how to stop ads on my android

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes hey guys,today's video is about how to remove,pop-up a

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

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how to stop ads on my android catalogs

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

hey guys,today's video is about how to remove,pop-up ads from your android phone which,cause trouble for you,these are the types of ads you can,simply skip them by pressing the cross,button at the top of the add bar but,it's really annoying,let's see how we can remove them,permanently,okay there are two sources of these ads,from where they come,the first one is from google which is,the normal ads you cannot stop these ads,completely but you can lower their,number a lot and the second one is,because of some kind of virus which you,installed accidentally into your mobile,phone,i will provide solutions for both in,this video,so like and share the video also give me,a subscribe and if you want to support,me then give me a separate thanks,let's start the procedure to stop google,ads first,open your mobile setting,scroll down and find the google option,if you are unable to find it you can,also search it,open this ad section,in my case there is an option missing,called opt out personalization or,something like this from this tab,if you see that on your device simply,turn the option off and also reset your,advertising id,ok now go back and press this manage,your google account,go to data and privacy and find add,personalization settings,these are all the categories of ads that,appear on your screen,you can remove them one by one,there may not shown many categories,because we just reset our invertement id,but there are always more out there to,be added to this list,so simply turn this ad personalization,option off,okay next open your chrome browser and,go to settings,scroll down and open site settings,open cookies,set this option to block third party,cookies,then go back scroll down and open this,ad section turn this option off if it's,already on,ok the problem of google ads is solved,now,if you installed a virus into your phone,accidentally which cause annoying,pop-ups then follow these steps,go to settings find apps section or,manage applications,hide the system apps if you have any,difficulty,okay find the app without name and logo,from here and simply uninstall it,your problem will be solved,i didn't have any virus on my phone so i,can't able to show you how it looks,if there are still ads coming the final,way to remove them is by simply,resetting your mobile phone,this can easily solve your problem,make sure to create a backup of your,data before resetting your mobile phone,you can try another trick before,resetting your phone,the link is available in the description,or at the end screen of this video,watch it and remove ads using dns,if you like this video please subscribe,to my channel and if you want to support,me then give me a supper thanks,thanks for watching

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