how to start dropshipping in malaysia

3 Easy Low-Cost Way to Start Dropshipping In Malaysia 2022, THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW! yo what's up guys

Weng Honn

Updated on Jan 12,2023

3 Easy Low-Cost Way to Start Dropshipping In Malaysia 2022, THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW!

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3 Easy Low-Cost Way to Start Dropshipping In Malaysia 2022, THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW!

yo what's up guys my name is so in this,video i'm going to share with you guys,three ways that you can actually start,your dropship business all right so most,of us we will know that we can actually,drop ship like physical products through,shopping sellers true offline sellers or,true any dropship suppliers,but in fact there are actually,two more ways you know that we can,actually use to dropship and start our,online business right i will be sharing,this inside this video so without,wasting time let's dive in,so as you can see on this graph,over here all right so number one we,have the products,that we want to drop ship and then we,will just look for a supplier for to,drop ship our products,and then we might want to list our,products on platform like um shoppie,lazada boomer shopify or wherever is it,and then when customer orders then we're,just gonna order from our suppliers and,then um the supplier will just direct,ship to our customer right so this is,the most typical drop ship flow that,most of us know as,but,um there are actually another two more,ways that we can do it but before that,there are actually two fixed,variable inside this float where we,cannot change,the rest we can change but there are,only two fixed variables that we cannot,change so by understanding this we are,able to actually,think out of the box and create this,another two more model dropship model,that we can actually use and start our,drop ship business so just uh maybe a,good like um 10 seconds so you can pause,this video for maybe a 10 second just to,get yourself um you know um um to think,about it,so the answer will be the number four,and five which is the customer order,which we need customer orders for us to,um run our business and then number five,which will be um you know you order your,products from the suppliers so these are,only the two,variables that are fixed that you cannot,change okay the rest you can actually,change it and when you understand this,they have a lot of games that we can,play in this drop ship niche,as you can see on this on this um,diagram over here so the product,actually can be physical digital or even,services,and the suppliers since the products,have changed from physical digital to,services enhanced the supplier will also,be changed so it can be like wholesome,platform traditional offline store,freelancer websites or any places that,are selling digital products the,platform will also be changed because,the products that we are selling are,different as well so for example,platform will be my um self-hosted,e-commerce marketplace freelance website,as well if you are drop shipping,services right i will share more about,what actually is some freelancing,website and also,how services can be dropship,and since the products are different,already,okay then the shipment will be different,as well so it might direct to your,customer or to you first then you,actually send to your customer so this,is an example of drop ship services so,there is a client,okay they want to buy products from,shopee,because he is from overseas so he did,not get to access to shopping malaysia,so what he do is he is actually,dropshipping his services,so he engaged me,so i helped him to dropship these,products all right so what i do is that,she just sent me whatever product that,she want to buy from shoppie,right so i,right i buy the products in shoppie then,i send the products to him then he send,the products to,his customer so he is actually,dropshipping that products through me,right this is one of the example,so as you can see over here this is just,the flow of a dropship,services so he want to buy a digital,product in shoppie,then,i list my service or he also can list,his service on fiverr as well so when he,leaves his service in fiverr but,actually he cannot access to shopping,so when he gets a job what he actually,do is that,he order from me,someone that can buy from shopee,right then,i,buy the product from shopee and then i,will just send the products to him or if,you want i actually also can send the,products to battery back to his customer,but he do not want to do this because i,might overtake him all right so this is,one of the method that you can actually,use to drop ship services,and then another example that i am also,using is to drop ship digital product,like ebook um audiobook,on my store as well in shopping malaysia,so if you want to become a digital,dropshipper you can actually come to my,store,all right and,just um start uploading your products on,shopee or on facebook every time someone,buy a product from you,all right all you have to do is just,give me their email address,and then i will just send the products,directly to your customer,all right i also can send it to you as,well if you want but normally i will,just diary sent to your customer using,your name,okay so,two things first thing you can actually,drop ship services,next thing is you can actually drop ship,digital product as well,so the whole flow over here the main,things over here is that you must,contact,the seller before you drop ship their,products okay just in case anything's,refund return happens they are aware,that you are actually dropshipping their,products,and another thing that you need to um,keep in mind you need to be aware is,that,if you are drop shipping like digital,products in fiverr i never encourage you,to help people to dropship,um upload,reloading um credits to like big pays or,whatever phone number is it okay i will,not encourage you to help people to buy,a you know whatever to top up i would,not recommend because this thing cannot,be traced if,the other party says that he does not or,she does not receive the money then you,are screwed because there are no,tracking you know that we can prove that,we actually already sent it to him,the credits then,at the end of the day we are going to,lost the money,right so there are actually three ways,that we can drop ship of course the most,traditional way which is the drop,shipping physical products,the next one will be services and the,last will be digital products all right,so try out any of this,um dropship method and let me know which,one do you prefer right my name is,winghot thank you for watching,and see you on the next video bye

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