how to start dropshipping in the uk

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners how to start a uk drop shipping busin

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners

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how to start dropshipping in the uk catalogs

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners

how to start a uk drop shipping business,a full step-by-step guide for beginners,if you want to start your own drop,shipping business and you've got your,eye on the united kingdom there's a good,reason for that it's one of the biggest,markets in the world and doesn't have as,much competition as other regions like,in the us that's why in this video i,will show you all of the ins and outs,and how to start your own uk drop,shipping business whether you live in,the uk or not,quick intro and let's go,hello everyone i'm lyron from autods and,in this video you're gonna learn how to,start your own dropshipping business in,the uk no matter where you live around,the world and no matter what selling,channel what platform you want to sell,on one second before that subscribe to,our youtube channel if you haven't done,so yet if you always want to stay,updated and learn about the biggest and,hottest topics that are coming out in,the world of dropshipping and of course,like and share this video if you,appreciate the value now having said,that let's go ahead and begin on how to,start a uk drop shipping business for,all of you guys who are beginners here,and you haven't heard much of the term,drop shipping yet this is a very easy,business model with low risk that can,give you high rewards and the way it,works is you have an online store where,you sell products without holding any,inventory which means no initial,investments and no big expenses right,from the start once a customer purchases,a product from your store you simply,ship out that product to the customer's,address directly from your supplier,meaning the product does not go through,you the seller the drop shipper you are,just the middleman keeping the profit,between the source price and the selling,price so what we're doing here basically,is we are the middleman between the,supplier the manufacturer and the end,customer all that you need to do is find,the right uk drop shipping suppliers,with great products that ship from the,uk,and find the right selling channel to,sell it on and there's more than one,right answer for this and in this,selling channel you're going to list,that suppliers products or multiple,suppliers if you want to scale and earn,even more and you'll simply be importing,products from your uk suppliers to your,selling channel and this is where the uk,online shoppers will go to see what,products you have for sale and purchase,from your store let's see how all of,that works and everything else that,comes along with the territory let's,start with some of the most frequently,asked questions is dropshipping even,legal in the uk especially if you don't,even live in the uk can you sell to them,and what are the rules and regulations,that come along with that so drop,shipping is and always has been and,always will be a legal business model,anyone can become a drop shipper an,e-commerce store owner all you need is a,computer an internet connection and the,right knowledge and tools some of which,i'm passing on to you in this video and,for those of you who don't know,everything that i'm going over in this,video is also on our blog article which,i'll leave a link to right below so drop,shipping is definitely a legal business,model you just need to keep a few things,in mind like,selling the right products do not sell,products that are copyrighted or that,are trademarked and you also want to,abide by uk's business rules go over the,acs advice on preventing underage sales,and read uk's competition and consumer,laws for businesses as well as their,online and distance selling rules,hearing about all this may sound a,little bit scary but believe me it's not,all the information here goes along with,common sense and it's actually very,practical and easy to follow just stay,away from products that you cannot,resell and also dangerous products like,tobacco firearms weapons ammunition,flammable material flammable liquids and,all things of those sorts besides that,and copyrighted and trademark products,you shouldn't have any problems selling,to the uk but go over those rules and,regulations just to be on the safe side,and always remember if you're going to,dropship with our automation tool,without ods you'll always be protected,when you're trying to add a product to,your store that you are not allowed to,resell since autodesk has a large vero,database with all kinds of products that,you are not allowed to resell as a drop,shipper so you'll get hit with those,warning signs and you can take it from,there so that's another layer of,protection for you when starting off and,this way you'll be able to avoid making,other people's mistakes finally the,links to everything that you need to,read about i will also leave them right,below this video and you also have them,in the blog article is drop shipping,profitable in the uk well i probably,wouldn't be making this video if it,wasn't but to better show you how,profitable dropshipping in the uk is you,can check out this chart from statista,on the ecommerce sales in the uk from,2014 to 2019. now granted today we're in,2022 which is three years past this,chart but just by looking at the,increasing numbers which you can see,here in billion in great britain pounds,so this for so here for example 2015 we,almost reached 500 million great britain,pounds in sales just from e-commerce in,the uk and you can see how the numbers,increased every year now drop shipping,alone and also the uk market is growing,exponentially every year there is never,a better time to join than now and in,one year from now you're going to say,the same thing one year ago and so forth,moving forward and this chart is just a,small example of the potential of having,an e-commerce business in the uk so yes,it is a very profitable business model,and a very profitable market to target,to when running your ecommerce business,what are my uk drop shipping tax,obligations now this is a question that,many many people are asking before,starting a uk drop shipping business,whether you live in the uk or not so,what are your tax obligations how does,this work and how do you get around this,to doing it the right way the legal way,and doing everything by the book as a,drop shipper in the uk you have three,tax obligations the first one is income,tax the second is your vat and the third,is customs duty let's go over each of,them one by one your income tax is what,you have to pay your local government so,wherever you live around the world your,local government probably wants you to,pay an income tax for every income that,you are making including having a drop,shipping or ecommerce business what this,means is you will have to pay your own,government a certain percentage from,your total profits and this can easily,be done if you have a local accountant,so what you need to do is speak with a,local accountant and ask them what are,your income tax obligations and every,other tax obligation that you have if,you want to dropship from where you are,to the uk market your local accountant,should help fill you in with all the,information,including what your tax percentages are,and everything else that comes along,with the territory so your income tax,differs on where you live and that is,why you need to speak with a local,accountant the second is vat when drop,shipping to the uk market we have to,charge our customers a 20,fat fee from every purchase and then,we'll have to pay that 20 to the uk,government now there's two ways of doing,this one you can collect it from the,buyer yourself on every cell collect 20,vat and then pay that to the uk,government or you can have the customers,pay that to the delivery company that's,delivering the package to them but of,course the buyers would much rather have,you pay the vat,and that will give them another reason,to buy from your store so make sure that,you have a store policies section on,your ecommerce store and in the policy,section let the buyers know what happens,with custom duties and taxes who's going,to pay for them and how is that going to,work if you want to better understand,your obligations when it comes to,shipments coming from outside the uk,be sure to read the taxes and customs,for goods sent abroad from the uk,government i will leave a link to that,right below this video and keep in mind,that goods that cost under 135 pounds,that are imported from outside the uk,will most likely not have to pay for,custom duties and taxes the next,question that we need to tackle before i,show you how to start your own uk drop,shipping business is should you start a,company in the uk this is another,question that many people ask and,there's a good reason for that let's,split this section into two if you live,in the uk,then you need to register a business in,the uk now there are three types of,businesses that you can register for a,sole trader a limited company or a,partnership as a sole trader it's much,easier to start run and manage your,business in terms of finances everything,is much more straightforward and simple,although if you're going for a limited,company or a partnership you'll get,better tax relief and better options for,your business but this is better,suitable for people who already have,established businesses so if you live in,the uk and you didn't register for a,business yet and you want to start drop,shipping in the uk you should start with,a sole trader account now if you do not,live in the uk this is where your local,accountant once again comes into play,because different countries have,different rules and regulations for this,so once again speak with your local,accountant and ask them if you need to,register a business in the uk or,wherever you live,most likely they'll tell you that you,need to register for a business in the,country that you reside in do i need to,register for uk vat now this once again,applies to whether you live in the uk or,not if you live in the uk you need to,register for uk vet after exceeding 85,000 pounds in sales in the previous 12,months so if you made that much in the,last year this is the time to register,for vat if you live in the uk now if you,do not live in the uk but you're drop,shipping to the united kingdom you need,to register for that as soon as your,first package reaches the united kingdom,so it's better to get that done ahead of,time in order for your deliveries to not,get stuck along the way now that we got,all the legal stuff out of the way let's,go ahead and learn how to start a uk,drop shipping business the right way in,order to start a successful drop,shipping business in the uk no matter,where you live these are the steps to,follow step one conduct fruitful product,research that will bring you the best,and most trending products to sell in,your stores this is always going to be,the first step and the step that you're,going to put the most amount of work in,and that is because if you're not going,to sell products that people are looking,to buy then everything else that you do,around your ecommerce store won't really,matter step two select a uk supplier,this is the part where you're going to,look for the best uk suppliers that ship,from uk warehouses to your uk audience,that way you're going to get fast,domestic shipping times return customers,repeat customers because you ship out,your products so quickly and that is a,great way to grow your ecommerce,business the third step is to choose,your selling channel so you already know,what products you're going to sell you,know which suppliers hold those products,for you to sell now you need to choose,where you're going to sell those,products you can choose different,marketplaces like ebay uk shopify uk wix,uk and more step number four you're,going to list your products so now that,you have the products that you want to,sell you know which suppliers you're,going to get them from you know what,selling channel you're going to sell,them on now you need to list your,products on that selling channel step,number five you're going to learn how to,market your store so depending on which,selling channel you're using there are,different online marketing methods that,you can use in order to bring traffic to,your website and increase your brand,awareness and of course start getting,those sales step number six you will,learn how to fulfill your orders once,you have your products on your store and,you learn to market them you're going to,have traffic brought to your website,people are going to view your products,and they're going to purchase them this,is where you're going to learn how to,fulfill your orders,step number seven is customer service,because once you get orders people are,going to start getting their deliveries,and they're going to start sending you,messages now not every customer sends,you a message and sometimes they'll just,drop by to say thank you and sometimes,they may have trouble with something,with their order and customer service,really goes a long way for the long-term,survivability of your e-commerce,business,now let's go ahead and begin with step,number one product research how do you,conduct product research now there are,many many ways to conduct great product,research and get great trending products,to sell on your drop shipping stores i'm,going to go with my top favorites,the first simply go to your supplier's,website and look for products that are,trending there,if you're not sure what suppliers you,should use for that just hang on because,we will get to that later on in this,video the second is to go to,aliexpress's dropshipping center the,aliexpress dropship center is a great,tool provided by aliexpress to help you,find the best and most trending items to,sell on your store even if you don't use,aliexpress as a supplier you can still,use the product research tool to get,great product ideas here is what the,aliexpress drop shipping center looks,like and you can search between,different product categories delivery,times shipping from different warehouse,locations and two different regions,around the world and of course you can,analyze each product and see how many,orders it has and so forth so be sure to,check out the drop shipping center to,get great product ideas i will leave a,link to the aliexpress drop shipping,center right below this video another,great way to find trending product ideas,for your ecommerce stores is using the,internal product research tool provided,by autods simply click on these dots on,the top left and switch over to the,product research tool,here you can see some of the best items,that are selling and we're always,updating this database with more and,more trending products you can see what,products are popular trending right now,new products that were just added to the,database holiday products for the next,upcoming holiday to prepare for it on,time with the right products and u.s,suppliers china suppliers where you're,going to get the best product ideas soon,we're going to add more suppliers from,different regions as well as wholesale,private drop shipping suppliers which,will help your business stand out much,more from the competition but either way,you're gonna get the best trending,product ideas using auto ds's product,research tool which is free for every,auto dia subscriber and already,integrated into the system and in just,one click you can import products that,you see here to your ecommerce stores so,use the integrated product research tool,on autods to get some of the best,product ideas to sell on your uk store,if you're drop shipping on places like,shopify or wix you can use a great,extension a great chrome extension,called the koala inspector and this tool,is going to easily help you spy on other,shopify or wix drop shipping stores see,what's selling well for them what apps,they're using what products are selling,on their websites and other secret,methods that they are using to get those,extra sales,this is going to help you spy on your,competition in places where it's hard to,see and know what stores are shopify or,wix so once again with the koala,inspector it'll help you conduct your,product research much easier on those,selling platforms and see what your,competition there is doing now you can,use any one of these product research,tools and implement that into our,product research drop shipping,spreadsheet that will help you narrow,down your products and find the ones,with the highest potential to sell on,your stores here you're going to answer,questions like what is the product and,the source link and then you'll answer,questions like are you passionate about,this product is this product hard to,find in stores is it hard to guess the,price is it safe to sell can this,product be bought without much research,does this product solve a problem or,stand out does it cost less than 30,dollars which is great for new stores,and does it comply with facebook's ad,policies even if you don't want to run,ads on facebook you still want to comply,with those policies because it also,helps you on other platforms if you,answer yes to everything it is a high,potential product if there is no to some,of them you should skip over to the next,products that you have here in line and,once again it'll help you narrow down,the products to those with the highest,potential to sell on your stores i'm,going to leave a link to this,spreadsheet once again right below this,video and all you have to do is click on,file and make a copy in order to have a,copy that you will be able to edit for,yourself so use the product research,tools that i talked about write down the,products inside this spreadsheet and,that will help you pick out and narrow,down the best products to sell with the,highest potential on your drop shipping,stores now once you've got your list of,trending products to add to your drop,shipping stores the next step is to,select a reliable uk supplier to help,you with this head over to,suppliers and see all of the suppliers,that you can work with all of the,recommended drop shipping suppliers and,if you click here on the united kingdom,button it'll show you all the suppliers,that have warehouses in the uk meaning,you can grab products from these,suppliers and import them to your uk,store and this way you'll be able to,have fast shipping times as i spoke,about earlier these fast domestic,shipping times from within the uk to the,uk so in this example you've got,aliexpress amazon banggood ebay wayfair,costway vita xl and dhgate with,warehouses inside the united kingdom,where you can ship quickly from into the,uk with millions and millions of,products available in uk warehouses from,these great drop shipping suppliers you,really won't have a problem selling them,on your drop shipping store as long as,you conducted great product research and,a great tip that i can give you here is,to work with more than one uk drop,shipping supplier you don't want to put,all of your eggs in one basket and rely,only on one supplier for example if they,ever run out of stock on a certain,product and it was selling well for you,you'd want to use the other sellers that,you have to get that product back in,your store and that is just one example,you can find different prices on the,same or similar products from different,suppliers so you can get more profits,when working with multiple suppliers and,there are much more advantages that will,come along with that along with having a,much bigger range of products for you to,resell so always be sure to work with,more than one drop shipping suppliers,start with two or three suppliers and,work your way up from there once you've,found your dropshipping supplier it's,time to choose your selling channel now,here there are three great selling,channels for you to use ebay uk shopify,uk and wix uk getting started on ebay is,easy as it is a very user friendly,platform and you don't need to customize,your own website in order to start,selling all you need to do is register,for a free ebay account list your,products and start selling,ebay also gives you free organic traffic,meaning you don't have to market your,products and you don't have to promote,them in any certain way in order to get,traffic on your listing and start,getting sales the only downside to,selling on ebay is starting a new seller,account you'll only be limited to having,10 listings and you'll have to call ebay,and ask them to increase your limits,once a month and that way you can get,more listings to sell and profit,ebay wants you to start slow they want,to get to know you first the seller and,only then they will upgrade you to more,listings and give you more trust on,their platform to sell more products and,even more expensive products in,different categories to their buyers now,on the other hand we have shopify and,wix on both shopify and wix you can also,sell to the uk market now with shopify,and wix you are creating your own,customizable website from scratch even,though you don't really need to have any,technical skills in order to do that and,we already have a full explanation of,how to start a shopify drop shipping,business how to create a shopify drop,shipping website and also how to create,a wix drop shipping website all on our,blog page and on our free courses so be,sure to check that out if you want to,learn step by step how to create your,own website your own drop shipping store,on shopify and on wix so here are the,things that you're getting when you're,drop shipping on shopify and wix for one,there are no selling limits like there,are on ebay this means that from day one,you can list hundreds or even thousands,of products at your store at once it is,your store and no one can tell you what,to do with it the customer is also yours,on shopify and wix you'll be obtaining,their email addresses which is something,that ebay doesn't share with you and,then you can use those email addresses,for email marketing later on once you,obtained enough email addresses email,marketing is one of the best marketing,methods available along with others,which we will talk about further down,below in this video also shopify and wix,are fully customizable and you'll have,your own domain name connected to it so,you'll have your own, and for branding,purposes it's much easier to brand your,business on wix and on shopify than it,is on ebay on the downside on shopify,and wix you have to have an extra budget,on the side for marketing because there,is no organic traffic here nobody knows,that your store and that your products,exist,and you will have to use online,marketing methods in order to bring,traffic to your website so you'll have,to know how to target the right,audiences do a lot of a b testing,putting a lot of your daily budget into,this until you start getting sales now,on the upside to this once you do start,getting sales it is much much more,scalable than it is on ebay so there are,ups and downs to both sides and my,suggestion is to try different selling,channels and seeing what works best for,you once you choose your selling channel,the next step is to start listing your,products that you have from your product,research drop shipping spreadsheet so,what we're doing now is we're adding,those products to our drop shipping,stores no matter what selling channel we,chose now there are two ways of adding,products from your suppliers to your,stores the first is the manual method,meaning go to your suppliers website,download all of the images copy all of,the texts all of the item specifications,all of the variations and paste them,onto your stores onto your selling,channel one by one so you go to your,selling channel you add a new listing,and you start doing a lot of copying and,pasting this method consumes the most,amount of time and if you want to scale,your drop shipping businesses later on,you want to start automating your,business from the get go for that we,have auto ds the number one drop,shipping automation tool that will help,you with many things like price and,stock monitoring meaning,every time a price changes on my,suppliers website and i have their,product on my store the product's price,will also change accordingly on my store,so i won't be losing profits and if the,stock status has changed like if the,product goes out of stock it'll also,automatically go on stock on my store,besides that you'll also have quick,product importing and this is what we're,talking about right now so this way what,you're going to be able to do is take,any product from your suppliers websites,whether it's one product 10 products 100,or even thousands of products at once,and you can import them all to your,store in just a few seconds,now while there are multiple methods for,using the dropshipping product importer,like the multiple csv file the single or,the multiple product importer i'm just,gonna demonstrate one quick method right,now here is a product that i want to,sell from one of my drop shipping,suppliers so what i'm gonna do is i'm,gonna simply copy the product url up,here then i'm gonna head over to the,autods platform and click on add,products now i have a few choices the,single or the multiple product uploader,i'm going to go with a single product,importer here i can choose what store i,want to publish it to so in this case,it's my shopify store doesn't matter,that it's usa on your site it's going to,be uk although do keep in mind when you,register for your shopify store use, instead of to,easily target your uk audience and on,wix it'll simply be done on on,both cases on both scenarios you can,also do it on the and when,you create your shipping zones on your,website you'll be able to add uk into,your shipping zone meaning your uk,audience will be able to purchase from,your website so what i'm going to do,once again is paste that url right here,in the add products section on auto ds,make sure that the supplier source and,the region is correct now i'm going to,click on edit now quick now in just a,few seconds autods is grabbing all of,the information from the suppliers,website and it's adding it to the auto,ds platform to the draft section where i,can optimize this product before,importing it to the product section,meaning it'll go live on my store and,anyone can go in and start to purchase,it so now that the product has loaded,you can see that we have that condenser,microphone right here and all of the,products information from my supplier,just got transferred to my auto ds,platform so here we have the products,title which we can optimize we have the,collection that we want it to belong to,so for shopify we can add a collection,we can also add it to a specific,collection we have product tags that was,imported for me automatically from rots,shipping methods country location,default city and in our case if the,product is coming from the uk of course,we're going to choose the united kingdom,as the country location and put a city,that we have inside the uk monitoring,stock monitoring price monitoring and,automatic orders which is another great,advantage that you will have when drop,shipping with auto ds so besides just,product importing and price and stock,monitoring you can also automate your,orders meaning the system will fulfill,it for you automatically even while you,travel even while you sleep along with,updating tracking information,automatically but we didn't get to that,part of this video yet here we've got,the product's description so all the,description from our suppliers website,imported onto our product description,here and of course you can edit it,optimize it however way you want and,here you have the variation so if there,are multiple variations you can add them,here and you can also add more variants,from different suppliers from different,sellers even in different marketplaces,and add them as a different variation to,this listing meaning you can have your,own unique customized listings that no,other seller has and therefore,differentiate yourself from the,competition and be able to rake in more,sales and profits this way besides that,we have the product images and the item,specifications which were once again,transferred from our suppliers website,to our auto ds platform therefore,simplifying the process and saving us a,whole bunch of time that we need in,order to invest back into growing our,drop shipping business and not getting,stuck on day-to-day tasks like importing,products or even fulfilling your orders,once you're done optimizing your product,simply click on save and import and it,will move from the drafts to the product,section of your auto ds store meaning,it's now live on your shopify wix or,ebay store and anyone can now go and,purchase it now that you finally have,products in your store it's time to,market your store so that other people,will know that your store exists,now on ebay as i mentioned you have free,organic traffic meaning you don't have,to pay any traffic sources to bring,traffic to your website as soon as you,list a listing on ebay people will be,able to go and see it on the other hand,you still have other tools that will,help you get more traffic and sales to,your ebay listings with promoted listing,standard and promoted listings advanced,you have a link to both of them in the,article below where you can read more,about it and learn how to best optimize,each method but basically promoted,listing standard means you're giving,ebay a certain percentage from your,selling price on ebay but only if and,after you make a sell from promoted,listings on ebay now you're going to,give ebay a set percentage you can tell,them hey ebay i'm going to give you 1 5,15 from the total price whatever you,choose the higher percentage you give,them the more visibility they'll give,your listing to your audiences to their,audiences which means you'll have a much,higher chance of selling but on the,other hand you'll have a higher ad fee,because you're giving them a higher,percentage from your selling price that,is promoted listing standard promoted,listings advanced is ebay's new ppc,method so it's ebay's new pay-per-click,method for running ppc ads on ebay ebay,will sponsor your listing show it to,more people according to how much you're,paying ebay for every click you can set,a daily budget and if you want to learn,more about how to create a successful,ebay ppc campaign with live examples,check out that article on promoted,listings advanced in the blog article,for drop shipping uk right below this,video so that is marketing on ebay now,how can you market on shopify and wix we,know that it's going to cost us some,money but what are the best methods to,do it the first is email marketing as i,mentioned earlier in this video now,email marketing doesn't cost any money,to run and it's a great method that the,smallest to the largest businesses use,until today it is a great method that,still works once you have a large,database of email addresses from,audiences that are relevant to your,product to your niche then you can send,them promotional emails offering them,all kinds of discounts on your store now,before sending out these email,promotional campaigns you're gonna have,to get email addresses from people who,are relevant to your niche how are you,going to go about doing that on both,shopify and wix you have free apps that,will help create promotional deals on,your website for your shoppers in,exchange for their email addresses they,will get a promotional code to get some,kind of discount from your store so,check out apps that will help you obtain,email addresses for email marketing on,both your shopify and wix app stores and,from there you'll be able to obtain that,list of email addresses that you need,for your business in order to promote,email marketing another method for,online marketing is using ppc ads ppc,stands for pay-per-click and you have,different platforms for running ppc,campaigns like facebook google and,youtube and this way you can target your,audience and show them a great video ad,of the product that you're trying to,sell and get them to click and convert,if you want to learn how to run,successful ppc ads whether you're drop,shipping on shopify or wix we have a,free 8 steps ebook that will take you,step by step into creating successful,facebook ads for your product even if,you don't have any videos for it or,you're missing all kinds of information,like how to target your audience how to,create your facebook ads account what is,the facebook pixel and how you can,install it how to target your audience,with an audience research spreadsheet,that will help you target the right,audiences for your ads how to create,your facebook video ads your ad goals,configuring and setting your goals and,your ad sets launching your ads and,analyzing and optimizing once your ads,start to convert and close sales this is,a free ebook taking you step by step,with live examples on how to run,successful facebook ads now you can,implement the same strategies also on,google ads and youtube ads but facebook,ads is one of the best platforms to,start with you can set whatever daily,budget you want and shoot for the stars,one of the best things about ppc ads on,the one hand right granted you're paying,for every time someone clicks on your ad,but once you start getting those cells,it's very easy to scale those ads and,multiply your sales and success from,there now besides ppc ads and email,marketing you can also use influencer,marketing meaning you can group up with,influencers to have them make a shout,out for your product and of course if,your influencer has your target,audiences as followers you're going to,get lots of clicks sales and conversions,from there so that is another great way,to get brand awareness and get sales and,profits for your websites and if you,don't know how to hook up with,influencers we have a full article on,influencer marketing platforms once,again in the blog article below this,video and through there you're going to,learn about the best influencer,marketing platforms where you can,analyze your influencers before reaching,out to them and negotiating a deal now,besides that there are other marketing,methods that you can use by reading the,top five low budget marketing tricks to,market your shopify or wix stores once,again links in the article below this,video so these are the best marketing,methods to use when you're drop shipping,on wix or on shopify now once you market,your products on ebay wix shopify,whatever selling channel you chose,you're going to finally start making,some sales,now we're going to learn how to fulfill,our orders the best way for our business,once you start getting orders on your,ecommerce store it's time to fulfill,them there are once again two methods of,doing it the manual way and the,automatic way in the manual method for,every time you get an order you'll,simply need to head over to your,suppliers website purchase the product,and ship it to your buyer using your,buyer's address sounds pretty simple,right but what are you going to do once,you start scaling your store and start,earning some great profits what happens,once you start reaching 15 25 and 50,plus orders per day you're going to be,spending all day fulfilling your orders,and not growing your drop shipping,business any further than you can you,can also hire virtual assistants to take,care of this task for you and that is,fine in the auto ds system you also have,a virtual assistance panel that can help,you create accounts for virtual,assistants and take care of these daily,tasks for you but you also have a great,method to take care of all of your,orders using automatic orders and this,is a great method not only to save you,time for fulfilling every order or,allowing your va to do it but don't,forget that at the end of the day we're,also human and it's very common to make,small mistakes like shipping to the,wrong address or using the wrong buyer,details and then we'll have to suffer,the costs of sending out a new package,and not getting refunded for the one,that we sent out by a mistake for this,you have the automatic order service,from auto ds and in automatic orders all,of your orders will be processed,automatically as soon as they come into,your stores so even while you travel,even while you sleep you have orders,that come in they will be processed,automatically for you using your buyer,accounts on your suppliers website to,learn more about automatic orders i'll,leave a link to this feature right below,this video but in general that's exactly,what it does it'll automate and process,all of your orders for you automatically,as well as update tracking information,as soon as that's available so this is,how it looks on the auto ds platform,this is the order screen and here you,can see all of the orders that you have,now this is a demo account so you don't,have to worry about these old dates but,basically the order will come in,impending status and it will get sent to,automatic ordering from there as soon as,it's ordered the status will,automatically change from pending to,ordered with the order id then once,tracking information is available it,will move from order to shipped along,with tracking information on auto ds and,on your website,and once it gets delivered it'll move to,the delivered status and that is the,whole life cycle of an order from the,moment it comes in to the moment it gets,delivered to your buyer when you,automate your business you'll be able to,scale more and more because all of these,processes are being done automatically,and there won't be any humanly mistakes,made here like shipping to the wrong,address once again to learn more about,automatic orders check out the link that,i left right below this video along with,automatic tracking updates that come,with your automatic order service you'll,also get free tracking conversions for,tracking information that you're getting,from your suppliers that is not,supported or not readable on your,website or on your ebay store you can,get these trackings converted to,bluecare express or to aqualine and,therefore your tracking information will,be readable on universal websites like, or on bluecare or aqualine's,websites this way once again if you're,getting tracking numbers from your,suppliers that are not readable or not,supported anywhere else this way the,buyer will always be able to track the,progress of his delivery now once we are,done fulfilling our orders it's only a,matter of time before our customers will,start reaching out to us and this is the,next part providing great excellent,customer service this is very important,for the long-term survivability of your,ecommerce business if you provide great,service to your buyers not only will,they remember you your store and your,brand but they will also refer their,friends and their family to buy from you,which is a great way to grow your,ecommerce business no matter what,selling channel you are using if you're,using shopify or wix you have a,dashboard to check your customers,messages and also use the email address,associated with your domain name always,check daily for new customer messages or,inquiries or if they have any problems,with their orders if they want to open,any return cases,always answer them as soon as possible,and take care of everything that's,needed if you're dropshipping on ebay,you have the ebay customer support,management system embedded into the,autods platform and from here you can,manage all of your customers requests,cases,and messages all under one screen no,matter how many stores you have and you,can also create chat snippets to provide,quick answers to repetitive questions,that you're getting on your store this,is going to help streamline the whole,customer support management and the,service that you are giving to your,customers so always be sure to put,customer service on the top of your list,before we wrap up this video i want to,talk about some of the best uk drop,shipping suppliers that you can use on,your ecommerce business starting with,amazon uk aliexpress uk banggood uk,wayfarer uk costway uk vita xl uk and i,spoke about some of these earlier cj,drop shipping uk ebay uk but of course,if you're drop shipping on ebay then you,can't use ebay as a supplier because,then you'll have duplicate tracking,numbers which you cannot use,go dropship aw dropship and printfy now,besides the last three you can use the,rest of these suppliers to automate your,drop shipping business with price and,stock monitoring automatic order,fulfillment and quick product importing,because these suppliers show up on, suppliers and that is how you,know that you can automate your drop,shipping business and drop ship from the,uk to the uk at blazing fast speeds with,business automation that wraps up this,video of how to create a drop shipping,business for the uk market whether you,live in the uk or outside the uk i hope,that you found this video informational,and if you did give it a small like and,a share and don't forget to subscribe to,our youtube channel to always stay,updated on all of the latest and all of,the hottest topics that we have coming,out in the world of drop shipping thank,you for watching and good luck with your,uk dropshipping business

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