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4 Things You Need to Stop Doing With Facebook Ads in 2021... (I can't believe I used to do this)hey

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 18,2023

4 Things You Need to Stop Doing With Facebook Ads in 2021... (I can't believe I used to do this)

hey it's andrew welcome back to the,channel in this video we're going to,talk about how facebook ads have evolved,over time i'm going to share things that,i used to do and that i used to,recommend with facebook ads and i'm,going to explain why i don't do them,anymore and what i do now instead so,this is kind of a video about advice,i've given in the past that now is bad,advice and the reason for that is,because you might be reading blog posts,you might be watching videos trying to,learn about facebook advertising and,what lots of people don't realize is,that if a post is one two three years,old or even six months old that,information could well be outdated and,may actually be bad advice so you need,to make sure that what you're consuming,and applying is new it's up to date and,it's still relevant and hopefully what,i'm about to share in this video helps,you do that now if you enjoy the video,or ask give it a like and if you want to,hear more from me hit subscribe hit that,little bell and you'll get notified,whenever i release a new one alright,let's talk about the first thing that i,used to do but i don't do any more and,that is single interest ad sets so i,used to recommend setting up different,ad sets and inside each ad set you would,put one very specific interest so let's,say you were targeting people who were,interested in health and fitness well,you would find 10 different health and,fitness interests let's say and you,would create 10 different ad sets and in,each ad set you would have one interest,and i would often be happy if that,interest had 500 000 or more people in,it then that would be fine to target but,now in 2021 that just doesn't work,anymore facebook likes larger audiences,and the algorithm has become so good,that within a big broad audience,facebook will actually be able to find,your target market better than you could,by separating out single interest and,trying to get really really granular,with your targeting and you can imagine,the mess that it creates when you have a,different headset for each interest not,only are campaigns very messy when you,structure it like that but it also,limits the amount you can spend i mean,you've got to allocate specific budget,to each of those ad sets and it's just,ugly so now what i do instead i'll leave,a bunch interest together so i'll come,up with a bunch of interest let's say,i'm targeting people who are interested,in health and fitness and i have 10,interests that i want to target i'll,bunch those all into one ad set and the,other thing that i do is just target,really broad interests so instead of,finding 10 small interests and bunching,them together i'll also test choosing,one big broad interest like health and,fitness for example and targeting that,these big broad audiences seem to be,what facebook prefers now and i'm seeing,much better results when i do that,versus smaller single interest-based ad,sets now the reason this actually made,it into the video is because i sent out,my weekly newsletter last week and it,was one of the pieces of advice i,included in there was try broad interest,targeting where instead of trying to get,really specific with your interests you,just take one big broad interest like,health and fitness and target that and,within a day of me sending out that,newsletter somebody said they tried it,they just went with one big broad,interest in an ad set and they were,getting amazing results they were,absolutely crushing what they were doing,previously so i guess that's just one,more piece of evidence that this does,work and to say if you're not on my,newsletter make sure you get on there,the link is in the description of this,video if you want to jump on the,newsletter and get these kind of tips,delivered in your inbox every week all,right next up kind of along the same,lines is one ad per ad set so i used to,run all these different ad sets and then,i used to have a single ad in each ad,set and the logic there was that if you,had multiple ads in an ad set facebook,wouldn't distribute the budget evenly,between those ads so let's say you had a,50 budget on an ad set and you had five,ads inside that ad set well facebook,wouldn't allocate ten dollars a day to,each of those ads it might spend forty,dollars on one ad and then the rest of,the budget split between the other four,now that was not ideal when you wanted,to run efficient tests and so to get,around that what i would do and what a,lot of others would do was create,separate ad sets with one ad in each and,then they would allocate a small budget,to each ad set that would ensure an even,distribution of budget across all of,their ads and that used to work just,fine but that is something that i,haven't done for quite a long time now,and i don't recommend you do there are a,few reasons for this essentially,facebook's algorithm has got better over,time it's better at optimizing it's,better at spreading out our budget but,the other reason for it is because,facebook actually goes through a,learning phase now and they like to have,50 conversions per ad set per week,before you start to see some stability,there and before the ad set starts,performing as well as it can now,obviously if you have a set budget and,you split that budget over multiple ad,sets then you are going to get fewer,conversions per ad set than if you just,had let's say one ad set so it's going,to take you longer to get out of the,learning phase if you've got a hundred,dollar budget split across 10 ad sets,versus if you've got a hundred dollar,budget on one single ad set in the,former case you would have 10 ad sets,spending 10 dollars a day each and that,might take you a week to get to 50,conversions on each of those if you have,one it might only take you one to two,days we also know that facebook learns,at the ad set level so giving it more,budget on fewer ad sets helps the,algorithm optimize and helps you get,better performance out of your ads so,the lesson here is we're using anywhere,between three and five ads per ad set,now or even using dynamic creatives is a,better option in the vast majority of,situations versus running a single ad,per ad set right that brings me to,number three now which is running,engagement ad campaigns in order to,boost social proof on our ads so some,people went extreme with this and they,used to run engagement campaigns and,target very low cost countries to run,ads to so they would choose countries,like bangladesh for example run,engagement ad campaigns to those,countries and get a bunch of likes and,comments on their ads before they would,take those ads with all the social proof,and run them via their conversion,campaigns i never went that far i never,targeted countries outside of our main,target audience because i didn't like,the damage that that did to the page in,the long term but i did run engagement,campaigns to our main target markets,like the us canada uk and australia to,build social proof on our ads then take,those ads with social proof and run them,through our conversion campaigns now,that strategy did work back once upon a,time because that social proof helped,increase our click-through rates which,help bring our costs down overall but,now it just doesn't seem to give any,benefit the added cost of running the,engagement campaigns and the lack of,engagement that you actually get from,them the results aren't great doesn't,result in a big enough benefit when you,flip them over and run conversion,campaigns to actually justify the cost,so that's just something we don't do,anymore if you're still doing that i,would recommend stopping unless you're,seeing really good results from it and,you know that that's the cause of your,better results all right next up,something i used to do but don't do,anymore is separating out placements so,i used to have different ad sets and in,each ad set i would actually target a,different placement let's say i would,have one ad set and it would target the,facebook news feed i would have another,ad set that would target the instagram,feed and another ad set for stories and,they would essentially have the same,content but the placement would just be,different and the reason i did that was,because one i could customize the ad for,the placement so it's a click learn more,to get the thing in an instagram ad,where in the facebook ad i would say,click here and i would put a link,directly in the copy i would also,customize the creative for facebook and,instagram and then instagram stories,would have its own separate creative as,well so it would have a special 9x16,creative for instagram stories for,example and that allowed me to get,better performance because my creative,looked native for wherever i was running,it the other thing that having separate,placements allowed me to do was to,easily optimize based on which placement,was working best so if i saw the news,feed was working better than the,instagram feed i could turn off the ad,set that was targeting the instagram,news feed and this worked well for quite,a long time but again facebook has,evolved over time and now i find myself,using the all placements option 99 of,the time,the first reason for that is because we,can now customize our ad creatives at,the ad level meaning we can create one,ad inside an ad set and for that ad we,can upload different creatives for,different placements we can customize,the copy and the headline for different,placements or within the one ad inside,an ad set we don't actually need to have,separate ad sets in order to customize,our ads and the other reason is,something facebook calls the breakdown,effect and the breakdown effect is,basically what happens when specific,placements become exhausted or when they,don't have as much inventory as other,placements so if you get too specific,and you don't allow facebook to target,all placements the breakdown effect will,actually cause your cost to rise where,if you choose all placements facebook,can show the right ad in the right,placement to the right person at the,right time,using its algorithm and using the data,available to it let's say one placement,is more expensive one day than another,or let's say facebook goes into an,auction to show your ad to a user who,generally likes instagram well if you,choose the all placements option,facebook can simply put your ad in front,of that user at that time but if you,were targeting let's say the facebook,news feed specifically then you wouldn't,even be considered for that auction all,of this to say if you give facebook less,freedom and less flexibility to do its,thing it is going to push your ad costs,up over time and this just gets worse as,you scale so if you want to run at any,kind of scale all placements outperforms,separating placements in the vast,majority of cases so i look back at,these now and it's kind of funny and a,little bit embarrassing to think that i,used to do some of these things but look,they worked at the time and you have to,keep evolving and keep moving with the,platform as it changes and so the best,practices now are very different to what,they were in the past so i hope that,this video has helped you and if you've,been doing any of these things that,maybe you change them and get better,performance out of your ads if it has,give the video a quick like that really,does help me helps the channel grow and,get these videos in front of more people,and i hope the other thing you've taken,away from this is to just make sure that,the information that you're consuming,and what you're applying with your,facebook ads is up to date it's really,easy to watch things read things that,aren't necessarily up to date and that,will actually hinder your performance if,you don't catch that alright good luck,with your ad campaigns hope this video,has helped you and i'll see you in the,next one bye

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How To Block Or Disable Ads On Your Facebook Account | Stop Facebook Ads | Facebook Ad Blocker

How To Block Or Disable Ads On Your Facebook Account | Stop Facebook Ads | Facebook Ad Blocker

in the video for today i'm going to show,you how you could block facebook ads on,your facebook account using a simple,setting in your facebook account,hello my friend my name is kenneth brown,welcome to channel cignatech and how are,we doing today i hope fantastic so the,first thing is you need to log into your,facebook account on your smartphone so,if you are using an android device,that's fantastic because that is exactly,what i'm going to use to show you how,you could do this and i am going to log,in or open the facebook application so,once you open the facebook application,the next thing to do is get to settings,directly okay so once you get onto,settings you scroll down and you click,on settings and privacy once you do that,you're going to get these four options,you need to select settings okay once,you select settings you're going to be,directed to this page on which you get,access to all the setting options for,your facebook account so so you scroll,down a bit okay and once you reach,permissions stop there all right you,need to select add preferences out here,and once you are on this page you scroll,down you click on see more and here you,could see whatever ads are you know,continuously showing up on your account,you could block ads from all of these uh,companies if you want you could click on,hide ads and uh you know ads are going,to get blocked from these companies okay,so once you do that your ads showing up,on your timeline or uh you know the page,you go to are all gonna get blocked if,they are from these companies now mostly,what happens is that facebook actually,tracks your activity okay through pixels,now if you are visiting a website or an,application facebook is going to track,you and show you ads,for that specific website or application,say supposing you went to or,you're using the swiggy app,all right now facebook uses its pixels,to,post ads for swiggy on your page okay to,actually uh you know advertise to you,more and more so that you can you know,order for food and stuff like that so,that is how actually facebook tracks you,and uh shows you relevant ads but if you,are not comfortable with this if you are,not okay with you know ads populating,when you are using your facebook account,you could come onto this page and use,the technique that i showed you that is,you know hide ads and you could actually,block ads on your page basically so this,is exactly what you need to do to block,annoying ads on your facebook account,whenever you're using your facebook app,or whatever it is and if you found this,information useful give my video a,thumbs up post a nice little comment and,do not forget to subscribe to my channel,smash the bell notification icon and,share my content and hey i do have other,channels through which i post videos on,a regular basis channels related to the,make money online niche the marketing,niche the e-business niche so if you are,looking for ways to make money online,and stuffs like that the links for my,other channels are in my description,click on those links get onto those,channels learn more and do not forget to,subscribe to those channels also so this,is it for today until my next video,adios take care

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