacts and then click on it,then you're going to come to this never,auto play then click on put it on never,autoplay and this is the very simple way,on how you're going to turn off your,video Auto please on your Facebook,account so guys I don't even understand,every step that I walked you through now,in this very video all I'm asking for,you in this video is for you too leave,me a like in this video so that this,video will be at the top way it's going,to help many people solve their problems,leave me a comment the comment section,telling me that this video really helped,you if after applying everything and it,helped you and I'll be glad to hear that,still if it does help you still leave me,a comment in the comment section and I'm,going to find a possible way to help you,with a problem okay lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to this channel,turn on the notification Bell also to be,getting more easily information on to,the reverse things on YouTube I believe,you understand every step that I showed,you starting from how you're going to,turn it off so therefore are you going,to update your Facebook app and many,other things and also are you going to,play your data the old one and log into,the new one you have a nice day guys,thank you

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How to Turn Off Facebook Video Sound Autoplay

How to Turn Off Facebook Video Sound Autoplay

hey what's up it's Jared with Stata tech,and Facebook recently made a change,where all videos not only autoplay I,mean that's something that they did a,while ago where when you scroll past a,video it auto plays but now the audio,actually plays now I know what they're,doing here then now I got this message,from them and they said in the email of,course that they're doing this to,improve the user experience but in all,reality we have gotten so used to just,scrolling past things that are not,interesting and we just scroll Scroll,scroll that were scrolling past all of,the ads and all the video stuff that,people are paying to show to us and so,without audio I mean we are becoming,more and more numb and the videos,playing themselves of course would make,us stop but we're becoming numb to that,and now the audio has to be there we,need some something loud to pop out and,get us to get our attention so that we,can watch that ad or whatever it is that,Facebook wants to show us but to me if I,am on my phone I'm on my phone here and,I'm just kind of looking through,Facebook I don't want to have to pay,attention to whether or not my audio is,on I mean if my if I just you know was,recently listening to some music or,watching something on YouTube and then,I'm sitting and waiting for an,appointment and I get on on Facebook and,I start to scroll and then all of a,sudden noise it's coming out of my phone,like that's going to be kind of,obnoxious and maybe even a little bit,embarrassing so here's what you do you,go into your Facebook app and on the,right hand corner there's that little,you know that little hamburger menu you,tap on that and you scroll down to app,settings now they made it really easy to,find this it says it right here videos,and news feeds start with sound go ahead,and toggle that off and once you toggle,that off the videos will still,automatically play but they won't start,playing audio automatically which is,really really annoying to me and I think,that that should be shut off now I get,why Facebook did it,I mean you know most of the social media,apps that have video the audio starts,playing right away they're just doing,exactly what many of the other apps are,doing but in my opinion it's kind of,obnoxious and turning this off is going,to save you from potential embarrassment,if you haven't already had that happen,to you so if you want to turn that off,go ahead and toggle it off just like,that and then you won't have audio,playing anymore,you know you won't have to worry about,where you left your your volume setting,at so hey thanks for checking out this,little quick tip I hope that it helped,you if you have any questions or any,thoughts of your own leave them in the,comments section below,click on that subscribe button to,subscribe to our channel here on Stata,Tekin YouTube so that you'll get updates,when we put out new videos and if this,video helped you give it that thumbs up,so that we know that we did a good job,and share it with someone else that may,find this interesting specifically with,those friends of yours on Facebook who,probably are wondering how to turn this,thing off that Facebook did so thanks a,lot hope to see you soon here on Stata,tech take care

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